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  1. @VERTi60 APB Communist Khristovo game? Honestly I would sign up for either. I do have time to play them during work.
  2. I am being a dad. I'm earning a living wage and reading about my state's homeschooling laws during downtime--which aren't going to be needed for another 5 years anyway.
  3. @OrangeP47 so...Star Trek mafia in December or do you need more time?
  4. I wish people would stop trying to match C&C tanks to real-world counterparts. It's an alternate universe. The theater of war changed and the Allies are now having to cross Russian terrain, so obviously the blueprints of their vehicles would adapt to such a change. Westwood devs probably combined a few favorites of theirs into fictional designs.
  5. But...how will we Smash?
  6. Hey @Retaliation you have a Nintendo Switch right? Gimme your FC. I assume you're getting Pokemon Sword/Shield.
  7. Assuming Orange and KY can plan theirs by then.
  8. You’re all getting Tribbles for Christmas.
  9. My Battle of Wits action was very likely intended to be an anti-balancer. No doubt I would have either killed myself or at least one non-scum before I hit scum.
  10. I'm going to revoke his toothbrush so when he reaches the rebellious stage he'll take care of his health.
  11. Orange thinking Baby Jeod will grow up to read old mafia games.
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