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  1. miblet

    New tanks?

    WOW, I really like your idea but GDI would be overpowered, btw I think if they add CnC 3 Mammoth and CnC 3 Stealth Tank (8 rockets per reload) the game can be more fun due to a more unique arsenal :D
  2. miblet

    New tanks?

    Would be the Nod version of GDI Zippo
  3. D. The orca fighter is fine for me, the rocket fast salvo is very good against vehicles and air units in general in the other hand the orca fighter is not aimed to fight against infantry (heavy inf like mutant raveshaw or black hands idk) but still the perfomance is pretty good if u know how to use it and on what cases is good to fight or to retreat ^^
  4. Just the launcher menu, IA Names and Strings would be almost imposible due to changes all the time (just as dblaney1 said) and cos the game is in english I leave here a image of things that can be in spanish or another language instead of english.
  5. It's simple, I think the launcher needs a Spanish language option because there are many Spanish speakers there and they want to download the w3d launcher but their English is not good. If there is any way I could help, I would be happy to contribute since I am a native Spanish speaker. Regards
  6. I like the your idea, Hind now is useless at range and for me it's only good when you use the Vulcan chain gun against a orca at short distance, btw still sucks now.
  7. Im the only one who wants to see a leopard 2 on gdi arsenal... or the tiger 1 or 2 on the forgotten war Factory idk it Will be cool to see tanks from ww2 on the forgotten arsenal xD
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