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  1. You can connect directly through the exe and go to Multiplayer then Join Official Server Or in the launcher click on Interim Apex, Single player then ingame again go to Multiplayer
  2. It's not the launcher. A lot of people use it just to play vanilla or clanwars because it's nicer and more convenient.
  3. It's because the Renegade community will always only play Vanilla. The others have a very small playerbase that join during events and game nights with the exception being IA but that one is also getting smaller and smaller due to some things. The game used to constantly have 30-40 players for hours and hours every day.
  4. Does anyone have access to logs to check if he used god mode to get into my tank as it was BEING DROPPED and steal it? Seems too suspicious since both teams knew that Bombers were coming. Or maybe it was a really weird bug?
  5. GDI infantry feel a bit underwhelming compared to their Nod counterparts. Officer isn't anything spectacular, it should receive a buff and possibly AT grenades so it's not 1:1 with the Elite Cadre Enforcers are very underwhelming. They're only good at killing infantry over very short ranges so you can get all headshots on. They could get a projectile speed increase or, as someone in Discord mentioned, they should do more damage the longer they fire. Tanks seem to be too flimsy, most of them can already die to cheap infantry like the Cadres. The biggest issue being the Mk2 which will easily die to a handful of Kerubims(like on the train map we played Sunday). It should get a HP buff, possibly longer range for the machineguns and a camera adjustment. In some areas it's extremely hard to aim at things because the camera pans to the rear of the vehicle.
  6. Stealth Tank missiles could use a tweak so they don't go into the ground when aiming at a unit with some elevation between the two of you. They lock on to the middle of the tank and force you, a pretty weak tank, to get really close to the enemy. Dumb missiles don't really work since they just fly straight. I found out that the MSA Hud glitch can be negated if you go in first person, apparently it only affects you in third person.
  7. Sorry I clicked the wrong section, can someone move this to IA? Thanks. Tonight something got into this asshat that he started to TH on purpose. It started with me ending a game on Mt Pass, made most of the GDI players RQ and ended it with a 6v3. After that on Industrial Strength it's me with MDK, him and Flareon that was afk. Mozard just AFKd inside a Wisel and told GDI what I was doing, where I was going, repairing tanks and giving them to GDI just to troll while laughing it off. Both him and MDK are just borderline trolls and it screws up low playercount games since that's all we get nowdays.
  8. Zippo used to be great a few years ago, then it got nerfed to basically being pointless like a bunch of other tanks. It should have a slight damage increase against infantry just for the sake of using it against infantry(even though you got MPs with AA12s and AVREs for that). Repair APC for GDI sounds nice but you pretty much never see battleships get repaired. Mortar APC would be extremely OP since you can deploy it at very long ranges and do loads of damage to buildings and infantry. You could get a handful of them to go around maps and shoot from outside the vision range of Nod. Vigilante will be around 2-3 times cheaper(last I checked) in the update and I think the damage gets increased. The downside is that it's not very accurate at longer ranges. If there's lots of air around you should buy a Chapperal, it's nowhere near as good as the Geko(which can fire without a player inside) but it's pretty tough and it has an AI turret that will automatically attack air, even stealth choppers. It does decent damage against Banshees. If you get another player to join with a Type 87 for support then you're pretty much immune from air.
  9. It's pretty rare to see Comanches get countered by Kawas. It's a waste of 1700 creds(or however much it costs) because the guy can see you from far away and already plan on how to destroy you while you're looking around for them. Comanches usually get blown up by base defenses, Chapperals and normal orcas that just happen to get extremely lucky and get the drop on one. To be honest getting a MSA and then just normal 800 orcas is a cheaper way to try and hunt them down(at least on maps like infinite isle) but if it's something like Battle for Midway you can forget about going solo with gdi air. At that point all you can do is either buy or have someone else buy a Chapperall and try to bait them with a cheap orca. Kawasakis: : friezkrieg :"asking for increase detection range", WNxHeadShot: "asking same things, but used different words", Threve: "Damn, WNxHeadShot so smart and sexy, 100%", meanwhile friezkrieg: "" I think that's because the detection is more of a niche on the kawasaki and that I pointed out the main purpose of them is to mass rush obelisks.
