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  1. TheIrishman

    Sure, I don't mind.
  2. TheIrishman

    lol, what? Yeah, I wouldn't have done any better.
  3. TheIrishman

    I didn't see a voting penalty but just in case ##nominate Jeod ##Investigate Route 34
  4. TheIrishman

    Is the clue public or private? And now we know for certain that we gain a clue if we win.
  5. TheIrishman

    Not really since there's nothing to catch. Jeod, you were talking about an analysis between Investigations and Battles. So it sounds like we gain a little bit of info from the investigation regardless if we win or lose. Whether that info is actually helpful if we lose remains to be seen, but I'd venture a guess that it's mostly likely info preparing us for whatever kind of challenge it is, allowing the next player to have a better chance at succeeding. Orange, just making sure I'm not assuming too much, it says starting an investigation for the first time will reveal some details, does that mean if we succeed in investigating only? Or are those details revealed even if we lose? From how things are mentioned, the main difference between Investigations and Battles seem to be the rewards to the losses. No matter what in a battle, one or two people will benefit while one or two will not (although I suppose the people who lose also get items but they lose a coin too). As for the Investigation, only one player will benefit or be hurt. If the details revealed only pertain to the challenge itself, it's mostly a loss. So battles can be better as there will always be some gain, except the gain could go to Rocket.
  6. TheIrishman

    Unless somebody says something that'd indicate them as trying too hard to be Town, or to directly give themselves away as Mafia/Third Party - in this case Rocket. For example, in the Jedi game I mentioned that I always wanted to make my own Jedi (which I did), but it seemed a bit forced and my defense on that was a little strong after Cat5 somewhat jokingly pointed out I must be Mafia. So wording can often be used to help catch Scum. After we play more, we can look back on what people have posted to try and get a better idea of their perception. For example, say two-three players need only one more loss to get taken out of the game. We send one up but another player tries to make sure that specific one doesn't battle. If that one battles, loses, and is then revealed to be Rocket, the person who tried to prevent them from battling is more likely than not Scum. Other than that, lies. If you can catch someone in a lie, they are far more likely Scum than Town (unless it's Cat5, he loves his gambles, it's more a 50/50 with him). Oh and voting patterns. Although this is a bit different since everyone just battles instead of lynching like normal Mafia. Of course if you're Scum, you'd be able to use your lack of knowledge to your advantage. Usually new players are less likely to be scum.
  7. TheIrishman

    Hm...although my pokemon is trollsy, it's probably my 3rd strongest pokemon (maybe 2nd depending on what I'm fighting). That said, good point, I think I'd rather wait a night to train and/or buy some items to better prepare for it.
  8. TheIrishman

    Was busy so wasn't able to do more than take a glance at it earlier. Still reading through everything but I'd be fine with myself or Jeod investigating. My pokemon right now is meant more to troll than to actually fight, so I don't mind too much losing it.
  9. TheIrishman

    Just trying for last calls. @Alstar @VERTi60 @FRAYDO Were you able to process everything? @Killing_You Were you able to work it in now that it's a new month? @Chaos_Knight @iLikeToSnipe Have you changed your mind? @Voe @kamuixmod @Mojoman @Nodlied You deciding to join now? @ChopBam I know it's probably a "no" but I can hope :b
  10. TheIrishman

    On a random note, went over to a friend's yesterday and saw the game Werewolf which apparently goes up to 75 players. First time I'd seen a mafia game outside of the forum. Thought I'd share, though there's only a few roles that we haven't used yet.
  11. TheIrishman

    Just a heads up, Cat5 is taking a break so he won't be in this one. @Alstar @JackoDerp This game is a bit different from the normal kind, but if you're interested in Pokemon, it's worth a shot. @VERTi60 @FRAYDO @Killing_You I understand if you're not able to join, but you'll be missed man. @Chaos_Knight @iLikeToSnipe @Voe @kamuixmod @Mojoman @Nodlied I know you hate anime and there's almost not a chance in hell of you joining, but thought I'd try. @ChopBam
  12. Just broke up with my gf, so not currently interested in this game. If anybody wants to take my spot or if you want to throw a bot in my place, that'd be fine. Have fun. Huh, forgot to submit this. Doesn't really matter much I guess.
  13. I forgot to mention, cat5's harddrive compleyely crapped out on him. He won't be getting a new computer until January, so he won't be participating in any games until then.
  14. Go ahead and sign me up.
  15. TheIrishman

    I'm a bit salty :\ literally narrow down the suspects myself, choose to play with Town priorities in mind, kill one Scum for Town, still Town doesn't choose to have me win. Orange, no vendetta against you. Shade, KY, and FRAYDO on the other hand.