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    FPS is still horrible but look at CPU temperature now 😄
  4. TemporaryName

    inside new pp
  5. TemporaryName

  6. @Threvein current version orca fighter can be destroyed in 1 second by M6 Linebacker+AA specialist combo
  7. TemporaryName

  8. TemporaryName

    or simply dont give a fuck about quality of your service, keep status quo by removing competitive server from renlist and ban everyone who disagree with you-MPF in a nutshell
  9. TemporaryName

    we should simply warfare the village with long range artyllery 😄
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    note: posts were moved by forum moderator im not the admin. translate: you waste time for building useless expensieve bridges (which affects on vehicle limit) while agt was about to die. you didnt care about friendly base because you were busy with blocking place near to bar/agt and PT so players cant refill properly and walk. you actively reduced the team's morale by showing that you dont give a single fuck about our base also by excessive spamming AFFIRMATIVE after agt died which seriously triggered me. you crossed the red line when you again excessively spammed AFFIRMATIVE after barracks died which triggered me to the max so i (only) qkicked you. then you came back, started trolling me and crying to start a shitstorm on public chat so i muted you. after this you clearly proved that talking shit on chat is more important for you than defending the base-you didnt DO SHIT for 20 minutes while your base was about to die. i have all informations in log+i recorded whole game. i remember that qkick, you were hiding in airstrip, previousky you asked me of song from mt.pass in PM, in the next day i told you the name of the song because im helpful until someone make me mad. you were afk so i qkicked you, whats wrong with it? its my job, i saw you in airstrip and after few minutes after i died and spawn in airstrip you still stand in the same place as a soldier. you didnt lose your fancy character or weapons so whats the problem? there is no need to to cry. In that match I qkicked you, you obviously knew why, then you join again and thats all-end of story. its funny that you see problem in me because i rightly qkicked you for afk BUT you dont see any problems in fact that you were completely idle from the beggining. similiar with TH ps, renegade=serious business
  12. TemporaryName

    1. wrong section, dont spam the forum, its topic where you can place screenshots 2. go cry somewhere else, dont troll members of forum and dont TH so you not receive a qkick from me, it's as simple as that. 3. TL;DR https://zippy.gfycat.com/WelcomeGloriousIrishredandwhitesetter.webm
  13. TemporaryName

    hi Ivan275, seifmagdi, IndiaBest, serwy9, 01serwy, serwy5135, somedude124, DanielLaneyTest, DanielLaney, ghostSWT, dblaneyttt, f00keryourleb, f00kerisgay, finalmessagereal. You are banned from this server for cheating. if you have any questions post it here.
  14. TemporaryName

    just now: awesome successful mirage rush pp+Refinery with gap generator later bomber rush
  15. TemporaryName