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Server Rules and Information

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IRC and Teamspeak

The Server has a bot that sends messages to IRC about how the game is going and you also can see who is in-game.

The channel for this is #W3D Hub-apb on the rencorner irc server (irc.rencorner.com).

If you want, you can join the W3D Hub TeamSpeak3 server at ts.w3dhub.com and talk with your fellow APB players.




These are the server rules for the APB server. If there are any questions please contact a moderator. If you are in-game, try !m to see if there is a moderator online, in-game, or getting highlighted on IRC.


  • Always follow the instructions of moderators
  • English is the main language on this server so please speak English when playing with other people. (if you are just with 2 people then it's fine just as long as you speak English when there are more people of whom you are unsure if they speak English). If you want to speak in a different language to someone please use the PM system. Open a chat window press '/' and start typing the name of the recipient. Press space and then type your message.
  • No cheating
  • No impersonation of any form, be it either clans, players, or both. This includes wearing clantags of a clan you are not part of, or making a tag to make it look like you are part of a clan that you are not part of. Examples an [sG] member wearing the |-TA tag or a -|TA member wearing a [sG]- tag.
  • No Team-hampering
  • No blocking the AI Ore Trucks
  • No unfair bug abuse
  • No Killwhoring or any other kind of whoring (these issues will only result in a ban or kick if it is done on a daily basis and is bad for the community)
  • No abusive language of any sort.
  • No ban or kick evading.

Breaking any of these rules may result in a timed ban, kick(24 hr ban) or a qkick(warning kick, aka quick kick).

The only place to appeal your ban, kick, warning or qkick is on these forums in the complaints section so don't go into discussion in-game or by PM'ing a moderator through back-door politics.


If you are having any problems with a moderator in-game, either contact me or post in the appropriate forum section (Bans & Complaints).

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I feel that this post should be added under the Quick Links section on the main forum page, just to make it easier to see. A few times I've seen people break the rules and then claim that they do not know the rules and weren't able to find them on the forums. True or not, if the post is easily accessible from the main forum page then there is no excuse if they say they've checked the forums.

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