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  1. As the OP said though, this would also inhibit its angles of attack. The higher up a defense's weapon is, the easier it is for it to get line of sight on targets that are attacking from a higher or lower elevation. There were some maps that used to have sunken pillboxes to mimic the RA camo pillbox effect, like Seamist and River Raid, and that made them weaker because you could just attack them from a hill and have much more leeway for not getting targeted than you currently do.
  2. If you have "no string" on the HUD where the time/money should be, then you probably have the smaller/larger HUD mod installed or some other sort of custom HUD; delete always3.dat (not 2 or 1 as those are required by the game!) and hud.ini if it's sitting loose, I'll see if I can update that mod to work with the new settings in a few days.
  3. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Added another unit help system built off of Renegade's Encyclopedia system; this can be accessed by pressing F1, or the Unit Help button in the Esc menu. Right now this exists alongside the H system (and shares a lot of text) and I'm not sure if we'll ditch that. Fixed water protecting against falling damage. Fixed flickering on global radar markers (like the ones for bases and A-Bomb flares) when you move while they're outside normal radar range. Fixed sounds playing globally while loading into the game (which typically resulted in super-loud bursts of burning/alarm sounds). Vehicles that enter deep water now have their vision restricted by a thick blue fog/tint, just like diving submarines/infantry. Zoom with scoped weapons now works in 10 consistent steps, instead of being framerate-dependent in a weird way. A bunch of sounds have been imported from the Red Alert v0.09c beta: A sound for the MRJ/TT getting in range of the Radar Dome. This is now used for that purpose, instead of the old "radar down" sound. A sound for the Ore Truck dumping its load. An extended variant of the radar down sound. An extended variant of the submarine surfacing sound. An extended variant of the torpedo sound. An extended variant of the explosion sound for buildings damaged below 50% health. "It is done" voiceovers for basic Allied infantry. "Let's pick 'em clean", "Like candy from a baby" and "Time for a five-fingered discount" for the Thief. Bots Fixed bots still shooting certain parts of large buildings on some maps after the building is destroyed. Fixed bots being unable to use the Airfield elevator. Fixed bots strafing against MCTs, which would often cause them to lose sight of it, hindering their damage output. Fixed the game taking pity on anyone killed by a Grenadier bot and refusing to shame them on the killfeed. Fixed Flamethrower bots still trying to "splash" infantry as though they were using the old flamethrower; they will now go for direct hits. Bots now know how to shoot at silos and refill pads. (Not service depots though, because of an as-yet unresolved issue with limited-arc vehicles.) Bots aim a bit higher than before against most base defenses, except Tesla Coils/Gap Generators where they aim lower, towards the base. Bots now have a chance to drop a bit of banter/salt if they kill or are killed by a human player. Repairman bots now know how to disarm C4. Bots may now be ordered to focus on the AI ore truck with "Attack the Ore Truck"; they will not comply if it's too far away though. Updated what radio commands bots associate with what orders, to comply with APB's radio command layout instead of Renegade's: "Get in formation" is now what you use to tell bots to get in your vehicle, instead of "we need mines". "Move out" is now what you use to tell bots to eject from your vehicle, instead of "beware enemy mines". "Get out of my way" is now what you use to tell bots to stop following you, instead of "move out". "Bolster our defenses" is now what you use to tell bots to defend the base, instead of "attack their defenses". A-Bombs "A-Bomb Purchase Terminal" is now "A-Bomb Requisition Terminal", since you don't actually purchase them. Once you've used your A-Bomb flare, it won't show up on your belt anymore. A-Bomb flares can no longer be placed right next to the Airfield/Missile Silo elevators, as it was possible for them to get the elevators stuck. Infantry All forms of explosive splash damage (except the Artillery/V2) now inflict minor damage to infantry armour; 25% as much as the damage they deal to health. Artillery/V2 already dealt 50% armour damage so they are unaffected by this change. Infantry damage/death animations for damage-over-time effects (fire, electricity, drowning) actually work now. Repairmen Repair Tool is slightly weaker at repairing (16 -> 15 damage). Disarm/capture rate is unaffected. Demolitionists C4 takes 1 second to deploy again (was 0.25). Thief When in range of an enemy refinery/silo terminal, you will now get a chat and audio notification to let you know that you're in place to get to work. Flamethrower Direct damage to infantry increased (25 -> 30 per salvo). Inflicts greater damage to infantry armour (100% -> 150% of health damage). Vehicles Submarines Fixed dying while submerged not properly cleaning up the "vision restrictor", so you won't see black balls of doom around the map afterwards anymore. Tightened arc for Missile Sub's ballistic missiles a little bit; this improves their minimum range by about 10m. Damage for Missile Sub's AA missiles increased (60 -> 70). Helicopters Mouse steering for helis can now be toggled on/off in Options -> Controls -> Look/Mouse; it's now disabled by default. Helicopter husks now explode properly if they are killed right next to the water surface. Planes In a