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  1. Not exactly a trait unique to Hubert. Although he did make her faint standing upright...
  2. That was a thought, but what would he do? And importantly, I don't actually like him very much.
  3. I haven't decided what role I would want yet, but I will play.
  4. This was the part when I was going to make a gif showing my dancer Edelgard being killed, but then I sent her out by herself and she just soloed the entire chapter. Sooo...yeah. Wish I could have dodged this lynch as easily.
  5. I can't keep up this little stunt. I'm back to work now. I'm going to go with my top read and the one I'm pretty sure ChopBam won't vote for. The rest of you are going to have to puzzle this out. ##vote Louis
  6. So ChopBam isn't that committed to his read, and Mojoman dropped iLTS out of the lead. Not really the kind of reactions I was expecting to see. Let's see what happens if I do this. ##vote Mojoman
  7. Heh. Interesting. I've got an idea. ##vote iLikeToSnipe So with this vote, FRAYDO gets to decide who dies. I wonder if there is anyone who will have a problem with that?
  8. That right there. Defending ChopBam but ready for the scum flip when it happens.
  9. I dunno, I might stick with it, I might not. It would give Louis another chance to prove herself and the same for me. Mojoman claims vanilla so there isn't anything to prove for him. I specifically reread Louis's responses and I didn't find anything that looked particularly off, though she seems to be missing the case entirely so much that she is actually flat out defending ChopBam today for him "believing in her"
  10. I'm leaning towards a nolynch myself. Currently working out if that gives us an extra day.
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