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  1. If the V2 dies in flight (i.e. shot to death before it can collide with something), a hedgehog spawns inside it and it freezes in place. The intent here was that it would cause the game to instantly recognise the rocket as having collided with something, causing it to instantly explode instead of crashlanding (a default feature of being a plane). Something must have changed recently in the crashlanding code that prevents this from working. This is a problem because the player flying the V2 is stuck in limbo until the hedgehog takes damage and disappears - which could happen immediately depending on what's attacking the V2, but it could also not and the player could end up stuck for a long time.
  2. Happens once you get about 30 metres away.
  3. Volkov's AP cannon disappears for about half a second at the end of its first-person reload cycle. Doesn't happen with the AT cannon.
  4. Character models don't instantly lower a raised weapon when sprinting like they used to. Completely harmless, but the visual feedback for entering sprint mode (similar to the effect in first person which DOES still work) was nice to have, and also it just makes sense, who sprints around with their rifle shouldered the whole time?
  5. Custom soviet rifle soldier is called "Attack Dog" in both targeting and the help menu. Custom soviet technician is called "Shock Trooper" in targeting (does not have a help bit).
  6. This can make it hard to determine where his shots are coming from unlike the Allied equivalent. Even just a regular grenade projectile would, so I originally gave him a custom version of the grenade projectile model with a faint fire/smoke trail emitter.
  7. Because he now has a scope. I'm guessing this is a side effect of weapon overhaul, as his weapon was originally copied from the Stinger which had a scope, which had to be disabled to make room for the Drunk's secondary fire.
  8. ...Did we revert to Beta when I wasn't looking or something? There are no point blank dead zones, only ones that are too far away to throw C4 from (like behind distant trees). Even if Chop can pull off whatever voodoo is needed to get rid of the thing that doesn't exist, that doesn't stop the power plant from being spied (which is the only way your story makes any sense aside from it being dead) or in the case of flame towers, doesn't stop Tanya from just waiting until after it fires to hop out of her vehicle (or just let it be destroyed) and safely place a C4 before it fires again. Hence double C4, forcing her to stick around longer.
  9. The more ground Tanya has to cover, the more likely she is to die before using the second C4. Going between buildings means having to cross more potential minefields and angery defenders with starshinas and volkovs. If she pulls off a double then Soviets have to git gud I guess. And like you said, it requires a rush with a group. It's not something that one goober soloing behind enemy lines can do, like her current ability to kill 1 building that all the Tanya complaints centre around. It'd also put a lid on people suicide driving vehicles up to a flame tower/coil, putting one tanya C4 on it and winning.
  10. I actually wanted to do this when I was still working on the game, but there's a huge problem with it. C4 can attach to other C4 (as shown in my avatar). If you throw a C4 on the MCT, and then you throw another one and it attaches to the first one, you just screwed yourself because now the second one can't explode; it'll just vanish harmlessly when the first one explodes. Moving around while throwing a C4 (either to avoid fire or to attempt to ensure that the second doesn't attach to the first) while having not the best of ping is already begging for the game to launch your C4 off in a different direction and miss the MCT, and this would just make matters worse because it feels even more bullshit than missing the MCT. So there needs to be a way to make C4s not collide with each other for this to work. So... just make the C4s do 60% MCT damage instead of 50%? Isn't this a problem with MADs too? I always felt I should upgrade their damage from 34% to 37.5% or something to make it harder to cheese them but it's one of those things I kept forgetting about and it doesn't really solve the core problem of how you have to align the stars to get MADs in position in the first place
  11. Download the W3D Hub Launcher to get your hands on the latest update for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Here are the changes coming with version General Increased font size for player list. Light dazzles blinding you at very specific angles is (hopefully) fixed. Fixed a crash when a person being followed by a spectator dies. Reduced the performance impact of the "opaque" gap bubble (for when you're looking at a GG/MGG that doesn't belong to your team). Bots Added a few more kill/death taunts. Bots no longer have cheaty no-gravity versions of weapons, as they can now compensate for gravity. Tanya bots will now place C4 on building MCTs if they make it inside. Bots now use translated names instead of preset names when referencing units (for example, they will say they purchased a "Light Tank" instead of "Allied_Light") Bots will now respect