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  1. Ima sorry. But question for you - did you plan to use the gimmick whole game or just 1st day?
  2. And is that a reason you are defending him or is there something more to it?
  3. If he is RP then its fine but we need a confirmation.
  4. I think shade is in a right to vote you after you killed him for fun last game instead of trying to stop a white walkers instead or at least steal the throne (then cat5 would be in a right though). I will vote retal, I dont think town would start with a gimmick and I have been there pretending gimmicks in jeod game before. ##vote retal
  5. I think a no lynch isn't very productive town wise either, as we won't learn a anything and day is wasted. I understand a proposition that everyone should have their "chance" to do a something tonight, but it's also counterproductive too.
  6. Ok so far I've send the prizes to Cat5, if anyone else would like the keychain you have 16 hours from this post to send me ship. info. @Sunflower @Voe @rubeci
  7. Since this is a cyor, I suspect a few here can't be lynched anyway, or will have some sort of a protection.
  8. Are there a shadow demons in nintendo universe?
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