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  1. Major difference is that Dead Space series were more or less focused on items, rigs and weapon upgrades than actual skill sets and... yea the whole Necromorph thing. None of that will be in this game though.
  2. I will clarify what's going to happen but it may change during balancing process. Right now from what I already say you can see that: During the battle phase you will call out your battle action, whether attack or defense (but only once per phase) and they will be resolved before the next day. Weapon/melee direct attacks will be public and once again only limited 1 per phase, while the other night actions are PM only. Special public Battle actions will be declared if available. Which means you can exchange attacks vs each other (just like in Dead Space Mafia game for example) but it won't be a whole Duel like last time where we dedicate whole phase for it. Strangely enough there might be even more action during the battle phase than in older system if all players will use their weapon action. For people who would also sit and wait till end of battle phase to get a free hit/kill I have to disappoint that there will be a balance measure to make last second attacks weaker since the attacked person will have a default defense action that will be triggered automatically if they don't do anything else. Instead of duels you should prepare for a set of special events during battle phase that will trigger once the Death Star is under attack - don't have much info on these whether they will be resolved more publicly like a mini game or via PM actions, so maybe a mix of both.
  3. A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away... Welcome to the Star Wars Mafia 2: The Rise of an Empire! A Mafia CYOR Forum Game filled with special actions and events, as well as great space battles in great Star Wars fashion. Create your own character, select a profession and pick your weapon, and get ready to serve the Empire to bring Peace to the Galaxy! Game Introduction The next SW Mafia as hinted in the title, will be about the newly formed Empire, trying to bring Peace to the Galaxy by all means necessary. For this sole purpose, a great Death Star was constructed where the game will take place. The highest members of Imperial Council there are trying to find out who are the hidden Rebels among them, trying to destroy their plans. While the Rebels (Mafia) will work undercover together to undermine the newly formed Imperial Council (Town) and stop the Death Star reaching the last Rebel base, the Imperial Council must find them and eliminate them before they destroy the Death Star or grow in power and eliminate the Council members. The status of the game will be monitored by the "Superlaser Fire Control Indicator" (SFCI) which will determine when the Imperial Council can complete their win condition. There will be multiple factors that will determine this, mostly by player actions. The game will end in Town's favor if either all Rebels have been found and eliminated, or when the Death Star's SFCI is fully charged and destroys the Rebel Base (this will be tracked in daily CVCs - or Cumulated Vote Counts for short). Rebels can end the game by either eliminating the Imperial Council and taking over the Death Star or sabotaging the Death Star itself so that it can't fire its Superlaser anymore. The game requires at least 10-14 players to sign up and play. It will probably last for a few weeks, but no more than 4, depending on how the game goes and how many will sign up. All players that sign up need to create their character (optional CYOR) and PM me before the game start, see below in character creation section how to. Optionally you can also request custom or RNG based character. About the Game This Mafia Forum Game will pretty much follow some of the standard Mafia Rules, such as phases, night actions and classic Town vs Mafia setup. The biggest difference, however, will be the basic player elimination process. Instead of one life, players will have their hit points which means you can get hurt by weapons or healed by certain actions before you are eliminated (HP reaches 0). Furthermore, the player elimination by standard voting may not be instant but will require a certain process. The most voted player will be put to Detention Block where they will wait their punishment depending on their revealed affiliation. The game will be broken into two phases: A Imperial Council Meeting (classic Day phase) and "Battle-Station Phase" (a classic Night phase where also fighting and special events will occur). I'm considering that both will last 48 hours so that everyone can participate regardless of availability. Imperial Council Meeting will be a phase where all the public talks will take place, there won't be any fighting during this phase. The purpose of this phase is to discuss and determine who among the Council members are the Rebels, and who should be put to Detention Block. There will be no dueling phases like in previous game, so players will not have to vote their champion all the time but there might be a need to nominate one or more players to deal with certain situations during the following Battle-station Phase. For example, in case of a rebel attack on the station during previous phase, the Council will also be able to vote a proper response which will determine certain fighting rules for the next Battle-Station Phase and player(s) that will perform this task. Battle-Station Phase will be the only phase where battle actions will be allowed to use. You can use your own weapons once during this phase and/or your night actions. In case the Council votes a certain response strategy to previous rebel attacks, extra actions will be provided for players to use during this phase accordingly to deal with the situation. This will effect SFCI and also help with each players' character development progress. There will be plenty of Night Actions to do otherwise, some of the Force Actions will return and will be available for those who can control the Force. Other professions will have special actions available accordingly as well. Player character development and communication mechanics will also occur during this phase. Players locked in Detention will not be allowed to participate in BS phase activities and will have very limited night actions as well. Create Your Own Character (CYOR) Guidelines Every player character in the game will have his/her own modifiers and characteristics that will determine the basic actions that can be used in the game. Aside from that, there will also be the flavor, which is not really important game wise, but will give the player some sort of identity. Creating a character is not mandatory, but I strongly suggest that you put some effort into it before the game starts as it may influence your progress in the game. Please follow the instructions on how to create your own character: Flavor: First off, you need to choose or create a character of your own from the Star Wars universe. There are no limitations, but please have in mind, that you are creating a member of Imperial Council, or a Rebel from the Star Wars universe. You can also pick any existing character from the SW universe, although some of the main protagonists or antagonists such as Yoda, Luke, and