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  1. normally im not a killwhore but sometimes accidentally I find a ramjet/sniper rifle so I also want have some fun by sniping, whats wrong in it? this is just a game. killwhoring is part of renegade, in 1 match my team can killwhoring enemy, in another match we suffer. its totally normal in this game.
  2. @Pushwall@Jeodcan you see this little "lol" here? 1. if i ban everyone which i should (but really should I?) for racism/bad language server would be empty. 2. its not beef, he provoked me many times so finally he got the answer he deserved 3. its not cherry-picking. its his standard behavior. i just sent some examples, there is more. he creates here for saint person-funny. too bad its impossible to killwhore Cjx0r properly because he go afk/leave the game/hide as sbh every time he lose when its impossible to skip to next map by voting ps I really dont need this job. seriously. I prefer beeing regular player, I use it only to !qkick afks. dblaney can make: -script to !qkick afk soldiers for idling -voting to increase time started in last 5 minutes of game teamhampering is really rare so KTFF can take care of this so im not necessary ps I dont agree for scenario when winning team work so freaking hard and after succes losers just do immediately and skip map instead slow bleeding, this is not renegade scenario. if you dont agree you probably never played a marathon in rencorner. this voting is second unfair thing which should be removed. first is of course building restore. 4 free buildings for Nod in last 2 days on lake garden. in first match i was in Nod and i still think its unfair. we should DIE in that match. ty for your atttention.
  3. oh look, seems like fascist organisation called GDI again use brute force to bully poor Nod people they dont want to win, they just need bodies and of course evil ROZ again focus only on killwhoring to make Nod rq asap and kill whole server, what a monster @Cjx0rcool story bro but full of lies and im afraid nobody believes you because even an average player knows who you are. full story: teams was even. nobody leaving on Nod. we tried to destroy last building- CC to end it and we organised bomber rush but "poor bleeding" Nod had still many base defences+almost full AA+camping giant mammoth on front+T62 so rush failed but i survived so i used !char and i got a havoc from !char so i eliminated some Nods and unfortunately for Cjx0r he lost his last technician and this triggered him so much that he tried to start shitstorm instead going afk (as he usually does- btw. he was qkicked for afk 63 times) my intention wasnt killwhoring, it was a result of random character from !char command interesting bonus here specially for W3DHub admins: so i stopped vote only to troll Cjx0r xD it was obvious that it will fail anyway (30 players on board) so it wasnt even mod abuse. I didnt stopped next vote. i knew it will fail anyway tbh this voting is another bs-losing team can just start vote and skip to next map when they smell defeat. ps where is the fun for winning team? as GDI we work hard whole match just to painlessly finish Nod while they have full arsenal of deadly artillery to killwhoring us on so many maps? 6 minutes later my team won by building destruction. nobody no Nod was forced to play 1h on losing map. server didnt hemorrhage players (lol) and only few players left after this map sorry for my english i hope you can understand what i want to say ****************************************************************************************************************** below some stuff from saint Cjx0r which show how much respect he has for other players. person like him has no right to teach me about morality. this is 1 of the reasons why I stopped that voting to trigger him
  4. TemporaryName

    APB Saturday Skirmish

    pogralbym ale zobacze to forum jest w koncu wielojezyczne czy nie?
  5. buy normal used PC with good quality CPU + SSD instead this overheated shit with 5400RPM HDD. this crap from link is too weak even for renegade
  6. I should use ships more often, they are really useful
  7. @Lamar@Catits funny how you are manipulated by Threve and you focus only on that 1 match - evil GDI doesnt care about winning, they only need bodies. poor Nod pray for us but you guys forgot that this match was only very rare exception. building restore exists in every single map without CY ...and I can pick up it too when for example you lost only 1 important building. I will do it every single time, you will see only this: and when you see it your morale will die, then you will die.
  8. ty @dblaney1for your response, could you remove unfair building restore powerups from all maps without conyard? please
  9. well previously I said to my team that if you find third restore and revieve airstrip im gonna rq. it was the only way out of this ridiculous situation
  10. ^ and thats why i hate forums. simple topic: "remove unfair building restore" I think even monkey can agree its unfair in situation when whole team work really really hard to destroy enemy building and when finally they did it random n00b just finds a restore which spawn in base and all work was for nothing especially if they sacrifice much points to do it but some people must produce endless offtop and trolling for fun just to be oposite to OP @Threve
  11. in CY you must pay for it. feel the difference
  12. pathetic excuse to justify unfair power-up
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