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  1. until
    Celebrating Red Alert all around! Join us this Saturday for an APB Game Night to include the wider C&C community! See you on the battlefield!
  2. until
    Reborn Game Night coming to you this weekend! Brought to you by Foxvic and co., stop by for some rounds and fun! 10:00 AM CST / 4:00 PM GMT / 7:00 MSK
  3. Although Halloween instead falls on a Monday this year, let's get spooky this weekend while playing some APB! Community event hosted by Foxvic and friends! Game Event starts 29th Saturday - 4 PM GMT/11 AM CST
  4. The sands of Arrakis call for you, warriors! Wage war unlike any other and lay claim to the precious spice that the Great Houses of the Imperium covet! Releasing August 31st, 2022, W3D Hub's Battle for Dune: War of Assassins will allow you to experience this war as a soldier of the noble House Atreides or the nefarious House Harkonnen! Which side are you on? All-New Infantry Combat Battle for Dune: War of Assassins, or BFD, is proud to introduce a new variety of infantry combat never before seen on the W3D engine! Featuring fluid, seamless movement across the landscape, the ability to aim down your sights to increase your accuracy, adjustable fire modes across several weapons, and the usage of consumables to support yourself and your teammates, BFD will see you engaged in fast-moving, tactical gameplay! Unique Landscape Battle For Dune immerses you in the rich, desert environment exclusive to the planet of Arrakis! Built upon the knowledge of the sci-fi background of the Dune series and tailored to ensure exciting combat without disruptions, BFD and its maps will open your melange-induced eyes to new possibilities in the W3D engine! Unique Faction Buildings As the Great Houses of Atreides and Harkonnen establish their presence on Arrakis, marvel in the unique aesthetic and architecture of the respective factions' buildings. Look to the Atreides hawk that sits atop its Barracks, producing soldiers who aim to fulfill the wishes of the Duke, or to the ram atop of the Harkonnen Barracks, releasing vile soldiers who seek to further the will of the Baron! True-to-reference Windtraps not only power the bases but serve a function exclusive to Battle For Dune. While the Windtraps are operational, they will govern and provide building shields to enhance base survivability! If base destruction is your goal, these must go first! Income-producing Spice Silos are also present to provide a steady economy for their respective bases. Without the Windtraps providing the Silo its shields, these are very fragile and must be protected! Will you answer the call? Arrakis awaits! Download the game on the W3D Hub Launcher this August 31st!
  5. Hey! Quick heads-up from up top! W3D Hub is requesting donations to pay toward our servers and infrastructure. If you are able to do so, please send donations to the website PayPal: donations@w3dhub.com Any amount is appreciated! Thank you.
  6. Coming up this Saturday! Join us for an APB Game Night featuring special guest, Foxvic! Fun games, streams, and great moments await!
  7. TSR Game Night 7 PM GMT Voice Chat @ Discord Open cover photo for full details!
  8. APB Game Night June 18 7:00 PM GMT Voice Chat @ Discord
  9. Tiberian Sun: Reborn Mafia II and the legendary shitpost. One of my favorite mafia memories, up there with Nodlied's The July Crisis Mafia when I played as Kane.
  10. Actually, I had a thought! Who has dibs on the next Mafia game? We can plan for some content such as advertisements across our Discord and media if we can put together some appealing images to entice new players. And for your sequel Dune game @ Killing_You , I would like to borrow your voice acting talent! Perhaps we can make a cinematic Mafia advertisement of your game! Reading off your plot like an epic storyline, as well as detailing the basics of Mafia and how to play, etc. Something akin to a game trailer but for Mafia, or even something like Verti's old videos. Thoughts?
  11. When does Shia Hulud make their appearance?
  12. Is this the part where we implode and start changing our votes or is this game still going on?
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