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  1. No offense! What I had meant to say was, Jeod has laid out a very helpful table but of course Hououin Kyouma has laid out a much more impressive table. Nya~ ♥
  2. I would also like to know. Jeod has laid out a very helpful table, although I would like confirmations or corrections from the others. I'm open to explanations as to why Misa is without a doc.
  3. But I wanted a pretty intro I too can confirm that Nodlied and I have founded a Future Gadget Lab. My lab assistant and I have also decided on an open-door policy, and as such I shall reveal my AC of 91%. Concerning Team #3, Jeod, ChopBam, and Misa all visited OrangeP47. Seeing as investigating the same person is what made our docs, Jeod and ChopBam were thus able to form Team #4. Judging from your table, Jeod, you appear to have missed Misa as a possibility. Even here, Misa seems to have gone unnoticed. I'm going to believe that ChopBam is currently a member of both teams in question. Team #3 Misa/ChopBam Team #4 Jeod/ChopBam
  4. Before I head to work for the evening I'll debunk Jeod's guess on me i.e. not Itaru Hashida. ##introduction
  5. I'm curious as to why kamuix and mojo would investigate themselves in the first place. In this game of quantum uncertainty, I don't think it was the best move. Even with kamuix coming up as a scum, it's easy to dismiss given our alignments have yet to be set.
  6. I remember hearing about Commando Assault. Checking your ModDB page, I'm glad to see there are updates!
  7. I shall follow up on Irishman's Operation Urd (temporary name, also known as plan A) and reveal that I investigated Chaos_Knight and I currently believe he is Town. Also, you missed out on a golden opportunity TheIrishMan. I mean, come on. TheIrishman as the Alpacaman?
  8. I am very much against punishments for people who RQ. It's a natural thing to do, and I get that. You have to understand that people leave because by that point the game is not fun for them. Punishing them for leaving will only worsen it and ultimately drive them away from the game and our community. So please, no punishments or anything of the sort. Drop that notion now. Thank you. Just a short story: Earlier tonight Einstein and I were playing on River Raid and we were down a War Factory and Ore Silo and surrounded by APCs and UncleGrandma happened to join our team. Was it a losing situation? Yes. Did his K/D get hurt getting mowed down by APCs and Artillery? Yes. BUT! He stuck around and enjoyed the match, and you know what? We actually won that one by points! lol @Einstein Anyway, just wanted to throw some positivity his way.
  9. Welcome GrayaSDF and Kreubs, good to have you! I see you found the Discord too!
  10. WAIT the APC did get a horn? how could I have missed this?! from this point on, you will not ever find me outside of an APC
  11. @Jerad2142 Oh deer, another year older.
  12. [blurb]Coming soon to a RA:APB near you! Introducing the Yakovlev Yak-9P![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb] Red Alert: A Path Beyond Dev. Blog Yakovlev Yak-9P Set to debut on Guard Duty, the Yak will afford the Soviets an incredible alpha-strike in their arty-hunting efforts. The Yak can reach speeds of up to 45m/s (the next fastest unit being the Longbow at a mere 24m/s) and expend its magazine in a minimum of 1.33 seconds. The Yak boasts infinite ammo but with a long reload time, although that shouldn't matter much as once you've expended your magazine you're turning around for your next attack. It's splash damage ignites infantry, better allowing your comrades to finish the task should your target remain alive. While mostly effective against infantry and light vehicles, the Yak can still find opportunities in armour-broken heavy vehicles that are on the retreat. As in Red Alert, the Yak will cost 800. With a health of 350 and lack of armour, be advised that your attack runs will leave you vulnerable to return fire. Choose your battles wisely and you can stay airborne for long periods and dish out more punishment than a Hind can. Unlike the Hind however, in the event you are shot down your infantry will also die in the crash. Airfield It goes without saying that the Airfield will also be included as a new structure. Purchased Yaks will fly onto the strip waiting for takeoff, and here you repair and can sell your Yak. It should be noted that the Airfield is technically a "Helipad" in the code, making it unlikely to see both buildings on the same map. Nonetheless, we can discuss how to fit the Airfield and Yak into high-tech maps and implementing them in the future.[thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb]