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  1. Category 5 Hurricane

    Alright, I'll just go with what you picked then. ##nominate Jeod ##investigate Route 34 I'm off to shovel my car out and go to work.
  2. Category 5 Hurricane

    Well, I figured the difficulty of the investigation target might depend on the general difficulty of that location in the Gen 2 game.
  3. Category 5 Hurricane

    I never played Gen 2, so I have no idea.
  4. Category 5 Hurricane

    I mean from the Gen2 games. There was a specific starting point, right?
  5. Category 5 Hurricane

    Uh huh. But you don't know how it is balanced, or if indeed it is balanced at all.
  6. Category 5 Hurricane

    I dunno. That's part of what we need to find out. And we'll be asking that question no matter how many phases we wait to try it.
  7. Category 5 Hurricane

    Jeod, are the locations we can pick from all from the game? If so, is the one you picked the earliest you can reach?
  8. Category 5 Hurricane

    That's just another reason to do an investigation now, because we aren't allowed to on all days.
  9. Category 5 Hurricane

    Aww man. What's with all these punk 12-year-olds everywhere? I'm a salesman, not a baby sitter? Do I really have to deal with this? Shade being so loud about not wanting to do an investigation makes me think he should be the one doing it. This mechanic has been expressly laid out as a way to gain information, and Shade is suggesting we stay in the dark about it. We have no idea what it entails and how difficult it will be, but that fact will not change until it has been attempted. Not going for it just leaves us blind for longer. This is a pro-rocket argument. @TheIrishman, you seem to be thinking about the things I do to catch people early on in this game. Must be on your mind for some reason. Are you perhaps a bit concerned that I might catch you again?
  10. Category 5 Hurricane

    Consider me signed up for this as long as the start date is after February 10th.
  11. Category 5 Hurricane

    Depending on how much time passes before this game starts, I may enter. I don't think I'll be playing any mafia until Mid-January, though.
  12. Category 5 Hurricane

    Jack, I don't think you did so bad. You made one slip under pressure and then didn't respond correctly when pressed on it. You were looking pretty townie otherwise. I thought you had plenty of reason to hold fire and wouldn't have blamed you if you held out all day. I didn't fire until it was clear that all units that couldn't fire were revealed, because I felt those units were more valuable than me. It was the mere fact that you first declined to fire, and then with very little time and pressure changed your mind, that got my attention. Then your explanations contradicted your actions, which just made things worse.
  13. Category 5 Hurricane

    Orange effectively confirming Voe's woes means we only have two suspects left, KY and Alstar. ##vote Killing_You
  14. Category 5 Hurricane

    So will this turn out to be the third VERTi60 game where town gets penalized for lynching not-town? Is that what we're doing?
  15. Category 5 Hurricane

    Also, because Shade has fished for my relative position to Voe multiple times now: ##vote Shade939