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  1. Game Night Approaches! To kick off the first off the month, let's have some APB fun! This weekend, starting September 5th, join in for a Game Night! 7 PM BST. Featuring the latest update, this game night is sure to be a blast! We will be collecting footage from this event to compile a new trailer to show off, so if you want to help produce this or want to simply appear in the trailer, this is the time to play! Get the Game! Make sure to get the W3D Hub Launcher and install the game so that you can play: PrizesPrizes will be awarded to the top 3 players based on the event scoreboard. No MVP prizes this time around, although expect to see this come back another time! 1st Place - $20 Steam Gift Card 2nd Place - $10 Steam Gift Card 3rd Place - $5 Steam Gift Card So prepare yourselves for this weekend! Get your friends in, spread the word on the media, and do not forget to update to the latest version of APB! Do so on your launcher now! Stop reading this! Go! See you there! Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments. Otherwise, ready up! and keep the Reds from breaking through! [blurb]To kick off the first off the month, let's have some APB fun! This weekend, starting September 5th, join in for a Game Night! 7 PM BST.[/blurb]
  2. That has to be a fire hazard. Looking forward to jumping into the server again with this improved FPS. Maybe even claim a house!
  3. I thought about this long, and at the risk of invoking newfound RNG wrath, I cannot recall being completely screwed over by RNG. Thank you RNGesus!
  4. I for one am beyond glad that ore-field entrance has been axed. Even when you see it coming, it is no fun as a Soviet player to stand guard there only to be gunned down by the superior Tanya. I saw a gameplay video with KOTG and that exact scenario played out. Swirly rightfully anticipated the Tanya/Spy sneak because that's what Silverlight/PXD2000 (or literally any duo of Allied players who know to cheese that route) always do without fail, and it's a guaranteed success. Even in the narrow corridor that it plays out in, no Flamer or Grenadier is a good enough deterrent. Yes, there is a rewarding thrill to pulling off a covert op. Cheesing that route was ridiculous, and this cheese happens without fail and there is absolutely no fun in standing guard against that. I can't wait to see how KOTG plays out now with this change.
  5. Our own theorycrafting would have done us in had this game continued!
  6. Interesting, so checking Cat5 for items would have been fruitless at every time. I can see now why he was confident for that check.
  7. @iLikeToSnipe are you sure you're not scum?
  8. I want mafia doc. I want to see how this coordination was shaping up to be until N1 happened
  9. Or any items? What was Scatter after all?
  10. To think the bomb really worked out for us, plus that lucky RNG coin flip to decide the vote.
  11. Well I am glad this is finally settled. This tinfoil was getting tight around my head
  12. so iLTS lived? haha no mislynch after all it was a prank bro @iLikeToSnipe
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