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  1. Excellent. We're going to need such a device for our full-frontal attack on the Pentagon.
  2. Portable Obelisk y/n ???

    Which devs did you speak to? And which changes in particular are you not satisfied with?
  4. What a terrible idea! This will never see the light of day and it's ridiculous to even be suggested.
  5. I was interested in seeing what we could do to bridge yours and our communities together. It may be difficult with the language barrier, though I am open to suggestions as to how we could achieve this. I was also interested if you had suggestions or ideas in unifying other communities as well.
  6. I believe we need to look again at the purpose of this thread and the main argument. Forget the Grille, we need to address the community as a whole.
  7. This is the only post that matters.
  8. Backing this 100%. I'm also going to add that project community and community management should be best left to the respective staff. Devs handle the project and push out updates and patches, and the PR team should worry about the community and how to attract new members and retain them.
  9. +1 However, it's not my place to say or drive game direction. I'm here to help to the best of my ability in the field of public relations, and I leave the development to the team. At best, I can put in my input from testing, but ultimately they have final say on what's going on.
  10. The Renegade community discussion is what we should be focusing on. The meeting date may be changed still, so we'll see if we can bring that up.
  11. I feel I should add as well, everyone is free to express their opinion without repercussions.
  12. I'm actually going to agree with the community aspect. We really should seek collaboration with the other communities and encourage some sense of solidarity again. The C&C Renegade community as a whole needs this.
  13. As we roll into 2019, W3D Hub is proud to unveil another mod in the works! Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is an upcoming first/third person tactical shooter, based on the original Command & Conquer. Taking the lead on this project is Killing_You, with ICE as co-producer. The Ground Zero team will be taking a more methodical and tactical approach to combat, as opposed to what is normally seen in W3D games. A balanced force will be required to control the battlefield. Vehicles will not play as prominent a role as before, but a Mammoth Tank or two certainly doesn't hurt! "GDI Mammoth Tank approaching the enemy base." Infantry is split into classes: General (Minigunners, able to take on any target, but not as efficient as other classes), Anti-Tank (Rocket Soldiers, designed to kill vehicles and defenses), Demolition (Grenadier/Flamethrower, good vs infantry and structures), Engineers (area securing unit, will be able to place/clear mines, sandbags, and hedgehogs), Support (Medic/Chem Warrior, will be able to heal allied infantry and hurt enemy infantry), and Commandos (self explanatory, effective vs infantry and MCTs). More details regarding classes will follow in a later blog. "GDI Commando overlooking the battlefield." "But how do we know that this one will actually come out, and not get canceled?" Excellent question! Unlike some other projects we've had previously, this one is designed to be less ambitious, and relatively easy to develop. In fact, the testers will be able to touch it at the same time that you read this! And we're always taking testing applications! Contact our Testing Directors for more info or head here. "Nod Flame Tank on the prowl." Thank you to everyone that has helped get us to this point! Be on the lookout for more to come! "GDI Harvester gathering Tiberium." [blurb]As we roll into 2019, W3D Hub is proud to unveil another mod in the works! Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is an upcoming first/third person tactical shooter, based on the original Command and Conquer![/blurb]
  14. FRAYDO

    Right! Competition is over and we will be reviewing the entrants! Thank you for participating and good luck on being selected as a winner!
  15. FRAYDO

    Sorry! The list is finalized and Santa is making his rounds tonight! Merry Christmas!