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  1. Testament

    ROFLcopter is a mystery to me, but I know both the Halo RL and the chopper are SOMEWHERE in Renhalo. The Nuclear sub is somewhere cold, take a gander. If you look around you'll find it along with a cool james bond style lair. P.S. It's worth mentioning that there are treasure chests filled with money at the bottom of the sea. I found one by a pure fluke near where you buy the seaplane in the bay between the mainland and the desert.
  2. Testament

    Forget is good people, if you see him in APB or IA give him a shout and see if he'll help you with this guide. I can give some feedback on perks as well. There should be a few things that should be given a ??? and not gone into detail about. For example, I never knew this game had a incendiary shotgun until a couple of months ago and I hadn't seen the Halo rocket launcher for nearly a decade. It's just a nice touch to have a FEW secrets for people to chase
  3. Testament

    I could tell you where nearly everything is, but as an insider who was shown where some of the stuff was by the dev I can't in good faith tell you where it all is. It really is a huge part of what keeps people in the server. Once you get to a certain point where you are rich and perked up finding stuff on your own is what makes this game rewarding. I look forward to perk lists though. I have always wanted to know what I'm missing or what I can get. The perks people have tend to vary a lot. For weapon or combaty? put down "sniper". to unlock it you need to buy a ton of sniper rifles. Probably around 25 or 50. It's a great perk for people to get as sniper rifles are versatile and powerful guns to use during disasters and in Mutant Assault and with 2 instances of the perk you can run and shoot at the same time.
  4. Testament

    Renhalo is very much a real possibility to still reach, search high for a special object.
  5. Testament

    We should try to teach a cat to eat vegetables - The post
  6. Testament

    u wanna fite me
  7. Testament

    FREE SPEECH. S H U T - I T - D O W N This is the type of thinking that turned it from ironic to unironic. It's not exactly officially approved, it's just put into its own containment board. Everyone who goes BUT MUH RACZISM missed stuff like us trying to save bakfiets from homelessness or the daily conversation we had about anything and everything. It was a place to freely express opinions and debate ANYTHING. Shutting that type of thing down just gives credence to the points made by all the people whom these certain people have an issue with. All they had to do was join, and put them in their place if they felt so strongly, anyone was free to do so. Yah-Nosh, the majority of the Renegade community are huge advocates of freedom of expression. I was blamed as a ring leader for saying things I've said for years (and everyone else has) that are suddenly unfashionable or unacceptable because a few sensitive sallys who can't be bothered to take it up with me directly have to go tell the playground monitors on me. That's a separate issue though. If you didn't like the Grille, then you didn't need to even look at it. It's like being mad people are saying things you don't like somewhere you don't even have to frequent and imposing your will on that. That's what I will never get, this autistic obsession of controlling how other people conduct themselves. Like I said before, it's something no other Renegade communities have, and it was a community favourite among many regulars. If you didn't like it, you should have muted it immediately and forgot about it. Existence doesn't = approval of the boards content. Containment boards are a strategy utilized by online communities since I first started posting online back in 2005.
  8. Testament

    >Yikes Uh, if you didn't like it. Don't look at it? It had an NSFW sticker and prompt on it for a reason. You waived liability by clicking on it and the channel followed the rules laid out by the discord TOS. On BBQ GRILLE 2.0 I don't like some channels that were added and I do something incredible. I MUTE IT AND HIDE IT. I don't virtue signal and tell people they can't do their own thing and have fun while showing contempt and lording over them with a holier than thou attitude. Jesus, self awareness goes a long way. FRAYDO's in here right now tho? I answer to FRAYDO Like I've said before, grille removal is a symptom of a deeper problem.This is gas lighting and ignoring the root issue which is the splintering of the community.
  9. Testament

    It's not a rumour. I've seen it used as an argument time and time again. Portfolio be damned, I fail to see how having a certain "company culture" suddenly makes your achievements invalid. I agree with you on project management over community management. Leave the community management to FRAYDO and the the policing to the moderation team. 100%, I will always try to give astute observations when it comes to PR or marketing.
  10. Testament

    Yeah I have no idea where you got that from my comment, that's quite the assumption. I merely said you're missing the mark and its outside your realm of expertise.
  11. Testament

    Yeah IDK, these 12 people who actually were regulars were all players. Yet you're changing the argument to discredit his criticism. The splintering of the community is what was being discussed, not the grille removal. That's only a symptom of an underlying problem.
  12. Testament

    >verbose pomposity that's totally out of touch with the actual weight of killing off the one killer app that made us different from every other boring C&C discord nobody cares about because a few people clicked the NSFW tab and got their jimmies rustled. Even then, that's not the route cause of grievers comment as I suspect, the grille removal was merely a symptom. 30+ people who organized on our discord FRAYDO created to play games, chat and have fun = no purpose. I'm sorry Mr. Game Server Moderator, but I don't see anything in your title that relates to PR. I was brought here to do just that, and Its getting frustrated when you are told that engaging the community on a daily basis is worthless when no one else other than the two PR guys cares to do it. Bold strategy cotton, lets see how that played out for nearly every dev who held their base in contempt.
  13. Testament

    I don't remember ever seeing you ingame. Ever. For anything. Now, this community has been in danger of being flushed for years for various reasons. It may have its populated times and lulls but they are much too extreme and wind up turning off anyone who may be interested away. Nobody wants to join up into games that aren't always gonna have a decent amount of players. Funny enough, I've been posting about this on the various chans for years and I had someone tell me "No, we don't want THOSE types of players.." Lets get real, you don't get top be choosey for RENEGADE. A nearly 20 year old game that wasn't exactly popular to begin with. We should be doing EVERYTHING to retain individuals as once regulars are gone you lose 1 person who will be in that game nearly everyday giving others someone to play against. As an aside, this current "professionalism" bullshit I keep hearing from the bigwigs makes me utterly cringe. I've had to consult with them (people wholly unrelated to what I was doing) in order to post a fan video they didn't like, when I already spoke with the LEADER of that mod project and the PR lead giving a go ahead. That type of micromanagement and obsession with control means this place was never gonna grow on its own or have much chance of holding anyone's interest who wasn't incredibly autistic about Renegade. Throw away regulars for the potential to please some undefined base and people who don't even regularly play because some people don't have a skin thicker than a grapes. I know our base, and we're not doing what we can to reach them.
  14. Testament

    It's a great comedy movie. A real kneeslapper