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  1. Basically, stealthed units can be seen at close range when underwater. Mines show less when you get closer. Also, a stealthed enemy vehicle turns the water behind it see-through.
  2. Something to go with the name. Sub-bosses are ok, right?
  3. 75409893 I'll play some co-op
  4. Can I get likes for no reason too
  5. Bots often have trouble getting to the basement of the Radar Dome, and keep running in circles on the upper floor On Complex, bots keep trying to repair the Power Plant after it has been destroyed Bots often get stuck and die when exiting the Radar Dome On Pipeline, Allied bots drive their tanks on the Soviet service depot and get stuck
  6. ...and its APB counterpart
  7. The Rhino's side profile reminds me of Panther
  8. Description Prominent on Complex and Metro, quickly moving the mouse around in vicinity of the light posts causes really obnoxious white flashes on the screen.
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