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  1. Pushwall

    5 per day. This thread.
  2. Pushwall

    Server updated with tweaks to the MapGuard system (random map rotation that excludes certain maps based on player count). If there are less than 6 players, the server will only play bot maps (Camos Canyon, Guard Duty, Metro, River Raid, Rock Trap, Wasteland), and bots will be enabled on them; currently the amount is 16 minus the number of players (though as some of them stick to defensive roles, it may not feel like there are that many). Once there are at least 6 players, bots will be disabled on future maps. So now you have a bit more to do to pass the time while waiting for players! I'll be adding bot support to a few more maps in future so that list will be expanded a bit. Wasteland and Rock Trap no longer appear on the "low players" list; they are exclusive to the "bot maps" list. Hostile Waters now appears on "low players" as well as the original "high players". There should be a much lower chance of the random map picker choosing a map that was just played.
  3. Pushwall

    Game: Soviet missile silo on Bonsai is no longer flooded in the MCT/flare room. Soviet conyard on Seamist is no longer flooded at the far back. Pool in the back route on Canyon River is now swimmable. Naval units now have a limit of 15 per side (up from whatever it was before; a limit wasn't set so it was defaulting to some unknown amount that wasn't sufficient for Hostile Waters). Made team colours for HUD/chat a little brighter. Server: Canyon River is now a high player only map instead of low player only. Pipeline is now an any player count map instead of high player only. Removed erroneous shovel icon in next rank info. Donations are now allowed immediately on Hostile Waters.
  4. Pushwall

    Guys I think we might have this pump under control but I can't be certain
  5. Pushwall

    When you say "installed it" do you mean installed the launcher, or also installed Interim Apex on the launcher? You have to install the game on the launcher as well; go to the Games tab. If you have already installed the version of IA on the launcher then that's as far as my knowledge goes, but someone else should know more.
  6. Pushwall

    Intelligence dubious
  7. Pushwall

    Fixed a memory leak (maybe?) Mines no longer hold the War Factory door open. Fixed team information dialog reporting players' infantry class in the "vehicle" column if they had no vehicle. Fixed health number on health bar rounding differently to the health number in the damage/low health popup. A certain aspect of underwater fog has been disabled for the time being as it was causing some global issues.
  8. Pushwall

    By "used to" I meant how far you could reach by walking on the ocean floor, which is how you got around before we added swimming just now.
  9. Pushwall

