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  1. You should discuss those tweaks with the players You better not do shit to my role without asking, buddy.
  2. Maybe if there were multiple CPBs on a map and only some were activated via scripts at mapstart. The rest would still leave their debris though which would be a bit of a pain to suddely collide with, and it's also extra work for the mappers and scripts guys.
  3. Why are you complaining about the staff (again) when you should be complaining about the player who thought it was okay to break rules? You know we don't moderate after the fact unless it's something severe.
  4. My condolences. Don’t worry about the game.
  5. Tag the people who need to send them, it helps.
  6. Woo, ten! @Retaliation I think no spoiler dead doc is a good idea, but take care of the discussion in the dead doc if you go this route. Some players will spoil things themselves either purposely or by accident.
  7. Shooting things isn't everything in war though. I could really go either way with regards to the gun/no gun debate, but a compromise might be to up the AAPC's utility by having it restock inventory for infantry who are near it or inside it, boost the armor a bit, and allow it to be built if the war factory is dead via dropship so infantry assaults are still viable.
  8. Nod has no way to fight the AAPC while it was in water aside from Banshees. My initial reaction then is why does the AAPC need a gun when it has such a great water advantage? If Reborn has enough maps that use the AAPC's advantage, then I don't see much need for a gun. If not, though, I can see the AAPC getting a gun to be useful on land. I haven't played TSR 2.0 in the test server in a while, so this is purely conjecture.
  9. If they just sent in characters you can suggest roles for them. Sometimes they'll send in a character and forget to say "do whatever".
  10. Does Reborn 2.0 have many maps that actually work well for the AAPC's amphibious advantage?
  11. Would anyone who doesn't want to directly sign up but will watch the game be willing to serve as a substitute for me if needed? Odds are I'll be at the hospital at some point during the game.
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