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  1. I'm pretty much booked solid on time for the next three weeks. After that I would have time.
  2. I would never use PTO for mafia, I'm not that dedicated lol But if I knew that sometime later in the year there'd be a game, I'd be able to keep that in mind and not make too many commitments. I'm at the point in life where I've only got time for one videogame at a time.
  3. So, here's a thought. What if we just planned on doing one or two epic games a year? Schedule something months in advance and make it something people actually mark down on their calendars. I'd like to hop back in and join, just hasn't worked out lately with my schedule.
  4. Still in the suburbs, but with 1 Gbps fiber now. Need to get Starlink for when I go on the road lol
  5. I'm interested, but not sure if I'll have the time. Life is very busy in a good way, and I'll be going on vacation soon. Possibly somewhere without internet. Maybe next time.
  6. Would have been a more interesting game if I'd gone with my gut N1 and wrote down my suspected name for Retal. I'd done a reverse image search and found his character. But I wasn't sure if that was just a red herring and he was someone else in that series.
  7. I messaged Irish, but I asked for a replacement. I'll keep playing as I'm able to, but it looks like there's going to be more tests and medical appointments to go to. My wife is having further COVID complications and I'm not going to have anywhere near as much time to play as I planned on having. @ Jeod Up for round 2?
  8. Yeah, don't have anything groundbreaking to share from last night. I'm pretty sure there's only two mafia at least.
  9. @ Killing_You I of course ended up having to take my wife to urgent care. Everything should be alright. I do have some thoughts, just haven't had any time to share them.
  10. I've got nothing to report from last night. Been a bit late in reading through this, had a migraine last night.
  11. My secret day action allows me to post as Shade.
  12. Contrary to popular belief, I am capable of changing my mind
  13. Orange or me? I used to be against D1 no lynch, but I think it's better to not risk hitting town and also to give people a chance to actually play the game.
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