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  1. Jeod


    Ah didn't see that part.
  2. Jeod


    ...what is wrong with initiating a poll?
  3. I’ll sign up for the mafia and stay for the trainwreck.
  4. Where’s the Star Trek game you guys were going to do?
  5. I’d like to play in one again.
  6. Likely. Being "too optimal" is boring and something we all understand here. Despite the "optimal" ways of playing this setup the players still managed to stir the pot a little. But yes, there is a reason this is only the second Cop Mafia game in 4 years.
  7. I have no postgame commentary--I feel the final day's content speaks for itself. Congrats to Town and thanks everyone for playing and observing!
  8. Still having reservations about the setup?
  9. Here’s a thing: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YvpDChr2-vRE9YRdR3FmvAeJrcRksR4Vkv9xyAFf3eY
  10. Iliketoscum is lynched, town wins gg
  11. Hey chop. I’m gonna call hammer on your first vote. No takebacksies and no pressure. See you in the morning.
  12. I’ll have to see if @FRAYDO recommends it.
  13. Nvm it’s only three episodes long at the moment and the first one had a weird creepy ending.
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