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  1. If one were to ditch the dial-up modem sounds, what would you suggest be used in place of that sound for a more modern feel?
  2. Oh dear Killing_You. You have yet to even see smug.
  3. Honestly, people. What did you expect?
  4. I'll be sure to make the bed on my way out for when they jail you after me.
  5. Even if it were, you would have given away that item too
  6. Which one are you?
  7. [blurb]We have opened the Dev Updates section for Imperial Age! Come see a preview of the coming update![/blurb] Some time ago, it was announced that the Imperial Age team joined us here at W3D Hub. Up until now, we never had a proper place to post news and updates of the mod, which is why I am happy to announce we have opened the Dev Updates section for Imperial Age! If you are unfamiliar, Imperial Age is a Renegade mod that aims to deliver dynamic gameplay with many new units, vehicles, and weapons. Even before joining, the IA team has been working diligently in producing new content constantly. Expect to see unit highlights, dev blogs, and more here! In the meantime, here is a short preview of what's to come for the next update.
  8. Are you going to tell me you didn't drop to Innocent when you had rid yourself of your respawning grenade? Or have you been Suspicious since Day 1?
  9. Other than my status for today reading as Innocent, and the fact that I always have been any other day save for the investigation that uncovered evidence on me that I was unaware of and subsequently got me locked up, I suppose I can't say much to prove my innocence. My defense, if it would please the court, is that I have taken no hostile actions ever. Only since World Tension hit 40% was my target switch ability made available to use. Before then I had no actions to take other than ##Pass and until recently acquiring the Spyglass I had no other items in my possession. As the investigation appears to be coming my way, you will know this to be true. As a result of my target switch on Category5, I also have the other known piece of evidence as I have mentioned earlier. I know this as I have a new section in my role PM that reads "Carries evidence: Yes" (that should answer also Retaliation's earlier question regarding that aspect). Of course, I likely have not swayed you to understand that I am truly Innocent. Regardless, you have my statement.
  10. I like that Orange, despite being found hostile and outright jailed, still has a 5% chance of being Town. Like maybe you jailed the wrong person.
  11. .
  12. *stopped FRAYDO from using the Spyglass on me
  13. Seems he has the Typewriter in the same way that you don't understand how he had the Grenade.
  14. What's left of him, anyway, with the way you go around bashing people on the head.