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  1. Trouble is the destructible bridge has been tried on Coastal Influence, Complex and Guard Duty. It really wasn't a good gameplay element on any of them.
  2. Got around to doing something for the Construction Yard going off of @Killing_You's suggestion. The old elevator up to this floor has been axed in favour of clones of the new PP elevator with rails, which should be more lag-friendly. And of course there's a second one that leads to the roof. In addition, these ramps have been added to the rooftop to allow better access to the top of the main door, which was previously one of the most campable areas since the only way up there was one ladder (and the alternative method of jumping from the lower part of the roof onto said ladder is difficult to pull off with lag and still leaves you having to climb the same ladder) and its shape made it very easy to stay covered from defenders unless they outnumbered and surrounded you and could get up to your height without dying. The elevators are team-locked, and that goes for both of them, not just the one connecting to the rooftop, so in addition to preventing enemies from using the rooftop hatch to get inside by themselves, it also allows the previously useless section of the CY to serve as a hideout for people who want to avoid being killwhored, as there's not much that can hit them up there.
  3. Anyway, closed the poll as it's pretty cut and dry that we shouldn't remove rooftop access and the general consensus in the discussion is a call for better rooftop access for defenders - which I've been working on Seems to be a fair bit of support for just outright removing rooftop flares too, how does everyone feel about that again? Preventing them may not be "required" anymore with all the extra roof access, but then again, this extra roof access is all available to spies too since currently the new doors use the same lock as the basement ones. Setting up a new series of locks is a pain (but doable) and barring spies from these doors would also prevent them from teamworking with a Tanya/Thief to let them break into a building from above, which is just more opportunities for the spy to do something in a non-nuke map being taken away from him.
  4. And here it is. I may add rails to most of the new catwalk as it just looks odd being completely unguarded, maybe some props too. And here's the external balconies for the ladders, which are barely big enough to accommodate the door, ladder and player. These things already jut out quite a bit, and a fire escape would have to be twice as big at a minimum, and even bigger if it were to be lag-friendly! Since this is using the same door zone as the Airfield roof, you can actually stand pretty close to the door and not trigger it. I may reduce the possibility of accidental triggering even further though by moving the upper floor PCTs/spawn points one metre closer to the MCT.
  5. Say no more. And with these walkways, I can have team-locked doors up against these side walls that lead to a very small balcony with a ladder leading to the roof. Since people would only have to climb about 5 metres from there instead of 12, they'd have more leeway for not eating headshots while climbing. For the sake of aesthetics I'd only have the doors at the front or back and not both though. Having the doors at the back has the advantage of being far away from the existing ladders, as well as less distance between the two doors and a pipe getting in the way of the guy on the roof, so a roof camper can't switch between covering the two doors so easily, but the disadvantage that the door may be easily triggered on accident (though not nearly as easily as elevators). Having the doors at the front has the advantage that nobody will open them on accident, but the disadvantage of taking time to reach and being very close to the existing front ladder, so it'll be easier for multiple spots to get camped at once. I may also have to keep the original WF for Siege (remember that the Soviet WF is half buried).
  6. Actually looking at the cuddling WF it has some rooftop hatches with stairways leading up to them. That'd be the best of both worlds really, a rooftop access that doesn't stick out of the top of the building but doesn't suffer the problems of ELEVATORS. I'll see if I can convert them.
  7. I second that. I still have cuddling's old war factory hanging around but not only is it hella unfinished and with a basement that's far too complex, but the foundation footprint is waaaay different to the current one, it's like 70m wide whereas the current one is 40m. e: actually there's another version hanging around by him that has a smaller foundation than the current one if you can imagine that, around 35/35. Like the current one isn't cramped enough already. At that point we might as well just do the Airfield thing and have a door on the roof, an elevator with a canopy would stick out just as much.
