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  1. Custom soviet rifle soldier is called "Attack Dog" in both targeting and the help menu. Custom soviet technician is called "Shock Trooper" in targeting (does not have a help bit).
  2. This can make it hard to determine where his shots are coming from unlike the Allied equivalent. Even just a regular grenade projectile would, so I originally gave him a custom version of the grenade projectile model with a faint fire/smoke trail emitter.
  3. Because he now has a scope. I'm guessing this is a side effect of weapon overhaul, as his weapon was originally copied from the Stinger which had a scope, which had to be disabled to make room for the Drunk's secondary fire.
  4. ...Did we revert to Beta when I wasn't looking or something? There are no point blank dead zones, only ones that are too far away to throw C4 from (like behind distant trees). Even if Chop can pull off whatever voodoo is needed to get rid of the thing that doesn't exist, that doesn't stop the power plant from being spied (which is the only way your story makes any sense aside from it being dead) or in the case of flame towers, doesn't stop Tanya from just waiting until after it fires to hop out of her vehicle (or just let it be destroyed) and safely place a C4 before it fires again. Hence doub
  5. The more ground Tanya has to cover, the more likely she is to die before using the second C4. Going between buildings means having to cross more potential minefields and angery defenders with starshinas and volkovs. If she pulls off a double then Soviets have to git gud I guess. And like you said, it requires a rush with a group. It's not something that one goober soloing behind enemy lines can do, like her current ability to kill 1 building that all the Tanya complaints centre around. It'd also put a lid on people suicide driving vehicles up to a flame tower/coil, putting one tanya
  6. I actually wanted to do this when I was still working on the game, but there's a huge problem with it. C4 can attach to other C4 (as shown in my avatar). If you throw a C4 on the MCT, and then you throw another one and it attaches to the first one, you just screwed yourself because now the second one can't explode; it'll just vanish harmlessly when the first one explodes. Moving around while throwing a C4 (either to avoid fire or to attempt to ensure that the second doesn't attach to the first) while having not the best of ping is already begging for the game to launch your C4 off in a differe
  7. Download the W3D Hub Launcher to get your hands on the latest update for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Here are the changes coming with version General Increased font size for player list. Light dazzles blinding you at very specific angles is (hopefully) fixed. Fixed a crash when a person being followed by a spectator dies. Reduced the performance impact of the "opaque" gap bubble (for when you're looking at a GG/MGG that doesn't belong to your team). Bots Added a few more kill/death taunts. Bots no longer have cheaty no-gravity vers
  8. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Game Area to Other Changed Attachments to https://w3dhub.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2020_07/image.jpg.69227433b65bd3b9198fa053922b5cfd.jpg
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