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  1. DAY THREE @Killing_You was killed! Current Vote Count: OrangeP47 voted no one iLikeToSnipe voted no one ChopBam voted no one Day ends in 24 hours.
  2. FYI, daystart will be in ~3.5 hours because I'm feeling ill and won't want to get to it as soon as I get home.
  3. Hammertime. NIGHT TWO Nobody is lynched today. 2 night posts per player.
  4. I was expecting a slew of posts for the past two hours I've been busy. Welp. Hammertime in 7 minutes, NoLynch is in the lead.
  5. No more extensions will be granted for today.
  6. Extension votes: 3/4 in OrangeP47, iLikeToSnipe and Killing_You. Day 2 will now end in 28 hours.
  7. For clarity's sake, I mean an extension for today only. So instead of the day phase ending in about 4.75 hours, it'll end tomorrow.
  8. If it comes up for debate I'll allow a 3/4 vote to move to a 24h phase extension.
  9. We're just going to need a bigger turnout when Verti60 is finally ready to host his new Star Wars mafia.
  10. Speaking of perspective, I wonder where our mafia players have gone? I haven't seen @Brigitte, @Sunflower, @Louis, or @TheIrishman around in a month or more.
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