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    yes 😄
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    use microsoft antivirus, others cause very exotic bugs (not only in ren)
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    which antivirus?
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  10. TemporaryName

    pls dont offtop shaitan. its very simple: you saw over 60 players in IA server (which is extremely rare in mpf or rencorner) for few days in a row and you are jealous
  11. TemporaryName

    I was talking about people who removed IA server from renlist because they cant stand competition. they just want status quo. someone once said they care about players, now i see clearly that it was a perfidious lie
  12. TemporaryName

    of course its the most reasonable solution (for players) but current owners dont want competition, they use everything they got to destroy potential competitor as soon as possible because nobody really cares about players (also nobody cares about customers in real world btw.)
  13. TemporaryName

    https://zippy.gfycat.com/WelcomeGloriousIrishredandwhitesetter.webm situation is clear: -very bugged unbalanced MPF with OP Nod and where admins dont care about anything because they think they have players and " its fine as it is" + they insolently stole new version of this mod made by Yap and dblaney and they are hosting it even now-of course they completely ruined it+ they have uncountable exotic bugs which they NEVER cant fix because they dont know how-pretty pathetic xD and -rencorner where players are completely bored after ~1h put together their forces and decided to destroy the only 1 interesting server because its simply much better than mpf+rencorner together
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