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  1. Why aaaaaaaa was muted now without any visavle reason? The same happened in last weekend. I want to know, Is there some automatical bot which mutes players by some algorithm or just someone has some worthy reason? Who and why did that:
  2. The gun is not attached to the turret.
  3. No. It was nerfed too much when got a new 3D model. And now is just has useless armor and firepower, not able to destroy railgun mammonth, not to mention its few times overpriced for current state. It doesn't have upgraded armor, just using upgraded model but it still has ~750 hp as before. @Kaskins please fix non-upgraded model. What? 2800$ railgun mammonth easily destroys it. And 120mm mammonth has an insane range as T62 and splash damage. I think it is able to outrange obelisk. Look the range: I suggest you to turn the attention in ajusting GDI titans, a Railgun titan foremost. I guess, overcharged beam should be suppoused to deal superrior damage to tanks and infantry than a normal beam, but currently charged beam is not able to kill a simple Rifleman and dealling rediculously small damage to vehicles. I still believe there should be a class of high-armor tanks which should be able to outrange agt/obelisks and deal small damage to them. (t62 and strdsvagn for Nod, 120mm mammonth and 105 mm titan for GDI). If it's necessary to nerf t62, so nerf its damage, not range and speed characteristics. Becasue basically Nod should have lower armor and more agile vehicles then GDI. And GDI, in turn, has huge firepower and armor, but slower vehicles.
  4. @notDMB what are you doing? Why talk about him hacking while I'm collecting proofs? Now he turned off his hacks and going to use them only when mods offline. His hacker avatar is ironic.
  5. Guys, we are talking about t62 here. Unfortunately, it's impossible to satisfy all of your wants in reason some of them does not match game concepts.
  6. Do not touch t62, it is just 1 meter outragnes the agt. I was attacking an agt yesterday and someone told Do not touch t62 pls, other Nod non-stealth tanks are useless. Also threre are other non-artillery vehicles which able to outrange agt. But unability to to find a player for few minutes while agt is being attacked by t62 for repair among ~10 players team is not a reason to nerf this unit. Btw, currently non-upgraded t62 uses upgraded armor model. Please fix.
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