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  1. Reborn news day! And even more, the 4th of July! Redone rifle animations, post-processing tests, and kill icons. To celebrate today in American fashion, we will be modifying our guns to be more deadly than ever before! TSR will now be a Gears of War mod, so expect more intense close-quarters combat! ... GDI Rifle Re-rig Okay so we're not really doing that. However, CMDBob has once again contributed to weapon work and has redone the first-person GDI rifle animations. In his words, "Now it looks like it's being held by a proper human, and not that weird Renegade pose". Post-processing Tests Dghelneshi has been working on a post-processing setup for W3D. While not officially in the game yet, he hopes to have it in a reasonable state soon. "So far I have two kinds of effects running: tone mapping and color grading. The former is meant to help extend the dynamic range of the image, though with how lighting currently works in the engine it mostly just looks like a contrast enhancer. Color grading is a tool for artists to fine tune the mood of a level by adjusting the colors of the image. I also plan to make it possible to adjust this dynamically based on either gameplay events (e.g. Ion Storm) or zones (e.g. Barracks indoors gets different color grading than outdoors)." (without PostFX) (with PostFX) (without PostFX) (with PostFX) This is all running ingame, no Photoshop. With the completion of this setup, we can provide a more immersive experience into the world of Tiberian Sun. It can be as vibrant or as dreary as need be to fully capture the atmosphere of this bleak future. Kill Icons Borrowing a feature from APB, Reborn 2.0 will feature kill icons. ChopBam and OWA will be collaborating on this and are making steady progress. (Some icons may be subject to change for better visibility.) The feature has already made it ingame and we'll be going down the list of icons to complete it. Thank you for tuning in again for TSR news. More news to come as we continue on the road to release. Until next Thursday! Happy Treason Day! [blurb]Reborn news day! And even more, the 4th of July! Redone rifle animations, post-processing tests, and kill icons.[/blurb]
  2. Welcome to our community. It's an honor to have a Renegade Beta-tester, being our entire community is based around its engine!
  3. Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser! Texture Improvements TSR 2.0 will not only play nicer, but look nicer! High Command wants you to compare these pairs of images and their texture differences, so please take a look. Tick Tank (Current) vs. Tick Tank (2.0) Attack Cycle (Current) vs. Attack Cycle (2.0) Wolverine (Current) vs. Wolverine (2.0) And this is just a sample of things to come! In the end product, a lot of our weapons and units will be much more better to look at! Some may argue this doesn't do much overall, though subtle improvements such as these make all the difference in giving you the best Tiberian Sun: Reborn yet. New Nod Laser Tired of having to replace the lasers and repair the base after each GDI attack, a lone Nod Engineer was drawing up a concept for improvements to better fend off the enemy. Below is what he came up with: The engineer has not been heard from since. Sources indicate he was killed in the same tunnel collapse that took Oxanna's life. Rest in peace. However, his input did bring to light the need for improvement. The old laser had a couple of issues that have been overlooked for quite some time. Namely, its hitbox was the size of an infantry unit making it difficult for GDI units to assault it. Combine that with the fact that GDI weapons are prone to jiggle and it becomes that much harder to hit. Another issue was the fact that GDI units can repair their Component Towers safely behind cover, whereas Nod units must expose themselves to enemy fire to get to their Laser defenses. Thus! A new design has been rolled out to Nod bases worldwide. While GDI units will be able to more easily hit the Laser, Nod units should now be able to repair their base defenses in relative safety, thereby prolonging the Turret's life during assaults. Units on repair duty should be mindful of the splash damage though! Thank you for checking in again. More TSR news to come! Tune in next Thursday! [blurb]Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser![/blurb]
  4. Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support! The Mobile EMP As many may have guessed from last week's footage, the Nod strike team was in fact ambushed by GDI's newest weapon: the Mobile EMP. Highly effective in disabling Nod vehicles and Cyborgs, the Mobile EMP will be a valuable asset for GDI forces on the battlefield. As it is unarmed, it will require support from other GDI units so it may play its role in the field. Mind the recharge time of the EMP blast, as once Nod forces have discovered the Mobile EMP in the field, they will waste no time in seeking out and destroying it. Mobile EMP in-game It should be noted that while ingame, the Mobile EMP is not yet final as we dabble around in emitters and textures. Otherwise, our testers have made effective use of the tank and we are drawing positive feedback of its inclusion and capabilities. We hope you will enjoy using this unit as much as our testers have. Weapon Updates: Part One Through cunning ingenuity, we have modified some models to experiment with pistol variants! Currently only the engineers and technicians have pistols, though the concept on the table is expanding this and providing sidearms to various other characters. As Nod will have three pistol variants, so will GDI. However, it is still a concept and may not see final release. As part of our updating process, the Burazu-zu Plasma Rifle wielded by the Nod Confessor has been cleaned up and given more style. The Brotherhood's finest warriors deserve the best equipment, after all! More weapon updates to come! Bot Support While I posted around TS:R news on ModDB and elsewhere, the question of bot support came up a couple of times. In response to that, please take a look at this image. Advanced bot support will be included in TS:R 2.0 in both offensive and defensive capability! While this image features only repair bots at work, notice the various characters responding in chat. I will provide more visuals of bot support and bots in action in a later update. That about wraps it up for this Thursday! The Reborn team thanks you for your continued patience and promise you will not be disappointed by the release! For pressing questions or inquiries, please post here and we will be happy to answer. [blurb]Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support![/blurb]
  5. okay but seriously, that new logo is top quality -- absolutely amazing!
  6. In the current version, no. The upcoming version will be playable with bots! Please take a look at this image.
  7. [blurb]It's that time of year again! June is End Boss Month![/blurb]
  8. Good welcome, citizens. This Thursday we are bringing to you a broadcast, a look at our rescaled Juggernaut, and our improved shotgun logic. Thank you for listening. The Juggernaut has been rescaled and its deploy and walking animations are smoother than ever. "Unit ready." Thanks to CMDBob, we now also have improved shotgun logic for our GDI Riot Troopers. You can now reload shells individually and stop when you need, should the enemy not allow you the opportunity to fully reload. Development is currently at full speed, and you can expect much more to come in the following days! It could be anything; a map preview, testing footage, a simple screenshot, or another Oxanna report! Check back again Thursday for the next TS:R news update! [blurb]Good welcome, citizens. This Thursday we are bringing to you a broadcast, a look at our rescaled Juggernaut, and our improved shotgun logic.[/blurb]
  9. I'll give you a moment to reflect on that statement. Kane would be most displeased if you sympathise with GDI.
  10. A trash vote is still a vote. Not agreeing with the wagons and not casting a vote seems reasonable to me. You’re hoping the vote comes off of your scum buddy and onto me.
  11. You just sound like a scum who doesn’t want to be outed by your D2 vote.
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