    Will push another mini-patch tomorrow morning for a few of the problems that cropped up tonight.
  10. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Taskbar now shows the title as "Red Alert: A Path Beyond" not "Renegade". Replaced a bunch of lower-quality RA music tracks with higher-quality versions. New font rendering. Improved error message for when the game crashes, giving easy access to the crash dump file and instructions on what to do with it. Gap Generators (both mobile and stationary) Fog is now a little more lenient. (2-16m for infantry -> 5-30m, 11-40m for vehicles -> 15-40m) Being under an enemy gap field no longer darkens your screen (the black fog is enough of a hindrance anyway) Infantry Infantry now swim on the surface of water. This is mostly for the sake of looking less silly than the original "iron boots" water, so swimming is still harmful and doesn't let you access much more than you used to be able to. Here's how infantry work when in deep water: Since they're on the surface, they are easier to notice and for naval units to crush. Uncrushable infantry become crushable. They cannot sprint, jump, or use weapons. They are slowed to 65% of their original speed (same as crouching infantry, half as much as sprinting infantry). They can crouch to dive just under the water surface, but this slows their movement speed even further, limits their sight range, and will cause instant death if done for too long. Your screen will turn red if you are running out of time. They can reach and enter LSTs and abandoned boats a fair distance from shore much more easily now; however, naval vessels outside the "landing safety zone" are still inaccessible. (If you don't see the 3 green arrows, you can't get in.) They will not receive any damage for the first 10 seconds of swimming; after that they will receive 2.5 damage per second (was 6.25 starting instantly). So now swimming times are greatly improved; a Rifle Soldier can swim for 30 seconds instead of 8, and a Tanya can swim for 70 instead of 24, but that's assuming nothing shoots them, and the slower movement speed means they can't travel THAT much further than they used to. If they end up deep underwater due to driving a vehicle into deep water and losing it, they will die instantly. This was already the case with subs but now extends to any ground vehicle. They receive an extra +50% damage from Tesla weapons' direct hits, and +100% from their splash damage. Flamethrower Added dispersing flame/smoke visual effect for projectile impacts. Vehicles Water damage for ground vehicles works a little differently than before; if you're only slightly deep enough to start receiving water damage, the damage received is a lot weaker than it used to be, so you aren't too harshly affected if you can back out quickly enough. However, if you go about 1-2 metres deeper than that so your vehicle is fully submerged, the damage received is a lot heavier than it used to be, so fully submerged vehicles are likely done for (as are their drivers). Gunboat Acceleration/deceleration reduced; now takes about 3 seconds to reach maximum speed instead of 1.5, making it a little harder to change direction to dodge Soviet naval weapons. Destroyer Reload time up (3.25 -> 3.5) Damage multiplier to air units down (1.25 -> 1) Range down (160 -> 140m); can no longer outrange tesla coils Max speed up (10.5 -> 11m/s) Acceleration/deceleration reduced; now takes about 6 seconds to reach maximum speed instead of 3. Cruiser Minimum gun tilt raised (0 -> 2.5 degrees up), giving it a bigger close-quarters blind spot. Max speed up (8 -> 9m/s) Acceleration/deceleration reduced; now takes about 6 seconds to reach maximum speed instead of 4. Attack Sub Attack Sub range down (140 -> 130m) Diving screen tint is now much less obnoxious, but it is also coupled with a thicker, blue fog. Missile Sub Max horizontal speed up (11.1 -> 11.5m/s) Max vertical speed up (3.9 -> 4.6m/s) Diving screen tint is now much less obnoxious, but it is also coupled with a thicker, blue fog. Longbow Damage multiplier to naval units down (0.8 -> 0.7) Yak Damage multiplier to helis up (1.5 -> 1.6) Damage multiplier to naval units up (0.7 -> 0.8 vs health, 0.35 -> 0.4 vs armour) MiG Missile mechanics reverted mostly to the original release, where you had to acquire a lock-on to reliably hit, but now the rockets are somewhat more reliable at this as their turn rate is higher than before and their error ratio is lower, so the missiles do not require nearly as much height as before - you can fire at tanks while being only slightly higher than Siege's fortress walls and still hit the tanks instead of the ground. This should make it much easier to maintain a lock on your target - don't forget to use the alternate camera (press F) when "bombing" to give you more vision on your targets. Delay between salvos down (1.5 -> 1 second) Range down (110 -> 100m) Missile velocity down (100 -> 50m/s) Missile no longer has an enlarged hitbox Damage to various targets changed: Vs heavy vehicles (75 -> 80) Vs mammoth vehicles (60 -> 70) Vs aircraft (100 -> 90) Vs boats (70 -> 80) Vs cruisers (110 -> 120) Vs infantry (5 -> 50) (the lack of "proximity" means they will almost never hit infantry anymore anyway) Buildings Upgraded a bunch of older building textures (mainly in the Refinery) courtesy of Kicken. Power Plant Removed the generic big crates on the ground floor and instead added coal piles, shovels and shaftcarts around the furnaces. War Factory New model for main door. Maps Bonsai Added pillbox covering the beach behind the Allied Missile Silo. The little "dip" behind the Allied Refinery can no longer be accessed from water. Guard Duty Added flame tower covering the Airfield river bank. Removed rope ladder on Allied cliff. Added water sounds to river (previously there was just the ONE sound at the bridge). Made the deep parts of the river deeper so that it's more impassable to vehicles. Hostile Waters Tweaked terrain around Missile Silo and Gem Silo so they are easier for naval units to hit. Moved existing Tesla Coil closer to Sub Pen; added second Tesla Coil to cover Missile Silo. Starting credit bonus is now +1400 instead of +700; only a bit of donation will be necessary to get cruisers out of the gate right away. Pipeline Fixed oil silo terrain seam. Seamist Fixed Tesla Tanks getting stuck in War Factory. Stormy Valley Fixed floating well. [thumb]thumb_apb.b.png[/thumb][blurb]More naval combat rebalancings! Also, swimming and less obnoxious gap generators.[/blurb]
  11. Pushwall

    Can you reproduce this on the current public release and get a crashdump there?
  12. Pushwall

    Have you installed any of the games yet? You can't join a server for a game you don't have installed. Check the Games tab.
  13. Pushwall

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Pushwall

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Attachments to https://w3dhub.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2018_11/Screenshot_255.png.13af28af78dbf28bcc9ca28e8af4250f.png
  15. Pushwall

    Haven't seen this happen anymore since the "vehicles randomly tilt backwards onto their butts" bug got fixed; any more info?