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  1. I could roll that, Refinery and Silo into "Attack the economy"? That could also apply to Pipeline/Hostile Waters capturing enemy money structures.
  2. We can separate radio commands by team now. We may be able to get BattleLaf back soon to voice them. Here's what I was thinking of going with: Trying to avoid shifting too many of them around to keep them recognisable. "Enemy forces inbound" covers all of the cardinal direction ones and leaves us room for 3 more in the Alt8/9/0 slots, while "Engage enemy forces" kind of covers the now absent "Attack the Ore Truck" which had to be shoved out to put all the buildings in the same place. I'm aware AT/AP mines can be used in places besides the ones the commands say but it should help newbies as it's too often that I see a base full of AT mines or AP mines littering the field in places allied infantry will never walk. "Cover me" covers the non-repairing aspect of "I need support" while also letting us replace "I need repairs" on the Soviets with something that actually matters for them - a spy warning. "Beware sniper" might not be that useful as you can hear snipers from half the map away. It's very unlikely someone will notice them before they've made the first shot and alerted everyone to their presence.
  3. We can try to carve some of the textured parts out to add more depth to the models. I'd rather wait on that for when these new textures come though in case there's any subtle changes to the positioning of certain elements of these textures.
  4. The problem is some commands were voiced by different people it seems. Gamma replaced all the Ctrl and most of the Ctrl+Alt commands but none of the Alt commands and the difference gets pretty jarring when flipping between the radio commands that came from different people. I didn't want to get rid of "that's a real threat" but it had to be done because there was no way to convincingly splice "that's a real threat" using the voice that at one point in the past consistently extended to all of the radio commands - "that's real, disarm it" was the command that was in its place back then. Maybe someone can eventually voice some new radio commands and then we can have them be whatever we want, not being bound by the limitations of words among existing ones anymore.
  5. You may see some other previously unimplemented things of his eventually. I think he really liked to plan for the future.
  6. Another patch is being pushed. Hopefully this resolves at least the majority of the crashes; if not we will have to return to for a while. Scripts Fixed a typo in scripts which may have been responsible for various crashes. Infantry Grenadier F1 Grenade splash damage up from 40 to 45. F1 Grenade direct damage up from 12.5 to 15. RPG-7 arc halved. Officers Magazine size/reload time reverted to what they were before. Shotgunners Primary armour penetration down from 62.5% to 50%. Primary burn effect up from 2.5 damage over 2 seconds to 2.5 over 1. Remington slug damage to vehicles nerfed; is now identical to primary fire without the penalty against shields. (So damage down from 30 light/20 heavy/12 mammoth to 25 light/18.75 heavy/12.5 mammoth... not that it can really do anything to the last category anyway) TOZ buckshot damage to infantry down from 100 to 80. Rifle Soldiers Primary accuracy penalties up; 0.75 standing/jogging, 0.25 crouching, 0.5 crabwalking, 4 jumping. (Was 0.5 stand/jog, 0.2 crouch/crawl, 3 jumping). Tanya Jumping accuracy penalty down from 1.5 to 1. Volkov Fixed jumping accuracy penalty (was accidentally 2 when it should have been 1) Vehicles Hind Fixed damage buff to Mammoth-class vehicles (was only applying to their shields; now does more to health as well)
  7. http://sir-phoenixx.deviantart.com/art/Yakovlev-Yak-9P-1-15393935 Sir-Phoenixx, 12 years ago. The landing gear was left unanimated though, I got that working. The helis don't have any place to retract it to (except the Hind where it wouldn't even fit inside the compartments!), plus their suspension is pretty noticeable when landing and folding it would preclude that suspension. Plus it would be much harder to detect "ground" for them since they can land anywhere large enough to fit them on whereas the Yak can only land at airfields. Plus applying this logic would cause Volkov to die when falling out of a heli even if he could survive the fall damage.
  8. Oooooooh. Mind if we make some of these official when they're out? I find it hard to justify keeping all the low-res building equipment at this point, but I kind of have a soft spot for the current door texture, plus its lack of colour works well with using vertex painting to make the blue/red team-locked variants you see on some maps.
  9. No, des is wrong about that. The heavy tank will do 40% less to the APC (but only its shields) therefore the mammoth tank will appear to do 66% more than the heavy, but it won't be doing any more damage than it already did before because it and every other non-LT/HT anti-tank weapon doesn't care about armour strength.
