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  1. Inb4 we'll only get a "remastered" mobile version 😄 In any way, if this gets done as it was promised, I wonder how it will turn up and if it will have any effect on Renegade community and then RA: APB.
  2. I've edited my stream from last Saturday/Sunday games to highlight some of the great naval battles we had, enjoy!
  3. VERTi60

    Too modern looking?
  4. VERTi60

    We had a good game night yesterday with lots of botes...
  5. VERTi60

    Wasn't there also a nuclear destroyer and both of them cost like 10k credits?
  6. VERTi60

    After playing with the Mig, I would suggest to increase it's range a wee bit - when flying low you will not hit anything due to missiles hitting ground instantly but if you are high the missiles tend to explode mid air. Usually you miss 1/3 of the payload this way when determining the exact altitude. Hitting moving vehicles is a lot harder now and not sure the craft can be called anti armor at this stage either. Hitting small buildings like pillboxes is also difficult. And one other thing, and not sure if we want this fixed or not, but the Mig can actually easily land and take off sideways from the airfield.
  7. VERTi60

    For mines we have a counter though.
  8. VERTi60

    These are already in RA: AR though, except spy planes. Do we really need a spy plane? We have a Mig model so it could be done, but other than blowing up the GG/MGG bubbles or maybe revealing stealth of phase tanks I don't know what else it could do. Maybe have it also jam radar to be a counterpart of MRJ? Just the lower profile of it would make it harder for the soviet tanks/v2 to hit it properly. Combine that with some map terrain/block in the way to make up for the disadvantage of fixed position. So you can add another advantage besides being stronger than the basic one.
  9. VERTi60

    Maybe move it under APB forum?
  10. VERTi60

    I just noticed we don't have a dedicated SS thread for APB, while So many Intern Apes screenshots are posted, yet not a single one from the brand new A Pushwall's Behind... Let's post screens of the new b0tes. Cruiser is my favorite:
  11. VERTi60

    Even though the current model still looks miles advanced than the old one, I kinda agree it could look a bit better. Destroyer could use a bit more texture detail work too, some of the parts seem to not have any texture on it, all the parts seem to have plastic look as you've put it. Middle deck could use wooden floor for example, the hull could be darker. Maybe adding some animations on radars or light work. I also would like to have the RA1 render missile turret if possible: +1 Should work after some script work is done on it I suppose Currently Yaks are much better for their price, although harder to fly. Migs would need to coordinate a lot more and attack bigger targets to be any efficient.
  12. VERTi60

    I always find a ridge to tilt my tanks in order to shoot choppers, it looks a bit silly and now imagining that doing with apc too
  13. VERTi60

    It's a good thing APC is support for anti air but shouldn't be dedicated anti air. In current state the APC is just too versatile making other units weaker in comparission. It's not really a rant for APC it's just that it seems it can beat the soviet "dedicated anti armor bomber" very easily, but would probably struggle more against a Yak (e.g. can't even mech it when under fire from Yak). Lowering their turret tilt is actually good idea for balance, but maybe too restricting for players? Maybe worth giving it a try but I would much rather have a slower turret rotation so that you can't really keep up with faster air units passing by but you could target them if they are approaching you straight on. Or perhaps a combination of two. Yea but if you can get a successful lock once, why not opting for firing all missiles at once so you don't have to risk throwing away the other salvo? Getting a successful lock twice in order to kill something is currently almost impossible. And even if the lock will always be hard to acquire, at least it would make the unit a high risk high reward mechanic instead of being outclassed by it's lower tier/cost alternative.
  14. VERTi60

    Well now there are complains about smaller res having too much of the hud on screen, so there's always an issue. Modern Hud displays are small and usually don't concentrate on one place so you have more visible playing screen instead. Why is APC suppose to be dedicated anti air? Shouldn't that be the job for rockets? APC should be a mid anti air support if anything. It can also carry additional rockets as passengers. Thing is that the current Mig is not able to kill anything at all. Even that 1 arty unit would at least make some sense for it's price you invest to fly Mig that can be easily shot down before acquiring lock. Even though Migs handle better than Yaks and are quite faster, it still seems that Yak has greater firepower and potential which doesn't make much sense.