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  1. Tesla weapons have a slight deviation that sometimes makes me miss the target at a distance. If you ask me, they should be pinpoint accurate.
  2. Also, Soviet Technician is called "Shock Trooper" on the quick menu
  3. No one has voted me for a long time, so I'll do it myself.
  4. RA_LunarParadox Snipers and Volktillery have no purchase quotes Volktillery uses regular infantry death sounds. Should use dedkov1-11 instead?
  5. I'd vote either AZ-Stalker, who helped keep the spirit alive, or Gummiel, for being an active player... can't decide.
  6. You can walk or drive vehicles over the water at the west coast of RA_KeepOffTheGrass
  7. Sometimes, both AI ore trucks start bugging out on Camos Canyon, bouncing and twitching wildly. Eventually, the truck disappears and the game slows down to a crawl, running at one frame per second. The affected team also receives over two billion negative score.
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