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    imho this tactic is unefecctive. the only effective way is stank+dynamite but it works only in some maps+you risk they steal your stank wreck=stank+sneaky player=building dead. on mt.pass you can use sapper to block tunel by hon. he can try by orca but mostly fail. on industrial strengh you can stop suicide orca rushes if you really want. dont forget he wastes much time for suicide rush and Nod steal grizzly wreck. for me there is no problem, smart player always can find a way to destroy small base defences. i have a feeling that some people want to ban every single successful method to win the game by building destruction. I always thought that "our main objective is to destroy the enemy base while still protecting our base from enemy attacks" not to let passive campers live long and prosper.
  3. TemporaryName

    @Threveyou cant stop light armored grizzly before he reach the target? i dont get it. you have stanks, comanche etc. to catch him. if he waste so much time and 1200$ x 10 for fail rush to kill only 1 tiny base defence you can hit their main buildings instead and eliminate his base defences in this time because standard method to destroy defences by (for example) tow stryker is much faster and less expensive. personally i dont see single reason to change anything in dynamite. previously 100$ tank crew had dynamite so it was op but now its fine imho. btw. suicide rush with fast vehicle or 800$ orca and dynamite works only in few maps.
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    icn mamy w hot
  5. TemporaryName

    I have to say Renegade X will never be the future of Renegade.
  6. TemporaryName

    first in history spontaneous anti-tank titan rush lol bridge built to repair mortar husk
  7. TemporaryName

    if you have recorded games you can post it here
  8. TemporaryName

    how to NOT use tiberium growth stimulator :D camperfaust
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    FPS is still horrible but look at CPU temperature now 😄
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    inside new pp
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