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  1. Testament

    It's a great comedy movie. A real kneeslapper
  2. Testament

    I'm posting my dankness for all to see.
  3. Good stuff. Although it was fun to spam M12 fire at people in full auto, it was a bit ridiculous.
  4. Testament

  5. Testament

    Maybe in Cuck time but I got 3 hours left
  6. Testament

    I agree forum mafia is cancer. It ruins the off topic forum and should have its own separate tab that people can just ignore completely. The feed on it is also cancer. I want to hide all of it.
  7. FIX THE MULTIPLAYER! Desyncs everywhere, all the time. It can be nearly impossible to play a game with bots on RA2, or Generals. I want to play games of Generals with people online so badly, but it almost never goes through and we end up just giving up nearly immediately. UPDATE FOR USE ON MODERN SYSTEMS Heck, even with the first decade back on Vista I had to fight with it to get it to work. It would be nice to just download or drop that disc in and fire it up and have it work. PHYSICAL COPY One thing I really love, is that I always have a physical copy of The First Decade sitting on my shelf. Looks good and keeps me from having to constantly download it. PROPER ADVERTISING Get another generation interested in RTS games, it's a dying genre and most of the youth don't even know they exist. I have nephews who's eyes light up when I tell them they can play with army men on the computer with explosions and tanks and what have you. C&C is an accessible series where you don't have to be a micro wizard in order to be at least a bit competitive, and have fun. PACKAGE LINKS TO VARIOUS COMMUNITIES ON THE INSTALL C&C is at its best when it's modded IMO. I have spent more time playing Renegade mods than any other game over the course of my time here on this earth. Tiberian Sun comes in a close second. You get people into the fan sites and modding communities and you reinvigorate your brand. Now if you wanna get serious, a nice remaster of RA1 and Tib Dawn with some updated, yet faithful visuals would be utterly swell. However, I can hold my breathe on that and ask for better resolution, and the abolition of 1 click unit building micromanagement. I would also like to see a graphical update to Generals, because out of all the games that one has aged the worst IMO. Also, it needs more PLECOSTOMUS's if you want to succeed. PS: IceReaper from OpenRA is right, I also wanna see a redone C&C 4 (throw the rest of that crap out the window and forget that it even happened) that's at least respectful of all the work that went into the series before it and gives an actual ending instead of this gutter trash: HEY LETS SLAM A CONCEPT ART PORTAL ONTO A BLANK WHITE SCREEN! SHOVE IT OUT THE DOOR BOYS! You can tell there was little to no love put into that game, and its the only C&C I never actually purchased after buying them close to release day for a decade. Bring my faith back, but it'll be hard to do.
  8. Testament

    Show me the nasty stuff, daddy
  9. Testament

    Pretty much. Just hang around base or use units that feature a gold star. They are easy to use and typically pretty effective in most situations. Watch for spies as Nod and don't get out of tanks as GDI unless you want an chameleon spy to run off with your ride
  10. Testament

    Frank is an absolute unit. Gotta give him credit for answering my deranged questions.
  11. [thumb]thumb_ia.1.png[/thumb][blurb]Interim Apex is now on the W3D Hub launcher! Check it out now![/blurb]W3D HUB PROUDLY PRESENTS: Created by Kaskins(Yap) and dblaney1 You heard right, Interim Apex is now available on the W3Dhub launcher. Interim Apex began its life as the popular Renegade mod Imperial Age, and has since become wholly different and unique experience through the efforts of dblaney and Kaskins. Interim Apex is what I had hoped the original Renegade would be, with its unique approach to the engine that makes you feel as though you really are inhabiting the boots of a soldier on the front lines for Nod or GDI. Featuring whole new maps, well detailed vehicles, expansive new base buildings, naval combat, and even the ability to build your own obstructions and base defenses. I hope you'll be as amazed as I was when I first stepped in game. Communication Centers - These buildings allow you to research new technologies or buffs for your entire team that can give you the edge you need to be victorious on the battlefield Construction Yard - Just like in the RTS games , the construction yard isn't just for show. While it is still operational, you can rebuild a destroyed building for a hefty fee. Naval Facility - Many maps feature a naval yard in close proximity to your base. Capture it, and rule the high seas with insurmountable firepower. Losing your original base defenses is no longer a death sentence! With enough cash, you can utilize a Sapper or Pioneer to build rudimentary defenses and barricades to keep on the defense, or to hold down checkpoints. Playing support is a vital role for your team which will help mitigate enemy attacks on your journey towards victory. Captain massive battleships that feature dozens of guns, all controlled by AI with the option to manually choose targets. There is nothing quite like this in Renegade! Utilize a trusty bridge layer to get your team to where it needs to be! They can be used to create shortcuts to the enemy base, ease passage, or to open up routes to valuable tiberium! There are other support vehicles such as the mammoth recovery vehicle, which will help you repair destroyed tank husks, vehicles, and buildings at an incredible speed. Tiberium has had years to rapidly mutate organisms, drastically changing the earth's ecosystems. There are many different types of tiberian fauna on some maps; from visceroids to veinhole monsters. Some of the others, you'll just have to get acquainted with yourself. Furthermore, tiberium fields visually grow and deplete over the course of the game Interim Apex is a fantastic addition to the W3DHub lineup and provides a unique experience that we hope you'll all enjoy. Download it via the launcher, and join the one and only official Interim Apex server in the community and see what the tiberium age has to offer!
  12. Testament

    ITS A FIDDLE KINDA NIGHT AND BANJO TOO I really don't get how people can like any hip hop post 2005. It became souless trash just like the majority of contempary country music. LEAN BACK, LEAN BACK. - Fat Joe