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  1. (Sorry I've been distracted with Fire Emblem Heroes)
  2. Just for the record, are all your troops at Riverrun!?
  3. That's up to Retaliation. After we burn the last of the bodies tonight, we'll dead in the water unless the shipyard thing we unlocked does something neat. Something to do with trading, but I don't have any coin.
  4. Doesn’t shade have zero troops left? Thought we ended up taking them all to the wall despite verti saying it would be half.
  5. Please tell me you're not going to play Whack-A-Shade.
  6. No salt here, it's a common occurrence. I signed up to give Verti the player count he wanted.
  7. This setup would still be great if it weren't for: -Your mission is to eliminate the rebellion but you can't do that without eliminating everyone -Winter is here which means you lose your entire army and thus die within 3 day phases unless you focused on winter instead of those pesky rebels you silly goose, shouldn't have listened to the GM eh? -Oh btw there might be a way to attack the white walkers and win but you'll have to find out for yourself
  8. Right, one more night of burning corpses and we'll have done all we can I think. @Category 5 Hurricane, what do you think about a stockpile count? I believe we're all on a similar enough alignment now that we should be aiming to redistribute our resources based on need. Wow, sounds like socialism.
  9. That's the reason I suspect the game will end this week. We're in the homestretch.
  10. Well we did manage to burn 5000 bodies so there's only 9,436 left. Rubeci also had the opportunity to kill me during our negotiations yesterday but he didn't, and he sent what he promised. He's trustworthy enough. It looks like the kingdom got Dragonstone. @rubeci, how did things fare with the remaining wildlings?
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