  10. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update This is a big one, so if you don't have the patience for the whole changelog or you just want the cliff notes, just look for siren-marked units and bolded sub-entries. [blurb]Be sure to check out the latest developments for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Warplanes, consistent AA, reinforcements, a combat score/economy overhaul and more![/blurb] General Gamma's radio commands have been replaced with Nuclear Winter ones, for consistency since not all of the NW ones got replaced before by whoever voiced the new ones. Due to limited voice-splicing capabilities with the old commands, and some unusual placements of newer commands, some commands have actually become different ones as a result: Ctrl+3 = "Beware enemy mines" (was "Attack the Barracks", which was for some reason separated from the other attack commands.) Ctrl+4 = "Don't buy Demolition Trucks" (was "Attack the War Factory", which was for some reason separated from the other attack commands.) Ctrl+9 = "That's real, disarm it" (was "That's a real threat". A true loss to us all, but let's face it, it was basically the new Intelligence Dubious.) Ctrl+Alt+3 = "Attack the Helipad" (was "Attack the Construction Yard"... a Helipad command exists in the old commands, but not new ones, and I ran out of room for all of the buildings. The helipad is a more pivotal structure than the CY so it deserves a command more I'd say.) Ctrl+Alt+5 = "Attack the Barracks" (was "Attack the Power Plant"... there's no PP reference in the old commands so we couldn't keep this.) Ctrl+Alt+6 = "Attack the War Factory" (was "Defend the base"... which is kind of already covered by "Bolster our defenses" and "Building needs repairs") Infantry General Unequipped A-Bomb Signal Flares are now visibly carried on a character's waist (though if they have multiple weapons the visibility of this depends on which weapon they have equipped because "back weapons" are weird). Pay attention to these so you know who to shoot! Officers Damage multiplier to building exteriors up by 50% (0.1 -> 0.15). Damage multiplier to MCTless buildings up by 7% (0.175 -> 0.1875). Magazine size up (50 -> 100). Reload time up (2 -> 4). This means the bigger magazine does not affect their overall DPS - just their alpha and their ability to give suppressing fire. Accuracy penalties adjusted (1 standing/0.2 crouching/0.2 crabwalking -> 1.25 standing/0.1 crouching/0.25 crabwalking). Accuracy penalties stabilise faster (1.25 -> 2 units per second). Armour penetration up (75% -> 87.5%). Now needs less 1 less headshot to kill most units. Flamethrower Splash damage up (27.5 -> 30) Splash radius down (10 -> 9.5). This is a winning trade unless your shot lands more than 6m off target. Death explosion damage up (50 -> 60) Death explosion radius down (10 -> 9.5). Tech Level down to 1. Grenadier/RPG Trooper The "artillery" form of the Grenadier has been cut from the game entirely, and the RPG Trooper has stolen his name on a technicality (he has a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher, see?) as well as something else I'll mention further down the list. He uses the RPG Trooper's pale brown fatigues by default, but has old Grenadier yellow as an alternate camo. RPG-7 has an arc again. RPG-7 range up from 105 to 110m (same as LAW). Grenadier (aka RPG Trooper) no longer has a limited Makarov sidearm; instead he has limited F1 grenades (only 12), which take on the same role of being a last-ditch self-defense option against infantry: Now explodes on contact. Now only hurts infantry. Accuracy penalties actually work now (3 when jumping/sprinting, 0.25 when idle/jogging, 0 when crouching/crabwalking, stabilises at 3/sec). C4 logic was precluding this before. Velocity down (60 -> 37.5m/s) Range down (150 -> 75m) Splash radius down (10 -> 8m) Splash armour penetration down (50% -> 37.5%) Splash damage up (30 -> 40). Combined with the penetration reduction and damage dropoff this is actually a downgrade unless your foes are naked or you get a direct hit. Projectile size up (0 -> 0.25m) Screen shake is twice as harsh and long. Direct damage up from 0 (which was due to C4 not supporting direct damage) to 12.5. This uses the same warhead as the pistols, so this is merely equivalent to one Silenced Beretta shot, but that's not counting the splash damage. Rocket Soldiers Redeye/Strela are no longer homing. You will HAVE to lead your shots now - but if you can do this then you have a very reliable weapon, unlike the tracking version which just randomly didn't work. Redeye/Strela damage decreased (Redeye 140 -> 110, Strela 120 -> 80). This means the Redeye needs 1 more hit and the Strela needs 2 more to kill the enemy team's aircraft, but that shouldn't be a problem