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  1. @Sunflower, @Shade939, either of you joining?
  2. We work well together when on the same team, so I'd love to have you as a backup or primary.
  3. Alright, I’ll tentatively ##unit ready
  4. True, but it's still intimidating. I suppose I might be tempted to give it a try. @Category 5 Hurricane and @Voe, can you tell me how long the season lasts? How much previous game content did you need to read to feel confident about reading a player? That site's loaded with past mafia games to use in determining meta.
  5. If I weren't working, then I'd volunteer. I concur with the minimum post count per day restriction. There are many times in mafia games where not posting and/or waiting for other responses to a player's post is the wiser strategy.
  6. I’ll remember that stab when the game starts, bud.
  7. My mafia itch needs scratching.
  8. Also I’m in.
  9. You probably will want to extend your signup time to Monday. Will this be an open setup (all role types are public)?
  10. The alibi thing does work when scum can use it to blend in, which is most effective when scum can use a role-specific action in addition to the standard night kill. In a sense it helps town by adding the corner and border pieces of a puzzle, but doesn't give town the bigger picture.
  11. I’d offer to host a Basics game but I have closing shifts this week. I’d need a co-mod.
  12. How did I target both scum on D1?
  13. I am curious how the balance was decided on. This was still a pretty decent first game hosted by KY. Perhaps under better circumstances for the scum players irl things would have been more challenging.
  14. This was too easy!
  15. Good enough for me. ##vote OrangeP47