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  1. This guy Just forget about it, seems like you just can't understand that the AA trooper was bugged.
  2. Then explain to me how previously I was alt tabbed in the field and randomly died. There were no walls around to splash myself on, not to mention that you can't splash yourself with a AA rocket(I actually tried it ingame). And even IF somehow you could splash yourself, I wouldn't be able to fire because I wasn't in the game. You're just being stupid at this point and you don't really bring anything useful to the conversation.
  3. Might as well just remove every GDI tank besides the Type 10, Railgun Mammy/Titan, 36, ADATS and the repair vehicles.. That thing is way too powerful and I got no idea why these tanks even got added, the K2 as well, why get that one when for 300 or so more you can get the Type 10. M60s are also useless. Don't really know the purpose of MARS, it says artillery but it's pretty bad against buildings, so maybe anti infantry? The Sheridan was a really nice and versatile tank, decent reload with the HE and it could fend off low to mid tier tanks with the ATGM. Now you made a light tank that's supposed to use its mobility to easily move around the map and shoot stuff have to deploy and stand still to use ATGMs and get shit on by low tier infantry and vehicles because the armor is irrelevant. Who decided these are good changes? The thing literally gets killed by 3 rockets from a $200 Nod rocket trooper. Then there's the Orca Fighters, they pretty much btfo every single air unit in the game, AT Comanches sometimes require 6 rockets to kill one from behind. The only counter is the Hind for the most part but AA troopers are also good against them. The Hind however is just straight up broken to the point where you can only kill it with heavy AA units like the ADATS but only if he's close to you. They just fly up in the sky(which seems to be the "meta") and spray down at enemies without being attacked by AA units since they're too far away. Don't really see the point of the T82, it's like a worse T62 since it has lower mobility and gets shit on as fast as a T62. The BMP is a pretty good vehicle and it's actually really balanced. Same with the Sprut. Infrareds were buffed to almost the power they used to have about 2 years ago but the absurd price doesn't look like a tradeoff. 4100 for a tank that can do damage unless you face the cheaper Type 10s which are several times stronger than you. The Atlay is just a dumb vehicle. The Msta is a weird thing, I rarely see them since people usually take out the better arties, like the SSM or the Luna.
  4. Have you even tried to read what I just said. I was looking at a PT while I was making the post.
  5. crashdump.20210721-192340-r8439-n1.dmp
  6. Tbh some things are pretty broken. The Nod AA guy(at least) switches weapons automatically and sometimes just randomly dies when you press the trigger to shoot at something. I bought a AA soldier while I was making this post and died looking at the PT.
  7. GDI btfo Nod early on, Nod cheese kills the War Factory and got cheesed back.
  8. Is it allowed to glitch proxies into certain objects? Today on Cold Wall Nod got pretty messed up and about to be destroyed until I got a spy crate. I got inside the GDI base and everything was mined except the Ped on top of Barracks. It seemed odd, ramps weren't mined. Then when I got on top of it to plant I just fucking died. It was viperxcl who did it, there is no way you can mine the ceiling from the inside because it's too high, unless you can throw proxies further, so somehow he glitched them inside, just like how you could glitch beacons on the spotlights. They can't be disarmed either way..
  9. Yeah sure, people the other day posted even worse kind of stuff and I never saw them get a timeout or straight up banned. That's cool of you. Like killing cops Gee wiz didn't see those get deleted nono, big baby. I see you banned me from TeamSpeak as well, Jesus dude you really are a snowflake and a half. Grow tf up wallywood wannabe
  10. So I've been banned on Discord. Kidding me? Unironically go end yourself you loser.
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