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  1. Hello everyone, hope you are all doing great! We have some more Harkonnen weapons we would like to showcase. New designs for Harkonnen Weapons Some of the additional weapons that TeamWolf and the gang have been working on, include the Harkonnen Machinegun, the Bazooka, the DMR, and the Flamethrower![blurb][/blurb] The Harkonnen Rakkan Shredder MK. III Machinegun is a rapid-firing weapon that will suppress enemy troops. Its accuracy is increased when the user is crouched, aiming down their sights and firing in burst-modes. However, if the user fires fully-automatic the bul
  2. [blurb][/blurb]Hello everyone its been a while, but its time for some Dune game news! New Weapon Renders for the Harkonnen TeamWolf and the BFD team have been working on updating the models and textures for the Harkonnen weapons. They have been working on the Pistol, the Shotgun, and the Sub-machine gun. Without further ado lets see the new designs! The Harkonnen Mauler Automatic Pistol, as the name implies is a semi-automatic Pistol that is lethal in close range. It is carried as a sidearm by all Harkonnen classes. The Harkonnen Shoutgun,
  3. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! Hope that you all had a great day, its been a while since our last update but its time for some Dune game news! Map Changes and Comparisons TeamWolf and the BFD team have been busy updating The Hagga Gulch and Tsimpo Village maps. Here are comparison shots of what they looked like before and where we're taking them! Hagga Gulch Starting with our Hagga Gulch map, notice the changes we made in the textures for the terrain compared to the old ones. Before: After: As you may have noticed we have added new c
  4. don't I at least get some reward for surviving?
  5. that makes two of us fam ##vote Alp too late anyway
  6. well seeing that Generalcamo wants to investigate me tonight, and pointed out that alp is innocent, idk. I guess im gonna have to vote mojo. ##vote Mojoman
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