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  1. LiMaDo

    IA Server

    The server has been empty...
  2. LiMaDo

    IA Server

    Same here. My internet is working slow, more than before lol
  3. when will they fix the server?
  4. Merry crhistmas IA players, have a beautiful night and stop being MIBLETS chaha.
  5. haha, MIBLANEY voice... lookout2.mp3
  6. write about weak points in tanks and defences? sorry for my english lol
  7. why threve? he is n00b... Ok i´ll wait for the link.. VIVA BRASIL
  8. mi amooor tirame una señaaaaaaal :clap:


  9. hahaha now i understand why u needed the screenshot
  10. Alex watching my beautiful body that happens to you for beign afk MibTff
  11. Please Yap.. Ban this jerk haha jk.. Yeah we need TOXIN TRACTOR BACK!
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