Anakin Skywalker may not be permitted to be used. You can be original and pick one from the extended universe, or even create your own one from scratch. Here's how you do it: Use a name generator - you can use this tool to create a name: name generator 1, name generator 2 or make up your own (in Forum guidelines though, nothing offensive allowed) Race - pick from many races of the SW universe, this will help to make your avatar appearance, and may or may not to result in some easter eggs in game or extra skill boost Background - your own personal Flavor text that will be revealed once you are voted or die. Personal Weapon Flavors - if you want your weapon to look precisely the way you like. Occupation Occupation or Profession is something that cannot be changed during the game, so pick wisely. All character classes have a variety of skills and actions determining which one you choose. Based on your class, you will also be assigned your affiliation. There is a certain list that can help you pick one that you want: Town: Stormtrooper - Basic Town role with access to most of the weapons and actions in game, focused more on direct actions. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Imperial Officer - Advanced Town role which is not focused for direct combat but has access to advanced operations on the Station that other classes don't. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Sith Lord - Powerful Town role focused on the Dark Side of the Force, capable to unlocking all Dark Force Actions. Can use only light sabers and can't operate large machinery. Rebel: Rebel - Basic Rebel role with access to most of the weapons and actions in game, focused more on direct actions. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Rebel Officer - Advanced Rebel role which is not focused for direct combat but has access to advanced operations to control Rebel Fleet that other classes don't. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Jedi Knight - Powerful Rebel role focused on the Light Side of the Force, capable to unlocking all Light Force Actions. Can use only light sabers and can't operate large machinery. Neutral/TP/Mixed: Bounty Hunter - expert in direct combat and scouting, doesn't perform other tasks well. Droid - can hack most systems, has access to most operations and/or can copy other classes actions. This is the only class that cannot use or develop Force Actions. Smuggler Pirate - expert in manipulative actions, just like the droid can also hack systems but cannot copy other classes very well. ??? - make your own class if you dare Character Attributes & Skills The attributes of your character apply bonuses or penalties to everything from combat to skill checks to Force powers. Check each attribute to see what aspects of gameplay it can affect. You have to pick two, but only one from each category: Combat Skill Focus - These skills affect your core character attributes such as attack, defense, and health, most important in battles (direct combat and other BS Phase actions). Pick one skill which you would like to focus on: Strength - is your physical power, adds modifiers to deal damage and chance to hit, which is important for characters that focus on close-combat (e.g. with Lightsabers). Dexterity - is your agility and reflexes, adds modifiers to ranged attack rolls and increases a character's Defense rating, making them harder to hit. Constitution - represents health and resiliency, adds modifiers to the health points gained and regeneration rate. Knowledge Skill Focus - These skills affect your character's progress, focuses your class actions to certain areas, so it ties up with the special class abilities as well. Pick one skill which you would like to focus on: Intelligence - represents knowledge and reasoning, enables of learning new advanced things. Wisdom - represents willpower and perception, adds modifiers to Force Power abilities associated with combat. Charisma - represents personality and the ability to persuade others and adds actions that are related to non-combat actions. Force Powers The Force has a range of powers that function in accordance to fundamental attributes that were cardinal in nature and categorized by the way in which a user was able to focus on the Force while using an ability. The aspects of the Force were divided into Control, Sense, and Alter. During the game, you may be able to learn more aspects of the Force - depending on your class and if you are even Force Sensitive class. This knowledge will grant you actions that you can use either during the investigation or directly during the battle actions as well. There are also Powers that are general/basic and those will be available to most classes from start, but you have to choose one branch that you want to focus on first: Control - the ability to control one's own body and thoughts. Grants access to protective actions. Sense - allows Force-wielders to immerse themselves in the environment. Grants access to scouting actions. Alter - focuses on the ability to manipulate other objects. Grants access to offensive actions. Choosing one aspect of the force will basically determine your orientation in the game from the Mafia standpoint as well. E.g. If you choose sense, you will basically get a cop/scout action. You cannot directly pick your actions from start, but you will be able to learn more actions. Once you have picked your flavor characteristics, class, skill attributes and the Force Power aspect, PM me. If you won't pick by the time I'll start balancing the game, your character, class, skills, attributes, and aspects will be randomized. (this section will be updated) Game Update I will update this thread to add more information once the game is being developed and improved, but I would like to start in February 21st or 28th the latest. If we cannot start the game by then the game will be postponed. In March the game should be concluded. Imperial Council: Jeod Shade939 Retaliation? OrangeP47 Voe iLikeToSnipe FRAYDO Killing_You? Game Links:
  4. I have finally free week so gonna work on the game, expect the sign up thread this week.
  5. For now I should be free to run the game in February up until mid march when I start to work again. I can start an interest thread by the end of this week to see if we can get people to play. If you don't want to wait until people sign up and the game to get ready you can go on and host. Alternatively, I can post pone the game for several weeks for either spring break or even summer but I'm not sure if I'll be available then.
  6. Due to family reasons I'm gonna host it next year, probably February or end of Jan, depending when current game ends or when I'll get time and when we get other players to play as well. Happy Holidays!
  7. I was planning the sequel to Star Wars mafia for december actually (as per post I made earlier).
  8. Now that could really become the battle of Wiits :D
  9. Then just ping me or any other full mod to edit it.
  10. I removed the unused stuff and edited next queued mafia game (at least this should be edited by the GM/mod). As for missing things you can go ahead to add your stuff, including tools, I will probably add some too if I get time, but over the past year there was not really need or nobody asked for it.
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