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  1. Personally, I have been busy with university to attend to my tasks of PR and promotions but I do see regular activity in the Discord. Just because we're not seeing big games lately doesn't mean we will not see them again. It's a phase, and once we hype up APB again on the media across Reddit, Facebook, and elsewhere, we can get the server rolling again. I will say though that it does get stale after a time, but that's why we have the Discord so we can stay in contact with each other while we play different games for a change. Sometimes I'm feeling RTS over FPS but I'll keep an eye on that
  2. I like this answer. The rest of you are fired.
  3. RIght. I believe I am all caught up now, and I hope everyone has a good time in this game.
  4. Well I wasn't expecting this game to start until Sunday. Hi, allow me time to read everything.
  5. Easy! So for your first post in Mafia, type this phrase exact and you will win every time. ##vote Voe This works in all games regardless of theme or style.
  6. You know what, sure. Sign me up! I'll send you my role.
  7. You need to be on the Discord if you have it. Helps us get together when we're online at the same time https://discord.gg/9XywWHh Also add me on Steam, same username or you can search the Friend Code 346564990
  8. I used to put on lofi hip-hop from Youtube. I sometimes still do for other games, but Renegade music is classic so it stays on.
  9. Do you have Steam @Louis
  10. Let's play sometime!
  11. Game Night Approaches! To kick off the first off the month, let's have some APB fun! This weekend, starting September 5th, join in for a Game Night! 7 PM BST. Featuring the latest update, this game night is sure to be a blast! We will be collecting footage from this event to compile a new trailer to show off, so if you want to help produce this or want to simply appear in the trailer, this is the time to play! Get the Game! Make sure to get the W3D Hub Launcher and install the game so that you can play: PrizesPrizes will be awarded to the top 3 players b
  12. That has to be a fire hazard. Looking forward to jumping into the server again with this improved FPS. Maybe even claim a house!
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