the vehicle lock system; if you lock your vehicle (!lock or !bl) friendly bots will not steal it. Vehicle bots with limited turret traverse (Heavy Tank, Tesla Tank) turn towards their target more efficiently. Vehicle bots do not shoot targets that they cannot aim at due to limited turret tilt. Defensive bots will no longer buy vehicles and stay stuck in the base forever. Bots shooting MCTs will no longer think they are stuck. Bots with an excess of money now favour the most expensive options available to them. Engineering bots will now attempt to repair auxiliary buildings (such as defenses and silos). Infantry Sneaking now only works when stationary; you will cancel sneaking and appear on radar when crouch-walking or jumping. However, sneaking now takes 1 second to activate instead of 3. Fixed first-person hand animations resetting when switching between third/first-person. A-Bomb Flare Damage radius down (100 -> 75m). Disarm points down (750 -> 500). Demolitions Fixed missing "explosive charge placed" EVA voice. Engineer Shovel now only has 5 "shots". Like most other limited-ammo weapons, you can replenish it with a Supply Truck. Engineer Shovel now clears AP mines within 12m and AT mines within 8m (was 10m for both). C4 now has ever so slightly less hitpoints so Repair Tools will disarm it 1 second faster. Engineer C4 is now worth 100 points when disarmed and Tanya C4 200 points (was 50 for both). Fixed an issue with Golden Wrench idle animation in widescreen. Rifle Soldier M16 and AK-47 have returned to having their old alternate fires (M16 having the "instant" trishot which is more consistent at its job, and the AK-47 having the spray with improved ROF but worse accuracy and no extra DPS on hard targets). Spy Rifle/Technician/Sniper Spies can now be crushed by vehicles. Shock spies are still uncrushable, though they retain their slower rate of movement. Volkov Volkov has been largely reverted to his old self, but with some other experimental stuff. AT cannon primary has the same stats that it had before the big Volkov overhaul (1 shot per 0.75 seconds, 70 damage, 90m range) except that it has the new Volkov's nerf of using the Light Tank warhead, causing it to deal reduced damage to the shields of heavier vehicles. Volktillery still does not exist; the scope from new Volkov remains, and while it is useless for sniping since the AT doesn't have sniping range anymore, its zoom strength has been increased from 3x to 20x making it useful for scouting. AP cannon primary has the same stats that it had before the big Volkov overhaul (1 shot per 1.5 seconds, each shot is a 10-pellet shotgun totalling 50 damage) except that its range is only 40m instead of 60m. The napalm grenade secondary for the AP cannon has returned, based more on the 1.2 iteration (uses 6 ammo per shot, splash damage is roughly equivalent to 1.5 pre-LPO50 flamethrower fireballs). They won't fall through microscopic gaps in building meshes anymore, but they're also easier to track as they have a smoke trail (and the greater presence of interior props means they're still likely to bounce into a spot where most of their damage gets muffled anyway). Volkov's weapons no longer have any accuracy penalty from jumping. Volkov now jogs at 8m/s (one stage faster than tanya, thieves, etc) but cannot sprint. This gives him better mobility during combat or reloading but makes him worse at getting around in danger-free situations. Fixed him being referred to as an RPG Trooper in the quick help popup. Vehicles Vehicles' "crush speed" (how fast they need to be moving to crush infantry) has been globally reduced and standardized based on the units' armour class. All naval units, the Forklift, and all ground vehicles with "mammoth armour" except the APC crush at 2m/s (was 2-4 depending on vehicle), everything else that isn't the Ranger crushes at 5m/s (was 6-9 depending on vehicle), and the Ranger crushes at 10m/s (was 12). All vehicle-mounted homing missiles (Chrono Tank, Destroyer, Longbow, Mammoth Tank tusks, Missile Sub AA, Phase Tank) now have "lockon decay" like the MiG (if you stop aiming at a unit, you'll still lock onto them if you fire within a certain time window) - though for these the window is only 0.05 seconds instead of 1 second. APC Damage to main buildings reduced by 20%. Chrono Tank Price down (2400 -> 2000). Mammoth Tank Fixed targeting range (and by extension, tracking range) of Mammoth Tusks unintentionally being lower than that of the cannons. (The actual projectile range was always fine, but the script update that made primary/secondary fire modes update targeting ranges based on the positions of your different weapons instead of just using primary targeting range for everything broke things, because the Tusk launchers are about 8 metres behind the cannons...) Readded the blinking red antenna lights that were lost in the model update. Ore Truck AI controlled variant's wheels now visually turn when steering. Phase Tank Damage type downgraded from Rocket to Shell. (Same damage type as Light Tank; -10% damage to buildings, -20% damage to heavy vehicle shields, -40% damage to mammoth vehicle shields) Ranger Damage to main buildings reduced by 25%. Damage to auxiliary buildings/defenses reduced by 16%. Resistance to Hind damage