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  1. iLikeToSnipe

  2. iLikeToSnipe

  3. iLikeToSnipe

    Wait, me? If that's what we're doing I'll vote that way. I am kind of interested since it would be my first time in an item vault. ##nominate iLikeToSnipe
  4. iLikeToSnipe

    Well then. ##nominate Irishman
  5. iLikeToSnipe

    I don't want to say too much, but there are counters to scum getting a bunch of items.
  6. iLikeToSnipe

    I think those are valid concerns about how items work. But you won't need to worry about it based on what I have.
  7. iLikeToSnipe

    I would try not to read too much into that post. It could be from a player asking a question or it could just be something he thought of and decided to clarify. We don't know.
  8. iLikeToSnipe

    And somehow FRAYDO will still get lynched.
  9. iLikeToSnipe

    We should do a mass lynch instead. Everybody votes for themselves and we let RNG sort it out.
  10. iLikeToSnipe

    Mass claims D1 are a bad idea imo.
  11. iLikeToSnipe

    Sure is quiet around here. But a quiet neighborhood can be a nice neighborhood.
  12. iLikeToSnipe

    gg town looks like we'll never get justice.
  13. iLikeToSnipe

    Unlike other days there's nobody I have enough suspicion on to be comfortable with a lynch. I figure I'll know more for D2. And the numbers are probably tighter this game. Although who knows if Jeod has done anything to throw us for a loop. Not sure how crazy his CYOR games can be.
  14. iLikeToSnipe

    Now, we should all be neighbors rather than fight each other. We've got a killer to catch.