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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilt_(poker) This applies to online gaming too, TL;DR more frustration = worse plays, and you did seem to be becoming worse at combat each time I killed you, and eventually making downright bad decisions like buying a sniper for close quarters combat when you know your enemy is a volkov. The quick answer to your gameplay problems and your moderation problems is try not to get frustrated so much, not sure how easy it is though. I can't really help you there. Another player who was teamhampering, don't worry about it.
  2. You're lucky you don't get a longer ban for being so disingenuous on the first point. This is not one isolated incident. Ever since your mute, every time we are ingame together on the same team, you constantly harass me, and only me, by following me around the base to non-stop fire bullets at me or constantly throw C4 on me when I am trying to think and when other members of the team are trying to not have a heart attack over potential enemy C4 threats (such as what happened today on pacific threat). You were similarly annoying last time you were muted too, and you don't do any of this when you aren't muted. It is clearly targeted and done for the express purpose of continuing to be an annoying shithead because being muted deprives you of your usual option of filling the chat feed with keyboard mashing. Nobody else shoots teammates nearly as much. Pretty sure nobody told you to jump up and down on thin ice and here you are complaining about what happens when you do. Funny part is your original post makes absolutely no mention of the mute that's been in place for almost a week, only the ban that you just got today, and yet the mute is in the thread title, as if it wasn't obvious enough to me already that you wouldn't have been doing this shit if you weren't muted. Also you have never complained about being C4ed, at least not when I'm around to hear it, here's the few times you've even mentioned C4 in the past 6 months (which is as far as I can be bothered to check): Jan 08 00:40:00 <Volkov> catting: also i c4s urkas flamer Feb 01 21:28:17 <Volkov> catting: hey i once c4d a submarine As for Justas, a whole one incident not being your fault does not vindicate you for everything else. The second half of that log isn't even relevant to this, it's about Mihai.
  3. Which game?
  4. Reverted some stuff until we can get the new stuff right (if ever). Volkov is now back to his old self, but with the following changes: Points reward up from 100 to 125 (same as last patch) Only moves at average speed (rifle soldier speed) instead of fast (tanya/starshina etc speed) Price up from 1500 to 1750 Volktillery range reduced from 170 to 150m Shock Trooper is also back to his old slow speed. Small Sniper tweaks: Now has perfect accuracy when standing - not too significant as its standing inaccuracy before was already 1/5th of what a crouching rifle soldier had, but now you just only have to worry about the delay and drop and nothing else. Price down to 500
  5. The problem with "walking mammoth that doesn't do much to buildings" is that having a unit deal strictly bad damage to buildings, especially if they're a slow unit in general (which encompasses all infantry, even the fastest ones), is that they mostly just end up as a counter unit you buy to deal with enemies in/near your base and then switch away when the threat is gone (see also: snipers). With a unit the price of Volkov, that second part is never going to happen, anyone who buys him as a counter will just stick with him to save money and camp the game out, and since he's also a counter to almost everything especially with your suggestions, that leaves Allies in a bit of a predicament where they also have to camp the game out because they can't really attack once the Soviet base is full of "stronger but slower" Volkovs pitching tents and maybe one V2 to ward off arties. Of course that's not to say he'd be fair if he did do good damage to buildings on top of that. Rangers are probably one of the biggest current examples of the bad-vs-buildings counter unit, and they work and see use without being overpowered or camptastic because they are extremely limited in what they can reliably deal with - it's pretty much just arties/v2s, low-tier infantry, and flame towers if you can keep the juking rhythm going without some anti-tank unit interrupting you - as well as being more than just a combat unit: they have utility in being good scouts and taxis for c4/support infantry due to their unmatched ground speed. Soviets have quite the lack of utility units - the only thing they have in that department that Allies don't is the phase detector TT - though it may be odd for Volkov to take up a utility role and really what additional utilites do the Soviets need with all their power? Nothing can really be added there without swinging the game even more heavily in their favour.
  6. Until we can get a good grasp on how to get him "right", I'm just going to revert him to how he was before the patch and before this discussion, but with a couple of tweaks: Rewards 125 points on death (so like it is in the current patch) Movement speed is the same "average" speed as a rifle soldier, not the pre-patch fast speed or post-patch molasses speed. Shotgun damage up from 45 to 50. So there's a little more reason to not just nade everything. Volktillery range down from 170 to 150m. Still quite a lot. Price up to 1750.
  7. No more than they did with Oldkov tbh. At least having a weapon entirely specced for artying so it can get target boxes means kovs can more easily coordinate attacks on a building to try to take it down, rather than just spraying at random buildings for points. If people don't like being pointwhored they can always go and attack him since he'll be so much more vulnerable up close than Oldkov.
  8. The nades are still arguably viable for infiltration depending on the building, definitely not to the degree they were with Oldkov though. I might try this. Returning speed in this case seems fair so he can escape from things harassing him in the field, since he's still not going to have long range damage potential coming anywhere close to a TT/V2 whose sluggishness force them to commit.
  9. Right, that iteration of Volkov didn't work out. Sergeants don't seem offensive from what little we played earlier but it was pretty clear that Volkov was a problem. Main problem was dealing way too little damage to pretty much everything (not just the things it was meant to be bad against) and increasing damage is probably not the answer because then we'd just be returning to the same old problem of him dethroning the intended Soviet infiltrators at the infiltration role because he can just lol over everything with the shotgun. Lower price also probably wouldn't help because really the only instance I could ever see anyone wanting to buy this nerfkov instead of a shock trooper is for sniping buildings. Which, while a decidedly less rare niche than the old shock trooper's "oh god the Allies have 3 field mechanics making their tank push invincible to non-tesla weapons and we can't get a V2 out to splash them, who can we call", still doesn't justify nerfkov. My next thought was focus him even harder into anti-tank/building and cripple his anti-inf prowess by replacing the AP arm with just a makarov or something, but then he'd just be a better RPG trooper (except for anti-longbow) instead of a better shock trooper...