reduced (50% -> 25%) making it worse than other light vehicles. Resistance to Tesla damage removed (25% -> 0%) putting it on par with other light vehicles. Maximum speed down (19 -> 18m/s). Tesla Tank Updated help string to point out its radar jamming ability. Anti-infantry splash damage increased (15 -> 20). Health up (200 -> 250). V2 Launcher Fixed model sometimes disappearing when aiming it skyward. Boats Added smokestack and propeller bubble emitters. Destroyer/Cruiser radar dishes are now animated. Destroyer's missile pods are now open. Cruiser range reduced from 240m to 225m (equal to V2/Arty) Depth charges are now launched at a -15 degree angle to the height you're aiming, making them more capable of hitting deeply submerged subs but less capable of being used as "artillery". Subs Halved rotation speed. Longbow Maximum speed down (24.1 -> 22.5m/s). Planes MiG physics reworked to be basically the same as the Yak but with higher speed, since it's probably the physics that are causing the horrendous lag. Both planes have their maximum reverse thrust raised from 5% of the max thrust to 20% to improve runway repositioning. Planes can no longer reverse throttle in midair, making the speed loss from exceeding the flight ceiling or "air braking" slightly less severe. Yak maximum speed down (40 -> 38.5m/s). Yak splash damage increased (22.5 -> 25). MiG maximum speed down (50 -> 47m/s). MiG damage to buildings increased by 25%. MiG damage to heavy vehicles increased (135 -> 150). MiG damage to mammoth vehicles increased (135 -> 165). MiG damage to boats increased (105 -> 120). MiG damage to cruisers increased (135 -> 150). Buildings Improved the texture for the "RA1 interior" brown metal tiles and the chainlink fence. Pillbox Fixed model disappearing when killed sometimes. Gap Generator/Tesla Coil Made projectile collision on the upper parts more generous (you can hit in between the coil's rings and between the gap's fork). Gem Silo Fixed missing thief zone (only affects Wasteland). Radar Dome Added an extra collision mesh coating and ever so slightly hovering over the external ramps and the wall supporting them. HOPEFULLY this will do something about the problem with people getting stuck on those ramps. Added chainlink fence over the basement ramp in the position where bots looooove to fail at pathfinding. Naval Yard Added some extra collision around the MCT stairway, to stop bots from getting stuck trying to leave the building and players from getting stuck on top of the crate on the lower floor. War Factory/Power Plant Made chainlink fences look slightly less awful (basing them on the Naval Yard ones). MapsGuard Duty Made Soviet Barracks hill blockers more aggressive. Hostile Waters Purchased Allied helicopters will no longer attempt to land on the Refill Pad. When a naval factory dies, the opposite team's one will become indestructible before the game ends, ensuring that the winning team actually wins. Keep Off the Grass Removed the Soviet ore shaft <-> Radar Dome underground entrance. Cliff overlooking Soviet Construction Yard is now completely inaccessible to vehicles instead of only being inaccessible on one side. Reduced amount of trees and big rocks in the play area, mostly around the two "direct" routes. Fixed a pathfinding issue that was causing the Soviet OT to waste about 10 seconds per trip staring at the Construction Yard. Changed some of the texture-blend masking rocks out for bushes that don't block vehicle movement. Pipeline Fixed terrain seam in beach near Soviet base. You can no longer climb up the sides of the oil wells. Reduced amount of big rocks, mostly around the pumpjacks. Ridge War Added vehicle blockers behind the Allied AA shack. Removed Allied turrets. Siege Removed the walls that were near both teams' landing pads. Added an extra wall near the Soviet CY to restrict phase tank movement. Added no-flare zones on the rocks at the shore near Soviet CY and on a lightpost that I missed previously. Cannonball props in the castle are now using the same texture as the cannonball projectile. To the Core Replaced the texture-blend masking tree stump near the Soviet Tesla Coil with a bush that doesn't block tank movement. Volcano Added more traversible "ground" to the southeast beach (in the shallow water). Reshaped part of the cliff near the Refinery-Airfield SAM site so infantry (i.e. engineers/tanyas) can't jump up onto it. Under Reduced amount of trees in the play area, mostly around the area between the two ore fields. Zama Reduced amount of trees in the play area, mostly around the Soviet PP/Allied WF routes. [blurb]Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been updated to version on the launcher! Along with some fundamental changes to Sneaking, Volkov and Mine Defusal, there are a myriad of other changes which you can read about right here![/blurb]
  12. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Game Area to Other Changed Attachments to https://w3dhub.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2020_07/image.jpg.69227433b65bd3b9198fa053922b5cfd.jpg
  13. Dghelneshi's made some changes that should hopefully prevent this, I haven't seen it resurface myself but please keep an eye out in the next release.
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