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  1. because it has low potential, thats why I never purchase spy. of course sometimes he can steal money and beacon building if Nod is completely dumb but its wasting time mostly. 3. only on some maps with upgrades 6. its fair, you can deploy sensor to reveal stealth spy (visible as well) the only unfair thing is building restore
  2. it was before some bad men removed server from renlist because of unhealthy competition well playing in Nod requires different tactic. you have to know how to use specialized Nod units like comanche or you will die in first contact and waste 2800$
  3. do you think its so easy to find Gizmo Repair Gun Mk.III/dynamite/strong demolition crate/demo C4? wasting 3500$+2000$ for beacon is also painfull. you cant blame spy when nobody in Nod doesnt care about defence/proper mining. you have all tools to stop slow obvious spy (smaller than original Nod character with 100 health+50 armor only) before he even reach Nod base and when he is inside base sensor shows an arrow above him and radar shows beacon so I dont know what else you need to stop him.
  4. spy is fine, he is very easy to kill, slow and very expensieve, you can see on radar where he placed ION cannon beacon and deploy sensor if he found stealth suit increase C4 proximity damage-problem solved (I suggested it to Kaskins long time ago)
  5. ? RC admin posted those statistics. anyway I have my own based on #rc-aow Jun 07 2016 - Mar 30 2019 GDI has won the game 10429 times - 48% Nod has won the game 11283 times - 52% my point is: Nod is OP in rencorner right?
  6. seriously? ok, GDI is better than Nod currently but hey-Nod is OP as fuck in MPF server since 4-5 years(?) and nobody gives a single fuck and you play in that server regularly, am I right? also in rencorner Nod is slightly better-dont believe me, believe win/lose ratio based on statistics don't be so dramatic lol
  7. IMHO stank damage is too low now phase is ok ezekiel damage is ok. it has now more speed and faster turn around
  8. I agree, Sharpshooter M14 M1A SSC needs slightly buff-increase accuracy or maybe direct hit instead delay (and decrease damage a bit instead) I suggested it Kaskins long time ago
  9. voting system is broken example: 19 players-5 yes overvoted 4 no + 10 players who ignored voting which should be considered as "!vote no" another thing is also stupid: so if you dont want change map you should ignore voting instead !vote no xD of course voting should be available only in first minute of game. situation where someone from losing team starts voting to immediately switch to next map is inadmissible
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/guard55/videos?filter=archives&sort=time
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