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  1. TheIrishman

    Wow, way to kill for self-benefit rather than for the overall greater good. I hope scum wins because I'd rather that happen than your friggin selfish ass pluralist party (unless you just happen to be scum). Should've shot you instead of KY.
  2. TheIrishman

    Can you please shoot cat5, he's never this hostile unless he's scum or TP.
  3. TheIrishman

    Ah, didn't have time to read it all. Last page I read was 82. Either way, you're trying to essentially kill the other person that wanted to investigate Orange.
  4. TheIrishman

    Retaliation is an idiot. Vert and me were already voting for Orange, so he just had to vote for Orange as well.
  5. TheIrishman

    You guys are literally trying to kill confirmed Town. Real smart.
  6. TheIrishman

    Wow, I wasn't even voting for Shade, but thanks for making me change my mind ##investigate Shade
  7. TheIrishman

    I'll nominate you, Vert, so you can grab your typewriter if you pass me either the key or the crowbar.
  8. TheIrishman

    Orange, outside of the key, how many actions do you have?
  9. TheIrishman

    I think you're just trying to be nonchalant about the investigation to make us lose interest in you. We'll take a look at your status, if you manage to pass, then we'll look at others.
  10. TheIrishman

    You already knew my Trap was red, told everyone right away >.> At least you've helped confirm my ability is true and that I'm not Scum. You wasted your potential investigation action to frame me...sure, you're very "innocent."
  11. TheIrishman

    It does not. Huh, I'm hostile now, imagine that. Wonder who could've done that. >.> everyone vote. ##investigate OrangeP47 I was still rolling around whether it was you or not, but now I'm all but certain.
  12. TheIrishman

    Alright, now that it's too late to change actions, I trapped myself. So if I die, whoever killed me shouldn't be able to vote. Assuming it's not reflected back at me again or that I'm not roleblocked.
  13. TheIrishman

    Weird...Orange, Vert, Shade, and Retaliation are the remaining suspects. I was pretty certain on Cat5, so I'm fairly surprised it turned out like this. And that happened to me the first time I targeted Jeod/Vert too - seeming as if the action never occured. Vert, when you were roleblocked last night, did you receive a notification of it happening? If so we may have more than one roleblocker. And Vert, don't forget to pass your crowbar or your key to either me or Sunflower.
  14. TheIrishman

    I didn't think there'd be a chance of Scum starting with the key but who knows at this point. In order of suspicion, it goes Cat5, Orange, Vert, Retaliation, then you. Yeah, I already killed him :b
  15. TheIrishman

    I'm assuming you'll end up doing the same thing as Jeod and that's protecting yourself every night.