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  1. It would have been only half if it was his only holding. It wasn't. He has a holding somewhere else. That's why he is still in the CVC right now. Given that he apparently didn't attack me or Orange and we're limited on resources anyway, I'm fine with leaving him alone. Which is why I'm not voting the location I think he actually is holding. I'm voting for a holding that should be empty. If it isn't empty anymore, there is a problem. I don't see a reason to do anything else unless you specifically want Orange or Shade to send troops.
  2. I can, indeed. Actually, I'm forced to any time I have more than three.
  3. Not necessarily. I don't know how VERT would resolve someone attacking a location that was being abandoned. As far as I know, it would just mean the location gets occupied by the attacker, just as what happened when I occupied the empty Dragonstone. Do I believe that is what happened? Not really. But that still leaves me to wonder why you mentioned Pyke of all places. There shouldn't be any risk in checking if he isn't there, wouldn't you agree?
  4. I'm only doing that if Rubeci got the facts mixed up and Shade attacked Pyke while I was leaving it.
  5. As said before, I can transfer Royal Troops to the wall at any time, freely. Unless we want to send all of Orange's troops or find whatever holding Shade scurried away to, the only thing worthwhile doing is checking holdings that should be empty to make sure they are still empty. Pyke was made independent because I abandoned it in favor of another holding. It should be empty. I find it quite odd that you would think someone moved troops to Pyke when it was previously a royal holding.
  6. I didn't say I was going to keep all holdings, I just said I currently plan to keep Dragonstone.
  7. Orange is claiming he didn't do that. Do you know for certain? I currently plan to keep Dragonstone. I can move troops around freely between all holdings and the wall, so voting a Royal Holding is just a waste of time.
  8. ##vote Pyke Shall we find out what is there? It is supposed to be empty.
  9. What do you have that suggests something moved to Pyke?
  10. But yeah, given that we have no way to attack the white walker army, they could just sit there and do nothing and wait for us to starve out. I don't really think this game is worth playing.
  11. No, the only part I missed was that the Granary increases provision income. I read what the Granary does on the forum posts, which didn't include that line. I didn't double check for more detail on my projects list. I decided being able to buy such a small amount of provisions for such a large amount of gold wasn't worth it, so I didn't build it. I also expect the income numbers that VERT puts next to our stockpiles to represent the daily income even if we do nothing for the next night. If that is incorrect, then things aren't so bad for me.
  12. I did occupy Dragonstone. Sending that force to the wall might be good, but what is the point if Retal can't feed it? That said, I have just about as bad of a provision problem as Retal does. I have a triple digit deficit of provisions each night right now. I didn't panic over it before because I thought it was just because I had 6000 troops involved in battle, but it happened again even though no battles took place. Just last night I thought I had plenty, now I don't have enough to go another night.
  13. Oh, cool, so we can at best feed the wall for 3 nights, and that's while not doing anything else. Awesome. Can we just do like Dead Space 3 and mass quit now?
  14. I really don't understand why you can't understand why your actions have been so detrimental to your own goals. I'm doing a couple things today, so I'm not sure I'll be back before hammer or not. ##Vote Dragonstone
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