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  1. Yep, I'll join if it's still going
  2. Oh I'll join, I'll add a story later since I'm on break
  3. I know I was dumb for missing hammer, but y'all except [redacted] were even dumber. Good luck.
  4. Oh, I can see this being used against me because I could choose not to NK if I was scum. So you can lynch me after Cat5 either way result. Then shade after in case I'm wrong on Cat5.
  5. I know ChopBam has no abilities or items which is basically the whole point of my role. And the scrambler sounds like the only item that could've countered me. My role would be dumb and borderline pointless if a zero read on both things gave him the option to still be scum. And with Jeod having no apparent abiliity then the last remaining scum has to have one, orherwise the balance is bad. If I wanted to be dishonest to keep things simple, I would've just claimed a standard cop. Cat5 and Shade are my current suspects. I'm more suspicious of Shade but I'd rather lynch Cat5 so we can jail shade during the night phase. If there's a nk, feel free to lynch me for being wrong. There'd still be FRAYDO, Retal, Chop, Louis, and Shade, minus one, so 4 town vs 1 scum should still be an easy victory as FRAYDO would the last possible culprit (Shade being jailed, Retal being jailed, and Chop being cleared).
  6. It says I check their roster for any skills, if any. So probably NK too
  7. Oh and full claim, I'm an ability cop which works pretty well as a standard cop in a game with 3 to 4 vanilla town. I could easily see how this could be used against me tho as it's a popular scum role but I'm the only investigative role, aside from potentally Cat5.
  8. Okay, that's not what I expected. I had to use them on the same person because the item wouldn't let me target anyone with it, just to activate it as I visited. Otherwise I would've picked you and Retal. Passing it to a vanilla player would've made it useless. I was pretty confident that we aren't able to target players with items and that's why Shade was saying vanilla town can't have items. I expected it to say so in all vanilla PM's with Shade's certainty of the statement and nobody debating it and since there's no point in them having an item like mine.
  9. Before this, Shade. How are you certain vanilla town can't have items?
  10. I mean Thursday was my day off work >.> but yeah, I have a cop ability in addition to the item search. I figured it was pretty obvious.
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