  10. Well if you're gonna necro a thread that was originally made 5 years ago.. 1. Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. I grew up playing this, I loved the music, units and the campaigns were really nice when you looked at them as a kid. The characters were a bit goofy but memorable. It was my first C&C game and I wasted so many hours making pretty looking bases and jamming to rock as a 7yo. Mods made it extremely nice, back when modding was more about adding even more dumber and overpowered stuff rather than trying to make the game balanced. 2. Starcraft The second RTS I've ever played, while it was extremely nice as well, I didn't like the fact that you had a supply cap and couldn't start building units until you had the required amount of minerals(unlike in c&c where you can start training something even with 0 credits and it'll keep going when you get more). It was definitely the harder game and while I learned how to control stuff in RA2 fairly easy, in StarCraft I was literally clicking the buttons on the bar because what's the point of having it there if you can still use the mouse buttons(I didn't know that at first). The music was could really pump you up but the characters in it where a bit of a let down since they were just avatars mubling with voices put behind them(not like in C&C with the FMV which gave you a better idea of how they would look like in real life). Also Siege Tanks can't crush a puny ass zergling, wtf. 3. Tiberian Sun. While not as colorful as RA2 the game definitely got my attention, at first I played the Demo which has a mission or two. I really loved the titans, big ass robots with cannons, tiberium, KANE. Introduction to the Basedhood of Nod. Stealth tanks, Juggernauts even though they were garbage units. The tiberium flora and fauna gave some maps extremely nice looks even though they were mostly empty with a few buildings. The game had a dark feeling to it and the music made that much more dramatic and the FMVs were amazing! You'd get to see the Mammoth Mk2, laser turrets, obelisks and titans! 4. Generals and ZH. This game was the second RTS I've ever played online(and the first to do it multiple times) and while it breaks away from the C&C and RA universe, it was a really nice game. I liked how you had planes actually take off, the support powers you could call in. Playing as GLA and making tunnels everywhere. I'd go to a net cafe and rent a PC to play it all night with some old guy that was always there, looking for people to play with. I made the guy RQ when I made a bunch of workers and bumrushed his base with tunnels. We also played PvE and TD maps. Good times. While the story wasn't much, just a bunch of missions with some objectives, the units and the 3D setting were nice and playing it in MP brought me a lot of joy. 5.Warcraft 3. Never played it online(just modded maps) but the campaigns were extremely nice and memorable. The game was hard as hell for me and unfortunately it also had the pop cap. Was never a fan of the more fantasy setting with magic and the like but I've played it a lot. Probably the best thing about it were the modded maps. I got to play the OG WC3 DotA maps with a bunch of other people on the internet and I've got no idea how much time I put in that. 6.Empire Earth. Dude you could start the game as an advanced civilization and watching literal cavemen club eachother while you nuke their ass. That's probably the most fun I've had with it since the campaign was very hard and didn't know what to do in most of the missions. I still haven't finished the game. 7.Age of Empires 1 and 2. I never knew how to play this game, it was too much of a hassle to get several types of resources while also having a pop cap and multiple production buildings not to mention that I wasn't really fond of the whole medieval setting when I could make Apoc Tanks and Kirovs in another game. I just played a few missions and used the cheat to spawn in cars. There's also a few other games but I haven't played them as much, usually just once. Warfront Turning Point, Earth 2160, Men of War Assault Squad 2(extremely fun when you play it with a friend in co-op and do stupid stuff like shoot the other guy's units with artillery).
  11. Apaches and Comanches don't need any sort of buff, especially the Comanches. The AT Comanche is extremely good against most tanks while also being stealth which is extremely powerful. You can patrol around the map while being completely undetectable and get behind enemy aircraft and easily kill them in a few missiles. The escort one is only useful for one thing and not many people know it, the laser pods secondary attack WILL destroy a 36 Mammoth in just 2 or 3 bursts granted he doesn't have any other teammates behind him. The apache is more or less just a way to get on the cliffs and destroy defenses with a rocket soldier, it only costs 800 but the AT one can be useful on certain maps where you can get behind cover. The Kawasakis also have just one role, while they're decent at killing tanks, people usually mass them to rush obelisks and such. I wouldn't say that they need either a buff or a nerf, maybe just increase the detection range so you can counter Comanches better. Orca Fighters used to be very good, I have no idea why they were nerfed to this point where you basically need to be point blank to use the alt attack. They should get a armor buff/change to be able to counter hinds without getting wrecked in two bursts. Hind - Yes. Chinook with airlift would break most games since you could just airlift some stronger tanks to the cliffs or edges of the Nod base. You wouldn't even need to go around. Maybe increase the missile damage against Hinds since currently it's the only GDI air unit that doesn't die in literally 1 burst, the other being the orca fighter which dies in 2.
  12. I know there's some way to get inside the walls in the GDI Comms. About 2 weeks ago a Nod got turned into a visceroid and somehow got inside the wall in the first room on the left and he got command killed by a mod (I think it was Threve, we were on VC when I called it out).
  13. This guy got so butthurt that I blew up the Nod Comms with a spy that he somehow glitched the ion in the comms wall. It didn't look like it was somewhere on the inside. You can also see and engineer trying to disarm it but his pathing was messed up, staring at the wall, if it was inside the AI engineer would've gone there. Quick Edit: He survived the blast and there was a Guard Tower in the back so he didn't escape through there.
  14. Hahaha, he got squished by the repaired shell xd
  15. I guess this guy just felt bored and wanted to troll so he started to repair enemy units and gift them tanks.
  16. Started as a 2v1, with me vs those two. Killed all buildings besides comms on my own while PSI kept calling me a aimhacker among other swearing. Lol..
  17. If it happens again, start IA through the Single Player option in the launcher then go to Multiplayer and Join Official Server to join the backup one. It doesn't show up in the launcher.
  18. Can anyone check if this guy is cheating in any way? He seems really suspicious. First video: He drives shooting around the corner at me even though he didn't know I was there. I was stealth as he was coming up his ramp. Second video: He kills my powersuit Havoc with a chaingun in like 5 bullets.
  19. This guy Just forget about it, seems like you just can't understand that the AA trooper was bugged.
  20. Then explain to me how previously I was alt tabbed in the field and randomly died. There were no walls around to splash myself on, not to mention that you can't splash yourself with a AA rocket(I actually tried it ingame). And even IF somehow you could splash yourself, I wouldn't be able to fire because I wasn't in the game. You're just being stupid at this point and you don't really bring anything useful to the conversation.
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