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  1. VERTi60

    I hosted games with multiple battles going on at the same time before so I would also prefer the same mechanic for a Pokémon type of game too. And as I mentioned before, I would also go for a open world exploration system where you capture and train your own pocket monsters, interact and fight with npcs. Location system that we had in past games and bigger plot overall would be perfect. Well you scored a big win in Death Note Mafia, so you did stand out a lot at first. Who's "we"? I can host a Chat version of APB anytime on TS or Discord if "we" have time, tonight or next week. I was thinking of having it a permanent thing as monthly occurance. As for a next forum game, I have few other things in mind... And a treat for Halloween.
  2. VERTi60

    Ask Frank if he would like to do a custom soundtrack for APB, AR and Reborn
  3. VERTi60

    If the question would be "What was your first/most favorite RTS game?" or "Which one is the most famous RTS game?" or "Which one of the RTS games has best single player/story arc/etc" I would have gotten with CnC but if I'm considering the overall greatness, well Netstorm was indeed the greatest RTS game ever made (for that time at least) as it had unique original mechanics that make it stand above all other. It's mainly the online part of the game which was appealing and I've never really gotten more involved with any other RTS game, or any other online community for that matter until I've started playing APB. It's shame no other RTS game really adopted the mechanics but instead more and more rts games followed the same principle until the whole genre kinda died out. So yea why I'm voting something different is because it is different in the first place. It's also b/c I never really spent so many hours and wasted my high school/uni life with any other game that much as I did with Netstorm
  4. VERTi60

    Lemme know if you need help or wanna get an online match (we have a hostbot now on server).
  5. VERTi60

    Haven't gotten to play that title yet. If it had to be any ww2 - themed strategy game, I would opt for one where I could also control the units and mostly naval fleets and airplanes so games like Battlestations was my prefered choice. Back in 2006 I was heavily playing turn based genre too.
  6. VERTi60

    I would also add NETSTORM: Islands at War to the list - even though it's not as known as other titles since it's quite old and activision buried its legacy, though it was heavily played mostly during the dawn of the new millennium (1997-2004), before the official server shutdown. If it wasn't for the great old NSHQ community, keeping it alive and updating it, it would be long forgotten too. With a history of patches and community events, the game was still quite popular for a decade that followed. It's still played to this day on community run server and updated with new features. You may ask what makes NS so special, well, the first thing that makes Netstorm stand out is that it doesn't follow the casual model of Dune/C&C RTS clones but still has the same classic RTS excitement included. This strategy game literary reaches new heights and remains above all - and it's pretty much the only original and one of it's kind. For me it was the first online experience back in the '97 and the intro above which I saw first time when playing a demo changed the way I used to think about RTS games. Back when Age of Empires started to shine, as well as the dawn of C&C and its clones as well and later one of my favorites, Total Annihilation and KKnD, this was a nice refreshing change and I kinda got stuck to it for the next 15 years or so. For those who don't know, Netstorm is a very unique RTS game where you don't spam units and rush enemy with them like in every other game on the list, but instead, you have to build your way through enemy defenses and network of bridges and islands in the skies of Nimbus. To do that, you have to build your own bridge network between the sky islands, secure resources in form of storm geysers, and build workshops to gain access to one of the four technologies of sun, wind, rain and thunder. Your war machine consists of several types of contraptions, towers, barricades, cannons and bases for aerial attackers. Each has its purpose, line of fire, range. Positioning and rotation of the unit is the key, so the game plays as a tower defense yet you also need to attack so it's a complicated game of chess (the way the building units work), tetris (bridging in sky and connecting to islands) and RTS (collecting resources, building bases, securing islands, spells, capturing enemy High Priests). Below is a nice letsplay introduction one of the vets made recently: The most interesting part of Netstorm was its unique multiplayer. The best thing of Netstorm multiplayer is that each battle is different, as the maps are created per random procedural generator, and you can set the parameters in the battle ring as Battlemaster for other players who join. The below pic is an old SS of me when I hosted the Netstorm Tournaments: Players gather in a lobby, join a zone (different lobbies used to be popular back then when clans and tournaments were a thing), and then find a match in one of the Rings floating in Serenisphere. Each player is represented by their home island, which is their base of operations and it's the only island that is same (unless they change their island, or "fort" later when joining multiplayer server). Once the battle starts, all islands join the battle in the same position they joined the ring, so players can make interesting battles as 1s, 2s, 3s, each team opposite to each other, fighting for the middle (which is the part that is generated randomly, such as neutral islands and resources). Fight for the middle islands can turn into a complicated mess where each click, bridge or unit placement matters: Learning Netstorm is quite easy when you play the tutorial and play few campaign missions but mastering Netstorm in multiplayer is a different story. The idea behind multiplayer was that each time you sacrifice an enemy priest, you get to choose a new technology, and once you have learned all the technologies (and units) in the game, you get to upgrade your rank and start over with just basic technology. Although all players play now with full leveled forts (LVL 43), where rank no longer means anything, the game is played to see who is the faster bridger, better tactician, or who is that sneaky bastard having an airship ready to capture your own priest - especially when you're not looking and then quickly sacrificing him on the Altar of the storm gods before they attack your island... NetStorm Online is also quite different from any other RTS game, since you are thrown directly into action - you don't have to wait several minutes to get your base built and ready your armies, you don't have to micromanage your units. All your units engage the enemy automatically. You just need to think the best approach - how and where to bridge, where to build your first outpost, which resources to secure, where to attack your enemy. This way some battles can last less than five minutes, while others can last for an hour... Although Netstorm is now considered abandonware, you can still play it online due to the community keeping it alive (I'm part of it). If you want to try and play Netstorm online let me know if you need help, the game can be downloaded on several places but the most recent updates are now informed on discord. Although there used to be many attempts to make a new shiny game and to be the next NetStorm successor, many projects failed to do so (we think there is some curse following the original downfall of Titanic Entertainment which ironically sunk to the bottom when Activision decided that it's time to release Netstorm unpolished with many bugs and a loophole to convert a free demo to a full working version - although the bugs and loopholes were fixed it led to the original studio going bankrupt). However, there's a new Netstorm project which keeps resurrecting once in a while with the blessing of the original devs, under the wings of a talented friend named Nathan Hunt who is trying to recreate the spirit of Netstorm in new 3d setting. First it was a Unity project called Netstorm II Rising Storm, now known as Stratus: Battle For The Sky (early access version available on Steam). I've made a topic to support his kickstarter project a while ago where you can learn more about it, back then the project's name was Disciples of the Storm.
  7. VERTi60

    I did mention in my last RA2 AR stream that we need programmers but I would never imagine we got so many hired at once! GJ finding old and new faces! ?
  8. This should probably be moved to general section.
  9. VERTi60

    Yea needs a bit more determination but it's possible (wouldn't be more complicated than DS4 and definitely designed for less locations and play time).
  10. VERTi60

    If you need one player urgently sign me up. As I've told Jeod I would prefer to run or play a different type of pokemon forum game which would be sort of adventure. Running in similar fashion as my DS4 format on BHP, where you have locations that you can explore for loot and fight monsters or other trainers and develop a story. I would give trainers the opportunity to capture their own pokemon instead and then fight in the arena to determine who did the best as a trainer on their journey.
  11. VERTi60

    It's kinda iconic that the game ended as Danubian Federation, while we're also remembering 50th anniversary of Operation Danube on that exact day the game ended: Short version: Long version: Good documentary with background:
  12. VERTi60

    I have most of my old trackers and docs that weren't removed are still there.