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  1. iLikeToSnipe

    I'm not too familiar with psyker abilities in WH40K. Is that heresy?
  2. iLikeToSnipe

    You softclaimed at least something, which is very unusual for a town player to do that early in D1. Threatening to investigate a player you suspect is scum isn't a move you do early in the game. It's a move you would make later on if you think you know who the cop is and you want to draw the NK to yourself.
  3. iLikeToSnipe

    I'm feeling pretty uneasy about Jeod. He claims to be a Necron allied with us and softclaims some kind of cop role? I don't buy that. ##vote Jeod Also, I am starting to get suspicious of Cat5. It just feels like he's barely contributing, I feel like Shade has contributed more today in fact. Not enough for me to lynch him or shoot him, but I am wary of him.
  4. iLikeToSnipe

    Rooting out heresy isn't my battlefield. But, I think the best course of action is to get as much discussion going to find inconsistencies.
  5. iLikeToSnipe

    It is but one regiment on this planet. It would seem that the betrayal is wide spread and not isolated.
  6. iLikeToSnipe

    You could also be in league with somebody who was in the past game.
  7. iLikeToSnipe

    So, I am the commander of a regiment. Maybe I could enlist their aid...
  8. iLikeToSnipe

    All I'm hearing is "more lasgun".
  9. iLikeToSnipe

    So, it sounds like Jeod is sounds like Jeod is either lying about his role, is who he really says he is but isn't really on our side, or is who he really says he is but is on our side. Should I just shoot him? Depending on how he flips we could nolynch or find more heretics.
  10. iLikeToSnipe

    I think we ought to wait until more players than just Shade and I have weighed in. Anyone have thoughts on Jeod or somebody else?
  11. iLikeToSnipe

    Hmm, well I doubt a lasgun would do much to you... However, I'm not aware of any instances of Necron goals aligning with ours. If I were to have picked a xenos that might want to ally with us it would not have been a Necron.
  12. iLikeToSnipe

    I never said xenos = chaos. The Tyranids are not allied with chaos, but they are still certainly an enemy to man.
  13. iLikeToSnipe

    Well, if you were human I'd be more conflicted. But you are a xenos.