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  1. For some reason, whenever I try APB it automatically exits before I get to the loading screen. I've repaired, done a complete uninstall (thanks revo!) and nothing works.
  2. Wish I could play APB but it automatically exits on me.
  3. Great, now if only the game would stop autoexiting on me!
  4. I so wish I could kick players who are AFK *looks at [BF2] Lightning when on the Exodus co-op server*
  5. Is there someway for you erase achievements because I have no recollection of doing the following: For King and Country Knight in Foreign Armor Mobile SAM Elite Soviet Defender Let's Make A Steal Dominatrix
  6. Radar has picked up a helicopter going soi soi soi
  7. Homing LAW and RPG-7? Mind as well give them BGM-71 TOW and 9K11 Fagot instead. (No I'm not serious)
  8. Still can't get it to install because I get the error message: Installation failed Right. after. I. press. install.
  9. Now if only I can get it to install, because I'm getting installation failed.
  10. Could you make it so that disasters will happen more often as they tend to make thing more exiting? Next up the M8_Greyhound, Renault_FT and the HUMVEE with the TOW antitank missile
  11. Depth charges weren't just placed on racks some where fired from launchers Y and K-guns are an example so using the missile launcher as a depth charge launcher IS realistic.
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