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  1. Where you see bad behavior I see a headstrong Jedi.
  2. Oh yeah, my Champion vote. ##Vote Champion Retaliation Win one for the boys back home.
  3. Tooth pain. My worst enemy. I feel for you, man.
  4. ##Vote Sith Nodlied Just a hunch.
  5. Is that CVC off? It reads Jeod has the most votes for Champion despite not being on the table, and Retaliation with the most Sith votes though he's tied with Shade there.
  6. Charismatic man chiming in I don't believe Hibernation Meditation is a Charisma ability, as I have no such ability. Whether that's related to his race I cannot be sure.
  7. Excellent. A table I can educate myself with.
  8. +1 for the quality HOI IV meme.
  9. Same here. Until I get a better grasp of the game mechanics I'll be here using my handy dandy holo-pad.
  10. Not necessarily. A charismatic figure such as myself needs no acceptance. You're going to hear me talk whether you like it or not
  11. Calling it now. Death from a Duel I'm not even a part of. Someone will use the ##Disarming Slash and succeed, and the disarmed lightsaber will fly towards me and decapitate me. I bet 20,000 Republic Credits on it.
  12. ##vote Champion Category 5 Hurricane ##vote Sith TheIrishman Duel when? End of Day or can it be triggered sooner by player actions? I'm interested to see this practice bout.
  13. >when you leave the volume turned up loud and hear the "YO!" from someone replying
  14. So what I gather so far, our voted Champion is who we agree upon as being Jedi (town) and our voted Sith is our suspicious person (mafia). However, since I myself don't have a Sith vote on me I can also issue a challenge? And what happens if the challenge is declined? Is there a penalty or can we just casually avoid all challenges?