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    Mind you, Chop, you previously had a Null read as well.

    If I flip miller this has been an elaborate Scum play. Bravo.

    I’ll go with Shade and Irish, my top Town reads aside from Category. ##vote Category 5 Hurricane

    iLTS and ChopBam are looking like partners. Mojoman completes the scum team, but I’m not buying into his “safe lynch”. ##vote iLikeToSnipe

    Here are my current reads/thoughts, if this encourages discussion. Category5 Town. While offering a plan just as unorthodox as Irish's, it has generally been more agreed upon. Following his strategy to get ahead of Mafia in this janitorial setup seems to be going well in my opinion. Shade939 Town. At first I wanted to read Scum, as these plans are not allowing him to effectively choose the next NK. However his genuine frustration at said plans, whether because he views them as a hindrance to our scumhunting efforts or not fully grasping the strategy, tell me otherwise. I'm leaning also toward reluctance, as Shade appears to want straightforward scumhunting, and I can't be against that. Town. iLTS Leaning scum. As Nodlied said in response to my scum predictions, it only makes sense if iLTS was feeling threatened. Mojo's claim that iLTS could be the Miller puts an investigation into him in question. Is Mojo protecting iLTS? Or perhaps hoping for an incorrect investigation that shows iLTS as mafia and easily gets lynched D3? Currently viewing me as suspicious, as he did yesterday. I'll respect his vote on me and not vote him back out of spite, but he's starting a train on the wrong guy. I would want to hear his #2 and #3 suspects than tunnel-vision on me. Not necessarily ignoring iLTS' concerns towards me, only that my read on Nodlied kind of drops the whole argument. His pushing on me despite that fact is somewhat suspicious still. Nodlied Town. I had wanted to nail him as Scum as well, but the report is Town. Unless the Lawyer got involved here, he's clear. Inferno Null. Would need to see more. Mojoman Leaning toward Scum. Define "safe lynch" for me. Also In his words, "I'm a safe lynch for town, so if you want to lynch me today and then refocus your strategy on iLTS day 3, that works for me. Though personally, I believe iLTS is the miller. " If we're lynching you today, why should we follow through with your suggestion and refocus on iLTS the next day? And the added belief that iLTS looks me to like trying to persuade me not to investigate iLTS. ChopBam Null. Would need to see more. I understand his issue with tunnel-vision now, being on the receiving end. TheIrishman Leaning Town. Despite our disapproval of the plan, it was still a plan proposed to help our efforts. I'm still of the belief as well that he as Scum wouldn't be so bold as to fish for a mass claim. iLTS' words come to mind as I say that, but I'm sticking with my read on Irish.

    Where is this discussion? Orange must be annoyed at us, I'm sure. We're nearing hammer and we have little discussion aside from our cop claims. Is it bad timing for everyone? Scum flying under the radar? No confidence in putting forth information and possible lynches for today?

    You must be the Janitor, no longer of use having used your shot. iLTS is Vanilla Mafia, and your third Lawyer will see that he shows up Innocent on the N2 report.

    And here I was thinking I saw a hint of concern from iLTS when you were being voted up yesterday, Mojo. With you volunteering yourself as the "safe lynch", I'm now considering iLTS is your power role scummate.

    So Nodlied is Town.
  10. FRAYDO

    Well, we're on our way to Mojoman's prophecy.
  11. FRAYDO

    ##vote NoLynch
  12. FRAYDO

    Ex- -cellent.
  13. FRAYDO

    I know @Nodlied is especially eager to learn.
  14. FRAYDO

    Thanks triattack!
  15. I wholly appreciate you streaming, thank you for sharing! I'll have to tune into your next stream and jump in-game with you!