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  1. I'm down to play some, but I'm too busy to host anything. Going through the exact same situation as Jeod. Pretty soon I'm going to be the only person in the office for a couple weeks.
  2. Uhh excuse me what? I'm scum because I have no town reads in a game where most people have been a little suspicious?
  3. I have reads too, but I don't 100% trust those. I've been fooled and completely fooled others.
  4. I don't know who to trust, nobody does right now. I at least know several people who couldn't have performed a night kill last night.
  5. I'm not sure who's scum, as I've very clearly stated multiple times. So I'm wanting to go for a no lynch since I'm not confident in any lynch target today.
  6. Actually, it was for meta reasons. Suggesting a similar role to yours before and for this game actually, so that was on my mind. Also, the way Orange went about his claim was scummy and was more "how do you do fellow town".
  7. Like I said, I can't know in particular just that it would have been one of the original suspects this morning. But the vibe I got from you trying to case FRAYDO/Sunflower wasn't a town one.
  8. As I stated before, you seem to be trying to create more suspicion to protect one of the players we were originally suspicious of. That and I thought your reasons for scum reading me were weak. But I'm not pushing it further because I have stronger scum reads on other players.
  9. That last one is a very good point. @ChopBam What were you trying to do to FRAYDO?
  10. Well, I don't trust Cat5 yet but I don't feel comfortable enough with lynching him. I'm wary of Jeod, but I don't think there's enough to vote for him. I think I'd only be comfortable with a no lynch or an Orange lynch.
  11. If you're a hider why would you be hesitant to reveal your role? You'd be relatively safe at night and if you're neutral you're not really a priority target.
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