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  1. Yeah, it's set to default and not rock. Fixed for next release.
  2. If someone actually wants to do the model and the 4 camos and the rigging and everything then sure I guess? This is hardly a priority because the current light tank isn't using a model from 2004 like, say, the Allied boats were.
  3. Out of place yes, difficult no... unless we're fixing everything that makes it out of place, in which case yes, fine-tuning the map to fit Delta balance and visuals would be a huge timesink.
  4. Yeah we have a model, courtesy of Generalcamo, but it's very unfinished (especially the interior) and there really hasn't been much reason to finish it. Could put it on a new map but making new maps takes too long. Guard Duty would be a pretty obvious place to showcase it but the Soviet base there is cramped enough already.
  5. Well aware on both fronts. Someone who's here in the hopes of actually seeing problems get solved doesn't throw all decorum to the wind and make maximum effort to engage in bad faith, find ridiculous ways to link everything to muh big bad badmins, deny all viewpoints that aren't his own, sit on important information that should have been in the OP, and make threats against us. This is hardly the first time for any of these things, and since clearly he has no intention of fixing his attitude problem, he's gone and there's no reason for this thread to still be open.
  6. That conversation actually came about in relation to camo pillboxes, and it got applied to submarines. Which are actually difficult enough to see through water that it manages to be a very slight buff to submarines. It really wouldn't do much for camo pillboxes because the way lighting works in general and the way detail works now means that, in most cases, they will be incredibly easy to spot. The Renalert camo pillbox shown in the OP - the only one of the three CPB images where it's actually hard to see - is placed entirely in shadow (either because the map just has low lighting, or because of terrain nearby that we can't see) to make sure that it doesn't get lit differently from the terrain, and in APB there are only so many places where this approach would be feasible. And back then, you'd have a pillbox surrounded by a wide open field of snow/grass or a cliff covered in the same snow/grass texture, which makes it easy to camouflage with a simple texture change combined with shadow-fuckery. Whereas now, background elements actually exist and texture variations actually exist, which means that wouldn't work. Every single map that could have CPBs would need its own dedicated CPB models appropriately textured to the intended surroundings and with other fluff like piled snow or foliage, and multiple per map at that to account for the different surroundings that each CPB could be located in if a team has more than 1 or we take the RNG approach. It'll be very hard to hide these things well enough for disabling targeting to actually do something. Also I hate how much this acronym looks like CBT
  7. This is just adding more RNG to the game. The success rates of Soviet rushes at the start of the game will become heavily dependent on if the randomly spawning CPB happened to be in the "right" location this time or not. And Allied defense in general will be more RNG based because some CPB spawn positions are just better than others. Every possible place that a CPB can spawn also has to be blocked off from AI movement (both regular bots and ore trucks) because pathfinding zones can't be added or taken away mid-game so every location has to be accounted for, so there is very little room in which they can actually be added without interfering with bots and ore trucks. Debris wouldn't be a concern though, we can script-delete a pillbox without it leaving debris behind.
  8. Okay so I see footage of: a player list that contains 28 players, none of whom are moderators 2 players wall nuking a chat box that contains no IRC moderators laughing it up, and none of the other 26 players announcing to the IRC moderators, the only people who could help them now if they're present, that wall nuking is happening. ("that's bs" means nothing to an onlooker) From what you're showing us, the actual problem is clearly not "bias", but simply that no moderators were present at the time. Or perhaps they were present (in which case they'd only be on IRC) but weren't made aware that this was actually happening - I doubt they can tell wall nuking is going on just from the killfeed. Thanks for getting this footage so the IA mods (not me) know to do something, but are the inane accusations necessary?
