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    1. wrong section, dont spam the forum, its topic where you can place screenshots 2. go cry somewhere else, dont troll members of forum and dont TH so you not receive a qkick from me, it's as simple as that. 3. TL;DR https://zippy.gfycat.com/WelcomeGloriousIrishredandwhitesetter.webm
  2. TemporaryName

    hi Ivan275, seifmagdi, IndiaBest, serwy9, 01serwy, serwy5135, somedude124, DanielLaneyTest, DanielLaney, ghostSWT, dblaneyttt, f00keryourleb, f00kerisgay, finalmessagereal. You are banned from this server for cheating. if you have any questions post it here.
  3. TemporaryName

    just now: awesome successful mirage rush pp+Refinery with gap generator later bomber rush
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    some people complain about low FPS. as you know renegade uses only 1 thread which means that if you disable Intel hyper-threading (not sure about SMT in AMD CPU) you will double the CPU usage for renegade/APB/interim apex = more FPS it works great in my old laptop with intel core i5 430M
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    i bet its damaged file. go into the folder C:\Users\Mattix1\AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client\ttfs\files find "winter_assault" remove it
  9. TemporaryName

    its acer 7741G with modded BIOS, somehow it cant finally die since 8 years
  10. TemporaryName

    yes 😄
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    use microsoft antivirus, others cause very exotic bugs (not only in ren)
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