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  1. @aaaaaaaayou need desktop CPU from this rank https://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/cpu_benchmark-cinebench_r15_single_core-7 working at full speed all the time if you have lag overheated laptop with Intel core i3 and integrated graphics is too weak
  2. inc lol icn wth mamay support wtf
  3. @Kitsune Youkailol but people comment everything all the time in game and there is no problem. sometimes they are right and admins see it and they change many many things in next version with huge update or just only tiny update. you must know that list of those things is so long that even me cant notice everything and they cant make the list (similiar to APB) because its too much text, im pretty sure nobody would read this lel. especially most of players because they dont even know about this forum i guess. and sometimes they are wrong because they base on... i dont know. perfect example is geko400ri who is very good and experienced player but he sends messages like that very often: its obvious that its caused by his/enemy player lag+renegade netcode but for him somehow its not obvious or... he is trolling, who knows? if you read his message like this thousands of time: you would think he is right in every single thing every time and something seriously is really wrong (except renegade netcode from A.D. 2001) or... its just his point of view?
  4. @aaaaaaaalol, overmining+n00b mining, you should hide proxy in wall to avoid disarming, in tunel near buildings behind ladder to avoid disarming using free view. whats the point to mining area near ladder at Refinery if people can just jump on building ps. limado obviously will get into War Factory by big main gate for tanks so mining doors is bad idea
  5. minimum graphics settings cant help you because you have too weak CPU for APB, windows inside linux doesnt help too. renegade needs very high CPU single core performance. on most complex map in IA-winter assault with ~30 players and ION storm near shield generator (that bubble increases frametime) i have low FPS on ryzen 7 2700x lol Im sure even intel i9 9900K@5GHz cant handle this map at stable 144FPS
  6. I recommend this reticle, its good not only for sniping but for mammoth rockets etc. https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/155-circle-reticle/ in extended options
  7. to let you camp as sbh with ob gun forever? no thanks
  8. btw. there is many people in internet who loves this game but they think multiplayer is already dead, just look at comments on youtube
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