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  1. Why does this sound like something Donald Trump would say?
  2. If you do include me in the game you can assign a random house and role/whatever to me. I have no preference.
  3. Not a final boss, but might as well be.
  4. I haven't seen or read anything about GoT. I might join, but I'm still mulling it over. If you need one more to meet the minimum playercount let me know.
  5. @DoDoCat I added your translation to the sheet, thanks!
  6. The purpose of the camo pillbox in Red Alert was to surprise your opponents in multiplayer and catch the less-trained eye off-guard. In APB where building and base defense placements are static, there's no point. However, I can see the camo pillbox making an appearance if there were a randomized base defense script created with several possible spawn locations for base defenses.
  7. Do you think you would have changed your mind if you were given the full 24 hours left? Personally I couldn't think of anything Brigitte could say to sway your opinion.
  8. Accolades have been edited into the endgame post.
  9. I don't see the votes changing anytime in the next 24 hours, therefore I see no need to further prolong this trial. Player Vote Brigitte ChopBam ChopBam Brigitte OrangeP47 Brigitte Lead Brigitte Brigitte was the lawyer! Town wins! Game Log Scumdoc Deaddoc Accolades: Retaliation - The ol' good cop/bad cop - Scum got the doc on the first night, so your strategy as the cop really put town in a better position to win given the circumstances--you and ChopBam got scum to hit the Oracle, actually. However... Killing_You - Naked Luck - If KY hadn't been revealed by the Oracle, I think scum would have put up a much stronger fight. KY was really the only one in the right scum position to counterclaim cop, but NodDO sealed the deal for him before he had a chance, leaving scum with zero chance at countering Retaliation. Shade939 - I'm the real GM here - Thanks for doing a lot of the work. My employer has kicked things into high gear the past two weeks and so I haven't had a lot of time to mod during the critical moments. You're definitely prepared to run a game. However, it wouldn't be right if I didn't question if you were prepared to balance a game. The thread is now open for feedback. @VERTi60, you can start your Star Wars Mafia II signups any time.
  10. No because that nullifies the point of the Miller.
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