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Found 48 results

  1. Hey all! First post. Back in January, I played a game during TS:R's event. I was trying to edit a video but it became an impossible slog to edit, so instead I made this playlist. Yeah, I had to split it into 15 minute videos. I refuse to validate my account with my phone number. Here's the first part of the videos, you can find the rest with the link below(or above here.) Also yeah, I'm trying out some new video settings, hoping it turns out not as bad as my War Thunder video's fugly compression. I'll be the first to admit I have issues. I seriously don't like my personality, an
  2. Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce that we’re pushing out patch 1.6 today. We’re sorry for the late notice, but this should hopefully make the event a little better compared to what’s currently in 1.5. Below you’ll find the changes that we’ve made, and should be available on the launcher soon! GENERAL -TSR 2.0 Menu and Intro Movie backported from 2.0 -Rocket warhead effectiveness VS flying vehicles increased to 1 (was 0.8) -"Unit Ready" announcement no longer plays twice Infantry -Veterancy purged from all infantry units, effectively removing it from the game -Th
  3. Hallo,guys. When i was installing latest version of Tiberian Sun Reborn from the launcher, i recieved this weird shit. Tryed to reinstall the launcher,still got that error. Perhaps some files got corrupted somehow,maybe? idk. If anyone knows or have clues on what could be causing this error,and how to fix it pls respond. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Join in for a TSR Game Night this Friday the 5th! This game night is brought to you by our friends from C&C Series! For our Russian-speaking friends, they will be hosting chat on their server. Для русскоязычных игроков общение будет на сервере C&C Series: https://discord.gg/WEyfWzB
  5. The community is organizing a huge reunion to celebrate Renegade's 19th birthday! During the event, we'll be hopping between multiple games inspired by Renegade, along with enjoying some action from the classic itself!
  6. Tiberian Sun: Reborn has been updated with a few extra maps that were missing from the re-launch. All of these maps were originally made by community member @Timeaua. These maps are: Omega City - A large urban map with a city in the centre. GDI and Nod both have forward bases that can be used to repair vehicles and deposit Tiberium. Dam - A large Dam separates the GDI and Nod bases, with routes that coil underneath the hills through tunnel systems. Tiber - Located near the source of Tiberium around the impact site on the Tiber River, the terrain between the GDI and N
  7. Hi everyone, We just wanted to take this opportunity to give a quick update on Reborn as it stands. Reborn Shelved for Now You may have noticed that we've put the news forums and the Discord channel for the game back up. When the whole situation happened a few weeks back, we made the hasty decision of taking these bits and pieces down. This was the wrong move to make on our part, as it raised questions from fans as to whether Reborn had been cancelled. Reborn hasn't been cancelled, but under the current circumstances the game has been delayed indefinitely. The dedicated tea
  8. And you thought we had abandoned TSR... Silly you! We got a present for ya! Changes in this update: Update from a 4+ year old build of scrips 4.3 to the latest version of scripts 4.6. This update adds 4 years of engine improvements in the areas of performance and stability - Thanks @jonwil and the Tiberian Technologies team for the continued work and support, 17 years and counting! Goodbye Disco-Sludge! You've been great fun to look at, but you've melted your last graphics card! Yes thats right! Grand Canyon has been patched to fix the iconic yet n
  9. Made this to practise video editing and effects 🤘
  10. Wait, what? Another one? That's right, Commander! What did we fix now? Shout-out to @Ice, for helping me identify and correct the duplicated Nod Radar dish bug. This has been fixed for a while now in TSR 2.0, but fortunately we were able to apply the fix here as well! Another engine update! When he noticed that I was working on another patch, @jonwil informed me that I should update to the latest scripts version once again because there have been some pretty important fixes regarding some animation bugs, as well as some other fixes and enhancements. Optimizations for
  11. Time for another Reborn 2.0 development update! Taller Cyborgs, new Mech animations, GDI War Factory changes, and Nod Construction Yard updates. Cyborgs Through our efforts in fixing the scaling feature, we can now resolve an issue long overdue for our cybernetic soldiers. Cyborgs now rightfully tower over regular infantry as the imposing monstrosities they are. "Scan initiated!" "Directive?" As stated previously, our fixed scaling has not led to any worldbox collision issues and cyborg infantry getting stuck. You will notice the floating limbs, meaning now our next
  12. Progress report time! In our game servers, throughout our Discord and forums, and even in our internal discussions the question has been asked; "Where do we stand on TSR's next release?" First, we want to be sure everyone knows that whatever work we do affects W3D as a whole, not just individual projects. We don’t want to release something that still resembles the old Renegade era when APB Delta has already shown the leaps and bounds the engine can make. The Tiberian Sun Reborn project has been contributed to by multiple sources over the past decade—as a result, the version of the engine
  13. View File Ottoman Sound Pack A blast from the past, the Ottoman Sound Pack has returned! Created for Tiberian Sun: Reborn, this pack is also compatible with Interim Apex and base Renegade! Just extract the audio files to your chosen games data folder, and hop ingame. Now, the radio commands (issued via Ctrl/Alt + num) will properly capture the panic of battle and the atmosphere of Renegade. It's an absolute blast to play with! Submitter Killing_You Submitted 0
  14. Version 1.0.0


    A blast from the past, the Ottoman Sound Pack has returned! Created for Tiberian Sun: Reborn, this pack is also compatible with Interim Apex and base Renegade! Just extract the audio files to your chosen games data folder, and hop ingame. Now, the radio commands (issued via Ctrl/Alt + num) will properly capture the panic of battle and the atmosphere of Renegade. It's an absolute blast to play with!
