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  1. Category 5 Hurricane

    Yeah, he was Kurisu Makise, and was involved in Kamuixmod's time machine plot that flipped the game upside down, and early in the game he was quietly working against you by issuing time machine commands that would have countered your plans. Basically, he was quietly TheIrishman before TheIrishman was TheIrishman. I've only ever run two games on my own, plus another that I co-modded. I would run more, but I just never have the time available that would be required to properly GM a game.
  2. Category 5 Hurricane

    Yeah, I'm just saying that's what I would do. And you guys know I do crazy shit when I GM things.
  3. Category 5 Hurricane

    How long do you Eurozone people think you're going to be able to play? Work is pressuring TheIrishman, myself, and maybe Skyhater (The Com China player) to get back to work when the game is over. I told them that the time the game takes is kinda indefinite, and probably depends on how late you guys plan to play.
  4. Category 5 Hurricane

    Adding in PP would definitely change the balance back so that the more powerful moves don't have to be nerfed in accuracy just to make them fair, like I noticed Blizzard was. I do think keeping track of PP would be too much of a hassle, though. I'll tell you one thing I'd do if I was hosting a PokeMafia. 6 Moves. Because as fun as Pokemon can be, I get really irritated at the 4 move limit and how that really limits the tactical approaches that are usable. Another thing I'd do is make it so that it is possible that there are as many simultaneous battles as there are pairs of players. I'd set it up so that any player can challenge another player. If that player accepts, they will fight. If another pair decide to fight, they will too. If a player is challenged but the challenge is not accepted, if a majority vote for that fight to happen, it will happen anyway. This would allow the game to move quicker, and it would also allow all 6 Pokemon to be used before a trainer is eliminated instead of having them eliminated while half their roster is still in play.
  5. Category 5 Hurricane

    I actually figured that HMs were not discarded, by Pidgey was the only one who could learn Fly anyway, and Seel was the only one who could learn Surf, so I never had the opportunity to use one more than once.
  6. Category 5 Hurricane

    You did have an action, didn't you?
  7. Category 5 Hurricane

  8. Category 5 Hurricane

    Probably better that I was still awake since I forgot to plan Swords Dance into my Autobattle.
  9. Category 5 Hurricane

    Slash some more...
  10. Category 5 Hurricane

    Well, I guess I'm glad that decision was taken away from me.
  11. Category 5 Hurricane

    Great, now I have to guess if he has another potion.
  12. Category 5 Hurricane

    Yeah, wasn't counting on a potion. Specifically used Quick Attack to make sure I went first.
  13. Category 5 Hurricane

  14. Category 5 Hurricane

    Quick Attack
  15. Category 5 Hurricane

    I don't think it matters, but I was expecting 6 damage. 67 is the current defense of the Alakazam now, right? Quick Attack