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  1. Some day TSR 2.0 will come. Since 2003 Reborn is on slow motion when it comes to major releases.
  2. Man guys. Is this the full Cold retraction 2 map I see in the first picture? Totally forgot about this map allthough it costed me a lot of time to build it without even releasing it
  3. I dont think this is needed as all Nod vehicles are very small compared to the mk2, but are fast enough to not get stomped by the very slow Mk2 if used correctly
  4. very good. now when can we start Reborn 2.0 battles?
  5. So the Hand of Nod got destroyed by a pistol :D
  6. finally the mk2 walking like he suppost to, good job!
  7. I hope this new laser socket is fully testet, because I see some trouble here. E.g. that you can easily find an angle where the laser turret cant hit you, but you can attack the socket. This was a problem of the base component towers, too, when the whole base was aligned to the turret.
  8. MEMP will encourage teamplay. A good way to integrate it into the game is making the MEMP expensive (like 1600$), but is very effective for the late game support (proper armor, and speed, two EMP blast modes). A small area EMP blast by left clicking (e.g. 20 m radius) with direct impact and short cooldown (e.g. 3 seconds) and a big EMP blast by right clicking (e.g. 100 m radius) with delayed impact (e.g. 5 seconds) and high cool down (e.g. 20 seconds).
  9. keep the old version, this one has bad texturing
  10. I hope it will be a core defender light version. Otherwise it will be too tall and nearly indestructable. I lost like 50 tick tanks and titans in that fire storm final missions. But a core defnder will help to balance Nod in late game.
  11. It wasnt me. It was forg0ten. Nice to see progress. Hopefully we will get a lot 20+ people matches after 2.0 is live. Nice to see my maps back. Im really happy how Tiber, Omega City and Dam turned out regarding playabilty. Perhaps I will have some time to make 1 or 2 new maps after release, alltough I must admit that its not easy to create fun Reborn maps,
  12. Ive always lowered the "spawn box" of the mammoth Mk2 a bit into the ground, so entering this unit wasnt that difficult on my maps (tiber, omegacity and dam)
  13. As there are not very much player online for W3D mods, I think it would be a good solution to have the possiblity to vote for maps after a match is over. Each map has a normal version for a decent full server, but also a small version for max 10 people. Often there are around 6 people on a server on a very huge map. Thats not really fun gameplay allthpugh the map is good. If smaller versions of the maps provide more fun, the people will stay there longer and the amount will increase until the "original" map size versions can be played, like they should get played.
  14. haha imagin 20 years ago, when we were kids and had fun with army men. Suddenly your father says "hey you want some cool tanks for your army? Star Wars? C&C tiberian dawn? You want to design your own little tanks?" I would have been the happiest kid on the world... Lego? Who the fuck needs lego What 3D printer model are you using? Its really good quality. Maybe I will buy one, too^^
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