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  1. I agree with threve, except vehicle command all of them are rewarding for offense and not that game breaking
  2. @ FRAYDO The response for ur m0m
  3. 1) It takes less damage aganist a light tank waepon 2)Light tank weapon hits less aganist a mammy 1 Mammy alone is not that useful on field . But 3 mammies together is devastating aganist enemy , Longbows counter Mammies. Some vehicles utilize better on some maps and some dont . I personally do not think a "buff" you considered is needed.
  4. Sadge i missed the Game night , Silos looks very good so far and glad we are seeing progress in GZ!
  5. Try using Space and C key for making qucik turns at flying maybe that will be very helpful. Yak is in a good shape at the moment , in my opinion i do not think Yak needs any change , people who use it effectively (Ryknow and SilverShark) does good
  6. Oh...i mean...twitch is better for it...
  7. My loyalty to w3dhub stops when the matter is soveirginity of my ass and my dignity
  8. I am not starting an OnlyFans account
  9. I will shoop da whoop your ass @FRAYDO
  10. The timings are way off.. i will not care timings from now on since we live in different timezones...
  11. Also if we hanged Generalcamo , my next target would be Nodfan because Category would probably kill Mojo then tomorrow i would vote to kill Nodfan.
  12. Well this was fun and we were decieved. I suspected mojo from the first day , thats why i thought he was a mafia oh well sometimes shit happens. You learn from your mistakes. I was never good at town of salem (that stupid friendship breaking game) anyway . Is this from experience? I dont see a way counterclaiming a role the first one is right. from what i see in order to save himself Mojoman claimed cop which i thought it was suspicious from start. Also Generalcamo was on point there , me being Villager ( which i revaled too much on D1 ) I may be at fault here , but i dont believe mojo put a good case . that is just me though .
  13. That is up to you Jeod ,I don't think people will change their minds after this . @Retaliation You can't kill the Messiah.
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