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  1. FCUK GAME WORSED COMPLITELY DMB IS CRYING n00b CRIED TOO MUCH AND U LISTENED TO HIM!!! WTF??? SPIES USELESS PROXIES AND OTEHR DEFENSE OWERPOWERED PLAYERS DOn't want to play. They're thinking the game going to play by itself for them!!! THis is not possible!!! People complain about spies but try to keep your fucking useless eye opened and watch out a little! Shut up! That's absolutely 100% bullshit you made spies useless. Fuck this game. I'm out untill you fix this shit. Don't respond to this topic if you're not my friend. (Only admin my friend except Voe) But i not going to read this shit you say right now you can just ban me and laugh so gtfo and bye. I go.
  2. Nod sucks because of @notDMB's nerfs. Most battles are Nod camping vs GDI attacking. Nod can't attack because sucks a lot. Buff Nod speed and firepower. And strdswagn is so fragile and expencive...
  3. Yes. I'll have days off on the christmas and ready for help. If you teach me how, I'll make only best no-lag maps bez my pc is not high-dollar fps shit (vile fac_e06 lag shit even dblaney1's pc lags hard when 30+ players, but old vile fac is very good map) and I'll kill rozeperdialaotoer there becasue my map no lags. if you are intarestid in that I'll check that forum in a week if not forget.
  5. fgd56


    Lags will put all your skill into shit anyway. No matter how skilled you are. For example you run away from a sniper projectile and you see how he shoot ramjet in 1.5 meters away of you, and in the same moment game move you back in these 1.5 meters and you dead. Fuck this talks about skills and "skilly weapons" and "skilly gameplay". Make sticky bombs great again.
  6. shh Dblaneyer and Yapper, pls look at suggestions and review them. We told few worthy things here and me and Raptorer239 and someone else here are agreed in many our opinions.
  7. fgd56


    Enough. I ban all of u trolls.
  8. Hover MRLS seems good, btw. very easy to kill with some tanks (Tesla, T62, ezek [harder], etc).
  9. WTF you saying? I told what to do with BRDM and apc https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/421448-hovers-mrls/?tab=comments#comment-706092 1) You can't remove apc (you meant APC? Right?) Becasue it is classic vehicle for Nod and GDI. Don't remove, just change weapon. 2) Not going to analyze atm. 3) Remove yourself. Remove autocannon apc. Do not remove 500$ APC! A) GDI already got this. Do not make same weapon vehicles with different appearances, there are enough of them. B) APC splitfire already got laser gun u r n00b not experienced player I see. (TLDR)
  10. fgd56


    ROZEPERDDALATOR just wants to be a friend of LiMaDo and ElySpain. LiMaDO ignore losers, they never shut up.
  11. fgd56


    NOSOTROS SOMOS LOS MEJORES AMIGOS leran spaniosh and english understnd me?
  12. ty for reminding me that, he will pay for that
  13. Make SA8 GEKO shot manually. Make ADATS as good as before. Currently now it is stone throwing system by all means, not missile launcher. (strong arc missile trajectory + rediculiously low damage with secondary fire) I'm only the one who talk about problems overnerfed units. Usually noobs after hard losing going here and asking for nerf "OP thing" as they assume, instead of using possible ways to deal with this enemy unit and a player who knows how to use this unit. If this happens, the units usually get overnerfed and 30-40% units becime just out of regular use. People find alternative ways of playing in some time, and some units just become forgotten. Light tank? WTF is that? Honestly I forgot about this tank untill I got it in vehicle crate yesterday. I sold it, because it is useless vehicle for its price and not only price. Using this weak tank is a waste of time. Side note, delete autocannon Nod APC and give this weapon to cheaper BRDM as KPVT becasue currenlty it's armed with 2 almost same machine guns. I suppose this will provide Nod to have an agile, powerful low-armored and low-price vehicle for water battles. Not so strong as ADATS, but they should be able to be counter ADATS in this settings if use in larger groups. Moving this vehicle to more expencive section and buffing the KPVT autocannon in terms of reload time, ammo load and pitch angle (vertical, for anti-air usage) might be required to reach described purposes.
  14. Infinite Isle. I was escaping from GDI orca and fallen in down laedge, then jumped in water and appeared inside of the ... something: fortunately, I found a hole to exitt from this thing. It turned out to be a piece of a cliff: Look at this hole! And there should be anotehr one on the top, since I fell through it into this piece of the rock. By the way, this rock is invisible from the top, and I thought I jumped into the water. Piece of the wall in the air. Map name is on the 2nd screenshot.
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