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  1. Jeod

    Among Us

    Beats me. I know Steam uses voice chat and mobile doesn't have that.
  2. Jeod

    Among Us

    I own the mobile version (iOS). It's free, so we should be using that instead of the Steam version for the trial run.
  3. Jeod

    Among Us

    @Category 5 Hurricane
  4. Jeod

    Among Us

    I play this on my phone. It's pretty fun.
  5. It's not an issue of wealth so much as manpower and experience. I tried your route last year. I donated for textures, and offered more. Ultimately, the textures the team had purchased didn't work out, and I believe before any true progress could be made on a better selection, some internal issues unfolded that eventually led to the next flagship project, Tiberian Sun Reborn, being shut down indefinitely. This of course leads into motivation problems. One may suggest moving to a different, more up-to-date engine like Renegade X has. Thing is, the W3D engine is a passion for the current developers here. It's a catch-22 from a certain perspective because while setting sights on a modern engine could help bring in more hands, the current developers who have the experience with how W3DHub games are supposed to "feel" would lose their passion. There really is no elegant solution to the conundrum.
  6. In that case having god-tier unique roles is acceptable when it’s me.
  7. Here, I'm not concerned about spoilers since it's a card game with plenty of RNG. If you'd like to help build it let me know.
  8. Actually now that I look at the outline I have it's more like wildcard abilities. You have static roles like Mafia and Town but all the power roles are cards in a deck. You have a hand of five cards and spend each night playing a card, discarding to draw, and trading. Needs fleshing out for sure but I can see it being pretty unique (and spawning lots of Yugioh memes).
  9. On that note, I have an old outline for a card game styled mafia that I could flesh out more. Kind of like Old Maid with scum cards.
  10. I wish I could go back and see those games. I'm trying to imagine how a co-mod role would work.
  11. I misread Cat5 being too busy with his job as being too busy to bring his usual town game. Now I know better. No Ace Attorney means scum.
  12. If he ever gets around to running it. I think an APB/TSR mafia is exactly the kind of mafia spice we could use.
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