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  1. don't I at least get some reward for surviving?
  2. that makes two of us fam ##vote Alp too late anyway
  3. well seeing that Generalcamo wants to investigate me tonight, and pointed out that alp is innocent, idk. I guess im gonna have to vote mojo. ##vote Mojoman
  4. so I take it 2 mafias (1 miller) 2 towns and 1 cop to go?
  5. oof the Doctor is down
  6. im still curious to know who is the miller
  7. also sorry I havent been keeping up guys been busy today
  8. yeah so in conclusion, MIGS SUCK!. I much prefer the Yak because as you said the Yak is easier to handle overall, and what Ill add is that its easy to kill infantry with the Yak.
  9. yeah with that being said ##vote KY
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