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  1. I'm going to be too busy for mafia by next Friday, and I don't think I'll be able to play again for a couple months. So if you need a second set of eyes on balance or for feedback and don't want to worry about spoilers, just let me know.
  2. I had to help out with CVC, try to keep the number of players alive in town or mafia "even", iirc my goal was to extend the game to at least a certain day. So I'd have to try to scum hunt one day or get in town's way on another.
  3. I think a themed CYOR is much harder to balance and play. Take KY's flavor as mechagodzilla, it's an anti-Kaiju mech. The rest of us are Kaiju. There's going to be some kind of bias against him in the first place if he does a reveal versus someone like Louis revealing their character. In an "anything goes" CYOR you have none of that and there's far more room for creativity. I'm guilty of this myself, but CYOR role abilities should also try to be more creative than just a reflavored role block (I think Cat5's role block item is very creative btw). I remember on a mafia forum over a decade ago I picked "co-mod" for my role and had a lot of fun with the unique goals and abilities I had. Even after all this time I still remember it. I don't remember the random CYORs where I get a one use day vig because I picked a superhero. However, running those kinds of CYORs requires more players to signup than we've had in the typical CYOR or mafia game.
  4. Deus ex machina saving the day at the last second? Sounds like a Kaiju movie to me.
  5. Oh, wait again... Lol Louis died before it. Orange saves the day!
  6. Oh, Jeod's flip vote was too late lol
  7. Or don't, so you can rub this in Jeod's face
  8. If you're town (which I think you are), please at least give us a 50/50 shot at lynching scum.
  9. Anyways, I'm going to flip town as SCP-169. Jeod or Cat5 are most likely one of the last remaining scum. I'm leaning towards Cat5 for a variety of reasons I've given before, primary one being that he's misconstruing player meta; and his meta/reputation is that he's really good at calling that out as town. But this time he's doing a really shit job at it.
  10. Yeah, that's been the source of my frustrations. What's a wild shot? My meta as scum has completely changed to how I play town and KY's has completely changed (it hasn't) so now we're a scum team? Or that I'm BP and KY attacked me N1? There's a problem with focusing on crackpot theories and unprovable action claims rather than analyzing posts and questioning.
  11. Please don't let them live it down. I mean... Cat5 has BLATANTLY gotten my meta and KY's wrong. And he's really good at remembering meta. How is that not a red flag?
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