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  1. Your best option for getting mafia moving again is to both send a blast email to all previous players and to recruit some potential new players via Discord. If advertised right and with the rght beginning setup you might draw in some new folks.
  2. If I remember correctly I knew your intention so I did pit your power stone against Brigitte’s day kill and you lost the diceroll.
  3. Huh? I don’t believe I made any mistakes that game.
  4. I gave @ FRAYDO a game where the main character dies at the start due to rng (wrong place, wrong time iirc). Hopefully he finds time to try it.
  5. I assume since you missed this one that you still won’t be able to join the roulette game if it’s hosted asap? Like I said I don’t mind pushing back the start date for better planning.
  6. Looking good! I remember testing Dune Patrol without textures. Glad you found some you like. Question: In APB, some of the buildings are a bit out of the way and as a result aren't used often in standard gameplay (specifically, StormyValley's church comes to mind while typing this). I love the idea of several buildings to use for cover and battlegrounds a-la Battlefield's urban maps. Are the placements for these any better to ensure they'll actually be used?
  7. Again, I personally don’t want to pressure anyone to use real-life PTO for a mafia game. But if there needs to be more notice before a game starts, I can work with that. At the moment though I think nobody knows anyone’s schedules.
  8. Also, as a buy-in, tell me what your strongest mafia game memory is and why. Mine is Endgame Mafia, because as a GM I feel it was my best-designed CYOR. As a player it's APB III, because I hit the ground running when I came back in 2016 and claimed my "scummiest scum who ever scummed" title by bussing Nodlied, bussing myself, and bussing the GM.
  9. Mafia Roulette What is it? A twist on classic mafia, Mafia Roulette uses a deck of cards composed of power roles, with the players as static roles to control them. There is still a typical day and night phase, however there is a smaller draw phase between them where the Host resolves new cards per player and shuffles the deck if needed. The cycle is Day>Night>Draw. The number of cards each player starts with depends on the number of players in the game. Instead of relying mostly on abilities to figure out who the mafia are, town players will also need to rely on player strategy—what actions a player takes and why. A town-aligned player may make more investigative plays, while as mafia-aligned player may focus more on destructive-style plays. Static Roles Each player is assigned a static role. These are usually vanilla roles with no static abilities, but a few static roles do have special abilities that the player keeps permanently. For example, a Traitor is a mafia-aligned static role that doesn’t have contact with their partners. A Card Cop can choose one player per night and view a random card in their hand. Roulette Deck The basic Mafia Roulette Deck consists of 52 cards—a standard game has 8 players who each begin with 5 cards, leaving 12 cards. Each time a player plays a card, it is discarded unless otherwise stated. When there are no cards remaining to draw, the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the draw pile. Host Rules The 52-card deck shall be pasted into a list randomizer (random.org), and cards dealt in ascending or descending order. The host shall track the randomized list as the “current shuffled deck”. When no cards are left for players to draw, the discard pile is shuffled—the host shall again use a list randomizer to shuffle and shall track the list as the new “current shuffled deck”. The host shall track player hands. When players use a card, the host shall track the intended target if any. The host shall choose whether to make card plays public knowledge, or hide that information and simply reveal the discard pile during each day phase. Game start is TBD pending 8 player minimum. Players Killing_You Category 5 Hurricane FRAYDO Louis TheIrishMan
  10. Glad you recognize the fault, though just because a rule can be broken doesn't mean it should be to prove a point.
  11. Well, if eight people will play it I can try the roulette mafia.
  12. One problem with that is I don’t have great skill to host epic games like verti does. And I also don’t think mafia is something people should use real-life PTO for.
  13. I do miss that sound effect. Now I have to constantly refresh the page, even leaving a tab open doesn't always tell me if there's new posts. Congrats on the job and masters. I can't speak for the masters degree; it depends on what it's for, but I think I can confidently tell you that it's only part of the means to an end. My coworker has a masters in cyber security, and he works the same position I do except full time. I only have a bachelor's. To that end, I'm coming up on my second kid and I'm still making time for mafia.
  14. This is why I'm hesitant to host more mafia games.
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