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  1. For the last time? :P In seriousness, it looks cool, but I'm juggling some RL stuff for an upcoming job and three different RP things. I'll try to join next time Verti has an open slot. Hope you all enjoy it though <3
  2. I'll have to pass for now, currently juggling a lot of stuff as is. Maybe next time it opens up.
  3. I'll consider it, doing a lot of RP related stuff on the side atm. I'll let you know by Sunday.
  4. I've been summoned. I'll look over the first page and such if you don't mind giving me a brief rundown?
  5. Dawn is me. Am in Discord if you want to talk, don't wanna derail the thread.
  6. Man I guess everyone who's better at me than video games must be cheating. Try serpentining or stutter stepping. The fact people walk into an ion cannon and get their head blown off, or stand in one spot and get repeatedly fired on the noggin via a carbine isn't evidence of cheating. It's evidence showing you people need to think smart when actually playing the game. 01:23ish, when Exterminator_3 became a bullet sponge but let aaaaaa kill him via closing the distance and forcing Guard55 to force him down or be killed by Exterminator_3. Then after that, where literally everyone tries the Soviet wave tactic of drowning the enemy in bodies and start screaming hacks? If you tried actually closing the distance again, instead of standing in a kill zone and trying to use flamethrowers to kill him, you probably could force him out of cover with a rifleman, go -around- using an aircraft, or literally anything aside from funneling into a killzone. 01:33:28. Red barred? Where? 01:33:33 - 01:34:12 Shhhh, sHa, If you can't see the stream, use the Twitch application at https://www.twitch.tv/downloads 01:34:56 - 01:35:34 If you take a vehicle that's near death into someone you know has an ion cannon or any sort of anti-vehicle/anti-tank thing, that's only your fault. Maybe stop going in the tunnel so much, or buy a full hp vehicle and try that again. 01:36:24 - 01:36:32 Running into an area that's being suppressed constantly by a Dragonfly, running up on fire, and getting shot. 01:37:11 - 01:38:18 Maik, out in the open. Played at .25 speed, the crosshair crosses over Maik's body, goes to the right of his head, then goes back to his head. If this was some magical ESP/triggerbot hack, it wouldn't do that. Hard F for the Ion Cannon to the face though. (in before 'toggling') 01:38:03 - 01:38:18 You can see the shimmer of that cloak for a few frames. Anyone who's an 'old timer' or good enough at the game will pick up on stuff like that. Random spraying because you don't know -where- he is now, then hitting it with a Dragonfly explosion to set him on fire and force him out. Where's the ESP or triggerbot? 01:38:35 Standing in the same spot again, adjust slightly, blast with ion cannon in the skull. Brutal, but not ESP or triggerbot. F again for the brave Maik. 01:38:50 - 01:38:55 Aaaaa actually uses tactics and brainpower to use the magic of flanking. He hits his shot, but he got into the firing range of Guard55's M4. He's a sniper, keep your distance, could've dropped him, got sprayed down. So far the most intelligent counter. 01:39:17 Giggly gets killed by Tesla7man's SBH railgun. 01:39:24 - 01:39:38 Stooooop going close to the power armor suit. Either do what Tesla7man just did or what aaaaaa did. The biggest advantage Guard55 has is you keep getting close and running into him. Only NFHAVOC can pull off such insanity. Ilovepudding gets killed because he zergs in, Maik's shimmer is seen briefly during this, he stands still and gets domed. Stop standing still in firefights, or use cover. You won't die as much. 01:40:03 - 01:40:11 Tesla7man indicates he's still there by firing at NFHAVOC's vehicle, so Guard55 goes in close. You can see the railgun shot nearly destroys all of Guard55's armor, but once again, close to a Sydney Power Suit, you're dead. In short, play smart, not hard. @Threve, should I continue with this dissection or?
  7. Use the Twitch application. It works fine.
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