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  1. This is an IA issue not w3d issue, which you're clearly not aware of. I also don't appreciate the belittling of issues you aren't aware of. "I don't actually play in the server or know anything about it but here's my interpretation." Talk about adding insult to injury while being as condescending as humanly possible.
  2. Check chat logs. The players that did it claimed their interpretation justifies the plants, even after I told them about the rulings. Funny how no one in rencorner breaks the rules even when mods aren't present and what you're seeing here is the tip of the iceberg. Let's not play fucking dumb here. The issue isn't "there were no mods around to catch this" the issue is "different mods have different rulings and different rulings persist when they aren't there".
  3. Title says it all. It's getting pretty tedious to have conflicting rulings that change gameplay on a PER MAP basis. Wall nuking has not been allowed on this map since before the orca update. Now it seems it's ok? It's condescending when you guys decide people you don't like get warned/kicked/banned for these rulings but others not only face no repercussions, they get a pass from administration. Please do not make me go through your gameplay rulings, your warn/kick logs, and IRC rulings to demonstrate hard bias within the administration.
  4. Cjx0r


    yeah that command is called !rtc yeah thats the point, if it can be done 1 way then what's the issue with keeping the feature? Teams can be stacked regardless.
  5. Cjx0r


    People stack teams just by leaving and coming back. That's not an argument but more of a guess as to why. Also this whole "complaint" thing is getting out of hand. The difference between "complaints" made in game by the players and "complaints received" by admins show a wide disconnect. It's almost like the ((((admins)))) aren't getting any (((complaints))) at all and it's a tool used to modify the server to their preference and fall back on when the user base complains. There are no legitimate ezequiel complaints. There are no squad complaints. People don't go on discord to log complaints and it's just a tool used by administration to modify the server structure for personal reasons. It's pretty condescending that we make complaints in game and in irc about the game, we're told to take these complaints to the forums to actually be heard, we do that as the catalog shows, they get disregarded, but then here come all these "discord complaints" that actually make their way into the game. It's almost like the suggestion box at work. You just toss out the suggestions you don't like, manually put in the ones you do like, then lie to everyone and tell them these are all the suggestions made. It goes from being completely transparent to entirely obfuscated all while the admins ignore several in-game and irc complaints to make modifications based on ones they "received" on discord. Again, far be it from me to tell you how to run your server into the ground. I mean come on, people play rencorner for SEVERAL HOURS with ONE BUILDING alive and they come in the dozens. This server maxes that once a day then dies the moment a building goes on a certain map.
  6. Cjx0r


    You've now been invited into my heart.
  7. Cjx0r


    Let's guess who complained to get this feature removed. My money is on KTFF but ROZ lately, ho man, idk
  8. funny how you just turned yourself in like that threve
  9. Testimate is a racist. Okay great, can we get back to ROZ breaking the rules, admitting to it, then flaunting it in the player's faces? Jesus christ the levels you people go thru to not admit fault.
  10. 1. if i ban everyone which i should (but really should I?) for racism/bad language server would be empty. 2. its not beef, he provoked me many times so finally he got the answer he deserved 3. its not cherry-picking. its his standard behavior. i just sent some examples, there is more. he creates here for saint person-funny. too bad its impossible to killwhore Cjx0r properly because he go afk/leave the game/hide as sbh every time he lose when its impossible to skip to next map by voting ps I really dont need this job. seriously. I prefer beeing regular player, I use it only to !qkick afks. dblaney can make: -script to !qkick afk soldiers for idling -voting to increase time started in last 5 minutes of game teamhampering is really rare so KTFF can take care of this so im not necessary ps I dont agree for scenario when winning team work so freaking hard and after succes losers just do immediately and skip map instead slow bleeding, this is not renegade scenario. if you dont agree you probably never played a marathon in rencorner. this voting is second unfair thing which should be removed. first is of course building restore. 4 free buildings for Nod in last 2 days on lake garden. in first match i was in Nod and i still think its unfair. we should DIE in that match. ty for your atttention. Yeah so you still failed to establish racism, so what, straw man? Straw man on #2 as well. You posted very verbose logs but somehow seemed to omit this part. Yup definitely cherry picking. I don't see what "every time Cj says fuck" has anything to do with you overstepping your bounds then admitting to it without fear of being reprimanded. The rest of this is just off topic reeeeeeeeing. Once again The topic of this thread is to discuss why you felt it necessary to stop a player generated poll that you ADMITTEDLY halted out of spite and malice. You can keep trying to throw out as many fallacies as you can think of in an attempt to turn a thread about "ROZ abusing mod" into "Cj sucks cause he says things I dont like so fuck him" which IN ITSELF is VIOLATING FORUM RULES. Is it hard as a moderator to abide by the standards set by your administrators and if so WHY ARE YOU MOD?
  11. The guy literally admitted he overstepped his bounds to get back at a player he dislikes. Doesn't get more straight forward than that.
  12. If you read past the entire misdirection (feel free to make a post about THAT instead of hijacking this one mr MOD) you'll see the admission of guilt. Thank you very much ROZ.
  13. oh wait, did I mention Yeah so now he's not even here but we still have to play in his version of how he wants this map to play out. Great stuff!
  14. Really straight forward. We're playing winter assault, gdi rushes with 6 pics and kills everything BUT comm center. 60+mins left on the clock, people are leaving on Nod. I start a poll to cycle this map and here's what happened So once again, we're stuck on a hour long map that ROZ insists on kill whoring instead of ending and forcing other people to play in a losing map. This is why half the people left after the map ended. This is why your server is hemorrhaging players.
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