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  1. I have a PC version so ping me on dis and I can join!
  2. Alright no worries. Also, for everyone who's also a daddy:
  3. You can check everything DS related in that topic I posted for references - it includes all character, item and action sheets, google docs, locations and media. Dead Space 1 & 2 was basically just a Dead Space themed Mafia game with a unique mechanic that allowed players to return to the game as Necromorphs when they were killed (not spaced); a unique item Marker (or marker shard) that also changed and/or influenced the characters interacting with it; and finally, similar to Star Wars Mafia or other RPG games I hosted, a unique character development and customization, including weapon
  4. This is sad to hear, hopefully a compromise will sort this out in future. Would hate to see a BHP kind of split again between producer teams, esp. after so many years of rebarn work over the years.
  5. Hey, I'll need you to pick the character and specs from the OP and send it to me via private message.
  6. Only if you need to do changes. I might make a new setup anyway since I haven't done much work for it in the meanwhile.
  7. Please let me know, who would like to play the next SW Mafia (can replace or even add new players). I may have time by the end of May to start it if we get enough to play and if I get enough motivation to run it
  8. yea that's much better social distancing
  9. I like doing spreadsheets and automation but hate writing down actions...
  10. Add Bosnia into the country poll then to have the possibility of Brotherhood of Nod then
  11. Btw this is suppose to be the source of the whole thing as you might heard, maybe you haven't seen it though:
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