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  1. I need to watch that. But what about your Star Wars mafia?
  2. Some more objective-based maps would go a long way toward existing w3d games I imagine. I like the concept of C&C Rivals, for example, but it isn't too fun as a mobile game. Imagine APB's Zama, but with nukes that go off after a team holds a capture zone for an amount of time--and then once three nukes go off for a team, that team wins. This sort of thing would take some work to design, but I think it's doable. Let's devolve that concept though and start small. Add a CTF and King of the Hill mode to APB.
  3. I posted this on Discord earlier, but I think it deserves a thread. I've been organizing my Steam library lately and adding assets for non-steam games. I picked up all of my chosen assets from https://www.steamgriddb.com, but sadly none exist for W3DHub games. Thus I propose a community project for savvy digital artists (i.e. not me) to fill in the blanks with the following: Library Assets A 600x900 image that acts as box art. I myself only have the W3DHub Launcher linked to my library, but I'm sure a few have added the selection of games offered. Hero Assets The "hero" image is the banner that shows when you click on a game in Steam. It's a 3840x1240 image that's automatically scaled down for smaller resolutions. If the hero asset is smaller than this resolution or the scaled-down 1920x620 version, it will appear blurry as shown in the image below. Logo Assets We already have a W3DHub logo, and probably logos for the individual games offered, but it might be fun to make different styles such as the words "W3D Hub Launcher" in the red, green and blue text color and font. Bonus: Renegade X Renegade X currently only has a logo asset and no library or hero assets. Pretty dull.
  4. Shade is probably the only mafia player here who would be a sore winner.
  5. I think I’m so much of a wildcard that they would’ve been better off leaving me alive.
  6. Wait, what about the abilities/items used? :s
  7. Mister Reaper of the Bailey are you ok?
  8. In that case, count me out. I don't generally do well at feigning ignorance in competitive scenarios.
  9. Sorry to hear about your wife. I don’t mind, but it’s up to @ TheIrishman . I was given a very slight spoiler. I don’t think enough to affect the game should I replace you, but that’s not my call.
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