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  1. Welcome trunks! Glad you found us. I want to say your name is familiar to me when I played some Renegade over at MPF, were you a moderator even? In any case, welcome man. Make yourself at home!
  2. (Ah, I keep forgetting to close out tabs. I have not been here this whole time you have seen my name online. ) Let's shift the focus away from Mojoman targeting and killing Jeod. What's done is done, unfortunate as it is. Instead, let's review what information, if any, today has brought. From the CVC, we have left: Alstar ChopBam (myself) Killing_You Misa Nodlied OrangeP47 TheIrishman of which I have my eye on a few people Alstar Is the second to sign up, doesn't appear until Page 4 albeit with an excuse. Couple people bring up the unkillable helipad from the past, which Alstar shrugs off. Nodlied Likes his font size set to 26. Very vocal in not trusting Jeod, toned it down after Mojoman pulled his stunt. My only scum read thus far, and a weak one at that admittedly. I thought I would have more from the day, though I was half-analyzing this day given today's antics.
  3. You guys, we should play some MO sometime. (even if I'm pretty trash at it )
  4. >good game >ChopBam and I as the inactive scum team >
  5. But yeah, don't expect either of those.
  6. [thumb]thumb_halloween.0.png[/thumb] [blurb]It's that time of the year, ghouls and goblins! The time to celebrate all things spooky. You know what to do.[/blurb] It's that time of the year, ghouls and goblins! The time to celebrate all things spooky. You know what to do. If you don't, you set your avatar to anything within the theme of spooky, scary, and Halloween.
  7. Rip in peace upvote button, but +1
  8. Excellent. I shall leave off with a preemptive shitpost. May RNGesus strike me down.
  9. As much as I would love to shitpost I have been slacking on my PR duties here and have some work ahead of me for W3D Hub and CNCNZ. I'm in the same boat as Chop, if you need to meet the numbers requirement put me in but otherwise don't expect much participation.
  10. @Voe PM?
  11. That over on Mafia Universe or where?
  12. Hey we're halfway there!
  13. That's a slick title, Forum Game Master.
  14. Voe promised me this was going to be a sh*tstorm and so I am here.