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  1. Category 5 Hurricane

    This the result of WW2 in my current Switzerland game in Darkest Hour. Not as impressive as a World Domination, but I'm getting there. Currently building a Navy so that I might attack NATO... Also, yes, I'm signing up, of course.
  2. Category 5 Hurricane

    Mafia Can Has?
  3. Category 5 Hurricane

    Yeah, hitting someone other than Nodlied would have gotten Nodlied lynched today, and then I would have investigated KY next and gotten a town result on him. (I had actually initially ordered an investigation of KY N2 and then changed it to Nodlied) and then he could have pushed the lynch onto me pretty easily.
  4. Category 5 Hurricane

    That last doc needs permissions.
  5. Category 5 Hurricane

    ##vote Killing_You Assuming we're done, this was actually a pretty good game. Inactivity kinda hurt it, but we had a properly good mystery going here. I love it when it goes that way.
  6. Category 5 Hurricane

    It's starting to look like the false contradiction was Killing_You voting for TheIrishman. Perhaps KY just didn't anticipate that TheIrishman was at much risk of being lynched.
  7. Category 5 Hurricane

    ##space VERTi60
  8. Category 5 Hurricane

    Yes. As covered before, all vanilla roles in Retal's old game had a lasgun (which unknown to the user could only kill other vanillas) and this appears to be true in this game as well with Shade and iLTS both claiming to have weapons. TheIrishman never claimed to have one, though his role was also marked "Vanilla-ish" and we don't know what that means yet.
  9. Category 5 Hurricane

    Correction "Dark Apostle VERTI60" not D.A.R.E. Apostle, which probably needs to be a meme now.
  10. Category 5 Hurricane

    @Killing_You Do you have a weapon for use in a day action?
  11. Category 5 Hurricane

    "Dare Apostle VERTi60", I don't remember much about it, and the other people who do are dead. Nodlied said it was a role that won a previous Warhammer game that Retaliation ran years ago.
  12. Category 5 Hurricane

    Bluejet, how did you determine Jeod's character from what little information he gave us?
  13. Category 5 Hurricane

    Jeod, you've mentioned that you are looking for VERTi60's old role. How do you accomplish that with a Tracker role?
  14. Category 5 Hurricane

    Really, nobody has said anything since I went to bed? Ok, perhaps it's time to start demanding more information from people. Killing_You and Bluejet, neither of you have told us anything about what your role is or who your targets were. FRAYDO, you haven't said who your N1 target was.
  15. Category 5 Hurricane

    Probably. Retaliation could have also given the town victory condition to the other factions quietly. I would only know for sure whether you were town or not if you gave the wrong answer. That said, I'm unsure how to proceed. This game is turning out to be like a locked-room murder mystery.