  9. Press F8 to open the console, type botcount 20 or whatever number you feel appropriate, and press enter. You'll get bots equal to that number minus the number of human players that are ingame, so in a local game with only yourself, this would give 19 bots, 9 on your team and 10 on the enemy. They'll all start with whatever you set the starting credits to (and gain money from silos/trucks the same way you do), so if it's enough to buy vehicles right away you'll end up with the war factories getting clogged very quickly. Disabling friendly fire is also recommended as bots have no trigger discipline and won't stop shooting if a friend happens to get in their way, which will happen often, given the paths they tend to follow. There's a hard limit of 300 bots, but you don't want to go that high because war factories will get unusably jammed with empty vehicles and vehicle requests, bots may end up spawning in the middle of the map inside each other creating a totem pole of death if all the building spawn points are occupied, and your framerate will be a slideshow. There's only 47 different names set up for the bots, and I'd say that's as high as you should ever go, and even then the game can get pretty choppy. Bots are currently supported on the following maps: Camos Canyon Complex Guard Duty (though they have trouble getting in/out of the airfield) Metro (though they don't buy vehicles or take out the hedgehogs) Pipeline (though they don't pay attention to the oil mechanic) River Raid Rock Trap Wasteland Sometime in the near future they may end up being supported on more land maps, but air/naval maps are out of the question (unless we're fine with more Metro situations where the bots ignore most of the units they could buy) and will probably remain so for a long time. This console command only works in a local game, enabling bots on the server requires the intervention of a moderator/administrator.
  10. So what about all those other people in the logs that are on his team and/or voting yes, what did they do wrong?
  11. AR is replacing Renegade's tutorial map with their own one, so it should be technically possible to edit the rest of the campaign too, it's just that... well... take a look at how many people were on the credits for Renegade and then look at our teams. A new full-blown singleplayer campaign (not just one map) is a lot more work than fixing up existing multiplayer, so it's definitely not something our small teams can do, especially with all our other commitments.
  12. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Raised all non-Volcano maps' flight ceilings to 100m (helis) and 150m (planes) to match Volcano. Fixed projectiles spawning behind the turrets of certain units if your camera was nudging another unit while you fired. Fixed projectiles with enlarged hitboxes clipping through solid objects if fired right next to them. Mostly this means no more worries about depth charges going through subs at point blank range, as hardly anything has been using this logic due to how broken it was; it might get reintroduced for more things at a later date. Fixed burst-fire logic; mashing the fire button doesn't eliminate the cooldown between bursts anymore, so now we'll actually start using burst-fire logic on some weapons again! Fixed tracking weapons not displaying a lock-on indicator against units that were between 80-100% of your maximum range. (This will also stop MiGs from arbitrarily locking onto parts of boats that you aren't aiming at.) Fixed bots having wide turning circles in certain vehicles, which would often get them stuck in forests. Fixed issue that was causing players to get kicked by the anti-cheat if they joined the server while the post-match scoreboard was up. Stealth effect for mines is less of a burden on performance. If you load a map before the server does, and end up with a temporary black screen in the process, you will now see "Gameplay is pending / please wait" in the middle of the screen as a reminder that you should just wait. (This is a vanilla renegade feature but it got broken by HUD changes in APB Gamma) Infantry Weapon ready time (after coming out of a sprint) and weapon switch time (swapping between different weapons) have been decoupled so we can now set them separately. For reference, originally the ready/switch times were 1.5 seconds for Volkov's handcannons, 1 second for tools, and 0.5 seconds for all other weapons. Ready times are mostly unchanged from before, the only exception being that Volkov's handcannons now take 0.5 seconds to ready just like other weapons. Switch times have been cranked up though, mostly lining up with the weapons' first person animations. It now takes 1 second to switch to a pistol/grenade/tool, 3 seconds to switch to a rocket launcher, and 2 seconds to switch to any other weapon, including switching between Volkov's handcannons. For the most part this is just flavour, as most classes only have one weapon (excluding tools) so they're either never switching at all or only switching while they aren't in combat. All it really changes is Rockets/RPGs, Medics and Volkovs - Rockets/RPGs in combined arms maps where they have to switch between their AT/AA launcher (so no more doubleshots), Volkovs have