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  1. I won't be around this Saturday, would be around for a test game on the 8th though.
  2. It's looking like the only day I'll have available in September would be the 8th.
  3. Could I sign up for Brazil? If not, I'd like to take Mexico. Might not be available that day so I won't sign up for a major.
  4. iLikeToSnipe

    My availability is pretty iffy the next 2-3 weeks, and I know almost nothing about Pokemon.
  5. iLikeToSnipe

    I had a very tiny sliver of hope. But it's gone just the way I expected. They still have a chance to pull it out of the fire, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm fairly certain it also matchmaking that purposely matches you with players who have higher level units every once in a while.
  6. iLikeToSnipe

    Another thing to note, units were one of three types of rarity. Common -> Rare -> Epic. Each level needs different amounts of cards, the higher the rarity the harder it is to get cards to level them up. EA decided to change the rarity for a few units. They compacted the cards of units that went up a level (i.e. instead of having 20 cards for a rare unit you now have 1 or 2). But they did not expand the number if your rarity went down (i.e. you have 2 epic cards, you now have 2 rare cards). Every decision made in this game so far is meant to hurt players.
  7. iLikeToSnipe

    Got to the top 50 in the game. I've pretty much stopped playing, just play a match or two each day. The 1.0 patch has pretty much broken the already fragile balance. The economy in-game has been messed up, no matter what you do you find yourself with an excess of resources. Unit balancing is broken. For example, Confessors, an anti-infantry focused infantry unit, can attack a Wolverine, an anti-infantry focused vehicle, and win. Units marked as "strong against vehicles, weak against infantry" completely annihilate infantry. The stats listed on units are wrong or confusing. The ability to buy loot crates with real money has been added, leading to people pouring money into it to have an unstoppable army. If a unit is at least 2 levels beyond yours it can attack a unit of the same type (defenders have a large advantage) and come out with at least half HP. I've played a lot, and I don't have the cards from in-game drops to get a single unit to level 8. I'm already seeing people with level 9 or 10 units, which is only possible from buying crates. I've had an attack buggy 1v1 my scorpion tank and win... Quite a few of the top players are no longer playing or cutting back and EA, of course, is not listening. I loved the gameplay when it wasn't pay to win and the unit balance was better. Now it's just hot garbage.
  8. iLikeToSnipe

    One reason I was pretty excited to get the radio, wanted to see how that would play out.
  9. iLikeToSnipe

    I thought there was a very good chance you were a pluralist reformer. So I wanted to reach out to you and pretend to be a pluralist as well with the intention of manipulating a stability crash to start a civil war.
  10. iLikeToSnipe

    Yeah, was pretty excited to get the radio. Wanted to start a conversation with Orange and setup a way to betray the pluralists and start a civil war. On the topic of Rivals, I've really enjoyed the gameplay. However, the last update let people start spending money on the game to buy crates to unlock cards and level up units. I've run into a handful of matches where there is zero chance of winning the enemy units are so over-leveled. An attack buggy should not beat a tank in a 1v1... If EA doesn't fix that problem I'm just going to be uninstalling it and walking away. Not going to be surprised if that ends up happening.
  11. iLikeToSnipe

    C&C Rivals would be a ton of fun, if EA didn't make it pay to win... I do wish my power hadn't gone out, not much I could do there with a little over 48 hours of no power.
  12. iLikeToSnipe

    We must vote for soft pluralism tonight to break this deadlock. We can begin new negotiations tomorrow.
  13. iLikeToSnipe

    If we get another stalemate, we will at least have a record we can start combing through to figure out who didn't follow along. This is better than nothing.
  14. iLikeToSnipe

    It's not going to be easy, but I think we can do it. We'll have to see what happens tonight, but I don't see why it isn't possible.