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  1. funny how you just turned yourself in like that threve
  2. Testimate is a racist. Okay great, can we get back to ROZ breaking the rules, admitting to it, then flaunting it in the player's faces? Jesus christ the levels you people go thru to not admit fault.
  3. 1. if i ban everyone which i should (but really should I?) for racism/bad language server would be empty. 2. its not beef, he provoked me many times so finally he got the answer he deserved 3. its not cherry-picking. its his standard behavior. i just sent some examples, there is more. he creates here for saint person-funny. too bad its impossible to killwhore Cjx0r properly because he go afk/leave the game/hide as sbh every time he lose when its impossible to skip to next map by voting ps I really dont need this job. seriously. I prefer beeing regular player, I use it only to !qkick afks. dblaney can make: -script to !qkick afk soldiers for idling -voting to increase time started in last 5 minutes of game teamhampering is really rare so KTFF can take care of this so im not necessary ps I dont agree for scenario when winning team work so freaking hard and after succes losers just do immediately and skip map instead slow bleeding, this is not renegade scenario. if you dont agree you probably never played a marathon in rencorner. this voting is second unfair thing which should be removed. first is of course building restore. 4 free buildings for Nod in last 2 days on lake garden. in first match i was in Nod and i still think its unfair. we should DIE in that match. ty for your atttention. Yeah so you still failed to establish racism, so what, straw man? Straw man on #2 as well. You posted very verbose logs but somehow seemed to omit this part. Yup definitely cherry picking. I don't see what "every time Cj says fuck" has anything to do with you overstepping your bounds then admitting to it without fear of being reprimanded. The rest of this is just off topic reeeeeeeeing. Once again The topic of this thread is to discuss why you felt it necessary to stop a player generated poll that you ADMITTEDLY halted out of spite and malice. You can keep trying to throw out as many fallacies as you can think of in an attempt to turn a thread about "ROZ abusing mod" into "Cj sucks cause he says things I dont like so fuck him" which IN ITSELF is VIOLATING FORUM RULES. Is it hard as a moderator to abide by the standards set by your administrators and if so WHY ARE YOU MOD?
  4. The guy literally admitted he overstepped his bounds to get back at a player he dislikes. Doesn't get more straight forward than that.
  5. If you read past the entire misdirection (feel free to make a post about THAT instead of hijacking this one mr MOD) you'll see the admission of guilt. Thank you very much ROZ.
  6. oh wait, did I mention Yeah so now he's not even here but we still have to play in his version of how he wants this map to play out. Great stuff!
  7. Really straight forward. We're playing winter assault, gdi rushes with 6 pics and kills everything BUT comm center. 60+mins left on the clock, people are leaving on Nod. I start a poll to cycle this map and here's what happened So once again, we're stuck on a hour long map that ROZ insists on kill whoring instead of ending and forcing other people to play in a losing map. This is why half the people left after the map ended. This is why your server is hemorrhaging players.
  8. Cjx0r


    Kind of agree. There's a few times people come in spamming or other people don't have a channel to go to to be alone because the regulars are all users. You should really pick a couple of people who are just on a lot of the time to give TS moderator.
  9. You do this for 1 feature you're doing it for all of the ones people are verbal about.
  10. It's not what I meant and we definitely don't need more changes or anything BUT an evaluation of whether or not this is even an issue. What I meant was the difference between AGT/Ob being base defences or buildings separate from the building restore power up itself.
  11. Dude welcome to IA. Name 1 change in the last year that wasn't a result of a fringe minorities outcries. No offence, and I mean it, but all I'm hearing is "it's easier to develop for at the expense of ingame convenience."
  12. what we do for these fleeting bits of information from the creator... tell us more lord!
  13. Idk how you as a moderator can subject an entire team to unpleasant and minotnis gameplay then turn around and say "If they hit the jackpot, I'm leaving this shit show!" You were running the shit show. The second you started losing (lost War Factory to a spy) you have the audacity to complain about it? Can you hear yourself right now>? Got news for your ROZ, we're not all here to give you a game of people to play with. This isn't about you or how much fun YOU can have dude...
  14. have to ask, what are you using KTFF's alias (beanshapiro) and 1 number off Dale's renegade nick (cncfan95)?
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