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  1. So today on Industrial Warfare I got banned by Gavin Chater because he's a little whining bitch that enjoys to abuse his power. I got a 36 inch from a crate and locked it in the middle of the base with no way for Nod to get to it, he kicks me 'for leaving vehicles empty to be stolen by Nod' even though it's literally IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BASE. Then I join back and called him an autistic fuck, he stole my 36 and then he muted me. I join again with his real name and bans me for 24 hours yeah buddy ok 'using name' I wouldn't mind if anyone joined with mine, I don't care at all, there's nothing they can use it for. Now unban me, this guy does this crap on purpose on me and a couple of other guys just because he doesn't like us, and frankly we don't like him either. There shouldn't be any personal feelings when it comes to moderating, there's people talking racist crap ingame all the time and no one does anything but God forbid someone respond to this guy, he'll mute and ban you. A while ago he was talking trash to me so I literally said 'What did you say Gavin' then he muted me straight off. Seriously guys you should consider a bit more when picking mods and admins. If not then It'll be my pleasure to take this as a more personal matter since a couple of my friends know their way around a PC and I already know everything about this guy.
  2. Yeah he was totally 'fucking up gdi' by DEFENDING the fucking base with a shield generator so Nod couldn't kill the buildings, the only thing exposed was the refinery and silo because they're so much off to the side(it was the weird looking map made out of huge walls and a crapton of catwalks). Why don't you also post the logs of when you killed his tib truck in the beginning: [04:02:16] RandyMarsh: !showmods [04:02:16] Host: [BR] InGame Moderators: @JO_MOMMA_USA [04:02:17] SilverSmurfer: kuckhold's THing Your response to that was: [04:02:22] KholdX: finger must have slipped looks like you have one already Yeah 'finger must have slipped a couple of times' while you were killing the guy's truck, then he got a shield gen to defend the base and you tried to push it aside so it wouldn't cover the base anymore.
  3. So for the entirety of the game, this guy called KholdX has been team hampering our team by blowing up the Tiberium Trucks, pushing teammates, trying to move a Shield Generator away so the base would get shot and other hampering stuff. The only mod ingame was JO_MOMMA_USA and a couple of people, including me, told him about what this guy was doing for roughly half an hour without getting any response yet he was playing the game(saw him use a SSM) and he was quite high up the leaderboard. At one point I honestly got so mad I just raged at him in the PM telling him to lay down the f*cking game for a second and deal with him since he was doing it constantly for HALF AN HOUR. You wonder what his response to that might be, well this happened: [04:16:05] Host: SilverSmurfer has been killed by JO_MOMMA_USA. Apparently I was bothering this guy with the fact that someone was breaking the rules for an entire freaking game that he literally killed me with the command and proceeded to play the game again. That was the only 'response' I got from him about this situation, getting !killed. I've been a mod before and honestly I never did crap like this, I always dropped the game to check on people I was getting complains about. This guy doesn't belong to staff, it's not the first time he was the only mod ingame and he wasn't doing anything because he didn't know what to do(warning people about stuff, balancing the teams(he told me, and I'm not even joking) 'how do I do that)).
  4. Ofcourse stuff is going to be overpowered, it's still in alpha stages, give it some time. And I agree on the part with the high tech stuff, I mentioned it on their ModDB page ages ago. They shouldn't have super high tech stuff but a more GLA like faction where they have shitty low quality and weak tanks, which you could upgrade to be stronger. The Superweapon becomes available to fire as soon as you build it because it's bugged, if you fire it it's going to start the timer. But I like them nonetheless.
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