if tracking has resulted in plenty of misses for you! Strela reload time down (2.5 -> 2.2), to compensate for its greatly reduced power. Redeye/Strela velocity up (Redeye 200 -> 500m/s, Strela 160 -> 500m/s) Redeye/Strela range up (170 -> 175m) Redeye/Strela damage multiplier to boats up (0.5/0.4 -> 0.625/0.5), to compensate for the base damage reduction. Effectiveness in this area is barely any different to before as a result. Redeye/Strela accuracy penalties actually work now (2.5 when jumping/sprinting, 0 when idle/jogging/crouching/crabwalking, stabilises at 2/sec). Tracking logic was precluding these before. Redeye/Strela have a thicker smoke trail to make their presence more obvious. Now have their sidearms on Deathmatch maps. Mechanic Repairs Mammoth-class vehicles 33% slower. No longer auto-repairs at a faster rate when being a passenger instead of a pilot; with the removal of extra MBT seats this feature got relegated to the Ranger and APC, and was only relevant for the latter to aid in killwhoring. Medic Medic kit now takes 1 second to equip after switching/sprinting (was 0.5). Shotgunners TOZ-194 is now shouldered for easier headshotting/firing over cover. The "quick fire" DOT inflicted by Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath is now slightly weaker (2.5 damage over 2 seconds instead of 5 over 3) but has a 100% chance of being inflicted (was 40% per attack). Good for cancelling medic heals. Thief Can now steal from Ore Silos on any map (as long as the silo's terminal is not obstructed). However, he can only steal 33% of the Soviets' funds from Ore Silos, as opposed to 50% at the Refinery. Has a HUD help message explaining how to use him. Volkov Volknades range up (80 -> 100m) Volknades direct damage up (35 -> 70) Volknades splash damage up (27.5 -> 30) Volknades splash radius up (10 -> 11). Volktillery spread down (3 -> 2.5) Volktillery now has a harsher explosion effect and screen shake ala Beta; damage is identical though. Vulnerability to accidental AP mine detonation decreased (was 50% that of regular infantry; now 25%) Vehicles General Light vehicles (Artillery, V2, MRJ, Supply Truck, Demolition Truck) no longer have an innate 25% Tesla resistance. Updated purchase terminal logic for "optional" vehicles (MRJ, Soviet Ranger, Allied Chinook, Ore Truck) so there should no longer be any discrepancies in price/techlevel/availability that shouldn't exist. All that's really changed for the layman is that it'll be easier to enable these vehicles when map editing (for when the SDK comes out) and Ore Trucks are no longer available on maps without a Refinery. All vehicles have had a portion of their points reward converted from damage points to kill points. Demolition Truck, MAD Tank: 100 kill points Phase Tank, Tesla Tank, Mobile Artillery, V2 Launcher, Longbow, Hind: 50 Every other vehicle except ST: 25 Supply Truck: 12.5 Some vehicles' total point yield has been reduced: Longbow, Hind: Down from 150 to 125 Chinook, LST, APC: Down from 100 to 75 Mobile Radar Jammer: Down from 100 to 50 Just like with points, cash rewards for vehicles are partially shifted from damage cash to kill cash. Cash rewards are split halfway between damage and kill cash (just like with infantry), except for the Demolition Truck/MAD Tank where they are 75% kill cash, 25% damage cash. Vehicles more expensive than $1200 no longer have a cap on their cash rewards, so they are more lucrative to hunt down. Suicidal or unarmed vehicles (including the Minelayer) now only provide cash equal to 10% of their price in rewards, instead of 20% - just like how it is for infantry whose only means of self-defense is the Makarov/Beretta. Naval units that are not near a shoreline/dock/naval structure cannot be "accidentally" ejected (or entered) and all their occupants will instantly die when the unit is destroyed away from these areas. Currently this does not apply to Destroyers/Gunboats as doing this now would break their animations, but it may be expanded to them some time in future if this is resolved. APC Health down (400 -> 250). Armour class upgraded to Mammoth, which affords it slightly more resistance to flame weapons than its former 400-health "Heavy" self had, and making it almost as resistant to small-arms. Doesn't help against real anti-tank weapons though. Max speed up (13.66 -> 15.46, a ~13.2% increase). This puts it second only to the Ranger in straightaway speed. Acceleration/deceleration decreased; reaching max speed/stopping takes about twice as long as before. Which still isn't very long, but enough to make it hard to dodge back and forth like an LT. Spread up (0.25 -> 0.5) Projectile damage increased (6 -> 7), a 16.67% DPS increase against most targets. Projectile damage multiplier to mines up (0.75 -> 1). Projectile damage