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  1. iLikeToSnipe

    Nope. Gonna be too busy the next few months unfortunately, especially for a game involving more than just deduction/deception.
  2. iLikeToSnipe

    Was it a standard lynch day/night cycle? Avalon is a bit different, no killing during the game and you have missions you have to pass as town or fail as mafia. Once you have X amount pass/fail a winner is determined. So you have to figure out who failed a mission, who to send on missions, etc. Has several layers of voting, turns for picking missions, and other interesting mechanics. If you have enough players you'd also have a godfather role that the cop doesn't know about.
  3. iLikeToSnipe

    One of my favorite party games is Resistance: Avalon. Has some interesting concepts for a mafia game. For example, town has a cop who knows every member of the mafia. However, mafia have a chance to pick an assassination target at the end of the game. If they pick the cop they win the game. Considering a forum game based on it, but I don't have the time right now.
  4. iLikeToSnipe

    I'm not big into Pokemon and I'm still too busy to play in a game for a couple of weeks.
  5. She told me to say the mystery role is a necromorph.
  6. Unfortunately, I'm too busy to play this month. Will be a spectator though!
  7. iLikeToSnipe

    Items were done very well this game. I just have a few roles I really, really, really want to try.
  8. iLikeToSnipe

    @TheIrishman Should have sided with scum, you might have been able to win. I did enjoy the game quite a bit. Hoping for a non-item, more powerful ability CYOR. Had a few other fun roles that didn't fit with the game...
  9. iLikeToSnipe

    I'm dumb, misread more than 2...
  10. iLikeToSnipe

    Orange passed him one last night... it takes two. At least according to the Tribble I stole from Nodlied.
  11. iLikeToSnipe

    I was just about to say that... Does Shade want Irish to stick around!?
  12. iLikeToSnipe

    I'd assume it does from destroying the tapes. But I'm hoping that killing Irish removes the curse.
  13. iLikeToSnipe

    hands out death tapes to people