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  1. I would recommend @OrangeP47 if he's up for it, I think he has the biggest chance, attributes and good wits to win it. Cat5 should also consider re-entering (if there's no rule against competing again).
  2. Try hitting new lines, it usually breaks it (usually, dunno what the condition is if it doesn't work).
  3. When it comes to notifications, there are certain things to consider as a GM: You don't have to be consistent with other games, but you should be consistent in your own game (random notifications is not very fair to players) You should consider the level of notifications have great impact for the game, so run a few scenarios before deciding whether or not certain role should get them You should consider the strength of town roles as well as the "time needed" they should figure out the night actions - so if you make town roles too strong you don't want to have too many extra notifications and visa versa with mafia team When not sure, try to at least follow logic (explanation why the notification should take place), flavor of the game (custom roles and/or actions) and classic mafia role setups As a GM, you don't need to explain players if they get notifications or not, and you shouldn't since it can break the game meta wise If you want to explain notifications, do it before the game, for everyone, so it's fair (like how much info players get on avg. scale - e.g. limited/full)
  4. I have and played ToS, the problem with that mechanic is that it's mostly redundant since in forum mafia game the most voted have plenty of time to present a defense anyway, having an extra phase just for that would slow the pace down, imho. In a chat mafia/fast game though it might be more useful.
  5. Just want to mention that my GDI HMLRS made it up for the new Royale game, where some of the Robocraft artbots are fighting royale style on a large map! Good way of advertising the GDI units to other games eh? The Robocraft Royale had undergo a few alpha tests already and after some feedback, it's gonna be available after they add some crafting and progression to the game.
  6. Anyone interested for tomorrow's chat mafia at 10pm utc?
  7. Well if I offer joining the game I wouldn't be joining only to be just wasting space Filler role means something that you need for the setup, not a role that is designed to be killed off.
  8. Since there is a few weeks gap between games, If anyone would like to play a Chat APB Mafia on TS (easy setup for one one hour game or two) either this Fri or next one, let me know. 5 people are needed.
  9. I was really expecting a 2nd layer of threat in the form of 2nd scum team (KY+Nod) or a bunch of TPs. Well Nodlied could have returned as scum but I wonder why he didn't try more to get killed then or given a TP alignment Also even on D1 I was expecting a scum team such as of ilts+jeod+cat5, so it was pretty easy to jump on these guys once there was a hint of evidence. Also please, don't assign people "backup roles" anymore, it's not fair to anyone really.
  10. It's too quiet for a hammer time. Usually people are happy to go nuts.
  11. Let's play a lil rng game with Fraydo for 2nd lynch, in case we are all wrong with Cat5 (but I doubt it) ##vote FRAYDO If I'm dead and Cat5 isn't the drone we're looking for, please use the item I'll drop so it's not wasted.
  12. Thats a very scum thing to do Orange
  13. how can u forget a whole coat?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh_p20lHqtA
  15. Useful? Your vote on me and it's justification would fit for a joke day at best...