a tradeoff where they're now better at coming out of sprint but worse at changing to their other cannon on the fly, and Medics take longer to return to their gun after healing but have slightly better healing. Fixed infantry weapons displaying their muzzle flash when you switch to first-person view. C4 Countdown display is no longer affected by area lighting. Countdown now correctly displays the timer in seconds instead of minutes. Countdown is now also visible on the screen of the C4 itself. Takes 1 extra second to explode. Rifle Soldier M16 secondary fire is now an actual 3-round burst with each shot fired separately, instead of firing the 3 rounds instantly like a shotgun. Unlike the Gamma variant of this, rapidly mashing the mouse will not increase its fire rate, and unlike the "shotgun" iteration it won't refuse to fire if you try to use it with only 1 or 2 rounds left in the magazine. Both basic rifles' secondary fires are now perfectly accurate when standing, instead of merely having 1/3 as much inaccuracy as the full-auto fire. Officers Firing while crouch-strafing now has the same level of accuracy as crouching, instead of having accuracy about halfway between crouching and standing. Flamethrower Fixed surface flame/smoke plume lasting longer than the sound effect. Firestream has 80% less particles and their size does not blossom as much near the end of their life cycle, so it inflicts much less framerate damage. Fixed firestream particles not lining up with where the actual projectiles were going if you fired while strafing. It'll actually be feasible to lead your target now. Projectiles now have generous hitboxes; they're 0.25m wide, though they still have no height or length. Their width makes it MUCH easier to achieve direct hits, so even with the following debuffs, the weapon should be much better than before at handling infantry: Now bursts its entire magazine in one click. Range down (90 -> 75m). Projectile velocity down (100 -> 75m/s). Direct damage to infantry down (40 -> 25). Splash damage down (30 -> 15). Medic Takes 50% more damage from fire-based weapons (Flamethrower and Flame Tower). Removed the 1-second charge time from the Medic Kit and added it to the cooldown instead, as the increased swap times add enough delay. Increased heal duration from 5 to 6 seconds. Engineer Removed the 1-second charge time from the Shovel and added it to the cooldown instead. Vehicles Various anti-tank vehicles Splash damage against infantry increased slightly, about 10-20%. (For the Mammoth this only applies to the cannons) Artillery/V2 Splash radius increased about 10%. Phase Tank Now fires in 2-round bursts, firing 2 rockets in 0.125 seconds and then having an 0.5 second cooldown between bursts, instead of having a constant 0.3125 seconds between each rocket (so its DPS is unchanged). Cruiser Can no longer be occupied by both teams at the same time. Rear gun's traverse limit has been reverted back to 135 degrees, so that its shots don't hit the cruiser itself now that projectile hitboxes actually work properly. To compensate, the main gun's traverse limit has been increased from 150 to 157.5 degrees. Submarines The "view of the sky is blocked while submerged" feature has been reinstated as it no longer covers the map in big black bubbles of doom. Now it'll be harder to spot enemy units from afar while submerged. While submerged, enemies will not be able to see your target box if they happen to mouse over you, making you harder to spot at a glance. Hind Now fires in a 5-round burst; unlike the Phase/M16 there is no downtime between its bursts so its behaviour is basically the same as before for standard use, it just looks/sounds less silly when you tap fire. MiG Now uses burst-fire logic for its double rocket firing, so it will always fire both rockets; previously it would fail to do so under rare circumstances. Tweaked physics; actually added roll stabilization and raised aileron damping so it levels out more by itself, so you should be less likely to clip the runway with a wing when landing. Buildings Turret No longer fails to detect enemy units if its barrel is clipped into a wall. Now tries to hit infantry with splash damage just like Flame Towers do, instead of hitting their faces with death. Flame Tower No longer has a ridiculous amount of trouble hitting swimming infantry. Maps Hostile Waters To compensate for Allies having a basic boat that can hit ground targets and Soviets not having that, and also an air unit that doesn't kill the pilot when it dies, Soviets now have a flame tower behind their airfield (with very limited coverage, but it's something) and Allies no longer have a turret on the NY. Allied Pillbox is moved to be a bit more between the SD and NY, so it provides less coverage against frontal landings into the CY/MS but still protects against incursions into the NY. SAM sites on this map have 175m range instead of 150m to further discourage using longbows as easymodo transports. North by Northwest Fixed holes in the map near the Soviet base. [blurb]Reinforcements have arrived. And by reinforcements I mean long-awaited bugfixes.[/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.g.png[/thumb]
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