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  1. Vanille Renegade takes place just after TD, iirc. The mutant experiments Nod performs are a lead-in to the second tiberium war.
  2. While we’re waiting on that, he’ll fade into obscurity as we continue diligently on our other projects unrestricted.
  3. After discovering that Rabbit is just trolling around and isn't speaking for you, @Wallywood, what are you going to do? Will you nullify whatever legal claims you have over TSR assets and let the project continue as-is, or will you enforce the claims and cause it to be delayed yet again in addition to the expense of two devs (you and Raap)? Until you do one or the other, it looks like you're simply holding the mod hostage.
  4. I'm seeing a lot of misinterpretations of this news. Wallywood has been absent for about a year or so from the TSR project (I think). During that time, Raap's done a lot of heavy lifting to help TSR be the 2.0 you've been told about. Now just because Wallywood is revoking his own assets from the project, does not mean TSR has to start from scratch. Until the team receives a manifest of what Wallywood has a claim to, there's no way to know exactly how much of a setback it will be. But, it isn't a setback to zero. Credit where credit is due.
  5. From what I understand you'll all still be able to play the game on June 5th, you just won't have the physical parts of the collector edition on time.
  6. Shade939 was the town MVP, despite being arguably the weakest town. I feel like being forced to scumhunt made him better at scumhunting. Louis did really well as scum! I still don't know whether her "newbie" language was a feint or legitimate, and that's how it should stay. Not having a meta is the best thing you can not have in mafia.
  7. GAME OVER Louis is voted to be lynched! She was Hinata Hyguga and Mafia! Hinata Huyga (voiced and played by Cat 5) was always shy and sympathetic. After being hit by a mysterious hurricane she quickly became thirsty for blood. Category 5's albacore planes open fire on OrangP47! He was the Criminal (Sims), and Third Party Town! The Thief is well known for visiting character's houses at night and stealing their unsecured items, but this thief also hands out goodies too! Category 5 is the sole Town standing and therefore Town wins! GOOGLE DOCS CYOR V DATA SCUMDOC #1 SCUMDOC #2 MASONRY NIGHT 1 MASONRY NIGHT 2 DEAD DOC Most of my game commentary is in the dead doc. You can see from the openings in the scumdocs how I had the Mastermind role work, and I was really looking forward to the WIFOM that could have happened (see scumdoc 2), but unfortunately KY was found out before it had a chance. Thanks for playing! @VERTi60, it's show time for your game.
  8. Yeah, that could have gone a lot better. I doubt Cat5 is going to show up in the next 10 minutes much less change his vote if he does, so I'm gonna call hammer!
  9. Category 5 scrambles his albacore! He can't be voted today!
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