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  1. Yeah sure, people the other day posted even worse kind of stuff and I never saw them get a timeout or straight up banned. That's cool of you. Like killing cops Gee wiz didn't see those get deleted nono, big baby. I see you banned me from TeamSpeak as well, Jesus dude you really are a snowflake and a half. Grow tf up wallywood wannabe
  2. So I've been banned on Discord. Kidding me? Unironically go end yourself you loser.
  3. I agree, just take out whatever he alegedly created and bring the mod back. Let him squirm in his own tears and poo with the stuff he supposedly worked at.
  4. Man this sucks ass. I loved playing TSR but as always some butthurt jagoff has to come and ruin everything. The mod was already dead with little activity every two months or so. Why even bother to go through all of that just for ‘muh assets n shieet’. Grow up you big baby.
  5. I never really paid much attention to how good these tanks are, had to use them today cause the team wasn't really cooperating and boy they own shit.
  6. So on infinite isle some GDI guy was trying to make a bridge to the mountains and possibly shoot into our base from above, is this allowed? Edit: Sorry for bad clip, it's this one.
  7. Someone needs to find that guy that ddosed RC for a week and pay him to do it for a month or so. Tbh Jokes aside(or was I?), a small update would probably bring more players to the fold. Maybe even give GDI and Nod some new toys in IA. Or maybe some new maps, RC got a bunch of new maps including SiegeDB(dblaney?) to bring players and they had over 20 for a couple of days now.
  8. Caught him abusing the !stuck command to glitch himself on the buildings on Vile Facility. Posted clip with timestamp.
  9. We didn't rail him. The game was going on just fine, he troll voted to skip a map, the map skipped, people left and then he said 'worth it' and left himself. He didn't change the map because he didn't like it. He did it to troll and kill the server for some time.
  10. So we're all having fun in a 6v6, not that many but any players are good since the server's been pretty empty lately, then the map changed and this moron voted to skip it cause 'he didn't like the map' then he left either way, killing the server. It went from 12 players to 5 just like that(it was 5 Nod vs 1 GDI when I left because there was no point tbh). I wouldn't mind the map change if we had a higher amount of players and could afford to lose a few if others joined later on. You got more chances of people joining with higher amounts of players than with 5 since there isn't much
  11. bEcAuSe gDi sUffErS Anyway with the recent changes on the Infrareds, Ezekiels and buffing Mammies, the balance kinda dropped. It would've been fine if just either one of them got nerfed/buffed instead of nerfing Nod AND buffing some GDI tanks to the point where it looks like you're using a nerf gun against them. Some time ago a bunch of infrareds, an ezekiel and a SBH with a carl gustav were barely doing any damage to a single mammoth that ended up taking out PP(on the map with hills where Nod has a bunch of sam sites and gdi has some abrams tanks and whatnot) which is pretty stupid. It k
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