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  1. By the way @VERTi60, a Death Note one-shot was released a few weeks ago.
  2. Hey bud. You racked up 4 mutes, 3 kicks and 1 ban all in the past 10 days. Sound spam is a no-no and so is evasion of mutes and kicks. @Threve had the pleasure of issuing the final ban, so he'll be the primary staff you speak with.
  3. That should be a yes from KY then. No time commitments for duels needed.
  4. I can fire out an email to each of the above if you want.
  5. @Category 5 Hurricane @ChopBam @FRAYDO @Killing_You @Louis @Mojoman @Nodlied @Sunflower @TheIrishman
  6. The launcher has been translated in that thread I linked. The google sheet needs proofing since google translate is unreliable with regards to context, but once that's been done danpaul can add the language to the launcher.
  7. Yeah, in the servers the strings file needs to be modified clientside. The servers need only allow modified strings files.
  8. Both the launcher and IA strings have already been translated here: I can't say whether they've been implemented though. @danpaul88 and @Kaskins or @dblaney1 could answer that.
  9. He's been muted. [16/02/20 - 15:07] [mute] EpsteinDidntKillHims was muted by ROZPIERDALATOR
  10. The real solution: Down with GDI!
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