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  1. I was planning on 04/05. If we need to delay to get more people we can. I'd prefer to have at least 8, which we're almost at now.
  2. Looks like the votes are clear. Just edited the first post.
  3. Go right ahead, I'll start working on a final rules/info post.
  4. Updated with some clarifications, I'll add more as they come up.
  5. It's always been my interpretation of standard mafia rules that there's no limit on day actions or passives, just night actions. To be fair in this setup though, I'll work on some clearer rules and update the post.
  6. One thing to consider is that while night actions could be limited, I would not plan on having a limit on day actions. As is usual in mafia.
  7. All characters are active at once, I am still planning on just one night action per phase though. Mafia would likely have the ability to use the night kill AND an action.
  8. No worries, you can PM me your questions and I'll help you out. I suggest you start by thinking of three roles that sound fun. Goku, Batman, the literal concept of deception, etc. Whatever you can think of.
  9. There's a poll up top just to keep track of things, but I'll still count your vote.
  10. Spamming players! If you can think of anyone else I missed, go ahead and bug them! @Jeod @OrangeP47 @Nodlied @Retaliation @Shade939 @FRAYDO @Killing_You @Mojoman @ChopBam @Category 5 Hurricane @Sunflower @Louis @VERTi60 @TheIrishman @Voe @NodFan
  11. CYOR Mafia: Choose Your Own Mafia Do you have some crazy role you've been itching to play as? As usual with my games, there will be an addition to core mafia mechanics. I've had two I've been toying with for a CYOR game, and I'll let you guys decide which one we use. Or we can just do a normal CYOR game if that's your cup of tea. The below descriptions are just an overview. Based on the roles created I may need to update with more specific rules when the game starts. But they should give you a feel for what it'll be like. I'd like to get the game started by 04/05 if possible. The more players we have, the better. Just sign-up with a post here and send me a PM with three character/role ideas. You'll be using all three of those ideas this game. I'll close the poll after 2-3 days and choose what we're doing then. It seems pretty clear what you guys want, so I've updated this post with the rules for this CYOR variant Hyperlethal CYORThere will be A LOT of dying in this one. Each player will need to create multiple characters, but this gives you a chance to try out more than just one role you've been thinking of. You'll send me three roles that you want to use and I'll balance them with you. Action Usage: Players are still limited to one action per night. Mafia however will have access to their standard night kill and will be able to use it alongside their one other night action. As of right now, there is no limit to the number of day actions a player can use or how many passive ability can be in effect. A specific day action may be limited to "once per day", but that does not prevent a player from using another day action alongside it. Action Targets: By deafult, an action will randomly target one of a player's characters/roles that's still alive. It may be possible that some characters or abilities will allow targeting specific characters or drawing actions to specific characters. It's still possible for some actions, such as a vote block, to target a player when they trigger instead of a character. Player/Character Kills: You can think of each character as a "life", once you lose all three you're out of the game. In terms of kill actions, a character functions very similar to a standard mafia player. Unless they have some protective ability or a protective role is protecting them at the time, a kill action will kill them. Once killed, a character will flip with who they belong to, their name, and a short description. This short description will be mostly/entirely flavor. It's up to your wild speculation to decide if it's any indication of the character's abilities. Alignment of a player is only revealed in a flip when their last character dies. Again, it's possible that some special ability could override this behavior. This is what everyone will default to. With all this said, don't think that I won't consider any kind of "super kill" that can target a player and wipe them out. Anything is on the table here. Voting: Players still only get one vote, even though they have three characters. Player Signups (8): OrangeP47 Killing_You NodFan Retaliation Shade939 Jeod Sunflower FRAYDO
  12. I've got no preference. If you'd prefer a chance to play rather than run a game, I'd be more than happy to host.
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