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  1. Pro mafia logic.
  2. Seems interesting, but I would not have time for it.
  3. Do you mean the backstory of the game? It's going to be the basic mafia setting of mafia vs town. It won't be entirely plain though...
  4. Doom finds this acceptable.
  5. Sure!
  6. I'll go ahead and do that. Will delay game start till the following Wednesday. Role types will not be public, but you can expect anything that's "classic". Nobody will have more than one role. Example roles: Sane cop Insane cop Doctor Watcher Tracker Godfather etc
  7. Vanilla-Chocolate Twist MafiaGame InfoThis will be a mostly vanilla game of mafia; I do have a couple of minor twists though. So, if you want a mostly vanilla game go ahead and signup! I'd prefer to run this game with at least 10 players but 8 might be doable. Players and Game StartStart time is April 25th 6:00 PM EST. Signups close April 23rd 6:00 PM EST. Please PM me your preferred email for Google Docs if you sign up. Current Players: (8/10) Jeod TheIrishman Category 5 Hurricane ChopBam OrangeP47 FRAYDO Nodlied Mojoman
  8. Coincidentally, I was also planning a back to basics game.
  9. I think I'm up next. But it's been quite some time since I've planned a game on the forum so I'm not exactly sure what the order is right now.
  10. Oh, I must have misread one of your posts. Thought you said you guarded Cat5 last night.
  11. I've got a solidly neutral read on Sunflower and a scummy read on Orange. I've got to go with the scummy read so I'm keeping my vote on Orange.
  12. Orange claims he gave Mojo the ability to be unstoppable. However, Mojo claims that he's received no notification of this. Seeing as how other players have received notifications indicating that they were watched, tracked, investigated, etc I find it highly unlikely that if Orange was telling the truth Mojo wouldn't know that this happened. So, to recap the claims from last night: Orange visited Mojo and gave made his actions unblockable Mojo investigated ChopBam and got a town result ChopBam protected Irish Sunflower roleblocked Cat5 Jeod tracked Irish Irish guarded Cat5 Cat5 was blocked by Sunflower My current reads: Irish: Almost certainly town. Why use a revive on confirmed town? He didn't have to use it or tell people he had it if he was scum (also doesn't make sense for scum to have that ability). Jeod: We know he didn't perform the NK since he confirmed tracking Irish (who is effectively confirmed town) and would have been unable to NK. Probably town barring a 3-man skrull team. Mojo: Killed Shade on D2. Probably town. He could have bussed Shade, and if he did we'll get him pretty soon. One concern I have is that in the comics Moonknight (I'm assuming that's your character Mojo) is not exactly sane. It's quite possible he's an insane cop. ChopBam: Suspicious D1 and a little suspicious D2. Potentially confirmed town by Mojo Cat5: Hasn't really done anything scummy, but Sunflower claimed to have blocked him last night so he's probably not the killer. Sunflower: Blocked Cat5 last night. Orange: Claimed to have buffed Mojo to be unblockable, but Mojo claims no record of receiving said buff last night. Right now, we either have one or two scum left. If it's just one, I think it's either Orange or ChopBam (assuming Mojo is an insane cop). Due to the conflicting reports from Mojo and Orange I'm more inclined to believe that Orange is a skrull between the two. If we have two scum left, we'd need to think about who could be in a group together. The most likely duo in this case would be Sunflower and Cat5. Sure, Cat5 knows Sunflower's role, but there's no proof he didn't learn that in the scumdoc. As far as I know, we have no actual proof that Cat5 was actually blocked last night since nobody tracked him. For a 10 player game, I don't think we'd have a 3-man scum team; just something to keep in mind. tl;dr Orange and Mojo have potentially conflicting N2 results and Mojo has done more for town than Orange. Cat5 and Sunflower seem a little too buddy-buddy and if there were 3 scum would be my first pick for the last two.
  13. And who would we lynch instead of Orange?
  14. If you're both blocked and we still get a NK that will tell us a lot about who could possibly be scum.
  15. So we now have two blockers to utilize? We should have one of you target Jeod and the other target Mojo assuming Orange flips as town.