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  1. Yeah HW 5.0 (with Soviet airfield) is finished as far as gameplay goes and will be in next release; it's still frozen as far as aesthetics go until the public determines that it's playable.
  2. Well, that's already going to be a thing. I have a pretty bad habit of dropping spoilers in Discord and forgetting to do so here as well. The plan is that they'll fire the "ballistic missiles" that RA1 claims they have from the deck, for shore bombardment and sniping slower ships (gunboats can easily avoid them), while their secondary fire lets them fire their usual smaller surface-to-air missiles from the side pods. Though if the side pods end up not being a thing I guess the AAs can be launched from the deck too.
  3. Pushwall

    Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Pushwall

    I don't have one that works with the current public release. Once the next release comes out I can hook you up with it though.
  5. Pushwall

    I don't remember removing pistols, rifles, shotguns, snipers, PKM from the Soviets. Or giving Allies shocks/volkovs which would make a lack of Soviet anti-infantry options troubling.
  6. Pushwall

    But being hard to see is kinda one of the big points of being infantry. Do Allied infantry really need even more of a hard time than they already have?
  7. Pushwall

    Would you trade that for the old stairs that were easier to fall from because they were narrower and just as easy to get stuck on because their railings were badly done?
  8. Pushwall

    So that homing LAW kill at 3:40? Your reticle wasn't even on him when you fired. The likelihood of that is about the same as if you were to make a jump shot against someone with the non-tracking LAW.
  9. Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Fixed for next release
  11. Pushwall

    I blame whatever Gamma-era dev told BattleLaf "hey, we need unit ready announcements for the Yak and MiG just in case we get the means to implement them in 8 years' time, but don't worry about doing any Airfield attack announcements, it's not like these units will need a building to be purchased from and to land at." I'll look into improving it but ultimately anything new like the airfield has to be a splice job unless someone comes and redoes all the EVA work. (And first I'd prefer to hear new radio commands.)
  12. Pushwall

    The only thing we could feasibly do this for is the SAM Site. W3D projectiles don't care about how much something is trying to retreat from them; their maximum range is always the same, no question. If the destroyer's missiles had enough range to chase MiGs to the edge of the earth, they'd also be able to fire base-to-base and hit buildings (though sometimes they'll just go drunk once they exceed the target box range). AI-controlled stuff is different though as they will only attempt to fire at things that are within the range that their script tells them to fire at, which doesn't have to be the same as their projectile range. What's actually going to happen though is the Destroyer's missiles will get a simple velocity boost. You're not going to be outrunning many 200m/s rockets in a 50m/s plane.
  13. Pushwall

    A casting time makes it exceedingly difficult to place C4 on vehicles though, which is the main concern that I've seen about it.
  14. Pushwall

    On top of this, back when the "devils tongue" Chrono Tank was being devised, that's when C4 had a whopping 1 second delay - since that's how long it would take at maximum for the infantry death to kick in. Ever since that chrono tank concept got canned, the C4's delay has been brought down to only 0.25 seconds - so still enough to mitigate ammo bugs but not so much that it becomes impossible to stick C4 on moving vehicles. I may drop it to 0.1 seconds or something like that too, but it may throw off some people who are used to the 0.25 delay. No, and frankly that's another thing that at the time I would have considered impossible. Romanov wouldn't have been around ingame to notice it either and he originally set minimap stuff up with Apocalypse Rising in mind.