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  1. Pushwall

    Most of the maps that haven't had bot support built in are either not suitable for low human player counts (nobody wants to play 1v1 KOTG because of the size, and nobody wants to play 1v1 bonsai because of the nuke lottery, even if either map or anything similar has bots milling around) or are centered around gameplay that bots flat out can't comprehend (any naval map, Pipeline because of the oil, and Antlion because teamed bots basically ignore neutrals). Hell, bots already have a little bit of trouble with Guard Duty even though the Soviet bots are forbidden from utilizing the airfield, just because it exists and Soviet bots can spawn inside it but they can't get out without suiciding and either team's bots can't get in to shoot/repair the MCT. Complex and Seamist are pretty much the only "low-player" maps that don't have bots and are suitable for them, and if I were to take the effort to hook up the rally point system for those two maps (and custom attack/defend objectives for seamist so that bots prioritize the dome), I still doubt a mere 2 extra maps is going to solve the perceived "not enough maps" problem. On the other hand, "get rid of smart map selection" is a worse idea. Having big maps like ridge war or hostile waters showing up while the server is empty is not going to draw people in. For a while, I'm going to disable bots and expand the super-low player map list to include every AOW map suitable for low players instead of just the bot ones (so adding Seamist, Coastal, Complex, Pacific, Pipeline and Under), include only one infantry map (Antlion for now) because if it ever decides to play 2 inf maps in a row that's instant server death, and see what happens. It can't hurt
  2. I dunno, most of those (except FoI and LOLmap) sound like bad things to me. Beta was fun back then, but there was quite a bit wrong with it in retrospect, and the main draw was that players were around back then and that its flaws weren't nearly as profound as Gamma's. Then Gamma came along and said "hey, we can make it so playing as a mechanic requires you to have some brain cells to rub together and non-mechs can't just diceroll their way through things with bluehell, but the law of equivalent exchange demands that we balance it out with some bad. Like gradual tech level unlocking, arthritis-powered M16/phase/pistols, OP autocannon hind, no more kill icons, no more taunts, somehow worse framerate than Delta, helis covered in treacle, RA_Hourglass, C4 for volkov, laggy chargeups for tesla weapons, flamethrowers that can shapeshift into AP mines, snipers not being rebalanced to compensate for the fact that there is no longer a cheat-gate on sniping, MGGs that spew poogas, EVA being vague about what's under attack, and MRJ producing nausea-inducing sounds. And by some bad, we mean all of it. Take it or leave it", drove everyone away, and a lot of people just haven't come back since. I wish we could have just skipped Gamma and gone straight to Delta
  3. Pushwall

    No, nothing else will be getting a horn or anything resembling it. Sorry! Courtesy of @Yah-Nosh: planes that act more like planes. Aside from that, I hope to do one or two more maps, particularly ones with planes and botes since there is a lack of those. Most likely candidate for me is the Volcano rehash I mentioned in the Shallow Grave thread. There's not much else in the pipeline besides general scripts improvements that all 5.0 projects will benefit from; for example you will no longer have your floating player name blocking your view when using a first-person vehicle camera, and weapon firing sounds won't cut each other off anymore. As ChopBam mentioned, he is more occupied with non-APB projects, and that's perfectly fine; I may end up contributing more to the other projects too, now that APB is nearly feature complete. But I'll continue to keep an eye on balance here.
  4. Pushwall

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Pushwall

    Known and already fixed for next release
  6. Pushwall

    Hi Mackintoke aka DoMiNaNt_HuNtEr (a name shaitan might be more familiar with), you might want to read the post directly above yours and then ask yourself why you keep getting banned wherever you go. Good day.
  7. Pushwall

    Where does this narrative of "IA took all muh APB players" come from anyway? Every time I look at IA when it has people on, maybe 1 or 2 of the 20-30 people there are people who've played APB more than once or twice?
  8. Pushwall

    Also people seem to be forgetting that a long reload is not entirely a downside. In any situation where there is enough cover for a tank to hide behind the heavy tank is favoured over the allied tanks because it can spend more time in hiding due to not having to fire as frequently, and any amount of time where a tank is loaded but can't fire back due to the enemy tank being obscured is wasted DPS - less wasted for the heavy since it has longer periods of being unloaded and unable to fire back.
  9. Pushwall

    Red Alert's manual disagrees with you Red Alert disagrees with you (strength means hp) ; medium tank [2TNK] Strength=400 Armor=heavy ; heavy tank [3TNK] Strength=400 Armor=heavy Don't Soviets dominate T5 maps enough already?
  10. Pushwall

    So... make the heavy tank's shells weaker than the medium's?
  11. Pushwall

    It's called balance. If the tanks reflected their RA strength Soviets would just win every game and nobody would want to play Allies. Even the way it is the game is still Soviet favoured but definitely not to that degree. The MBT game has remained mostly unchanged for the past few years because nobody's actually seen the MBT game as the problem. The way Soviet wins get less frequent the lower the tech level (Guard Duty, Canyon River, NBNW are among the Allies' best maps) suggests it's more likely shockkovs are the problem - maybe if those are nerfed we can make HTs a bit better., but the trouble is, the power gap between it and the Mammoth is already much smaller than it was in pre-Delta so you can't buff it without pushing the Mammoth closer to obsolescence, and you can't nerf the Medium because it already seems to be obsoleted by the Light judging by peoples' preferences, so tweaking the HT would mean tweaking every MBT and destroying a meta that's been accepted for a few years now.
  12. Pushwall

    Another idea that came up on discord, that I've considered in the past, was "Volcano but with the map boundaries turned into water". Here's an example of that which is just lazily taking the original map, deleting a bunch of the terrain and making the outermost edges all dip to the same elevation. A real version would be a bit classier than this. So we get our first full combined arms map - infantry, tanks, helis, planes and naval - and isn't particularly big, so in addition to travel time not being a concern it could even be suited for low player counts.
  13. Pushwall

    For comparison it takes 1:20 to accomplish the same thing on Siege, the map which is apparently "too big", and 1:30 on Ridge War which really is our biggest current land map. I see a lot of groans about Ridge War and Siege whenever they come up (though less so for Siege nowadays, presumably because MiGs) so we can't really afford to have travel times longer than that. And for further comparison it took 2:30 to go from base to base on A Path Beyond with .9935's mammoth tanks, which move about 5/6 as fast as they currently do, using the same metric of coil-to-turret-range. I'd make a "you damn kids have it so good" joke but I wasn't even around for that.
  14. Pushwall

    5 per day. This thread.
  15. Pushwall

    Server updated with tweaks to the MapGuard system (random map rotation that excludes certain maps based on player count). If there are less than 6 players, the server will only play bot maps (Camos Canyon, Guard Duty, Metro, River Raid, Rock Trap, Wasteland), and bots will be enabled on them; currently the amount is 16 minus the number of players (though as some of them stick to defensive roles, it may not feel like there are that many). Once there are at least 6 players, bots will be disabled on future maps. So now you have a bit more to do to pass the time while waiting for players! I'll be adding bot support to a few more maps in future so that list will be expanded a bit. Wasteland and Rock Trap no longer appear on the "low players" list; they are exclusive to the "bot maps" list. Hostile Waters now appears on "low players" as well as the original "high players". There should be a much lower chance of the random map picker choosing a map that was just played.