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  1. Jeod

    Again? I lose track when I'm not playing. Anyway, there's your CvC.
  2. Clarification on healing Pokemon: Healing exists as a sort of cop mechanic since there are no cop-like actions in the Rest Phase. Team Rocket roles cannot heal their Pokemon. However, Trainers can after a requirement: they must not battle in the next battle phase and must decide to use a Rest Action to heal. Heal <Pokemon> (1 Pokecoin) - Heal your fainted Pokemon. This action can only be used if you have not participated in the previous battle phase. Consequently, you can expect Team Rocket players to be able to block a healing action. This is to prevent town from playing 'battle roulette' to stay above the Rockets. Steal <Player> <Pokemon> (1 Victory Point) - Steal a player's fainted Pokemon, removing it from the game. This action can only be used if you have a victory point (it will be taken from one of your own Pokemon).
  3. Jeod

    This looks like the CvC at hammer, correct me if wrong.
  4. The following has been added to the Type calculations for clarity: o Dual-Typing is used, so the Type modifier is calculated by running the first type through the chart, and then the second, and then using Effectiveness 1 * Effectiveness 2. Ex: A Fire type move hits a Water/Ice type Pokemon. Fire is 1/2x against Water and 2x against Ice, so the difference is 1x.
  5. For ease of access due to fixes in the type chart (see type chart notes in Battle Phase - Stats section), here's the new type chart graphic:
  6. Updates to the following: Evolution Phase The winning Pokemon will gain a victory point. If the Pokemon has enough victory points at this phase to evolve, then it will and a mod-announced evolution will occur. On evolution, the Pokemon’s owner will receive a PM with the updated stats as well as potential moves a Pokemon wants to learn as a result of evolving, which the player can respond to. Eevee Factor or Multiple Evolution Paths There are no evolution stones in this game (yet), so in the case of Eevee, the player will need to send a PM to request what evolution path is taken.
  7. PokeMafia Game Rules This initial ruleset is designed around Generation I. Therefore, Generation I battle rules and damage calculations are used. Pokemon may be selected from #1-151, minus legendaries and mythicals. In this case, players may not select Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, or Mew. Pregame Players will be assigned their role of either Trainer or Team Rocket. They will be asked to choose six Pokemon from the list of Base Forms. Movesets will be randomly assigned based on which moves their Pokemon can learn, but all players will start the game with two TMs from a list of TMs compatible with their roster. Of the Team Rocket members, one may be a Boss and if there are more than two, another may be an Admin. Boss Rocket and Admin Rocket may select one Evolved Pokemon to make up their party of six. *Note on evolution: Base Tier Pokemon all need 2 Victory Points (VP) to evolve, and Tier 1 Pokemon all need 3 VP to evolve. Discussion Phase Trainers and Rockets will discuss and vote on who they think is a Trainer and who they think is Team Rocket. At the end of the discussion phase, the selected players move to the Battle Phase. Double battles will take place on even cycles. The top two players from each vote category will be selected for the battle phase in this case. Battle Phase - Rules The selected players battle with their Primary Pokemon (1vs1). The losing Pokemon faints, and the losing player will panic and drop 1 Pokecoin to the victor, lessening the amount of actions they can take during the Rest Phase. The victor(s) will get a bonus TM prize if they rolled a critical hit at any point during the battle. The player(s) nominated as a Trainer can have their Pokemon healed after the next battle phase, provided they don’t battle consecutively. A player nominated as Team Rocket will not be able to heal their fainted Pokemon. If a player has three of their Pokemon faint, they’ll black out from the game! Battle Phase – Stats Pokemon have the following stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special. All participants during the battle phase can post their turn, there is no need to wait for the opponent to move first. To remove the chance of exploiting priority moves like Quick Attack and Counter, players are asked to post Move 1-4 instead of the name of their move. After both players have posted, the GM will calculate damage. Speed stat will tell us which Pokemon makes the first move. Damage will always be rounded down. The damage formula is as follows: (((2.4 * Power * Atk or