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  1. To be added to the OP. I may add more to this with specific mechanics like time travel/changes. @Category 5 Hurricane might be a good contributor to this guide due to his moderation of the complex Steins;Gate Mafia. CYOR Order of Action Resolution The Golden Rule The golden rule of Choose Your Own Role games is to resolve actions that modify other actions first. An example is provided below: Following the golden rule is not always easy. It’s important to neatly organize and record player actions and resolve them before writing the result PMs. This can be made a tad easier by sorting the players in a list based on who used a modifier action, so that those are resolved first. Below is an example of three players involved in a complex resolution: Emergency Conflicts Sometimes the golden rule is too complicated to interpret accurately, which happens when multiple player actions conflict with eachother. In such a case, a general order can be followed. The following is a list of what types of actions are resolved and when: Copy (as in a player copies the action of another player) Hide (when a player hides behind another player) Bus Drive (a player swaps two players as targets) Roleblock (a player prevents another player from performing an action) Redirect (a player forces a player to target a different player) Protect (a player keeps another player from being nightkilled) Miscellaneous actions Killing actions Recruiting (changing another player’s alignment) Inspect (cop, watcher, tracker etc)
  2. Jeod

    The surest way to kill you was the soul stone. It would have disabled one of your passives while you held it.
  3. Jeod

    Oh, does everyone understand what happened with Chopbam at this point, or should I explain it?
  4. Jeod

    The abilities the stones had can certainly be debated. But control over who had the stones was up to the players for the most part. ...and really, only the third party could do that and it should have been a big red flag from the start when he brought up the "possibility of a thief".
  5. Jeod

    Sucks to be you Also, I'm going to happily admit that I did give Brigitte a little shove to kick off that debate between her and KY. I had a feeling that she had the personality for it, but work life kept her from knowing where to begin. All in all, I don't think it affected the game that much, and in the end I'm walking away knowing she'll just come back better for it the next time. Besides, the ghosts said they were having fun reading it as it happened.
  6. Jeod

    So let's talk game balance feedback. I really like how the infinity stones made for moving abilities around. It was something built to let players act on their own feelings more than being at the mercy of the players with the power. How'd you guys like the game?
  7. Jeod

    GAME OVER iLikeToSnipe, as Loki (third party) has collected all of the infinity stones and now rules the nine realms! TheIrishMan, as the Watcher Informant, dutifully stuck to his race's creed and remained neutral throughout the entire game. POSTGAME DOCUMENTS Scumdoc (OrangeP47 and Brigitte) Souldoc 1 (Category 5 & OrangeP47) Souldoc 2 (Category 5 & Shade939) Souldoc 3 (Category 5 & Louis) Deaddoc Game Data (Excel) POSTGAME HIGHLIGHTS & AWARDS Mojoman - Oops, almost had it! Major props to you for following your gut instinct and bluffing to try and get Brigitte lynched. You put her in the spotlight when she wasn't prepared for it, and I think it really threw her off balance for a while. Killing_You - Webbing the best That Day 3 play leaving the lynch to rng was a decent town move. It's a shame more people didn't tp-read iLTS, otherwise with the two paired together I think you might have been considered clear town. OrangeP47 - Gottem! Good call hitting the power player and the cop on Night 1. Chopbam - This is suicide! Kind of an anti-reward, since you killed yourself, but in the end you did reveal Orange, who probably wouldn't have been caught otherwise. TheIrishMan - I'm neutral. Seriously. Unbelievable. You won this game as neutral. My god. Louis - Mind games Gotta hand it to you Jean, you were the best mind stone user in this game. First you found OrangeP47 out by a fluke, but then you put it all together and used it again on Night 4 to keep Brigitte from pulling a win via killing iLikeToSnipe! Granted, he had BP that night, but it was still a good play. I hope you come back for more mafia in the future. Shade939 - Still hasn't read "How to be town as town" Your shenanigans got FRAYDO killed, how can you live with yourself? iLikeToSnipe - Infinite Congratulations on pulling off a difficult third party win condition. The game was projected to end by Day 4. I still don't know if it was purely coincidence or if you had a major hand in it, though. Category 5 - Ghost Trick You made the best use of the souldocs and played as if you were alive. I'm glad this mechanic allowed you to keep your head in the game, but I'm even more thrilled that you accepted such an oddball mechanic with such motivation. Thanks for going with it and keeping your Ace Town persona.
  8. Jeod

    Not even Captain Marvel can stand up to the power stone. She's incinerated! Loki collects the final infinity stone and makes his reality, well...reality! I'll post endgame stuff in a bit. TheIrishMan and iLikeToSnipe have won.
  9. Jeod

    DAY SIX No deaths.
  10. Jeod

    No. Now get to your night actions.
  11. Jeod

    Oh did you not want to hammer?
  12. Jeod

    Hammertime. Night 5 speedround gogogo
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