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  1. Since there are no objections I'll start the sign up thread for Game of Thrones Conquest Mafia by the end of this week (most likely Friday). @Voe not sure after the 8th season debacle but hope you're still are interested We won't follow the story just the flavor.
  2. If we won't have any planned games for now (May June), I could host a Conquest type Mafia game based on Game of Thrones. Probably with simpler mechanics so it's ready sooner. (SW Mafia Mafia RPG or even Dead Space Mafia RPG will be a lot more complicated).
  3. Since there are games already going on I won't be hosting the next Star Wars Mafia RPG for a while but you can expect it from me later this year before the release of ep. IX (so probably November-December). It won't be focused on dueling this time (although battles will happen occasionally to have some sort of game based elimination). The character customization and RPG elements will be improved, while also adding more professions and skills.
  4. Yea it's better to play with someone so that in case you would be a shotgun 😄
  5. So should I count with you if I would like to finish Dead Island 2 with a coop partner?
  6. Because of older games I didn't play or finish at least half of my steam library myself.
  7. Yea it got ridiculous but not surprising, it was just "easier" and a lot "faster".
  8. Same here, been playing crossout recently a lot with some buddies and thus filling my free time with nonsence
  9. Yes it had, though that's not the point. If someone is spoiled by something as important the game gets spoiled as well at some point. Maybe the difference is how fast the game is run and what you have to do to get it completed rather than the basic mechanics of it. However it would be interesting to have a game with no killing and instead focused on objectives/tasks/ and possible outcomes with a chance of back-stabs/sabotage and plotting. In fact, my political mafia concept was revolving around that idea .
  10. Afaik we had few games with this mechanic (for example the pony mafia that was hosted on BHP forums), and it wasn't very good role (in fact it kinda ruined it for mafia I was part in). +1 Now I remembered that I wanted to host a Vampire/Werewolf Mafia hybrid forum game based on Underworld Saga, but it didn't get enough votes/attention. I will be sorting out my situation regarding new work opportunities, maybe even moving. I might have time for short games but probably not a lot for forum game and duels.
  11. Question is if we want to turn the games into battlefield/COD, but personally I prefer the arcade easy feeling we have.
  12. Maybe that can happen in next game under certain circumstances. But it would be a bitch GM mechanic for sure.
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