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  1. TheIrishman

    Just broke up with my gf, so not currently interested in this game. If anybody wants to take my spot or if you want to throw a bot in my place, that'd be fine. Have fun. Huh, forgot to submit this. Doesn't really matter much I guess.
  2. TheIrishman

    I forgot to mention, cat5's harddrive compleyely crapped out on him. He won't be getting a new computer until January, so he won't be participating in any games until then.
  3. TheIrishman

    Go ahead and sign me up.
  4. TheIrishman

    I'm a bit salty :\ literally narrow down the suspects myself, choose to play with Town priorities in mind, kill one Scum for Town, still Town doesn't choose to have me win. Orange, no vendetta against you. Shade, KY, and FRAYDO on the other hand.
  5. TheIrishman

    Orange, although this is against my benefit since it puts me up on the lynching block, but right now is MYLO for Town if they vote a potential Town. I already said there's 4 PT right now, if one a is lynched today and then one is NK'd tonight, then there'd only be two PT left and Town would lose. That said, it's assuming that KY isn't Scum because if KY does have another shot, no matter what we do today, he can win tomorrow (provided you don't manage to block him before he shoots). Right now the only things we can do for the game to last is No Lynch, Lynch me, and Lynch Shade. Nodlied, I'm disregarding that information because THERE IS NO PROOF. You're essentially asking us to trust you on your word which doesn't negate the possibility of you being Scum. And are you saying you think iLTS did the NK for N3? N2, I think KY was redirected to kill me but was blocked because I'm invincible, pretty sure I already mentioned this way back and it's one of the big reasons I think KY is scum. If that's not the reason then someone else probably has night BP. Why there wasn't a NK for N1? Pretty obvious that he tried to claim that he was attacked. From talking to Cat5, it sounded like he was setting it up before the night ended. He talked about how the Blood-Stained Sweater had the day BP and night BP, but when both myself and Cat5 received it, there wasn't any mention of night BP. Also items are passed first so it couldn't have "protected" him for the alleged NK. Sure, you can send Shade to the vault. With the new information about how the game only needs two PT to end, Scum is almost assured to NK one of them meaning Shade is probably safe from being NK'd. Btw, Shade, I expect your full cooperation tomorrow seeing as the game should end, and there shouldn't be a way for Scum to kill you. Cat5, don't forget to pass your notebook to me or Shade. @FRAYDO waiting on your roleclaim and what you did N1, N2, and N3. I'm just about to leave to work and won't be here around hammer. I might be able to post a little more during my break, but that's it.
  6. TheIrishman

    If I really wanted to kill you, I would've shot you instead of iLTS.
  7. TheIrishman

    Btw, Cat5, we should agree who to pass our Tribbles to tonight, that way Shade can give them one tomorrow (just in case there's no NK). I'm leaning towards Nodlied. Reason being, if there isn't a NK, we'd probably lynch KY (as he's still the highest Scum suspect to me), if he isn't Scum then that'd leave 3 potential Town players left. You, Orange and Nodlied. With Nod being the most likely one imo.
  8. TheIrishman

    Oh, I didn't make myself clear, did I? You have to destroy a certain number of my tapes.
  9. TheIrishman

    Or destroy my tapes. But, again, we don't know if the dayblock needs to be used against KY or Nodlied and I'm going to kill myself right after Scum dies..
  10. TheIrishman

    They don't? I thought the unstoppable kill was going to kill me but it didn't. At this point, I'm not even sure if roleblocking me will kill me either as my Immortality is linked to items themselves. That said, I'm not particularly wanting to try either. But if you really want to kill me without anyone else dying, then destroy my tapes the night before the game ends. Yeah, I made sure that if people wanted me dead, I'd bite back.
  11. TheIrishman

    Oh, if they destroyed it they're dead regardless (except for maybe Nodlied when he was in his painting and KY if his Regen doesn't count as BP but a second life). But if they passed it during the night, then I cursed them with another tape, they'd still have another night to pass the new tape. I'm pretty sure the Pass action have top priority.
  12. TheIrishman

    How? The curse would reset if I handed them a new tape? I originally made it so they can be destroyed during the day or night phase, idk if that part stuck. Even if it didn't, they'd have another night.
  13. TheIrishman

    Except if people knew they were going to die, they'd destroy my tapes.
  14. TheIrishman

    I'm not claiming I can kill you, let's say I passed you the tape tonight, I'd most likely fail my objective and it'd take you until D6 to die. I already pointed out how the game will probably end tomorrow, on D5. And yeah, that's a bright idea. If KY is scum, go ahead and get rid of the only thing that could stop him from shooting again (assuming you visited him again for him to buy ammo). You're also assuming there aren't any other abilities to be on the lookout for, like we don't know what Nodlied is capable of now that he's been released. I literally built this role myself, goal included. Jeod barely changed anything.
  15. TheIrishman

    If this game could last longer and if there were less than two tapes total in any player's possession, I can actually pass the tape to someone that's already watched it :b That way if I misidentify Scum as being Town right away, I could still hand them a tape. For example, the second night I could've handed you another tape. Or when KY delivered my tape to the vault, I could've passed you another one. Oh that's right, I forgot KY doesn't have my other tape because he put it in the vault (I should really check my own chart). I'm honestly not sure if he'll be hit with my curse again then. What I mean is, I know that if a character had BP, they'd be hit with my curse the next day but I'm not sure if his Regeneration counts as BP or a 2nd life.