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  1. Category 5 Hurricane

    Which part is on land?
  2. Category 5 Hurricane

    Are you suggesting the Sub Pen moves people on to land while repairing it? I'll say again, the Sub Pen doesn't move people.
  3. Category 5 Hurricane

    Sorry, not M15. I meant M12. I'm pretty sure he hasn't said that.
  4. Category 5 Hurricane

    He also hasn't told us that he's the guy at M15.
  5. Category 5 Hurricane

    Regarding the vote, recall that Jack originally claimed he didn't like the idea of lynching, but something forced him to vote at the last minute. And we've already seen him suddenly change his mind when forced.
  6. Category 5 Hurricane

    And that he's actually shifted himself partly onto water.
  7. Category 5 Hurricane

    Frankly, I'm leaning more along the lines of a certain chronoshifting unit that can shoot.
  8. Category 5 Hurricane

    I have to say, the one thing that leads me away from that case is that I think Jack may also have told us how the Chronoshifting works, since he said with little evidence that the end result of the shift is random, which would explain why Voe didn't wind up shifted to the known land tile. Still wouldn't explain why Voe was the target.
  9. Category 5 Hurricane

    Given how Voe just doesn't give a fuck and how poor of a job Jack did explaining himself or even trying to get himself off the hook in the closing hours, I'm not sure about that.
  10. Category 5 Hurricane

    Voe. I need to go back and read Jack's posts, but I'm almost positive every time Voe was mentioned, Jack responded in a way that was supportive to Voe.
  11. Category 5 Hurricane

    Excellent, I'm glad that I wasn't getting a false positive read from Jack's indecisiveness. I was really worried it was just newbie nerves, enough that I probably wouldn't have voted him.
  12. Category 5 Hurricane

    Because given that moving is probably related to a scum ability, describing that someone near me moved narrows down my possible placements on my map, which is undesirable for obvious reasons.
  13. Category 5 Hurricane

    I don't think the Sub pen moves people.
  14. Category 5 Hurricane

    Not only that, but how does the unit moved to the Sub Pen move back? And what happens to the next one called?
  15. Category 5 Hurricane

    If you were going to move a suspected Submarine, wouldn't you move in onto known land tiles?