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  1. Pretty sure the Vertigo thing was just flavor. Good game.
  2. If we do think Nodlied had nightkills and just couldn’t hit me because I’m a Necron, then we have to know why he wanted to kill KY. That was his initial target.
  3. It would have to mean Nodlied wasn’t a killing tp role. As far as I know I have no might protection.
  4. I've also confirmed my tracking ability, which would make me a more urgent threat to scum than you as of last night. What if we suppose that FRAYDO drugged Nodlied, causing the target switch, and it was a delayed kill? Then he visited himself last night due to a cooldown?
  5. Indeed, and why wouldn't scum try to kill you? Might be time for ability claims.
  6. Hold up. ##unvote Cat5 imma need your cop report sir.
  7. Works for me. ##vote killing you
  8. I’m betting nodlied wasnt capable of killing me n1 and that FRAYDO bussed himself with nodlied n2. Which leaves the remaining scum with an unexplained absence for n2.
  9. FRAYDO visited himself.
  10. I kinda expected more resistance to the blujet vote. Perhaps he isn’t scum after all. ##vote TheIrishMan
  11. I did say “for now”. Blujet fits the bill for Cat5’s explanation of the kill.
  12. Can anyone else (Nodlied perhaps) confirm if this is legit? Anyway bud I'm town tracker. Nodlied visited me.
  13. ##vote Blujet Wont be here for hammer tomorrow as I have a closing shift. Convince me to change my vote.
  14. For the moment, I believe so. I at leaqst know he's being truthful about his bussing story.