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  1. I'm way too busy for mafia right now. Might have time again in a couple months.
  2. I'm going to have to sit this one out. Getting really busy and I don't think that's going to let up anytime soon.
  3. Why not just remove "stuck"? Just have miss and hit.
  4. It can be used to hurt town or scum. But it seems in practice to start out as being pro-town but then it quickly narrows down who is who as people die and roles flip. Overall, that's going to favor town more than scum. I do like how it can be used, but it seems to have too much of an impact on the game compared to standard scum hunting.
  5. A delay would have helped for my activity too, but just for uncontrollable reasons. Had a root canal and it took a bit longer than usual... so my time this game was much more limited than I was expecting. That and I tried "town" posting stuff without actually reading everything. One of these days I'll be town again
  6. Just because I was mafia doesn't mean you were right.
  7. Trying to keep up with everything, but I really don't like this. People who miss aren't "effectively cleared" because a town role has a very high chance to miss. There is certainly the statistical argument that they are more likely to be that role, but as we saw last game people can still hit or miss when they're more likely to have the other result. Treating it more than just the percent chance likelihood and wandering into the "confirmed town" territory was wrong then and it's wrong now. Anyone who misses is more likely to be a conscript, but we're missing another piece of the puzzle. T
  8. If you like turn-based 4X games and a scifi setting, then you'll absolutely enjoy it. It's taking a bit to figure it out, but it feels like an incredibly deep game. There is currently an ultimate bundle for it on Steam.
  9. Unfortunately, I bought Galactic Civilizations 3 right before the game started and I have fallen ill with One More Turn Syndrome... I've now read through and I'm mostly caught up. Unfortunately, I have a pretty solid town read on Shade right now so he's got to stick around. I don't have much more to go off yet.
  10. Give Shade the giant squid role. Have it die D1 because there's no water.
  11. Wishing we had snow here. It's just a dead grass Christmas for us.
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