multiplier to aircraft decreased (1 -> 0.875). This lends it only a ~2% increase in DPS with its higher base damage. Projectile damage multiplier to buildings decreased (0.2 -> 0.16). This lends it a ~6.7% decrease in DPS despite its higher base damage. Projectile damage multiplier to mammoth-class vehicles decreased (0.5 -> 0.375). This lends it a 12.5% decrease in DPS in this area. Maximum/minimum turret tilts adjusted (+45/-22.5 -> +60/-20) Has a horn. Mobile Artillery Minimum turret tilt heightened (0 -> +2.5), effectively increasing its minimum range on flat ground by about 15 metres. Reload time down (4.875 -> 4.75), a ~2.6% DPS increase. Price up to 900. Chinook Transport Ascent/descent speed up (10 -> 11.6, a 16% increase) Destroyer/Missile Sub Range up (175 -> 180m) Mi-24 Hind Turn rate up (40 -> 75) Ascent/descent speed up (8.6 -> 10.75, a 25% increase) Bullet velocity up (250 -> 500m/s), should again help with actually hitting things. Damage multiplier to Mammoth-class vehicles up (0.125 -> 0.175). Pierces vehicle armour more (37.5% -> 50%) Clicks when out of ammo. AH-64 Longbow Turn rate up (55 -> 90) Ascent/descent speed up (13.5 -> 16.7, a 24% increase) Damage to naval units up (75 -> 80) Damage to Tesla Tanks down (80 -> 70) Clicks when out of ammo Minelayer Fixed bug where Soviet Minelayer stolen by a Spy would be targeted by defenses. Mobile Radar Jammer Can no longer be stolen while deployed. Price up to 1200. (If you're curious as to why, see the Radar Dome section.) Ranger Fixed issue where attempting to drive downhill at max speed would cause you stall out until you fell to LT-ish speed. Damage multiplier to defenses up by 6.66% (0.1875 -> 0.2) Armour penetration up (75% -> 87.5%). Now needs less 1 less headshot to kill most units. Now has a unique armour class, largely similar to light vehicles but with a few key differences: Retains the 25% Tesla resistance that light vehicles used to have. Only takes 75 health damage from AT mines (armour still gets insta-stripped as normal). It might not sound like it makes sense... but bear in mind due to the mine's targeting quirks, larger-profile tanks often have to drive straight over a mine to trigger it, while Rangers trigger them without even being that close to them. So just see it as them being less affected because they don't get directly hit Repaired 33% faster by Mechanics. Takes 25% more damage from Hinds. Shield does not take 25% reduced damage from nukes like other light vehicles do. Attack Submarine Projectile speed up (50 -> 62.5m/s). No longer has projectile extension so its projectiles will not noclip through targets at point blank range. Supply Truck Max speed up (12.23 -> 13.48, a ~10% increase). Does not affect Demolition Trucks. Tesla Tank Range up (122.5 -> 125m) Max speed down (10.11 -> 9.97m/s, a 1.4% decrease) Spread down (0.5 -> 0.25) Now immune to Shock Rifles (0.25 -> 0) Takes 40% less damage from other Tesla Tanks/Tesla Coils (0.375 -> 0.225) LST Max speed up (14.86 -> 15.12m/s, a 1.7% increase) Acceleration/deceleration is now much more rapid, reaching maximum speed or stopping in less than half a second (previously took over 3 seconds). Rotation is now much less drifty. Health down (500 -> 450). Now opens its forward ramp when near a shoreline/dock/naval structure, both indicating that you're inside the "safe zone" mentioned above and that you will disembark from the front (something that wasn't terribly obvious before). The LST's collision box is also lengthened slightly to include this ramp. Yakovlev Yak-9P Yes, you're seeing that right - the Yak is an actual main game unit and no longer a Lunar joke, thanks to some clever scripting. It's certainly not "proper" fixed-wing physics, it's just a VTOL with restrictions - but it works! Right now it's debuting on Guard Duty only, but it may find itself on a few other maps in future. In terms of their damage to units, think of them as a flamethrower with a lot more power - good at dealing with light vehicles, armour-broken vehicles and infantry, but can't put much of a dent in heavy vehicles that still have their armour. Also their splash damage ignites infantry, helping light them up for snipers/rangers/other Yaks to finish off if you fail. Unlike other aircraft, they have infinite ammo with a very long reload time (though since you have to turn around to hit the same target again, this reload time doesn't make much difference) - pick your battles wisely to capitalise on this to stay in play for as long as possible, since you can't take much punishment before dying (which will also kill your infantry) or having to return to the Airfield to repair or sell! While sitting on the Airfield you can idle, reverse and rotate like a helicopter all you want as long as you don't float too high (keep trying to descend if you're worried about this). Make sure to build up speed on the Airfield before you take off; while you're airborne falling below 30m/s will cause you to take a slow trickle of damage, and below 22.5m/s you're dead. Only 4 Yaks can be in play at a time. Bots Since bots are unable to compensate for weapon arcs, MBT cannons, RPGs and Flamethrowers have no arc while under their control. Enfield/Dragunov still do though. Rocket Soldier/Grenadier bots now have a preferred range of 108m instead of 100, which should allow them to outrange a Pillbox/Flame Tower just like a player can. Captain bots are unchanged as the Captain's range advantage over defenses is very finicky anyway. Bots will now steal unattended vehicles if the owner suicides or takes too long to show up. Bots can no longer buy Rangers since they don't exactly use them intelligently. Buildings General Optimised unit collision detection on base defenses and Ore Silo, and ensured consistency between all their life/death states (so for example you should no longer get stuck in a SAM Site if you are standing on it when it dies). Airfield Of course, this has been added to the game too. This is where you repair and sell your Yak planes, and where you find them when buying them. Currently only on Guard Duty, but may find its way onto other maps eventually. (However, due to technical reasons, it's unlikely they'll exist on the same map as Soviet Helipads. Basically the airfield IS a "helipad" in the code and some issues arise if you have multiple.) Flame Tower Projectile damage down (120 -> 105) Splash damage down (40 -> 30) Splash radius up (12 -> 15) Reload time down (3.25 -> 2.75, resulting in a ~3.4% projectile DPS increase with the damage change) Power Plant No longer causes radar to go down on Radar Dome maps when destroyed/disabled. Now causes other main buildings to take 10% more damage when destroyed/disabled. Unlike the playercount scaling defenses, this applies to all forms of damage, and does not increase repair speed. Radar Dome Now contains terminals that can be used to call in an airlift of a Medium/Heavy Tank or Supply Truck if your War Factory is dead. These vehicles will appear somewhere near your Radar Dome - just look for the red/blue signal flare. However, this purchase method takes 30 seconds to cool down (though the tank and truck have separate cooldowns) and costs twice as many credits compared to a WF purchase, and cannot be used if your radar is offline (i.e. Dome is dead or jammed). These terminals do not exist on Hostile Waters or Seamist. Using a Spy to establish a relay will not re-enable the terminals. Turret Projectile damage down (105 -> 70) Splash damage down (25 -> 20) Reload time down (2.25 -> 1.5). So no DPS change on its projectile here; just harder to dodge. Aesthetics Re-enabled the new stealth shaders, as their buffer issues that previously resulted in extreme slowdown have been resolved. New main menu screen (plus a barebones version for the chat history background) by CCHyper and One Winged Angel. PCT screens, Ore Silo terminal screen, and Radar Dome screens are now fullbright. The ore chute on the Ore Silo is now tinted slightly blue for the Allies. TOZ-194 viewmodel moved to a position more in line with other shouldered weapons. Forklift's steering wheel is pulled backwards to match the hand positions of the driver. Turret's barrel now has visible recoil when firing. Turret now has a reload sound (shared with the Gunboat). Barracks flags have a new texture by Killing_You. Hind has a new urban camo texture by Killing_You. "Battle Control Terminated" now has a 3-second delay so as not to overlap with a building destruction announcement if the game ends that way. (Won't stop it from overlapping from a nuclear multi-destruction though.) Maps RA_AS_Seamist Enabled thieves again. RA_Bonsai Reduced out-of-bounds trees. RA_CamosCanyon_Bots Soviet Ranger is no longer available. Tweaked pathfinding for Soviet Barracks interior; now bots will be much more likely to path out instead of suiciding. Adjusted rally points near bases so that AIs will gather attack teams at smarter locations. RA_CoastalInfluence Reduced out-of-bounds trees. RA_GuardDuty Soviets now have an Airfield. To compensate for Soviet vehicular power being split among two buildings, Allies now have a Radar Dome that can serve as a backup WF. Both teams' Ore Silos are moved to more secure positions behind the War Factories. Allies' central Pillbox replaced with a Turret. Allies now have 2 AA Guns, one behind the Barracks and one on the Refinery hill. Soviets now have a third Flame Tower, far out by the southern end of their side of the river. Soviet base now has another backdoor infantry route, going along the riverbank behind the Refinery cliff and leading