  15. TS:R news coming up! More on scaling, new arms, introducing the new Mobile EMP prototype, and discussion of the GDI AAPC. Scaling In the previous update, we were showing you the coding and magic being worked on for scaling infantry. Yah-Nosh has put together a video for fun exhibiting his work in that. "Even as famine ravages the planet, GDI continues to deny that its food shipments are being tampered with." At the end of the day, the work that has gone into scaling now allows us to correct infantry sizes with respect to their build (i.e. Cyborgs are taller than human
  16. Apologies for missing a Thursday. Rest assured that development is making strides. Today I want to give you an idea of what the scripts team has been up to. Development is more than mapping and textures. One must remember the intensive coding that goes into it! Below are some examples. Exhibit A: void Handle_Node_Rotation_Non_Aligned(NodeClass *n, Matrix3D &m1, Matrix3D &m2) { if (!n->Is_Locked()) { Matrix3D tm = n->Get_Transform(); Matrix3D tm2; m2.Get_Orthogonal_Inverse(tm2); Matrix3D tm3; Matrix3D::Multiply(tm2, tm, &
  17. It has been some days without some TS:R news, huh? I would like to thank those of you for noticing and speaking up in our Discord, such as DenWellinston. I appreciate your interest and will now deliver some long-awaited news. This news update may or not be very GDI focused. And why, you may ask? Some would argue that: Of course, we brothers of Nod know this to not be true and that this is only slander. Kill Icons Nearing Completion Since the last update of the kill icons, the team has achieved full completion on the weapon list. The screenshot below shows off a few guns
  18. Reborn news day! And even more, the 4th of July! Redone rifle animations, post-processing tests, and kill icons. To celebrate today in American fashion, we will be modifying our guns to be more deadly than ever before! TSR will now be a Gears of War mod, so expect more intense close-quarters combat! ... GDI Rifle Re-rig Okay so we're not really doing that. However, CMDBob has once again contributed to weapon work and has redone the first-person GDI rifle animations. In his words, "Now it looks like it's being held by a proper human, and not that weird Renegade pose"
  19. Thank you all for your patience. I can promise you will not be disappointed with the new Mammoth Mk. II! Huge thanks to @OWA and co. for the amount of work they have put into this magnificent beast, and for this video showing off the changes. Special thanks also goes out to the Renegade X team for assisting with the animations! Enjoy! [blurb]Thank you all for your patience. I can promise you will not be disappointed with the new Mammoth Mk. II! Come check out the video![/blurb]
  20. Seems we had a bit of a break since the last TSR update. Someone may or may not have went on vacation without notifying the others. Whoops. Anyway, a small update of things happening. This post will have our high-res GDI mechs, a few more kill icons, and what to look forward to in the coming week. High-Res GDI Mechs Our GDI mechs have received the high-res treatment, especially the Mammoth Mk. II. What perhaps may have been an oversight for quite some time, we have changed the colour of its texture to more closely match the other GDI vehicles. More on the Mammoth Mk. II at th
  21. Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser! Texture Improvements TSR 2.0 will not only play nicer, but look nicer! High Command wants you to compare these pairs of images and their texture differences, so please take a look. Tick Tank (Current) vs. Tick Tank (2.0) Attack Cycle (Current) vs. Attack Cycle (2.0) Wolverine (Current) vs. Wolverine (2.0) And this is just a sample of things to come! In the end product, a lot of our weapons and units will be much more better to look at! Some may argue this doesn't do m
  22. Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support! The Mobile EMP As many may have guessed from last week's footage, the Nod strike team was in fact ambushed by GDI's newest weapon: the Mobile EMP. Highly effective in disabling Nod vehicles and Cyborgs, the Mobile EMP will be a valuable asset for GDI forces on the battlefield. As it is unarmed, it will require support from other GDI units so it may play its role in the field. Mind the recharge time of the EMP blast, as once Nod forces have discovered the Mobile EMP in the field, th
  23. <<<Incoming Transmission>>> Concerning news, brothers. We have recently lost contact with one of our strike teams -- their status: unknown. We have only this piece of footage from the field before communications went dark. We do not yet know what to make of this, though soon intel will discover more. Be advised. [blurb]Concerning news, brothers. We have recently lost contact with one of our strike teams -- their status: unknown.[/blurb] <<<Transmission Offline>>>
  24. Good welcome, citizens. This Thursday we are bringing to you a broadcast, a look at our rescaled Juggernaut, and our improved shotgun logic. Thank you for listening. The Juggernaut has been rescaled and its deploy and walking animations are smoother than ever. "Unit ready." Thanks to CMDBob, we now also have improved shotgun logic for our GDI Riot Troopers. You can now reload shells individually and stop when you need, should the enemy not allow you the opportunity to fully reload. Development is currently at full speed, and you can expect much more to c
  25. <<Incoming Transmission>> Source: Today's Execution Priority: Low Scramble Index: None Our forces were recently ambushed by those detestable shiners. Recovering their equipment after our victory, our soldiers noticed something peculiar. Stay alert, brothers. Do not allow your weapons to fall into the hands of those unworthy of Kane. [blurb]Our forces were recently ambushed by those detestable shiners. Recovering their weapons after our victory, our soldiers noticed something peculiar about their weapons.[/blurb] <<<Transmission Offline>&g
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