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  1. rencorner tier fear mongering
  2. Compared to the other base def guns, it's the weakest. Ob gun does based damage, AGT seems like its slightly weaker than AGT. ADATS is just pathetic however. Change the AGT and ADATS launcher to have more base damage. Also consider removing the time limit on OB gun but putting its start spawning on a timer.
  3. Grizzly is classified as a light armored vehicle but has a medium armor class in game. Takes 9 shots from an adats to drop it, railgun barely does over a bar. It's ridiculous how many complaints this specific tank has received only to get an armor buff like a slap in the face. A grizzly and stank should have the same armor class.
  4. I just thought this was so retarded it justified a response seeing as how the administration team wants to opportunity to attack it's playerbase while limiting any dissent in return. Lets clear one think up here players that were in your TS channel told me you were working with "your mates" to give your team tanks on purpose which constitutes team hampering. I went into spec mode and observed it first hand. So they next time he did it I qkicked him for it. Secondly when I do a rush I just simply jump out and place a mine. In doing so yes I lose my tank (advantage to you so not sure why your complaining? )but in most cases when I or my team rush we either destroy the tanks or steal them back. This is a strategy and not rule breaking. Yeah so first day you met me on TS you muted me and "my mates" immediately. Idk how you are going to claim I said X to you so we'll disregard the rest of that. Second one, if it's acceptable why have you kicked people for doing that in the past? Why is it okay for you and not for others?
  5. Once again, these issues are so trivial the title says it all. Update your rules if you want to justify your shitty moderation but don't get trigger happy cause you're retarded. inb4 "i needs muh respect for abusing my position"
  6. Then why didn't blaney mute the guy actually making racist remarks? Stop making this too easy, derail my thread, and get back on topic.
  7. I mean more than one person within your administration has pointed out the exact problems that I did. About the same server About the same people I'm saying dblaney is taking action against me without justification because his impression of me is "im a terrible person". Is this how you treat your playerbase? I don't fucking work for w3dhub, the incident this thread is referring too was WELL WITHIN your rules. You guys can try to conflate this with other statements I've made, or off topic subjects that have no bearing on these complaints, but it's just a poor justification for oppressing the playerbase. WHICH IS LITERALLY THE FUCKING COMPLAINT If players are obeying the rules but you disagree with their points or things they say, don't abuse your position to take it out on them for wrong think. You made your own rules, read them, and follow them. DO NOT CONFLATE THE COMPLAINT IM MAKING NOW WITH YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF A SEPARATE TOPIC. It's literally sidestepping responsibility to follow your own rules because you don't feel you have to in certain incidents, which again, IS THE COMPLAINT.
  8. Alright let's try to get this thread back on track. This post pretty much establishes a basis for my complaint without even having to look into a damn log and is literally the first and official response to this subject matter. How is any of the problems I outlined not the case when this guy tries to disparage my complaint while simultaneously using his position in an effort to attack me on a personal basis? If I start posting all the admins facebooks and addresses, is that allowed? How far removed are we going to continue to get from the actual topic? Let's also not forget f00ker being unable to resist an opportunity to prove my point for me, and actually quoting himself doing it too. I'd say you can't be this retarded but you guys really are making my case for me. Blaney cannot disregard his own political bias when administrating IA It bleeds out into his moderator team that abitrialiy enforce the rules to their own advantage He claims the basis for actions taken against me are for PERCEIVED complaints against me In the next breathe claims complaints made against him or moderators are immaterial because of his personal impressions of these players Multiple administrators have ALREADY POINTED THIS OUT MANY TIMES BEFORE
  9. "I'd ban you for being AFK" > "The problem is you Cj" I'll leave you to think about that before you come into my thread proving my point. Yes goys, let's CONTINUE TO ABSOLVE OURSELVES OF RESPONSIBILITY TO OUR OWN RULESET BY PAWNING OFF THE RESPONSIBILITY ONTO THE PLAYERS. We don't have to follow our own rules if you did something we don't agree with in and OUT of game. Very nice
  10. Pick an instance, it's really simple.
  11. More conflation please. Yes I already read his dumbass post on the subject literally spewing "ohhh woah is me, i dont know why they persecute me so.I'm such a little angel of the time." I guess if I stopped in the street to slap blaney across the face thats a ban in w3dhub you're saying? Lets CONTINUE to remove ourselves from the ACTUAL TOPIC OF THIS THREAD to pawn off your lack of consistency on your impressions of the kind of person I am. Be more tyrannical, this is great.
  12. Him making an ass out of himself and abusing his moderator leading to other people ragging on him about it is tantamount to harassment. Okay so by your own definition you're harassing me right now. Great logic
  13. "Investigating reports" okay bud. Yeah "pull the logs" lets see all of your conflations. "I can do whatever I want against you based on unrelated matters I've culminated from what other people have said. You guys are really making this too easy. You think people talk shit about kickmofo for no reason and "harras" him just for the fun of it? Maybe it's the team hampering, nepotism, mod abuse, abrasive personality, and arrogance that might be at fault, but oh wait you don't actually hear or pay attention to those posts even when your own administration points it out, gotcha.
  14. I'm just here to make you guys look like shit but I didn't know you'd actually assist in that, thanks friend! So we have some clown no one's ever heard of disregarding a complaint made against IA administration using a personal dispute between players as his basis while simultaneously trying to dox the guy. You can't make this backwards ass shit up. Very nice Einstein, really living up to your name there.
  15. Title pretty much says it all. It's getting kind of annoying the level of political dissension people experience in this game, especially in regards to the moderator team. I look forward to blaney posting the ENTIRE logs of him literally overlooking other players remarks to mute me multiple times for my comments while other players literally spew out racist and lude material in public chat. I love the hear the excuse on why it was more important for me to stop talking compared to other people directly referencing racial epithets. It's also pretty contradicting to claim your hands are tied when choosing which content is appropriate for the server based on "muh complaints" then turn around and tell specific players they complain too much and that THEIR complaints are disregarded. I had a conversation with blaney last night about how come some of his moderators contradict each other to their own convenance and how it's NEVER addressed inside or out side the game. You literally allow moderators to make "judgement calls" on enforcing rules that's benefits their game play each instance. Kickmofo claims suiciding in vehicles is team hampering and kicks players for giving the other team shells, to turn it around and do it himself. F00ker says shooting from the entrance of Nods base into gdis is b2b and kicks for it then KTFF comes around to claim it's fine when he himself is doing it. It's really not my job to hold you guys accountable to your own ruleset or make sure you're moderating consistently. Disregarding these complaints because "you don't like the way I talk" draws a line between which part of the player base actually matters. It's getting annoying and tyrannical. Fix your shit
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