Spec/Def) / 50) + 2) * Modifier · Where Power is a move-specific stat (see Attackdex) · Where Modifier is = (Crit(0,1) + STAB) * Type o STAB is Same-Type-Attack-Bonus (1.5 if true, 1 otherwise) o Type follows the type chart (see Type Chart) Note: Ghost type moves are fixed to be 2x effective against Psychic types Note: Bug type moves are fixed to be 1/2x effective against Poison types Note: Poison type moves are fixed to be 1x effective against Bug types Note: Ice type moves are fixed to be 1/2x effective against Fire types Stat modifying moves like Agility function differently from the core series. They all retain their use limit (example: Agility can be used 3 times), but they all multiply the respective stat by Base / 2 each time rather than the traditional ‘stages’. For example, if Speed is initially 20, using Agility will raise the Speed stat to 30, 40, and 50 (20/2 = 10). Stats reset to Base after each battle. Battle Phase – Progress Blocks There may be instances where players can’t win. For example, a Ghost-type Pokemon with only ghost-type moves will be unable to damage a Normal-type Pokemon. The GM will try to prevent this with proper move distribution, but players can still back themselves into a corner via TMs. In the event one Pokemon can’t hurt another, the move Struggle will be used. Evolution Phase The winning Pokemon will gain a victory point. If the Pokemon has enough victory points at this phase to evolve, then it will and a mod-announced evolution will occur. Rest Phase - *Rocket players may have other rest actions available to them! All players will begin each Rest Phase with 2 Pokecoins unless they won or lost a battle. Each action during this phase will have a Pokecoin cost. Primary <Pokemon> (0 Pokecoins) – Select a primary Pokemon from your roster to battle with in the next battle phase should you be selected. Train <Pokemon> (1 Pokecoin) – Train with your Pokemon, granting it the equivalent of 1 victory point. If this Training action should help the Pokemon meet the evolution requirements, it will evolve without a mod-announced evolution. TMXX <Pokemon> <Forget Move> (1 Pokecoin) – Teach your Pokemon a new move, forgetting an old one. (i.e. TM06 Bulbasaur Absorb will replace Bulbasaur’s Absorb with Toxic) Shuffle <Pokemon> (1 Pokecoin) – Shuffle your Pokemon’s moves around. Useful if you have a priority move that you want to keep hidden. Scout <player> (1 Pokecoin) – Scout a player while they rest. See one of their Pokemon. Reference Guides TMs/HMs List – Generation I Attackdex – Generation I Pokedex – Generation I (find your Pokemon to see possible moves it can learn) Type Chart (use Generation I) Available Starting Pokemon Signed Players [Minimum 8] OrangeP47 Killing_You Shade939 *If you sign up, please send me a PM with your choice of six Pokemon, and a choice of one evolved Pokemon in case you're assigned a Boss or Admin Team Rocket role. *I'm still tweaking things to ensure a successful game. I'll be taking feedback and may change rules based on feedback or other potential problems I notice in the time before the game starts. I will post updates to rules any time something changes and will note why. *If the game is successful, I'll release a GM-Pack for this type of game so it can be run by other GMs. This includes a calculator I made to make battle phases easier: *The game is projected to start sometime between August 19 and September 8. I may request a co-GM if real-life situation demands it.
  8. Trainers vs. Team Rocket. Pick a team of 6 from the first generation (no legendaries) and battle 1v1 at the end of each discussion phase.
  9. Off the bat I think the fds-engine relationship has a limitation, pretty sure it can't change a map after the score screen appears. Could be wrong though.
  10. I'm planning a PokeMafia game, using elements from Star Wars Mafia, to begin near the end of August or the start of September. Sign-up and start date range will be between August 20 - September 8.
  11. Jeod

    Nodlied said he'd need to find a replacement for me and he went to bed, so that's not happening any time soon. Therefore, ##unvote all Figure this out for yourselves. Cya.
  12. Jeod

    No. Fuck you. Fuck you and your pathetic little remarks. I'm the only one who's been working to solve this game before the endgame of status quo v. pluralism and I've spent the entire game being harassed by both sides just for doing the work they're supposed to be doing. I'm done. The game is no longer fun to play.
  13. Jeod

    (No offense to Retaliation and other, actual autists)
  14. Jeod

    Then you can get fucked too. I hold most of the items and status quo has the gun, and yet you're still acting like an autist.