to the Airfield. However, it is blocked by a concrete wall which the Soviets can jump over from their side. Vehicles cannot use this. Shrunk some of the tall evergreen trees on the inside of the map to make it easier for Yaks to divebomb safely. Got rid of the wooden ramp in the Soviet ore field. Moved Soviet ore zone slightly so AI truck should not reset its animation constantly. The cliff between the Soviet refinery and the bridge now sharply drops off into the river so infantry/LTs cannot circle around it. Shallow water is a little less transparent as it looks basically nonexistent from above. Shore around island now fades properly. RA_HostileWaters Has been removed from the game entirely until Raap's overhaul is ready. RA_Metro Power lines no longer have projectile collision. Fixed floating telephone pole in Allied base. Removed a couple of props around Soviet base entrance alleys. Allied north silo has been moved further forward. RA_LunarParadox Uber Captain machinegun accuracy penalties harshened (jumping/sprinting up 5 -> 10, walking up 0.5 -> 2, crabwalking up 0 -> 1; stabilising rate up 2.5 -> 3) Uber Technician PortaCoil accuracy penalties harshened (jumping/sprinting up 2 -> 5, walking up 0.25 -> 1.5, crabwalking up 0 -> 0.5, stabilising rate up 1 -> 2) Uber Captain/Technician health down from 250 to 200. "RAlistic" Grenadier now correctly gives his monetary kill reward once on death instead of for every hitpoint he loses (which resulted in a total $2500 reward) Yuri Molotov now has the correct gravity settings. RA_PacificThreat Removed all non-AA defenses. RA_RiverRaid Rangers can no longer slide over the Mammoth Tank/barbed wire blockade between the Allied War Factory and their ore field. Increased fog thickness to 240/360 (was 300/450) RA_Siege Cannon primary warhead changed from Artillery to Shell (which means DPS to buildings is down 28%) Cannon primary spread down (0.5 -> 0.25) Cannon secondary projectile extension up (0.25m -> 1m) Destroyed cannons take 87.5% longer to repair (now 3x as long as the "living" cannon) Re-added and expanded on the filler mesh between the castle walls. All the castle wall meshes are no longer double-sided, since the updated filler mesh does the job of preventing camera clipping instead and with less of a performance footprint. Water damage is no longer dealt through an outdated netcode-hungry method. RA_Under Reduced out-of-bounds trees. Removed one Allied Turret. Added a filler mesh in between the tunnels to prevent camera clip abuse. Snowfall reduced by half. RA_Wasteland Fog endpoint now randomly fluctuates between 60-300m (was 60-450m). Snowfall reduced by half.
  11. It was already in for the Yak in the first place because it had it when it was on Lunar Paradox. It's not in on helicopters yet.
  12. You'll get your Allied candy. I guess you haven't been in enough games with ChopBam to realise this
  13. Thing is, we already had a Yak model and texture on hand, so that was easy to put in as all it needed was the landing gear animation. Not so much with the MiG - we have no assets for that at all. If you're extremely attentive you may have seen a teaser somewhere on this forum that accidentally showed a MiG, but it's a placeholder model that's just being used to prototype the unit's stats just in case we ever end up with all the means to implement it in future. And I'm not too comfortable with the idea of Allied planes. From what I remember that was just a Chronojam fever dream. We can probably work around the "imbalance" in other ways, like having MiGs on certain naval maps if Cruisers become a reality, as they seem like they'd be a natural counter (CI would need a terrain overhaul to make room for an airfield and for planes to not be able to peer into blue hell, but Hostile Waters could probably have an airfield added with ease), or sticking them on Seamist where the teams' base balance is already intentionally out of whack anyway. On Guard Duty, the Allied Radar Dome you see in the video is the balancing factor against the existence of an Airfield, and anyone who's been paying attention to feedback threads may have some idea as to why a team having a dome could possibly be a good thing and not a hindrance.
  14. And I've been upholding those same messages until just 2 months ago as well. It can take a long time for a solution for something like this to pop up, but oh boy, when it does... The solution unfortunately came too late for me to implement it into the "testing grounds" of Lunar Paradox but I think the VTOL Yak was enough of a teaser
  15. Well, it's taken a while because it's going to be a big one. Feedback's been gathered from a lot of the recently posted threads (the headshot thing isn't being rushed in though). It should only be a couple of days now, if that.