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  1. Sorry for the quality and fps ;(
  2. battlemax with pashe tank on hill...
  3. ok i try to record but the lag and the fps did not help. it is not the best quality but at least you can see it. Uploading part 2 but the size is 1.5gb maybe in two days you can see it LOL... 0 buildings killed D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnm0lado-Xo
  4. LiMaDo

    Spy Crate

    Anyway, Yap said it was not possible (i think he´s lying). Haha nvm
  5. LiMaDo

    Spy Crate

    GDI cant buy sbhs, and there are many maps where the other teams just camp and we need wait like 2 hour to finish the map like mtbog, great under, winterassault, mtpass, coldvalley, greatwall, lake garden. And it can be a chance if you're losing.
  6. Why the spy crate can be detected by MSA. I think it´s stupid, there are not many chances to get it.
  7. hahaha.. here is my list Pro Players: 1-Matenone- THE BEST Good Players: AkaSlave- he is always mining Darthvader Decent players: Lynx Harvester Noobs: Sheila Sheila Sheila KTFF k00fer Miblaney1 Khold Smart and Sexy Players: LiMaDo
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