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  1. TheIrishman

    I'm pretty certain Cat5 is Town, but I have been assuming that he is indeed a pariah since he's from the Sisters of Silence. Care to confirm that, Cat5? Nodlied is mostly a null read. He could be lying about being redirected/bussed, but given Jeod's speculation, I'm inclined to believe Jeod hit him with it. If Jeod isn't a tracker, and Nodlied was Scum, then the NK might've been random as well. I could also see a possibility of them both being Scum, but it feels too risky to put themselves out there like that. Jeod, I'm not sure. Initially I suspected he'd be more likely neutral rather than TP, but now it feels closer to a toss-up between the two. KY, he's been pretty inactive so it's tough to judge. Although it's basically what he said about me, he could be coasting and I kinda want to vote him outta spite, but OMGUS. He won't be able to defend himself, so until tomorrow. Blujet, pretty much the same for KY except the spite vote and he has the ability to convince me otherwise. FRAYDO, feeling slightly scummy but the logic for that is pretty flimsy. The lamenters would be truly unlucky if they had to take the fall for Scum. But Cat5 got a Town read on him so unless he's a Godfather, Cat is insane or lying, he should be clear. ##vote Blujet Blujet, KY, and Nodlied look like our most likely suspects. Jeod should be put on the back burner imo.
  2. TheIrishman

    I've been busy hanging out with my gf (still am) and I don't like posting on mobile but it looks like I won't be back on my laptop until after hammer. You claim tracker, Jeod, but that doesn't prove that Nodlied is telling the truth. He could've planned to target you with whatever from the start, or you could be lying about being tracker. Considering your character's flavor, he sounds like he could redirect or bus. I find your initial guess about yourself being one of the bussing targets suspicious while you never went back to the train of thought. When you're lying, you tend to stick to half truths, so I think you ended up giving away that it redirects to someone randomly. Why randomly instead of a specific target? Because you didn't even consider a specific target as an option. Cat5, why are you leaning towards TP for Jeod? I should be able to post more later.
  3. TheIrishman

    Wasn't it already pointed out how No Lynch won't actually be that beneficial for us because it wouldn't change the day phase of when we'd lose due to us only having 9 people - assuming the Scum team is only two people. The only advantage we gain is putting ourselves at MYLO instead of LYLO for Day 3, but I'm not sure that it's such a great advantage, especially with potential daykills (also looking back to that BS ability Cat5 used in iLTS's game). Day 1: 9 -> 8 L Night 1: 8 -> 7 NK Day 2: 7 -> 6 L Night 2: 6 -> 5 NK Day 3: 5 -> 4 LYLO (we lose) _____________________ Day 1: 9 -> 9 No Lynch Night 1: 9 -> 8 NK Day 2: 8 -> 7 L Night 2: 7 -> 6 NK Day 3: 6 -> 5 MYLO Night 3: 5 -> 4 (we lose) This assumes no NKs are stopped and we don't manage to lynch any Scum.
  4. TheIrishman

    Oh wow, had no idea about the history of the Blood Ravens (you mean Blood Ravens and Trazyn, right?). My initial research behind which faction I wanted to be from was looking for stronger psykers because I like the idea of relying on my own powers than equipment. Apparently they're not even an official faction, so they have to supply themselves by stealing from others. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Blood_Ravens Now I wish I was a Blood Raven even more, I love their history.
  5. TheIrishman

    At first I thought that it'd be pretty cool to be a World Eater Chaplain, but I was disappointed after looking it up. If it was something that actually devoured worlds, I would love that role. But I'm from the Blood Angels, even though I requested Blood Ravens >.> not a big deal. He probably just misread it. After reading his wiki, it looks like Trazyn is either TP or Neutral. He kinda reminds me of a mix between Deadpool and Loki, but in the 40k universe. As for his abilities, I'd guess stealing, possessing, mind controlling, and reviving himself or others. If it's stealing, he probably has a specific target. If it's possessing or mind controlling, it could manipulate other's abilities, like bussing, or take people over like a cult, but with 9 players I find a Cult Leader to be very unlikely since it'd win so quickly. Reviving himself, I could see him reviving himself straight up or taking over someone's body after "dying." Most of these abilities aren't really beneficial for us. I'm leaning towards neutral though, because it doesn't really make sense for Jeod to basically out himself so early in the game when he's barely under any pressure. I just finished researching everyone's picks and the enemy factions of the Imperium of Man. I think our enemy is most likely Chaos as I haven't found anything else that's caused traitors, although it's possible that KY, iLTS, or FRAYDO could be Xenos as well (KY and iLTS don't have a subfaction, while FRAYDO is classified so we don't know they're human). But I doubt both Scum players could be Xenos seeing as there were "traitors". Also, assuming we're fighting against Chaos, then I don't think Cat5 could canonically be Scum. Pariah's aren't compatible with Chaos at all. They're closer to being the antithesis of Chaos.
  6. TheIrishman

    Oh, I didn't pay attention apparently. Well then, nvm my logic...I'm probably going to sleep for now.
  7. TheIrishman

    A random thought of mine is that one of the classified players is Scum or TP (but I'm not sure there is TP considering he didn't mention anything about other goals like most mods normally do), simply due to Retaliation not wanting people to automatically assume that classified is Town, so I think he added FRAYDO to classified afterwards to balance things. This also makes me think Jeod is more likely Town. Although it could be visa versa, I don't see it as it'd be too attention grabbing. I'll change my avatar tomorrow or something, too tired right now.
  8. TheIrishman

    Welcome to the Mafia scene, Blujet. Glad to have you.
  9. TheIrishman

    If we just wait a week we should be able to pick up Mojoman otherwise... @Inferno @Chaos_Knight @Alstar @kamuixmod @Einstein @VERTi60 @Voe Any of you guys want to join?
  10. TheIrishman

    ...of Horus? Jeod must be Horus Lupercal. Scum confirmed.
  11. TheIrishman

    I'm not sure, looking back on it that seems to be the main reason why we were screwed, but it also might've not helped that much depending on his targets. I feel like the game would've been more balanced with a tracker (or watcher) added that way we're not putting all our hopes on one person, but then you'd probably have to change the vanilla Scum to a Framer.
  12. TheIrishman

    I'm guessing the Scum would be Daemons, Necrons, or Orks so... White Seer, Black Library of Chaos Path of the Seer (Farseer), Ulthwé If I must be human, either Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens or Gray Knights. Maybe Dark Angels if needed.
  13. TheIrishman

    To add my little input, I liked the game, didn't appreciate the silent "tactic', and personally find games where I can't perform any actions slightly boring (but that's a personal preference). I was leaning on iLTS over Inferno, but it was mostly Mojo's decision which made me cautious. I did gain a bit more suspicion towards Nodlied for his sudden reversal of opinion towards me, but that alone wouldn't have redirected my attention towards him. I also wish we outed the Doctor then and there since it would've helped "clear" another player, at least in my mind (although he protected himself). For the setup in general, I feel like it was more advantageous towards Scum.
  14. TheIrishman

    Oh well, I tried so I have no regrets.
  15. TheIrishman

    It's basically you, Shade, or Inferno on the chopping block, but Cat5 has forced our hand. If we don't all vote the same person, Scum could either outvote us last minute or RNG that victory. My main concern, Nodlied, is that Mojo is already voting iLTS, his potential scumbuddy. Unless he's planning a last minute switch, he's sending his teammate to his death. If the Scum team is instead Inferno, Shade, and Mojo, then with your vote, we'll lose.