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  1. I'd really only have 30-60 minutes a day for it, just barely enough for me to feel like I'm participating in normal mafia. Honestly, I'm mostly interested in straight up mafia. I do have interest in more complex forum games, but only when I can dedicate the time to them.
  2. I'm gonna have to pass too. Just don't think I'd have the time for something this complex.
  3. I have some skill. But I also got a TON of luck in those games. iirc I did lose the first one.
  4. Just conscript him into the game. He has no choice now.
  5. It is kind of funny though. You actually had me thinking KY was more likely to be scum so I was getting ready to push for a lynch on you to try to balance out the two sides. Ended up deciding to play it safe and went for a nolynch.
  6. It almost worked though. Overall, I think all sides had a pretty strong game until the very end.
  7. He's a Watcher. He cannot interfere.
  8. Back when I was much more active I'd just take an idea, build a game around it, and save it for later. If anybody wants some material for a game just let me know and I can dig them up.
  9. I've got some games I never ran or ideas I can quickly turn into games, but no time to run it at all. I'd be more than happy to share with a GM or work with somebody to run it. I'm not gonna have time to actually play again until sometime in June or July.
  10. I'm actually very thankful that mafia took out Cat5 N1. Probably wouldn't have won without that.
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