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  1. @CWC Being that base defenses and garrisoning structures have come up in the same thread here, do the CWC base defenses need to be manned by someone or is that an AI taking care of it?
  2. Aha! Well this pleases me. So I had two potential Death Note targets then, whether the claims were to be believed or not. Unfortunately my appearance in this game was but a "Hi and die".
  3. The CNCNZ forums has a section for updating all of the first C&C games, both individual games and by collection (First Decade and Ultimate Collection). Hope this helps! https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/
  4. Pray, forgive the discourtesy as I observe this game and fling my freshly uncorked bottle into the public gallery. I mourn the fallen Herlock Sholmes Tigger.
  5. I see you have gotten your observations mixed up, Herr Lock.
  6. tl;dr black screen issue has been fixed! If this stopped you before, now is the opportunity to try it again!
  7. A little over 24 hours, but good! Time to declare our MVP. Let's count up the votes. forg0ten1 - 4 votes Momok - 2 ice187dna - 3 V0LKOV - 2 WhereIsMyMedal - 1 DynoMite - 1 GaryOak - 2 rantanplan - 1 PXD2000 - 2 Bluesummers - 1 I think that's everyone? Taking MVP for Game Night 12 will be @forg0ten1! Contact @Mojoman when you can, or Mojo will contact you, however it works out for you two. Thanks for the votes, everyone!
  8. Allord, here's what I got from the Discord. Hope that helps! If not, feel free to stop by #tech-support in our Discord server and our gurus can help you there too.
  9. APB Game Night 12 has concluded, and we have our winners! Please see this thread for our Top 3 players and to participate in MVP nominations! https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/423692-apb-game-night-12-winners-and-mvp-nomination/
  10. APB Game Night 12 has concluded, and we have our winners! https://w3dhub.com/ranks/apb/#/ladderevent/2021050120210502 Our winners for this event 1st Place - Guard55 2nd Place - BattleLaf 3rd Place - 1000MammothTanks MVP - forg0ten1 Please contact @ryknow69 for your prizes unless he so happens to hound you down himself first. Very proactive guy, that one. ALSO For a secret MVP prize not previously announced, @Mojoman has provided a special prize! According to Mojo, he will put up a game of the winner's choice on Steam. With that in mind, the floor is open for MVP nominations! Most voted player in this thread after 24 hours will receive the award. Vote away!
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