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  1. [blurb]Good welcome, citizens! Battle Grid Response has received reports of progress on Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0. Intel indicates a look at Limpet Drones, the Mutant Hijacker's new tool, and the prospect for the GDI Riot Trooper.[/blurb] <<<Incoming Transmission>>> Good welcome, citizens! Battle Grid Response has received reports of progress on Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0. Intel indicates a look at Limpet Drones, the Mutant Hijacker's new tool, and the prospect for the GDI Riot Trooper. Limpet Drones First appearing in Firestorm, the Limpet Drone is a reconnaissance unit utilised by both GDI and Nod. Initially designed to uncover stealthed Nod bases, the Limpet Drone relays tactical information from the battlefield from its sensor and camera equipment. Even before being brought on as full staff, Ice was working with TSR Lead Producer Wallywood on the Limpet Drones. Mutant Hijacker Wrench Nod Mutant Hijackers are notorious for effortlessly breaking into any GDI vehicle and making it their own amidst the confusion of the battlefield. Being caught in the crossfire however usually leaves their prizes with some scratches and damage. For this reason, Mutant Hijackers have procured wrenches that will allow field repairs on their newfound rides. Numerous hijackings and equally numerous repairs have left their wrenches as worn out as their rusty crowbars, yet it gets the job done. Riot Trooper Shield The GDI Riot Trooper as we have noticed appears to have trouble in the open battlefield. While the Riot Trooper naturally excels in close-quarters combat, his survivability is greatly reduced when left out in the open. To alleviate this, there are plans to provide the Riot Trooper with an appropriate Riot Shield. This will greatly Ice is currently working on the Riot Shield, as well as working on a Nod Repair Station. More on the latter in another update. Shield preview by Ice. Early WIP. It should be noted that the Imperial Age guys have already gotten this down for their infantry. Check out Imperial Age if you haven't already and explore the amazing things @dblaney1 and @Kaskins have done with their project! That is it for this update! In the next update expect news of a certain fan mapper among other things. Peace through power citizens! One Vision. One Purpose. <<<End Transmission>>>
  2. Expect a TSR update sometime midweek. AR update going out today.
  3. [blurb]Hey, how about a little community update! Couple happenings here and there within our community and others, so let's get up to speed.[/blurb] Hey, how about a little community update! Couple happenings here and there within our community and others, so let's get up to speed. Long Live CNCNZ! If you missed the commotion from this past week, founder of CNCNZ.com Sonic stepped down and the website was on the verge of going offline. Fortunately, returning administrator Zee Hypnotist has taken it upon himself to keep the site running and continue the legacy. Alongside admins Plokite_Wolf and Nmenth, CNCNZ will prevail! Give those guys a visit sometime! They have also recently upgraded their Technical Support & Help Guides section, otherwise known as the Service Depot, to assist fans in installing all C&C games under modern operating systems! Link provided by clicking on the image. "It's time to play the game(s), commanders, and now you have the means of doing so!" - Plokite_Wolf New Hires Back to our community, we have some new hires to our staff team. They're likely familiar faces to you, or perhaps completely new. Whichever the case, please welcome our new team members! Ice Lifetime RA-lism advocate and long-time member of the community, Ice has been brought on to the team. Collaborating closely with Wallywood, Ice will be helping out with Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0 and already has a couple of new models to show off! Expect to see these in a TSR update soon! Testament Testament has been a long-time member of the Expansive Civilian Warfare mod, going way back to when the project had the name Roleplay 2 and even before the now Lead Producer Jerad joined. A dedicated player and fan, he not only has done numerous bug testing over the years but has played the role of ECW planner and testing director on occasions. Now an official member of our staff, Testament will be in charge of ECW Public Relations. Be on the lookout for announcements and previews of Expansive Civilian Warfare as we look to release it! SilverShark Better known ingame as Totd, SilverShark has been brought aboard our staff. We just really like his APB Madness videos. Discord Little milestone here. Since launching our Discord server, we have hit over 100+ members! In interesting happenings there, CMDBob has been revealing his Civilian Tech Centre progress in the #a-path-beyond channel as well as collaborating with Pushwall on some scripts work. Our official testing communications has also moved over here, so for you potential tester applicants Discord is a must! Even if you are not a modeler, a scripts junkie, or interested in become a tester, come join the discussion anyway! We have folks watching the progression of our projects from there, some even showing off their own and looking for feedback. You can even just talk about your day, maybe share a meme or two in our #general-chat, and find some friends to play other games together with. Closing This wraps up this little update! Be on the lookout for some project news going out soon!
    This tool works wonders! If you don't already have this downloaded, get it now. It's something magical seeing that tool pop up as people jump into the server. Highly recommended.
  5. Just going to chime in here for a second. @GaryOak Everyone's opinion is important in our community! Don't ever think your opinion is not important, as we are always open to what you and everyone else has to say.
  6. Hey now, I like dark humor.
  7. CNCNZ will prevail!
  8. The anti-cheat block is there to for catching modified files that would grant an unfair advantage. The Invalid Name error message I can surmise is when attempting to join with a special character or too long of a username. I find I get both when I'm joining a match between victory screens when a round is currently ending. It just happens like that, then I wait a few more seconds to allow loading to finish and rejoin.
  9. What's your RC then, Chaos?
  10. Ah, right. 60% AC, 23% OC, 8% RC, 17% RSC, 0% LLC and I would flip Vanilla Town.
  11. Hey hold up, Makise Kurisu (who I think is OrangeP47) would be TheIrishman's gf.