  10. He's already getting more damage less ROF next patch, in practice the stats above don't work out too well. Actually I'm reverting him to how he was before the patch but with a couple of nerfs, until we can figure out how to really deal with him (or maybe we'll just leave that as it is if it works out).
  11. Hence the "should". I just took a look and they seem to be damaging MCTs at the same rate as they used to, which may look a bit high, but that's kind of the idea. I've always felt one of the purposes of the shotgunners should be for staging comebacks - you always have a strong, cheap infiltrator no matter how far on the back foot you are. Of course it helps to also have a transport for them, the means to keep your base safe while some sergeants are infiltrating, or have better infiltrators like flamer or Tanya, so it's not always easy to make said comebacks from a position where you're missing buildings - just more feasible than in say Reborn where all the cheap/free no-barracks infantry tickle buildings so a match where both teams have no production is doomed to be a 20 minute waiting game. The recent reductions in defender's advantage (i.e. no purchasing things while in combat) further mitigate that issue too.
  12. Nope, it's the same as what it's been since the last time I tweaked the shotguns' MCT damage; I forget when that was but it was many versions ago. These new shotgun modes have the same total base damage and damage multipliers as the old dragonsbreath, except against infantry where they're different, so they should be behaving exactly the same as they used to against non-infantry.
  13. Too easy for Soviets to clear mines compared to how long it takes Allies to set them up.
  14. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island! General Replaced the incredibly low quality team icons on target boxes with higher-quality RA team flags. Reduced frequency of texture cleanup calls (so more performance boosts) Sun dazzle actually works now (it was broken the whole past 2 years). Be wary of this beast on sunrise/sunset maps. Infantry Engineer Mine detection radius reduced (37.5m -> 32m) Number of Clearing Charges reduced (5 -> 3) Clearing Charge damage to hedgehogs doubled. Shock Trooper Move speed up (6.5 -> 7m/s) Bonus damage vs MGGs increased; now lands a 3-hit kill. Shotgunners Removed the original secondary firing modes. Sergeant's Remington primary is overhauled; it's still dragonsbreath, and is somewhat weaker per shot than the original (-17.5% armoured damage, -45% unarmoured damage), but instead of causing burn damage, it now melts through infantry kevlar rapidly (armour shredding up from 75% to 200%) - making it twice as good at this as the previous armour-shredding top dogs were (the Captain and Flamethrower). Starshina's TOZ primary is overhauled; it is now buckshot which acts more like the original dragonsbreath, having medium range and accuracy, but not burning. Combat-wise it acts pretty much the opposite of the Sergeant's dragonsbreath, dealing damage like a pistol; armour penetration and shredding ability are very poor, so performance against armoured infantry is not amazing, especially from midrange where it doesn't burn anymore, but it improves significantly when facing an enemy that lacks armour, like Tanya. (-2.5% armoured damage, +30% unarmoured damage) TL;DR these guys are pretty heavily specced towards taking out the enemy commandos, but are a little worse at general combat than before, especially at mid-range. Accuracy is now more heavily affected by crouching/jumping (jump inaccuracy up from 4 -> 6, crouch inaccuracy down from 2.75 -> 2) Starshina TOZ tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Volkov Points value increased (100 -> 125) AT cannon range up (90 -> 120m) AT cannon ROF up (0.75/sec -> 1) AT cannon damage down (70 -> 50) AT cannon now uses the same warhead as the Light Tank; this means that it now suffers a damage penalty against the armour of heavy vehicles (Medium Tank, Minelayer) and especially against super-heavy (APC, Ore Truck), but its DPS to buildings is now a little better than the previous Kovtillery (+3%) instead of the terrible damage of the original AT cannon (which took 2 Volkovs to equal the DPS of one rocket soldier). Kovtillery no longer exists as the AT cannon now fills the roles of both previous AT modes. Shotgun ROF up (1.5/sec -> 2) Shotgun damage up (45 -> 50) Shotgun inaccuracy down (3 -> 2) Shotgun range up (60m -> 70m) Shotgun tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Napalm grenades have a delayed explosion at close quarters again. You might want to rely more on the shotgun in such circumstances. Napalm grenade splash radius up (10 -> 12m) Napalm grenade range up (100 -> 105m) Movement speed way down (7.5 -> 6m/s) Vehicles APC Armour shredding up (100% -> 150%) Artillery Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Price down (900 -> 750). Damage credit rewards actually reflect its price being increased from 600 now (Soviets get 75 credits for killing it and 75 for doing 300 HP of damage to it, instead of 60 credits each) Phase Tank No longer has the special armour class that receives extra damage from tesla weapons; that weakness is exclusive to the Mobile Gap Generator now. Ranger Special armour class that slightly resists tesla damage has returned. V2 Launcher Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Fixed missile on snow camo still being visible after firing. Fixed snow camo variant being considered a "bot-usable" vehicle. Maps All snow maps Fixed rooftop snow being immune to damage on buildings that got new rooftop access routes. Antlion Removed Engineer crate. Added Flamethrower infantry and Shock Trooper crates. [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. Expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.f.png[/thumb]
  15. I'm still keeping the old shotgun/volkov settings sitting around just in case any of this ends up being such a bad idea that I really need to revert quickly though. I've just gotten done implementing everything and a patch will be coming later today. Let's get a game going this evening to see how much of a bad idea all this really is