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  1. This thread is for sharing your best footage, memes, and screenshots from this Game Night. I see some players have used the Screenshots thread for it, and I thank them for that. Feel free to share anything you would like. I may look to compile these into a Game Night Highlights video!
  2. Thank you all for an amazing Game Night event. To determine our MVP prizes, we will be using player votes for this. Cast your vote here and we will tally up at the end of the day (10 PM CST/3 AM UTC).
  3. I'm not sure what more the Spy can be made to do. He shuts off power in the Power Plant, establishes a team-wide relay in the Radar Dome, sabotages the ore dump in the Refinery, reveals enemy vehicle locations in the War Factory, does the same for Barracks(?), and disables repairs in the Construction Yard. The only idea that comes to mind is changing the Spy's effect on the Barracks/War Factory and jacking up the prices for the Soviets. A successful infiltration and the Soviets are forced to buy things at 25% markup for the next 30 seconds or instead wait it out and let the prices return to normal while they hunt down the Spy. Other than that, the Spy does a phenomenal job at creating opportunities for his team and causing confusion and stress for the enemy.
  4. Hello-hello! @Nodlied and I are pleased to announce a special event. One with a prize so good you cannot miss out! So! Let's go to it! Hi everyone! I'm sure that everybody has been playing the recently released Remasters. Well, so have we! So what better way to celebrate the release than to hold a mapping competition? We want your maps, and we want them to represent W3D! So what does this mapping competition entail? The Command and Conquer Remastered Collection comes with its own mapping editors for Tiberian Dawn Remastered and Red Alert Remastered. Your objective is to pick one of the maps represented in one of our projects (APB, IA, etc) and to recreate it as faithfully as possible in the remastered map editors. We know that some of our maps are based on maps in the original Red Alert, but you're going to recreate the maps based on the W3D iterations. Keep in mind that the maps need to be playable. How will we judge your maps? There are few different boxes that your map will have to tick. Easy stuff, I assure you! A - for Effort ☑ You'll get points for the amount of effort put into the map. An example for bonus points would be that you don't just deliver a skirmish-ready map, but one that comes with its own scripts so that players will start with bases as represented in the W3D variants of the maps. B - Beauty ☑ The more beautiful your map is, the more points you can gain. Quite simple. Keep in mind that the map still needs to represent your chosen W3D map as closely as possible! So a map such as classic ShallowsGrave won't be beautiful if you want to get points for remaining faithful to the W3D map. But if you want points for beauty, you might lose points on the copycat factor. C - Copy ☑ The map needs to be as close to the W3D map as possible. This can be difficult, as something like APB_Metro can be really hard to make. But something like APB_CoastalInfluence shouldn't be too difficult. Do what you have to do to translate the W3D maps into a functional 2D map with the Remastered map editor. D - Gameplay ☑ A map needs to be playable. Keep in mind that even if it is technically playable, it should also be fun to play. Bonus points for triggers and/or other things that make the gameplay closer to that of our projects. Each factor is worth 5 points up to a total of 20 points. If we cannot decide if something is, for example, worth a 3 or a 4, we'll decide on a 3.5. What's at stake? The winners - 3 of them - will receive a W3DHub shirt and sticker for free, sent to you by the W3D Hub team. If you win, we will contact you and arrange delivery and the details. Let me tell you, @Threve has one of these shirts already and can attest to its quality and feel. You will want to get your hands on this iconic piece of W3D merch. How to partake? We will be accepting submissions in this thread announcement here. Provide us a link to your map so we may download it and play, and we will then score you accordingly. Still with us? Good! Now, go out there and get creative! You have three weeks/until 12th July/we receive a considerable amount of submissions and for the sake of the judging team must close (in all honestly, the time and dates are subject to change. I will keep you updated in every case.) Remember, submissions are to be posted here. However, this thread is also open to discussion, feedback, and general brainstorming if you would like to! Now go! [blurb]Hi everyone! I'm sure that everybody has been playing the recently released Remasters. Well, so have we! So what better way to celebrate the release than to hold a mapping competition? We want your maps, and we want them to represent W3D![/blurb]
  5. It's game time!Coming to an APB server near you, it is the official Game Night with prizes! We'll be giving out Steam cards to the best players of this event, and we promise it will be an amazing turnout! The event begins next Saturday (the 27th) at 7PM GMT and ends the same time on Sunday (the 28th), so you'll have 24 hours to score as many points as possible! Mark the time and date down in your calendars! If you want to know when that is in your time zone, click here. Prizes! Players who have the most points over all the games played as part of the event will win the following: 1st Place - $20 Steam Gift Card 2nd Place - $10 Steam Gift Card 3rd Place - $5 Steam Gift Card Players who are voted as the most valuable in an open poll on the forums after the games have finished will win the following: MVP Award - $10 Gift Card MVP Runners Up Award - $5 Steam Gift Card Be there! Tell your friends! And add me on Steam if you don't have me already to facilitate prize awards. Also, sign up for the event here (not required for prizes). Let's do this!
  6. Mojoman MVP @alphoca 1v1 me mafia
  7. Will be watching this game with great interest (unless I get thrown into the mix last-minute)! Good luck to the new guys!
  8. BROTHERHOOD! WE ARE WHOLE AGAIN! I am happy to see this collaboration take shape. For C&C fans old and new, this will be an excellent landing point to immerse them into our wider community.
  9. Everyone is prolly having their own Remastered release parties but see, you want to join ours because we’re cool and you love us! So much so that you’ll spread the word and tell others! Come hang on our Discord for our C&C Launch Party! 6 PM BST, June 5th we’ll be there! 🎉 Time Converter for your convenience: https://savvytime.com/converter/eest-to-cest-bst-est-cst-pst/jun-5-2020/6pm psst hey keep reading keep an eye out for a map contest for your chance to win some epic C&C posters from us! [blurb]The C&C Remastered Collection is Launching! So Join us on Discord to celebrate the launch![/blurb]
  10. It is! We have not put together a blog update for some time now, as we have since opted to showing our progress on Discord and our Twitch. However, I will see to getting our development progress collected and we can start pushing these blogs again for you and others interested! Welcome to our forums by the way. Thank you for visiting. You can find our Discord @ https://discord.gg/9XywWHh and our Twitch @ https://www.twitch.tv/w3dhub
  11. Honestly, threads like these are very refreshing. I love your analysis style that you have done here and previously for other units. As impressive as the vehicle is, I am not a regular user of the Chronotank myself, although I am certain this information will be very helpful to the Allied team.
  12. When you crash, there may be some crash dumps generated. If you can share those, we can take a look at determine which errors are causing your Renegade to crash. @jonwil may be interested in a Korean version of Renegade.
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