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  1. I can't say for sure as I haven't played it yet, but I'm reading there is crossplay between PC/iOS/Android.
  2. I would certainly consider it, though it's pretty hard for me to be available when everyone else is. If I know about a game and I can make it, I'll play.
  3. I frankly didn't think I would survive the day, so I never thought that far ahead. Would have had to decide after seeing what the vote was and the reactions to it.
  4. Ok, fair enough then. FRAYDO, you failed me! I did my part to prevent him from winning. Louis' death is on your hands! (And for that matter, town/TP are the only people who killed town this entire game.)
  5. It really is quite unbelievable to me that I was able to convince people off of me. I mean, I'm not going to fault them for it, I think I was putting up plausible arguments, especially for Sunflower, but there is no way I should have had a chance to survive today.
  6. So FRAYDO needed to roleblock him instead of me?
  7. That's all well and good, but I'm saying that a player should never get to the point where he can gloat that he has won before the game is over. After Orange did his day action, was there anything that could have stopped him?
  8. And I knew you were TP because of KY's rolecop report, though I didn't dare go after you because I'd get attacked for hunting a TP instead of a mafia. I think this game was won or lost on Night 1. Scum could very easily cause all sorts of confusion if they get through N1 without being caught, but they can also be totally screwed. I knew this game was lost the moment KY was shot. Also, super pissed that Orange can win after he died. The whole reason I killed him was to prevent him from winning. Easiest win ever. Don't allow a player to get to the point where he can gloat that he's won before it's actually over.
  9. Actually, I just thought of a reason for Scum!Retaliation for taking Sunflower's role: Stopping Town!iLTS from using the gummies.
  10. I spent a while looking, but I didn't really come up with a lot I haven't said already, and it's already past time for me to go to sleep. iLTS is my primary suspect. I struggled with this one for a while, but the more I stew on it, the more plausible it seems. When iLTS claims he was attacked, we recieved an ominous daypost which suggested something major had happened, yet the only change in the situation is that he can vote twice a couple times? And both times he has voted he threw his extra vote away early? The one thing that stood out to me as I did a reread of the early game is that iLTS was more or less absent during D1. At the time I kinda forgot he was even in the game. Why would a largely inactive player be the NK target? It seems more plausible that Jeod was actually the first NK target, but we've never known about it. I know iLTS keeps harping on about how he wouldn't sell his teammate out, but the best mafia make themselves look town by always acting as they would if they were actually town. I also didn't like how he was against being checked for items. Sure, the point about wasting the pass of the gummies is valid, but it's also convenient. His arguments today have gotten pretty empty, and he pretty much refuses to accept anything that doesn't fit his desired narrative. Retaliation I'm becoming less suspicious of. If I had to pick one at the start of the day, I would have said him, but I've particularly liked the direction of his arguments today. Sure, his arguments are pointed at me, but I can't really blame him for that. He is doing his due diligence in looking for alternative answers. I still consider it possible that he could be doing the same kind of gambit that I'm claiming iLTS has done, but right now I'm hearing town perspective in his arguments. Also, if he's scum and he has scatter, what use does he have for picking up Sunflower's ability? (I suppose that last bit could be a lie, however.) Louis and Jeod are technically on my lists as possible scum, yet they are both way way down there. The case for Louis would stem mostly from the Sunflower counterclaim, but most of that case gets blown away by Jeod almost completely clearing her through his gummies. If Louis is scum, Jeod isn't, and has no reason to lie about those results. Jeod being scum doesn't make much sense to me, because we know that he's a sort of rolecop and KY already was a rolecop himself. I suppose the one hole there is that we have no verification on his night actions as far as I remember.
  11. I mean, that's a given about a case about anyone. You don't assume anything to be true unless you can prove it. I agree that I should be the lynch target today, though, so I'm not going to put effort in trying to convince people otherwise. I want to make a post of my final conclusions for you guys to reference after the lynch, but my time frame I have to make this is small, so this may be somewhat short.
  12. And you could have. If Retal didn't kill KY (or ever claim to have the ability to) you could easily switched sides later on.
  13. Yes you do. Deadspace, you, as the lead necromorph, killed another necromorph just to keep appearances.
  14. Well, in the case that iLTS is scum, it could be as simple as they just fucked themselves. They might not have known how to act. iLTS may have reacted to the lack of the kill by claiming he was the target of it to get town cred. He perhaps might not have been expecting that someone tracked his partner to him. FRAYDO did track KY, and KY reacted kinda weird to that. He didn't give up like he usually does when caught, he kinda split the middle, claiming he didn't visit iLTS but couldn't explain why he was tracked. Perhaps he didn't want it known that he did visit iLTS, but the reason wasn't that he attempted to NK him. Then, if iLTS wanted to say that Sunflower attacked him, then another explanation for KY being tracked to him would have to be found. If that line continued, it might link the two of them. We also don't know if iLTS would have flipped back to Sunflower later since KY was killed before the end of the day.
  15. Because iLTS claimed he was attacked before FRAYDO declared his track?
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