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  1. Thanks! Now to add moderation and whitelist to the to-do list. 🤨
  2. When the BattleView backend is told the by the game server that it is not in Mode 0 or Mode 7 then some manner of authorization will be required to ensure that the connected client is in-game and only feed data for their team and appropriate enemy radar positions.
  3. Thanks @ moonsense715 , I will indeed. 😎
  4. A live overhead view of the battlefield. Featuring real-time overhead map, building health information, and team composition. BattleView will feature multiple modes to limit what information is visible: Mode Description 0 Only show basic map, structure, and team information (map with buildings but no player positions or detailed team roster) 1 Show limited map, complete structure and team information. Requires Server/Brenbot authorization (map only shows positions of teammates) 2 Same as mode 1, but "spotted" enemy positions are also visible on the map. 3 Same as mode 2, only all enemy positions are visible on map. 7 All available game information is displayable WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION needed. Planned Features: Pulse structures that are actively receiving damage. Highlight players on map "Requesting Repairs", "Follow Me" and similar. Enable a Commander to draw out a battle plan (remember that app from several years ago?) Highlight players on map that are speaking in voice chat. Provide easy configuration for server, per map, and mid game changes to limit or expand information shown to players to prevent breaking special game modes. Provide a Battlefield 4 Commander Mode like experience for W3D based games. See a preview of Mode 7 in action at: w3d.cyberarm.dev/battleview/view/apb/release
  5. You're welcome, @ dblaney1 , glad you like it. Let me know if you run in to any bugs or unexpected behavior.
  6. @ FRAYDO The app has been approved and is now available on the play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.cyberarm.renegade_server_list
  7. @ FRAYDO If all goes well the app will be available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.cyberarm.renegade_server_list after Google reviews the app. @ danpaul88 If you can provide me with documentation on the endpoints and what data needs to be sent to un/subscibe, get full statuses, etc. I'll look into making the app a bit smarter. 😀
  8. Thanks @ FRAYDO ! It is not yet released on the Google Play Store. A debug build is available to sideload in the interim.
  9. Thanks @ Einstein ! @ danpaul88 My code's on GitHub if you want to peruse it; Also there is a build of the app if you or anyone want to try it out. I'm currently polling; Using push notifications would require, first knowing how it works and what information it can provide, and secondly a bit of refactor in the app. Seems reasonable
  10. I've built a Renegade Server List Android application that uses W3D Hub's game server list API and wonder if I may release the app using it?
  11. Where can I find the game icons/Logos for IA, BFD, ECW? I'm building a server list app that shows the game icon for specific servers and I haven't been able to find said images.
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