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  1. Nope, should be back now.
  2. Works for me. Check your Slack.
  3. @danpaul88 Windows 7, trying to open the launcher gives a "W3D Hub Launcher has stopped working". errors.log
  4. I already posted it in the changelog thread, but I might as well here too. Volkov could bombard the WF/bar with kovtillery while sitting in the divots on top of the cliff and being unsnipable. So the only way to counter him would have been one-in-a-million arty blindfire, or knowing how to get up there and bringing a Tanya or Medic at which point he can just camp that ramp with the shotgun anyway.
  5. How would making it a wrench communicate any better to new players that it's used for buildings and not vehicles? If anything that seems like it'd make it more likely that people would try repairing vehicles with it. I suppose I could update the HUD icon to say "Structural Repair Tool" instead of just "Repair Tool". Longbows also don't fit in the '50s and let's not get into the equipment that still doesn't exist in 2017. And to be quite honest, yes, I am pretty nostalgic for the repair tool and 56K sound effects.
  6. RA_Pipeline Fixed an exploitable climbable cliff near Allied WF from which Volkov could bombard the Allied base while being unsnipable.
  7. It's actually worse than that. Or it was, it's fixed now.
  8. Just took a look at this and there's actually plenty of tactical abusage here. Access to this area is unintended, so will fix.
  9. Minipatch notes for Rocket Soldiers Redeye/Strela velocity down (500 -> 375m/s) Redeye/Strela range down (175 -> 170m) Flamethrower Fuel tank hitbox is less fragile (1.5x damage -> 1.25x) Snipers Enfield/Dragunov damage up (60 -> 67.5). Kinda forgot to do this along with the health updates for everything. Most importantly this is just enough to two-shot rocket soldiers on centre mass shots, there's not much else that this really affects. Added binoculars, to let them more easily warn the team about things they can't handle. Pistol removed. It's not like they need it when their rifle is good enough for CQC. Move speed down (6.5 -> 6). Speed just helps them killwhore and avoid death anyway and doesn't help much with defense. Medic MP5 ROF down (12.5 -> 12); overall DPS down 2.22% MP5 inaccuracy up (1.25 -> 1.5); forgot to actually include this previously Auto-regen is staggered; instead of being a constant 2.5HP/sec, it starts at 1HP/sec after 1 second, becomes 3HP/sec after 8 seconds, then 5HP/sec after 15 seconds - at which point he's regenerating as fast as a Tanya/Volkov. This is both a nerf in that it severely slows his ability to heal when in the middle of (or near) a fight, but also a buff in that he doesn't have to spend as long hiding when he's trying to fully recover from heavy damage. Armour cache now increases armour's damage reduction for direct hits from all "heavy" projectiles (12.5% damage reduction -> 25%). Does not affect bullet/flame/tesla weapons. Not significant but it can make a difference... except against V2s which do overkill direct damage anyway. Armour cache no longer stops flame weapons (Flamethrower, Flame Tower, Yak splash) from breaking armour. Armour cache now only restores 1 armour point per 5 seconds (was 999 armour). Of course, 1 point is still enough for all of armour's damage reduction abilities to kick in, so this mostly just prevents the cache from being used as an emergency full armour refill, makes disarming it more immediately beneficial since most weapons will break that small amount of armour almost instantly afterwards, and further incentivises flamethrowers since they can now armour-break even through the cache. Yak Range up (120 -> 140m) Damage to light vehicle armour up (0.9 -> 1); can now cleanly take out an Artillery in one strafe if all rounds hit. Splash damage up (7.5 -> 9) Overhauled physics and speed thresholds; speed loss while not holding W is reduced, ascent/descent speed increased, and the speed thresholds for damage/death are 2.5m/s less strict. Now you should never fall below the damage threshold unless you're not accelerating. "Reversing" outside the Airfield now causes gradual damage for as long as you hold the S key (10 times as much damage as slow movement) instead of instant death. This feature was originally intended to prevent backwards flying, but it also caused Yaks to die instantly if you happened to tap the S key while flying forward, even at high speeds. So now it still fills its intended purpose without causing that issue. You still shouldn't press S if you want to slow down - just let off the throttle. Fixed missing glass impact/bullet hole effects for the canopy. Refill Pad Simplified collision meshes, Minelayers shouldn't get stuck on them anymore. RA_CanyonRiver The large plateau behind the Allied silos/bar is no longer accessible.
  10. If it were possible I'd totally make it so that an upside down MGG rotates around the fork that's planted into the ground. Because screw common sense
  11. To enable bots on CamosCanyon/Metro/Wasteland while playing in LAN/skirmish mode, press F8 to open the console, and type botcount 30 (or whatever number of bots you want; 30 was the previous default)..
  12. Is that minelayer freakout after the recent patch that changed its suspension, or before?
  13. To be fair, I didn't have much of an idea how to define them when I originally added them - but defensive seems a good fit with their unparalleled scouting ability (compensated by in-flight communication with the team being difficult), their weapon primarily being a counter to arties/LTs/infantry, and inability to deliver an infantryman of their own to the front lines. Speaking of which maybe I should move back the Guard Duty AAs. In their current position it's pretty hard for Yaks to deal with enemies on the Allied hill (particularly arties hitting Soviet defenders). They'd be harder to kill as a result but Yaks rarely fly straight over the enemy base anyway, right?
  14. I actually gave Yaks on Pipeline a try earlier today. It'd need some terrain work to even be presentable as the out of bounds above the mountain are very bare and on the lower sides of the map they don't go out very far so planes would easily see the edge of the world, but it's surprisingly not that difficult to maneuver. You can even fly under the pipes in some places as @Mojoman suggested. I still wouldn't do it without lowering some of the cliffs and palm trees though and, well, it seems to be a fairly Soviet-sided map already - what would Allies get to even this out? I think first we need to figure out how to make it a more viable unit period (without it displacing the Hind too much). It's really not as useful on GuardDuty as I'd hoped. Maybe enough damage to take out arties in one strafe again? More range so there's more leeway between lining up and being able to fire? Extra HP since pretty much any strafing run involves going into the danger zone of 3+ redeyes anyway? Or maybe just a special armour type that takes less damage from redeyes but not other weapons, so it's not completely unstoppable if the field isn't full of redeyes and insta-dead if the opposite is true? Maybe another physics overhaul so that they have a more lenient tolerance for what speed counts as instant death, so hopefully people screw up with them less? Obviously can't do all of this though, don't want the pendulum to swing the other way.
  15. Hey this seems like a familiar thing!