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  1. I so wanted to counter-claim Category as his abilities were just too similar to mine. However, in this game of wits and putting myself up against Category, somehow someway that was going to backfire on me.
  2. Let's get today's plan set then, shall we? CVC: Killing You voted VERTi60 OrangeP47 voted Nobody Jeod voted Nobody (Mistake in opening CVC? I copied over from that one and Jeod was still on it) Shade939 voted VERTi60 Nodlied voted VERTi60 Category 5 Hurricane voted FRAYDO ChopBam voted Nobody FRAYDO voted Category 5 Hurricane Verti60 voted Killing You VERTi60 - 3 FRAYDO - 1 Category 5 Hurricane - 1 Killing You - 1 Ideally, Category5 should be #1. We still have time to deliberate on #2, unless we're all happy with the current votes on Vert.
  3. also don’t mafia and drive, no offense. i do respect the effort of input @VERTi60
  4. lunch break. on mobile so lol forget quoting i’m against myself being #2 if the lynch skips TP/neutrals, although i’m okay keeping Category #1. I’m completely fine with either alignment so long as we clear him of Mafia. #2 should be between Vert and Nodlied KY shouldn’t be on the chopping block. I’m confident he’s honest based on how forthcoming he has been today, and we can’t argue the night results
  5. same tbh Jeod was right It would seem both Shade and Cat5 share the same suspicion. It is a possibility. Maybe his personal objective, not necessarily his game objective. Just a stray thought. I'm to assume his real objective is simply surviving to the end, and whatever he got from ChopBam may have made that all too easy for him. I can't be sure about that second part though, since both of them remain quiet on what advantage KY may now possess. Says small scum team, yet combos #4 and #2 (which, what? I think you mean #4 = 3 and the second #2 = 4??) show three scum players. I can assure you I am Town. If we were to narrow down our scum suspects to Category and Nodlied, I'm leaning more toward Nodlied and would place him at #2 for Oranges ability.
  6. @Category 5 Hurricane r u scum? ##vote Category 5 Hurricane
  7. I think I'm okay with that. I would be fine writing him off as TP if he lives through Orange's ability. I'm unsure currently of who should be #2.
  8. I was thinking the same, KY. If your claimed alignment is to be believed, and Category did in fact influence the accuracy of Orange's check, then he's not scum at best. Are we able to use Orange's ability again. If yes, I want to place Category as #1. If we're willing, this potentially clears Category or confirms my suspicions of his being a hostile. @OrangeP47?
  9. So, KY. If you're revealing yourself as neutral, and you believe Orange is sane, then there may be merit to his non-town claim on Category despite Category's allegation that his action that night may have altered the result.
  10. https://youtu.be/NGX98NFwrLA?t=7815 Category was totally responsible too
  11. You're telling me. I'm watching it on my second monitor. It's actually kind of nice as background noise, and that wipeout by Reynolds!
  12. By the gods, I have no idea what happened to me last night. I attempted to visit Orange and offer him the same benefit that failed on Category, only I never reached him! So ChopBam saw something happen to me, Verti60 claims to have visited me and "NOTHING", and Killing You's roleblock is currently unknown. Reasoning with Verti60's night report, I'm inclined to believe it was KY who blocked me if he would so kindly confirm this.
  13. Which way is your vote going, Category?