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  1. I've got to say, you had me on some points. But that one really is kind of dumb. It's legit the typing style I have used for years.
  2. Well, I'm just going to delete this wall of text then.
  3. I'm getting really tired and have to head to bed soon. So this will be one of my last posts until tomorrow. I'll do my best to put to words what I'm thinking, so just give me a few minutes.
  4. @ChopBam If you want some more proof against Orange, here you go. Attacked the post I just made for a completely invalid reason. Another emotional appeal. Moving the goalposts for why that was a bad post. These are all the mistakes I made as mafia in the game where I tunneled you and I was under pressure.
  5. Yeah? The question was about me, not about you. If I recall correctly, ChopBam has played in multiple games where I've demonstrated that as mafia. So he should have that experience too, not just me.
  6. Me saying what I feel like you'd do no matter what? That's just my feeling.
  7. Okay, I think I get what you're saying. That if I was mafia my only option would be to kill KY. Since KY died I'm mafia then. Putting myself into iLikeToScum's shoes, I would have killed you actually. The only reasons I've seen are being afraid of being investigated, which wouldn't be the case, and "galaxy brain play". As has been pointed out, KY was agreeing with me that Orange was mafia. It would be to my advantage to keep him alive and on my side. If his only two possible cop sanities are sane or naive, why would he not investigate his primary suspect? I don't see any reason to kill KY if I were mafia. I mean, I would be more likely to not do a night kill at all than to kill KY as mafia... I feel that no matter what happened with the night kill Orange would be saying it was a galaxy brain play mafia gambit from me. And that's the truth honestly, I do go for galaxy brain plays as mafia. In this case that would be killing you and blaming it on Orange to try and get town lynched. I don't kill town supporters as mafia. That's just bad strategy.
  8. I'm a little confused here. Are you saying that if I was mafia I would have had to kill KY?
  9. Ah, I missed that. Right where you didn't say that.
  10. I accidentally hit the shortcut to close my Chrome window while typing up mine and it saved it. This is so much better than the old forum.
  11. @ChopBam Okay, let me do a rehash. On D2 it came down to either KY or Orange as the last mafia. Expecting myself to die N2 and not being able to trust a cop report from either of them, I knew that the only way to reliably find mafia was to go back to post analysis. Since we haven't had much content this game compared to others, I just started at the very beginning of D1 and worked my way through. That's where I noticed an immediate difference between KY and Orange. KY floated the idea of a nolynch, Orange floated the idea of lynching Voe. Discussion kept on going and Orange started the lynch train on Voe. I came back, read through the posts, gave my thoughts on nolynch vs lynch, and pointed out that I thought it suspicious how quickly Voe gained enough votes to be lynched. Instead of actually responding to any of my points, Orange immediately told me to "try again" and called me the scummiest player without any reasoning. The responses from everyone else to my post were calm and reasonable. Orange continued to attack me with a whole bunch of WIFOM and conjecture, as well as a flimsy attack on my post style; if you really want to go back and look at my post history you'll see that it's consistent between all alignments. Orange then skips over obvious logical steps, such as nolynching as much as we can, and finishes up D1 with a weak admission that nolynching makes more sense and still calling me scummy without providing any actual reasoning as to why. This is just what happened during D1. When comparing Orange to KY D2, it was very obvious to me that one player was scummier than the other. I then made a post with these findings and placed my vote onto Orange. That's when Orange went aggressive and everything just devolved into a mess. The content of Orange's posts the rest of that day don't matter as much to me as the pattern behind them. Orange is just trying to get any lynch to happen. He's not trying to find scum. His behavior on D1 and his reactions to my post D2 were scummy. D2 he was not being helpful. I'll just let KY summarize this for me. "I don't like his line of reasoning, as it seems oriented around making his decisions seem right rather than helping town. iLTS, on the other hand, has been very helpful, and his logic seems very pro-Town."
  12. That might be your answer actually. Compare who in this case is using hyperbole and being relentless and who isn't... If you want me to re-summarize all the points I've made against Orange I can do that; it has gotten muddled in the past two days. Despite what he says, I have not made "multiple logical fallacies". Now that you talk about it and I type this out, Orange is doing exactly what I did to you. He's ignoring post content or the actual content of an argument. If I try and point out that he was the only one to continue arguing for a lynch on Voe and did so with weak arguments against me instead of the actual content of my arguments, he just skips over that. He picks and chooses what he argues against instead of the whole picture.
  13. And you conveniently skip over the fact that KY was in favor of a lynch of you today.
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