plane, while using the default control scheme, you can look around without changing direction by holding the same freelook key that infantry use (V by default). Make sure the skies ahead of you are clear before doing this, because you'll be stuck flying straight ahead until you go back to the normal camera. Fixed default key binding for landing gear. Planes can no longer be entered during their purchase cinematic (as control of the plane would be reset afterwards). Buildings Helipad Fixed broken helicopter refilling. Radar Dome When destroyed, it plays the Red Alert beta "radar down" sound to the team it belonged to. Maps Hostile Waters Moved SAM site at Soviet Gem Silo one wall-segment closer to the Airfield to make it easier to repair. Fixed texture blending near the Soviet Missile Silo. Pacific Threat / Seamist These maps are now bot-friendly to a degree, and will be introduced to the bot rotation on the server. Volcano Fixed missing base radar markers. [blurb]Happy New Year! This belated present for APB brings improvements to bots, sound effects from the Red Alert beta, a new help system, and bug fixes galore![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.k.png[/thumb]
  4. Increasing render distance won't do you any good; all it will do is reduce the frame rate, because more things get rendered that you won't actually be able to properly see because they'll still be obscured by the fog, which is there to make scouting less trivial.
  5. How many times have you actually joined? The game has a 50/50 chance of placing you on Allies/Soviets on an empty server. I even just joined two games right now and got put on Soviets on the first one and Allies the next. Well, you'd better get used to it, because not always being on the team you "want" to be on is part of the game. Swap requires another player to swap with, and only works in the first few minutes of a round.
  6. Yeah, it's set to default and not rock. Fixed for next release.
  7. If someone actually wants to do the model and the 4 camos and the rigging and everything then sure I guess? This is hardly a priority because the current light tank isn't using a model from 2004 like, say, the Allied boats were.
  8. Out of place yes, difficult no... unless we're fixing everything that makes it out of place, in which case yes, fine-tuning the map to fit Delta balance and visuals would be a huge timesink.
  9. Yeah we have a model, courtesy of Generalcamo, but it's very unfinished (especially the interior) and there really hasn't been much reason to finish it. Could put it on a new map but making new maps takes too long. Guard Duty would be a pretty obvious place to showcase it but the Soviet base there is cramped enough already.
  10. Well aware on both fronts. Someone who's here in the hopes of actually seeing problems get solved doesn't throw all decorum to the wind and make maximum effort to engage in bad faith, find ridiculous ways to link everything to muh big bad badmins, deny all viewpoints that aren't his own, sit on important information that should have been in the OP, and make threats against us. This is hardly the first time for any of these things, and since clearly he has no intention of fixing his attitude problem, he's gone and there's no reason for this thread to still be open.
  11. That conversation actually came about in relation to camo pillboxes, and it got applied to submarines. Which are actually difficult enough to see through water that it manages to be a very slight buff to submarines. It really wouldn't do much for camo pillboxes because the way lighting works in general and the way detail works now means that, in most cases, they will be incredibly easy to spot. The Renalert camo pillbox shown in the OP - the only one of the three CPB images where it's actually hard to see - is placed entirely in shadow (either because the map just has low lighting, or because of terrain nearby that we can't see) to make sure that it doesn't get lit differently from the terrain, and in APB there are only so many places where this approach would be feasible. And back then, you'd have a pillbox surrounded by a wide open field of snow/grass or a cliff covered in the same snow/grass texture, which makes it easy to camouflage with a simple texture change combined with shadow-fuckery. Whereas now, background elements actually exist and texture variations actually exist, which means that wouldn't work. Every single map that could have CPBs would need its own dedicated CPB models appropriately textured to the intended surroundings and with other fluff like piled snow or foliage, and multiple per map at that to account for the different surroundings that each CPB could be located in if a team has more than 1 or we take the RNG approach. It'll be very hard to hide these things well enough for disabling targeting to actually do something. Also I hate how much this acronym looks like CBT
  12. This is just adding more RNG to the game. The success rates of Soviet rushes at the start of the game will become heavily dependent on if the randomly spawning CPB happened to be in the "right" location this time or not. And Allied defense in general will be more RNG based because some CPB spawn positions are just better than others. Every possible place that a CPB can spawn also has to be blocked off from AI movement (both regular bots and ore trucks) because pathfinding zones can't be added or taken away mid-game so every location has to be accounted for, so there is very little room in which they can actually be added without interfering with bots and ore trucks. Debris wouldn't be a concern though, we can script-delete a pillbox without it leaving debris behind.
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