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  1. Could extend the deadline by a few days to meet the count. You’re more than welcome to promote mafia across our channels (Discord, Steam, Facebook) to seek more players. I’m moving house at the time or otherwise I would do this for you. But yeah, get the word out anywhere you would like. Maybe even drop a link or two on other sites that may be interested.
  2. without a care
  3. Sign me up, fam B)
  4. Nodlied, you're fired story-related misjudged his throw
  5. Our server bill has been paid! Thank you to those who contributed toward that.
  6. [blurb]Community update post! Hmm, this may be a bit of a long post. I originally intended to write to you and give you all the heads-up on our moderation changes, and then I added more. So! Moderation Restructure 2017, new forum rules, Mafia Hub, and a shout out to our friends at CNCNZ.com! Also introducing Tester of the Month! [/blurb] Community update post! Hmm, this may be a bit of a long post. I originally intended to write to you and give you all the heads-up on our moderation changes, and then I added more. So! Moderation Restructure 2017, new forum rules, Mafia Hub, and a shout out to our friends at CNCNZ.com! Also introducing Tester of the Month! Moderator Restructure Our moderation team has been restructured and reorganised into three tiers. The tier list looks like this: Staff Moderator Full Moderator Game Server Moderator For a brief rundown of who does what, Staff Moderators moderate staff members and basically everything else; from our forums and our games, to the Discord and TeamSpeak servers. Full Moderators moderate the forums, game servers and our TeamSpeak and Discord. Game Server Moderators moderate the game servers and the game server forums. In addition to that, we also have Lead Moderators appointed to our sections: Forum: @Pyryle is still the main point of contact, but all members of the Staff Moderator group share this responsibility between them as well, since the forum is a big place. Game Servers: @triattack TeamSpeak: @Lord_Kane Discord: @FRAYDO For your convenience, you may refer to the full Staff listing here. New Forum Rules Along with our moderation re-structure, we have re-written our forum rules! Whilst our previous set of rules has worked for many years now, we figured it was time to freshen them up and re-write them in a way that represents our community identity and our ideals; rather than piggybacking off of the ideas of others. You can view the new rules here! A link has also been embedded in the menu at the top of the page. Please take time to read! If anyone has any issues with or feedback for these new rules, please feel free to send a PM to @OWA. Mafia Hub / Forum GMs With the Mafia fever going strong on our forums, we henceforth are changing our name to Mafia Hub. /jk You'll notice a new usergroup floating around on our forums. Hosts of mafia games will be granted the title of Forum GM so they may effectively moderate their game threads as needed. Note that Forum GMs are not moderators nor staff. There are allowed the permissions only to edit posts within their own threads for the purpose of running their games, so please refer to the moderation team for any issues that you may come across. A new set of rules for Forum Games will be published shortly, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for future updates! Feel free to stop by our Forum Games section any time! CNCNZ.com 20th Anniversary One of the few dedicated Command & Conquer fansites running, CNCNZ.com has celebrated its 20th anniversary this past month! With the change in staff, the site is set on the road to much improvement to its content and coverage. The CNCNZ team intends to form the site into a source on the C&C series like it’s never been before, so keep an eye out for updates! In celebration of its milestone, do check out what they have been up to! CNCNZ.com has since launched C&C Radio! Featuring all of your favorite C&C music along with audio clips from the games and commentary from the CNCNZ staff, C&C Radio is sure to keep you entertained for hours! Thanks to the efforts of @Plokite_Wolf, one of the administrators of CNCNZ.com, they even secured an interview with a composer we all hold in high regard, the man himself - Frank Klepacki! Read the full article here as he shares his thoughts on his past work on the C&C series, and his current and future projects to come. CNCNZ has since recently launched their own Discord server as well! Stop by for the latest in C&C news or if you need help with modding any C&C games! Get the invite here. Show your support for the team and @Zee Hypnotist and go visit CNCNZ.com today! You won't want to miss a thing! Tester of the Month Our testing team puts in quite a fair bit of work to keep development running smoothly. Without their efforts and feedback, we couldn't possibly continue to bring quality to our games. Today, we want to especially thank @Liten for his continued service and dedication. Not only does he show up consistently for our testing sessions, he's just the right kind of character that keeps things lively and fun around here. Why, we're practically best friends! As Tester of the Month, Liten wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to Giedi Prime, homeworld of House Harkonnen. Server Donations Our server bill is due, and @TeamWolf would appreciate any help in meeting our bill! If you are able, please send donations to TeamWolf's Paypal account @ christopher_johnston_@hotmail.com Every bit is greatly appreciated! This section will be removed once the target goal of 72€ (72 Euros) is met. Closing That's it in community news! Stay tuned for dev updates and videos!
  7. Hold on, it's 4 AM and this is stuck on my mind. When was it said that Alstar had an incorrect cop result? I get your questioning of me, but Alstar? While I'm am it, it's CYOR. To me, it makes sense for Alstar to have his role while being mafia. On one hand, it's a ploy to get townie points. Being forthcoming with info is always a pro-Town move, but something more nefarious comes to mind. His ability comes with revealing either alignment, role, one or the abilities, or even character of his target. It's a slim chance (role or abilites, maybe even with knowing the character) but such an action could reveal potential power roles and threats to scum and help them decide their next NK.
  8. I'll be off to bed for the time being, 'lest I stay up and see when Category will be satisfied with his avatar placement.
  9. Well, Alstar? Your thoughts?
  10. Knock yourself out. Any one of these will clear me. In case my abilities turn out ambiguous, I'll tell you firsthand. Day action, ##Bite Night action, ##Sniff Block a day action and learn alignment, respectively.
  11. I'm not yet sold on the ninja scum role, unless you have any leads? Since you came back, what information do you have to share?
  12. In the meantime, would you care to explain what this action will do to me?
  13. Ah jeez, it's 3 AM. I don't believe we'll get that clarity from your action any time soon.