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  1. The only way to win those games was to be iLikeToSnipe or not play at all.
  2. Last time, TheIrishman made an aggressive plan to try to flush scum out my asking everyone to mass claim. This time he's got nothing. Just kinda floated through the first phase. It's an entirely different mindset and is the reason why I pressured him. While as I said before, I never wanted to lynch anyone D1, TheIrishman is actually someone I am suspicious of. Yeah, I quickly edited the Nepgya name out from the original quote and typo'd it. Whoops. Pyra's better anyway. Mythra's just sassier. And I expect to use plenty of sass.
  3. Interesting, a contested D1 lynch. Unfortunately, it's time for me to take the fun out of this. Some of you should remember from the last time we ran this setup, a couple people pointed out that the game can potentially end on the Day 2 lynch if we mislynch both times. This game setup is actually balanced on the idea of starting with a N0, so doing a lynch now most likely hurts us and gives us the least amount of chances to win. So I was never going to leave my vote on TheIrishman, though I am quite interested in how things played out after that. ##vote nolynch Off to work.
  4. You are clearly holding the hammer that you intend to early swing down upon me!
  5. How could you possibly know it's too early? You didn't even know this game started because apparently you think I'm your personal PM Alert tone! You haven't even begun to make a chart of all the game-deciding stuff we've been talking about so far!
  6. TheIrishman must be scum because he didn't make a chart yet. ##vote TheIrishman
  7. We're calling it different things but we mean the same thing, pretty much. Given that the first actual result would be a NK, I would call the first phase a Night Phase, but it doesn't really matter. Call it whatever. Other people who run this setup seem to be confused on what to call the first phase as well. I've just been reading into the meta a little more and I'm having a hard time predicting how having a discussion phase before the first kill might change things. I understand a little better how things are "supposed" to work in the original setup, but it isn't practical for us to follow it exactly. There will be differences. Which is probably good?
  8. But basically semantics. This setup is slightly weird to translate into a forum game, given how normally a player would be eliminated before the game begins.
  9. Maybe 24 Hour Shitpost phase that ends with a NK and then straight on to Day 1?
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