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  1. On the flip side, I'm glad everyone seems to be leading more successful lives post-pandemic.
  2. I'd honestly rather have to be doing that than re-interview for a chance to keep a job I've held for over two years.
  3. It's a nail-biting situation.
  4. Sorry, don't think I should risk it. I don't want to be the guy who has to drop out due to life events. In perspective: my substitute gig only goes on for a few more weeks before summer break. Last week I was contacted by a recruiter for a potential IT gig. I am going to either spend the summer earning my teaching certificate in prep for fall or be working a new IT job, or worst case scenario be working wherever and whenever I can because neither my wife nor I have gainful employment. Her position is changing to full-time, but as a result her employer is interviewing her again along with other
  5. See the thing is we're at a bit of a crossroads at the moment where we aren't sure how busy or not we'll end up by summer or even fall, so a primary candidacy is out of the question for me.
  6. As a father and job hunter (possibly teacher, possibly continuing IT) I would be honored to be a backup for this one even if only to scheme with the primary.
  7. Wasn't I a backup at some point for you?
  8. Jots down notes on maximum posts per day phase (Orange)
  9. "A good amount of activity on a daily basis." It could only be Orange or Shade.
  10. Neat, it was that simple after all. I don't think townbot was actually needed--I only ever used security detail on it. Even if Louis and Mojo knew eachother to be scum without a townbot, it would still be a challenge for them to play around it. To follow up on what I was suggesting earlier in the game, I think this is the perfect sort of game type to let scum be out in the open and flaunt their presence more. Think "annoying ambassador/vip that starfleet will bend over backwards for yet acts like a snobby rich kid to the immediate crew". A politician ability that forces them to join the away t
  11. I was wondering why you were staying far away from him despite saying you enjoy digging at him.
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