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  1. Jeod

    Then why didn't you point it out? You've been pretty anti-town today.
  2. Jeod

    I highly suspect Shade knows more than he's letting on.
  3. Jeod

    Well, information is information.
  4. Jeod

    Horn Attack.
  5. Jeod

    I'd really like you to stop acting like you're the host.
  6. Jeod

    So don't talk like it's a fact.
  7. Jeod

    And you know all this how?
  8. Jeod

    Looks like I'm battling an NPC for information. Interesting.
  9. Jeod

    Nothing special about my choice, obviously. You really need to work on your filter, your word choices when interacting with others is rather bizarre.
  10. Jeod

    I just picked a location, nothing special about it.
  11. Jeod

    He followed my logic and agreed with it, if something negative happens to me because of it, I'm the one to blame.
  12. Jeod

    Much appreciated.
  13. Jeod

    Two of the locations are within the city, and the other two are either just before the city or near the starting point of the Gen2 games. It's too variable to have any sort of difficulty modifier depending on the location, I think.
  14. Jeod

    New Bark Town, yes, but since we didn't start at any specific location, I assume distance from said location isn't a factor. According to the plot, we're all scattered around Goldenrod City anyway.
  15. Jeod

    I didn't start at any specific location, did you?