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  1. @Veyrditefor fun I installed arch linux Manjaro and wine. IA works with 2x less FPS and heavy stuttering+freezes, especially on new maps. pc spec: intel core i5 430M, mobility radeon 5650, 8GB DDR3, SSD
  2. there is 1 command for this but i forgot use !tagself <yournewtag> instead
  3. even though we have this many people interested in these games, and we have so many discussing about them, the actual playerbase is quite small. its because people who only talk (for example DMB) dont have time to play and vice versa lol and because some bad guys removed interim apex server from renlist after they realised they cant stand fair competition
  4. remove your hax from Data folder hehehehehe I bet you have HDD and broken files
  5. @danpaul88yes because I have ADSL xD
  6. please make simple button "refresh" instead automatic refresh after something in list changed (?)
  7. everything is fine when teams are random but if they start manipulating its unfair and scheme is always the same: stacked teams>bad game>many rage quits>empty server>no fun
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