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  1. We do it turn-based. I'll go first. >Smash
  2. I don't play online games but here's the FC I have been meaning to share lol SW-8195-8040-7337
  3. From the Neutral side, that was quite an entertaining fiasco to witness! I could not believe that actually happened!
  4. I had good fun this game! Some notes: Neat! Seems I won too, having fulfilled my win condition. I had worried I would run out of time before I could designate an heir, and even then I had to be sure they would survive to the end! I want to say this would not have been possible had Sunflower not saved my life N1. Thank you again! Killing_You, I am happy to have selected you as my heir. I know I have left the factory in good hands. And lucky us, the two Neutrals made it to the end game! I'm relieved Category5 was not actually Bernadetta. I could not live with myself had we lynched my S-support. I do thank everyone for this great game!
  5. I want to follow up Nodlied’s post with this KY/Orange interaction and Orange’s earlier claim that there was only one scum. Evidently, the game is still progressing. See you all in the Day!
  6. I did not expect to see Those Who Slither in the Dark here.
  7. Three more points before I leave off to work. Everything Orange profiled from me is truthful, and to consider why he would profile and NK me in the same night remains a hard case to explain. Bus drivers, as noted, are generally not a pro-Town role. Orange and I are no wiser on his alignment, despite sharing docs with him. Neutral is a convenient claim. It does sound less of a threat than Third-Party at least. Or the bus driver has been scum all along. Cat5's Hider claim is not 100%. If I'm to consider Orange as Town, I have to envision him being partnered with KY. However, given the case that KY presented against him and Orange it is very unlikely. The question remains who his partner would be. The three points bring us back to Orange's odd claim, but maybe there is truth after all. There may be only scum after all. Given KY's testimony and what would happen according to him should he die, that would be giving scum their second member.
  8. Unless the two were directly related to each other. Orange is Town, and the Party Profile was used and everything is truthful. KY is scum but instead of performing the kill he bussed Nodlied N1. Cat5 our "Hider" is actually the Killer and murdered me N1. Yes/No?
  9. Are we sure you and Shade are not the same person?
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