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  1. Then we have confirmation of a missile sub and the spy plane. Nobody has claimed M12 so far though, so I highly suspect it's a scumboat.
  2. For example, if we get detects on KLM12, we have our Destroyer.
  3. @FRAYDO, please target L12 tonight. The omnidirection will help verify whether M12 hides a scum unit.
  4. Hrm, looking at the phrasing of the Spy Plane role and the unit chart on Page 1, I believe it's possible that the Spy Plane is an NPC as well, with the coordinates randomized. This is easily verifiable, we simply ask FRAYDO to target a specific coordinate tonight.
  5. You weren't fired on, your space was detected as a result of JackoDerp being lynched. Therefore, you cannot be proven an attack sub via detection alone.
  6. Orange was detected at C2 as collateral. One could argue that since he wasn't detected while submerged but as collateral, he isn't cleared as an attack sub. However, I don't think he's the best target for the day. KY's case on ChopBam is still the strongest lead.
  7. Agreed. ##vote chopbam I like KY’s reasoning.
  8. Hey. ##vote FRAYDO Not enough shitposting.
  9. I'm not on board with the Voe idea. Jack was just as hesitant to vote Orange as he was Voe, and Voe directly called him out on it in the first night. Jack also didn't directly jump in to defend Voe when he was brought up as a lynch target.