  8. If you want to revive Battlelaf from the dead so he can record that...
  9. The problem with the WF though, is these access elevators can't be anywhere near routes people have to take while doing normal routines around the building or we get issues. If there's just a fenced-in hole in the roof like in KY's examples, all a Tanya needs to do to circumvent the locked gate is to eject a longbow over that hole and fall into the building (remember that landing on an elevator negates fall damage because renegade). So that's a no. If there's a locked trapdoor instead, if someone takes the elevator up to the roof and then leaves it as is, a Tanya who falls onto a roof can just squat on the raised elevator until someone indoors inadvertently triggers it to descend. Which may be fine if the elevator's in a place where Soviets have to go out of their way to trigger it, so it'll usually only happen when they're prepared to deal with a rooftop threat - not when it's taking up half of the upper WF walkway, which in addition to funneling traffic will also always be triggered by everyone who walks past to try to repair the MCT or even happens to spawn at the left PCT, even if they don't want to trigger it. Compare with the new Ref/PP doors - the building's own team will never be in range to trigger those doors, which a Tanya may be hiding on the other side of, unless they are trying to reach the roof. There's not really anywhere in the WF that's out of the way, except places in the back of the ground floor that would look silly with elevators going straight to the roof (plus they'd mean I'd have to mess with the variable prop files too). So for the WF I may just add a third ladder instead.
  10. Power Plant now has elevators to the roof, one on each end for extra camping difficulty. And no you can't jump out of the elevator midway down to go plant a flare on top of those electronics WF will be the next target, that's more of a priority since the CY appears on less maps and zero nuke maps.
  11. Yes. Frankly I think it helped warn campers that infantry were on their way up more than it made it harder for campers to pelt them with bullets/napalm. Which would be a bigger concern in Delta where the hatch would circumvent the radar stealth of the person coming up. But obviously a hatch can't be avoided for a rooftop access elevator...
  12. The layout of the Silo/Airfield elevator - particularly the walls as mentioned - makes it pretty much impossible to jam them by getting your skull stuck against the ceiling of the room and whatnot. You can still do it with the CY elevator sadly but at least that has a ramp down to the basement now, plus the shape of the area means that someone who jams the elevator doesn't also get permanently stuck - a prominent problem with the old Naval Yard/Sub Pen elevators. I'm a bit anxious about elevator roof access because a pretty big problem with the old Refinery elevator was that it was pretty easy to fill the elevator shaft with flamethrower/kov napalm or headshot people who are on the way up, killing them before they can even get off. Not as easy as headshotting someone climbing up a 15 metre ladder, but still. For the Power Plant it'd be relatively easy to have the elevator take someone up to an internal walkway which then leads to a locked door which solves that kind of camping, but for the CY/WF it's a bit different.
  13. Actually, just had a better idea. One that puts the door in a more precarious position for the roof camper (risk of falling off) and doesn't force rooftop combatants to constantly walk past the door zone which'd make it too easy for Soviets on the roof to unwittingly let enemies in. All that really needs changing as a result is the snow roof mesh.
  14. So, going for the easiest one first. The Refinery. Anyone who was around for the Delta prerelease in 2015 back when the refinery did have an internal rooftop access, may remember the ladder being propped up against the wall instead. Couldn't really do that here because back then, that route also had no door - a big part of why this route got taken out was because the lack of a door meant that any old Tanya/Thief pleb could let their longbow get shot down by SAMs while hovering over the Refinery and get in without worrying about mines, and meant Soviets had to mine the ladder too (extra time wasted + less freedom to employ forward mines under the mine limit). LB entry was especially overpowered with thieves since unlike Tanya they don't have to wait 30 seconds to get results. Now anyone wishing to employ those same tactics will need the assistance of a spy to open the way for them - hey look, some more potential useful stuff for spies to do! Anyway, adding the door here means that if the ladder was in its original position, people wouldn't have anywhere to stand when they get off the ladder and so would get stuck in the door. Hence the extra walkway. Couldn't have the usual "double door" either otherwise then the walkway would cut into the nearby pipe. The room will be textured a bit later
  15. As far as I know the only other things that use the WF brick texture are random background buildings on Metro, but I could be wrong. In any case I could always just set the WF to use a different texture without affecting anything else that uses it, that is if one is provided. I would not mind the WF having a more RAlistic browner brick at all.