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  1. I think the recommendation has been to not send the same champion twice in a row, though I don't think that rule is really enforced unless you made it past the first round. I didn't really compete in the championship, I just played in a sideshow after it was over.
  2. They do rely heavily on the shitposting. Helps them meet the minimum, and they try to fight against the "scum talk less" meta by padding their post count with them.
  3. I don't understand why I can't manually do quote tags anymore without them breaking. Preview looks fine, but then the actual post always looks like that. If I want to say something after a manually placed quote, I have to make another post.
  4. I think we could start with a signup period here. If you think you would like to participate in this event, type in ##UnitReady. I'll gather the entries and then make a poll where we can vote for which players (1 representative, 1 backup) we'd like to send.
  5. Unit Ready.
  6. That said, notifications are entirely up to the GM. Games at MU largely do not give notifications for ANYTHING. Just an acknowledgement that the action was received, and only investigative actions like cops or trackers would get a report.
  7. I wouldn't sit down from GMing after one try, KY. This wasn't a bad game. The way it played out made it look very town slanted, but it wouldn't have taken very much to turn it the other way even as it was designed. If the scum team had used the strategy that you sort of designed them to use, that would have changed things right from the get go. And town had some actions that could have caused serious damage to themselves if they had been misused. Things I would have done differently: My rule of thumb for actions leaving notice on the target is: Consider each character to be asleep in a house during the night, except for when they are doing actions. Would they notice something during the action? Would they notice a change after the night is over? If they wouldn't, then don't tell them. So, for Mojoman, ChopBam, TheIrishman, and myself, I wouldn't leave a notification for their targets. Mojoman would probably not want to wake the target while carrying out the investigation. ChopBam is deliberately redirecting the action away, so the target wouldn't notice that either, even if ChopBam winds up defending the target. In the case of TheIrishman, he would leave a notification only if he prevented a nightkill, as the character would notice being attacked and then saved, but would not notice TheIrishman's presence otherwise. My "Voyeur" action doesn't get close enough to identify the person they see, so the character that was seen also doesn't notice the voyeur. Trackers do alert the target because the target is awake and would have the chance to notice being followed. FRAYDO and Sunflower's roleblocks would be noticed, obviously. The rest are pretty obvious.
  8. Seems like OrangeP47 is the safe bet, and I'm not really seeing any likely counterarguments. The only thing I'm really worried about at this point is a 3-person scum team. I'm about to leave for the day, so it's time to vote. ##vote OrangeP47
  9. Sorry, I was actually responding to the upper paragraph, about what you think my character is and should do. Just saying to blame me for what I thought the role could be built as, which I based on the little reading you sent me.
  10. If it's wrong, it's because I suggested it after reading the bit you sent me.
  11. Correct. Once I witness a night action, I can copy it and use it. I was going to choose a different Kirby copy ability depending on what actions I found. But since you roleblocked me, I didn't get to copy anything during N2.
  12. I should add that I actually know more than just the name of Sunflower's action. I also have the action description. As she has said before, it's just a normal roleblocking action with no bells or whistles or conditions. So the only way she does a delayed kill with her action is if it was caused by something else, like a passive or something.
  13. Not knowing how KY resolves actions, I think the two scenarios most likely would be like this: 1) Delayed kill can be ordered at the same time as a normal NK, but not happen at the same time In this case, TheIrishman is still attacked on N1, and another kill is setup for iLikeToSnipe in advance. Remaining scum would be free to do whatever they want N2, except the normal NK. 2) The kill on iLTS was actually an unstoppable kill The people who could or could not have done these actions are different. I don't have time to work it out right now, but I will after I wake up if you guys don't do so before that.