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  1. Fuck this communist shithole. No bump.
  2. After defending Roz's name against Voe in internal chats, I have to agree he's a bootlicking status quo touting conformist. Nothing in IA could ever be done wrong. There's nothing that showcases a little clique within IA than all the internal chats accusing me of being some white supremacist ringleader destined to troll IA than the disregard and contempt IA staff shows for its playerbase. They hate them for being unlike them... I swear. Despite disagreeing with Jeod 99% of the time, he is right in this occasion. No doubt I have a bias against dblaney and his politics but holy shit... it made me leave a community I regularly participated in since 2008. Maybe its time to step in and do something about the thought police and power tripping in the staff... Thank you discy for linking me to this, had to say a little bit of my piece. There is a history with this moderation team and high rank staff havent done shit... I was only the marketing guy for IA and ECW so what the fuck do I know about the passive aggressive shit they say internally
  3. It's totally balanced, especially when paired with a 500 dollar Tank Commander for dynamite spam like a total pleb. What are you all talking about? In fact, it should be made FASTER and STRONGER for the fantastic gameplay afforded by someone with no skill driving into your base to spam dynamite.
  4. Actually, there is plenty of time if you do smart things like mass up groups to attack instead of doing the retarded IA strategy of trickling tanks into the enemy one by one.
  5. I seem to do pretty good (and so does @notDMB. Honourable mention for Mack, but he is always a massive team player) when I spend most of the match talking as I tend to coordinate with my team. The trash talk and discussion is only a minor but important facet to me. Why should every player have to navigate the more than 2 dozen tanks and infantry for each side when you, #1 on the server can help the community by assisting the new PR guy with his guide and wiki? You already know all the good combinations. I have my own, but it'd be nice to see them. I know most of the high level players are fans of chariot-ing to base defenses with dynamite to pad stats but this is a more nuanced game with many numerous strategies than just that. P.S. Mind checking how many recommendations and overall kills I got from playing a couple games for me?
  6. Why dont you help @Threve write his guide instead of lording your meta knowledge over everyone and denigrating players who are frustrated? I have 10 years in ECW yet I'm not at the top of the stats (and would never be as my play style isn't just whoring records as though that's any sort of validation) its usually wise to help people out with honest and good intentions instead of shitting on them for being ignorant or not as skilled as yourself when they are willing to learn. I sure do talk a lot in a game I only play anymore because my friends play it. That'll happen. Check my total games and those stats will become more impressive as not everyone mains IA and only IA. Furthermore, the last thing you want is to alienate people interested in a dead and dying community who actually show a genuine interest in it. As for Push, Roz proves my point. He wants people to not talk or get any socializing from the game. He wants people to act as AI, always playing the objective, never doing anything except spending every second ingame working to win it for your team. NO FUN ALLOWED. Not exactly "dehumanizing my detractors" but is more so an observation of who IA brass considers to be their ideal player, backed up by an IA moderators statements.
  7. A beautiful change miblaney
  8. Dehumanize your detractors, its an age old tactic. People usually don't play and then criticize things they don't enjoy. IA is highly flawed albeit fun, it needs some balancing and play testing. You mods in IA are by far the worst feature of the whole game as you constantly work to suppress any form of expression that isn't boot licking or as I like to call it " live NPCs". It's turned into the top 20 milking meta knowledge over everyone.This is not how you engage a community and earn the respect of players. You can try and cuck out of what you actually said, but we all know that IA mods will mute you at the drop of a hat if they are in a slight bad mood. IA has the same damn issues as it had when I first joined the test server in mid 2016 after Jerad linked me a bootleg Renegade copy and it's worth talking about. Pushwall, Jerad/ECW alumni and the Rebarn devs (if they actually did anything and existed) have always been open to criticism and frustration ingame. It doesn't deserve to catch a mute, and this post makes me PROUD that I quit as a staff member of this community if this is considered to be a kosher course of action. T. someone who used to LOVE Renegade, IA, APB, ECW, and the current attitude of the administration poisoned over a decade of goodwill they have tried to give the community. This shit is sickening, especially all the likes that support censoring INGAME CHAT that breaks NO RULES. (DONT SAY THINGS WE DONT LIKE INGAME OR ELSE!)
  9. Some of the things you say are wack, but inb4 someone comes in here and says that every point is invalid. Nod base to base shit pissed me off for the last 2 years. It's not fun. Same with SSM homing... especially on air units. The SSM should be shitting its pants in fear from an anti-tank orca
  10. I like having broken skilless explosives to match my lack of aiming. II especially enjoy how the TANK ACE is good at killing tanks by running at the enemy instead of actually supporting your own tank. The fanatics are especially good when you cant utilize the broken blackhand with the AK103 to insta head shot your enemies. I especially like stacking teams against eachother and taking advantage of other peoples good will to make teams unbalanced. IA is a gas when you break the balance. Enjoy it! (make sure to use the mobius and own the tunnels until nod breaks out the inevitable fanatic spam in some pathetic attempt to save face cuz they can't inf combat to save their lives) It's also totally fun to spam 500 dollar delta forces to break up that pesky game play of actually having to aim.
  11. ROFLcopter is a mystery to me, but I know both the Halo RL and the chopper are SOMEWHERE in Renhalo. The Nuclear sub is somewhere cold, take a gander. If you look around you'll find it along with a cool james bond style lair. P.S. It's worth mentioning that there are treasure chests filled with money at the bottom of the sea. I found one by a pure fluke near where you buy the seaplane in the bay between the mainland and the desert.
  12. Forget is good people, if you see him in APB or IA give him a shout and see if he'll help you with this guide. I can give some feedback on perks as well. There should be a few things that should be given a ??? and not gone into detail about. For example, I never knew this game had a incendiary shotgun until a couple of months ago and I hadn't seen the Halo rocket launcher for nearly a decade. It's just a nice touch to have a FEW secrets for people to chase
  13. I could tell you where nearly everything is, but as an insider who was shown where some of the stuff was by the dev I can't in good faith tell you where it all is. It really is a huge part of what keeps people in the server. Once you get to a certain point where you are rich and perked up finding stuff on your own is what makes this game rewarding. I look forward to perk lists though. I have always wanted to know what I'm missing or what I can get. The perks people have tend to vary a lot. For weapon or combaty? put down "sniper". to unlock it you need to buy a ton of sniper rifles. Probably around 25 or 50. It's a great perk for people to get as sniper rifles are versatile and powerful guns to use during disasters and in Mutant Assault and with 2 instances of the perk you can run and shoot at the same time.
  14. Renhalo is very much a real possibility to still reach, search high for a special object.
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