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  1. I moved the topic to the right forum I hope people are able to help you.
  2. something also to recommend and keep an eye on with display if it's a reflective screen my current laptop is reflective and it makes it a lot harder to work with in the sun or my balcony.also another thing that get's done frequently on laptops with an ssd and hdd is that they put a really slow hdd in (5400 RPM ones) so always make sure the hdd is always atleast 7200 RPM.
  3. servers are back online i'm sorry it took so long.
  4. The server is undergoing some needed updates and will be done for these reasons i'll keep this topic updated with news once it's done.
  5. everything is up and running again thanks for the patience
  6. it is taking a bit longer then expected it should be back within 30 min
  7. due to some low disk space issues i'm currently moving some files around for which the servers ave been taken down temporarily. once i have moved all files to another disk the servers will be started again. ETA from the making of this post is about 30 min
  8. the rules have been linked before and are on obvious places on the forums and on the stats page. all rules you broke can be found there case closed
  9. again are you reading my posts i posted all your warnings. (looked them up in the logs but right now your are not really making a good point so unless you have something good t say i'll close this thread and say the appeal is rejected.
  10. I linked them earlier and really you aren't making your case better. if you had questions about that you should have asked them at that point. and your first warning isn't even bad language and is something that maybe should have made you lookup the rules.
  11. can i just ask you what is unclear about the rules: No blocking of the Ore Trucks No abusive language of any sort. these to rules seem very clear to me. And looking at the logs you have broken these maybe you should check the rules when you play a game.
  12. look and thy shall find also most of your warnings are bad language here is the warning list [04:53:29] <Volkov> 14Host: disclaimitory5 has been warned by BR for 'using a disallowed word or phrase'. They now have 5 warnings. [04:13:36] <Volkov> 14Host: disclaimitory5 has been warned by NodGuy@IRC for 'Toxic attitude towards other players'. They now have 4 warnings. [05:18:53] <Volkov> 14Host: disclaimitory5 has been warned by BR for 'using a disallowed word or phrase'. They now have 3 warnings. [05:17:18] <Volkov> 14Host: disclaimitory5 has been warned by BR for 'using a disallowed word or phrase'. They now have 2 warnings. [20:54:18] <Volkov> 14Host: disclaimitory5 has been warned by Pyryle@IRC for 'refilling in combat'. They now have 1 warning. and while looking at the logs in it not like those warnings unfair in any way. so i'm sorry to tell unless you change your language and playstyle you the warnings won't stop increasing. and really avoiding mutes bans kicks or whatever doesn't really work in your favor NINJA EDIT forgot the link
  13. only stealth textures and scopes are checked by the anti-cheat
  14. something was broken with this for a long time so it was dissabled for some time and onc eit was fixed i forgot to enable the automatic uploading. it is now enable again
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