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  1. Impromptu game night requested by our newest tester @ greyson!
  2. Presents have gone out! If you were on the Nice list then, hopefully you received something good! Naughty, you get what you deserve. Krampus list people, it was nice knowing you. Everyone else in the thread who missed out, too bad. Until next Christmas!
  3. I don't know how I feel about you doing Santa's job for him sneaking into people's houses. Refrain from doing so and you will keep your place on the Nice list. Based. Wrong. We can absolutely can include Krampus this year. His list would look pretty empty though, so thank you for volunteering your name! Wrong again. Die Hard is a Harry Potter movie. Alan Rickman is terrorizing the main character and they must hide from them. Die Hard is a Harry Potter movie. Krampus may not appreciate being hunted. Good luck kicking his ass! This is going to be a half-nice, half-naughty placement. While it is a good deed getting your friends gifts for them, you must still believe in Santa even if you do not see him!
  4. This is acceptable. May Santa Claus bring you a new train set! I will also accept this. Santa Nicholas is a pretty cool dude! This appears to be an ominous threat, and the rolling strongman in tighty-whities gives him anxiety. A GOOD MAN YOU ARE. Santa Claus will also offer a plug for the upcoming web series, Dead Legion, starring this good man. LIES. SANTA IS REAL AND SO IS YOUR PLACE ON THE NAUGHTY LIST. ALL ONE THOUSAND OF YOU. I cannot tell if this is in response to 1000MammothTanks or if I am being called Fake News -- or worse, Santa is being called Fake News! Naughty list (tentative)
  5. Bringing back an oldie but a goodie. This all started when @ jonwil chose to not believe in Santa citing something about "the laws of physics" or something. We all know Santa can deliver presents to every house because he has magic! Fairly certain his opinion has remained unchanged since. However, everyone else gets a clean slate from the previous list. Post here and see if you're receiving Christmas presents from Santa this year or if you're getting a lump of coal.
  6. Plot twist: Lukas killed us all, including Mojo, so the story ends here.
  7. Count me in! I just need a bit of time to work on my role request(s).
  8. Join us December 4th for an APB Game Night! 8 PM GMT @ Official APB Server! Don't miss it!
  9. I very much like your story-telling abilities here, and the story is coming along well! It is a very good read. Option 1 seems to be our best bet. Option 2 is not likely to offer us much intel that we probably could not gather ourselves, while Option 3 does not give us much benefit either at this time. Lukas may need our help, he may not. He is the head of the farmer coalition after all, so our assistance may not be needed in dispatching the two men following him, if they do in fact turn out to be a threat to him.
  10. Hey you were the guys who chose to land there! If it was my decision, we would be chilling in the Tiberium field and making friends with the Visceroids instead.
  11. I'm going Choice 1 with intent to eavesdrop only. I would like to avoid unnecessary contact, and although there is no explicit Nod presence we may be risking conversing with a Nod sympathizer.
  12. A pleasant read to start off my Sunday.
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