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  1. Platy yay Ps Squad, Platy Ps Squad, Platy With My best friend =) Girls Power. n00bs Meme Team, Ps Squad, Platy Team
  2. LiMaDo


    Will you stop putting us on a pedestal please? saying that because of us the teams are in level differences, stop saying that we empty the server, some see you saw it with your own eyes? very few times they leave the server. and it's just 2 or 3, please don't overdo it.
  3. LiMaDo


    For my part, I never said that you were against teamwork, and it's not a big team as you say . I'm saying that anyone can work as a team like us (or ask for help like we usually do), but some don't listen. and they are players that we always see and they end up getting angry with us for working as a team and they end up leaving the game. today we lost many games due to constant teamwork. and the ranking does not matter if a team knows how to listen. And a question for you roz, will you keep insulting us for wanting to be on the same team? that was one of the points of this topic
  4. LiMaDo


    score? are u serius threve? tell me you are joking
  5. LiMaDo


    how much more are you gonna put us on a pedestal? I told you they are leaving because they don't work as a team, we don't play as gods, we play as a team, if we change our names I bet nobody would say anything, it's not because of the command, it's just because of our names. We play at the same level as them
  6. LiMaDo


    of course you can ban me if you want, because of the rejoin. I dont have a problem with that. I just hope they no longer insult anymore just for that
  7. LiMaDo


    I respect your point of view, Threve, but I'm not talking about in-game experience, I'm talking about communication. What I do with ElySpain, I could not do it with you or rozpieldalator, because we would not understand each other. What we do is called Teamwork, this is the essential in this game, I know that there are some new players (few), but what if there are many people who do not listen, that's why I do the rejoin thing and I will continue doing it because nobody else listens to us. watch this latest game where Nod crushes us with his teamwork. Anyone can beat a great team (as you say)
  8. LiMaDo


    It was not my intention to come to this, I know it is a cowardly way of fixing things, but I try to ask for things with respect and you respond sarcastically, changing teams legally or illegally you always have a problem, I wonder, why always us ? I see that many change teams but the problem is always with us. And yes, I collected those screenshots for months, from May to this day you continue with the same, ufff. We asked you many times to stop, it is obvious that one day we were going to get tired, right?
  9. LiMaDo


    we dont want to create problems with anyone, just enjoy the game
  10. LiMaDo


    Yeah your Spanish is good haha
  11. LiMaDo


    yeah especially the child who commented up there "TemporaryName"
  12. LiMaDo


    Ok guys... For those who attack ElySpain and me for being on the same team, can u stop please? We want to play quietly, without disturbing anyone. And IS NOT team stack.. we are NOT PRO PLAYERS, we just communicate well, our english sucks and we like to work as a team. We lost a lot of games stop thinking that we are the best players there .. And sorry for my english lol
  13. https://youtu.be/Hr07Qw9wldE
  14. That wolverine rush was Ely´s idea hehehehehe Mexico Spain Arg This one is really old hmmm Geko Neko Lookout2
  15. maybe corrupted files? this happen to you on All maps?
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