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  1. Another thing that's forbidding us from using crashland mechanics for helicopters is that right now, kill tracking doesn't work properly against anything that uses them. You get no killstring and no kill points/kill cash for downing them. You may have seen this already with the Yak, but that's an issue constrained to one map currently (and apparently not having much impact as Yaks still don't seem to be giving Soviets much of a fighting chance anyway). Having that fixed is another thing on the scripts to-do list and once that's sorted, we can try this out.
  2. Yeah, that works! The whitespace could be the same blue as the border to reduce the chance of haloing but I can do that myself.
  3. You could always shrink the rest of the picture down to 1024x1024, but leave the soldier as he is. I need a power of 2 texture size for the mipmaps to work and increasing it to 2048x with a ton of blackspace, just for a texture that barely overreaches the previous threshold by being 1280x1024, isn't preferable as it bloats the filesize.
  4. I already applied it to a new board on Ridge Racer. I kind of wanted to have it over the central ore field instead but there aren't many points in that area where you'd be able to easily see it.
  5. Yes. Well, he can't be whittled down to a more vulnerable state anymore due to infinite armour, so he has better field survivability in places that don't have supply trucks. But his shotgun is a little worse at handling armoured infantry and he dies slightly faster to AT weapons.
  6. Look nicer than the normal stealth effect.
  7. Lower some peoples' framerates to slideshow-tier.
  8. Pushed another micropatch. Yak health up to 400 Stealth shader disabled Fix locked doors pointing to achievement sound
  9. The 150 health + Engy's splash resistance means she will be somewhat more viable as field support for rapidly taking down troublesome Soviet anti-tank infantry to help Allied tanks move in, while not being bothered much by either their weapons or those of Soviet tanks. In the next iteration of the overhaul this is also coupled by a slight range boost for the Colt (70m as opposed to the other pistols' 60). So shock troopers will have a hard time since their ability to ignore armour means nothing to the infantry that lacks armour (and has more health to compensate), and if a Volkov can't close the distance to use the shotgun which shreds her, he's left with the Kovnades or cannon potshots both of which also do poorly to her because of their reliance on armour piercing. Plus the TTs/Mammoths floating around have a harder time bringing her down. So in the field she's generally tougher than before (unless snipers make an appearance), but in exchange, she's a little more fragile against anti-infantry infantry (particularly rifles/shotties/snipers) which makes her a little riskier in infiltration, but since she can kill rifles/flamers/engys in one headshot, if you can pull that off, it's less noticeable. Plus, with techies/engies needing to keep their feet on the ground (thus dying easily) if they want to disarm quickly, ignoring the Tanya's existence and bumrushing the C4 is less of an option - so it's only fair that she's a little less invincible in this scenario. Her old "CQC survival master" title has been passed onto the Medic who has the same 100/100 defenses that she used to have plus a burpier MP5, in exchange for being expensive enough that you can't just buy him right away and rush on a small map like Pacific Threat and instantly win like you could before, plus the BS potential of a multi-Medic group has been hampered by Medics healing other Medics more slowly.
  10. Yeah, I can do that. I've been meaning to update the map for a while to at least fix all the collisions and add an alternate "grip" ranger for people who have poor ping or are unfamiliar with the track.
  11. From the games last night I don't think this overhaul hurts infantry survivability that much (except obviously Tanya who is more of a glass cannon during her infiltration role) due to heads being more difficult to hit in general. It'll need some more testing but we may end up going ahead with it, but with some of the more unusual features that aren't really related to headshot play and some of the heavy attempts at "counterbalances" getting dialed back since they may not be needed. On the plus side, the Pipeline non-functional oils issue we noticed last night made me realise something. Since the tool and wrench are now using the same warheads, we can now go ahead with having Technicians and Engineers be able to capture neutral buildings, but with the repair tool doing so much slower than the wrench. @Raap will want to remove the "capture wrench" powerup from Hostile Waters as I will be ditching the presets for that entirely, since losing the Barracks will no longer remove all hope of ever being able to capture things once I amend the capture terminals' settings.
  12. This would be perfect for RA_RidgeRacer.
  13. Yeah crouch vs crabwalk does work for some reason. Crabwalking penalty, of course, does mostly apply for captains/snipers - its impact on other weapons ranges from negligible to nonexistent.
  14. They sadly can't be differed as it stands. There's honestly not much I would apply that to though as I don't really want people standing stock stiill in gunfights - probably just the sniper and maybe the Captain machinegun. For the sniper it at least does apply while scopewalking, oddly enough.
  15. Yeah. This was somewhat confusing before the overhaul as some characters were noticeably taller/shorter than others but still had their hitboxes in the same place. So the helmets of taller characters were ghosts that you could shoot through while on shorter characters you could fire just over their helmet and still scrape them. The overhauled hitboxes and character heights are something I plan to include in future patches regardless of how we deal with the headshot overhaul (though obviously the neck will go back to taking head damage if we ditch this direction), so this should cease to be a problem entirely when we get around to making a patch for it. I did notice during the games tonight that in small-arms fights, infantry certainly did not evaporate anywhere near as quickly as Beta ones (in fact it wasn't that different to before) despite the headshot multiplier going up from 3 to 5. And weapons back in Beta were just as inaccurate as I made them for the overhaul too - and back in Beta infantry survivability was pulled out of the swamp slightly by them being able to bunnyhop with reckless abandon (which is heavily discouraged now). So the overhauled smaller hitboxes and neck nerf are probably doing a lot of work.