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  1. Category 5 Hurricane

    I know a lot of you guys are hung up on the "for now" bit of Jeod's death flavor, but how about how we apparently saw him die "before our eyes"? Was that really a NK? Was it maybe a delayed kill, or even a planned hidden day action?
  2. Category 5 Hurricane

    I'm a little mixed on Nodlied. The only thing I have noted on him is how he played up being "protected" N1 when we clearly had no idea why a NK didn't occur. Kinda felt like he might have been trying to subtly push the idea that he was protected from being killed when in actuality he was prevented from doing a kill. But, otherwise, I think his role sounds plausible. I also find OrangeP47's claimed role plausible. It sounds similar the Zero role I had last year, where I was a Neutral Jailer who had extra objectives that were not specifically hostile to others, so there is some GM meta to support it. But I also think OrangeP47 could be responsible for Jeod's death. I don't think both are true. If I had to pick one to be a lie, I think it would be Nodlied's. I'm not going to tell you to shoot or not shoot. I don't think that's my decision to make. There's too many risks involved.
  3. Category 5 Hurricane

    Argh, iLTS's arguments are making me question my judgement. I find his position suspicious but I can't argue against what he's saying as he's still making sense to me.
  4. Category 5 Hurricane

    I'm all but certain iLTS is lying about at least one part of his claimed role. I haven't been able to confidently decide from which angle he's pulling his gambits from. Part of the WIFOM bomb we've got here is that iLTS stated he was going to RNG protecting himself or Jeod. If iLTS is actually a doctor, then this gambit should make scum unwilling to risk hitting either of them. Yet, they did so anyway. This could place suspicion on iLTS (and indeed, I'm kinda inclined to go that way myself), but if scum has unstoppable kills, thinks iLTS is lying about being a doc, or even just guessed right on who he would target, scum could use this situation as a trap.
  5. Category 5 Hurricane

    If I remember correctly, Jeod was involved in some sort of plan? I don't recall the details, but it will be difficult to defuse the goals if true. Classic WIFOM bomb. We need outside information to have a chance of disarming it. Outside of that, you or Shade not being a target is slightly suspicious. But only slightly, because the WIFOM bomb does muddy the waters as far as who "should" be getting targeted.
  6. Category 5 Hurricane

    Why did you pick KY? Was him being your target discussed before? I'm not undead. I do have a mention of hidden effect on a certain target, so I do suspect that someone is a counter to my ability. That person might not even be scum. I don't know.
  7. Category 5 Hurricane

    It's getting pretty tiring coming home and seeing people complain that I wasn't around when they wanted me to be. My schedule does not comply to your needs, and even beyond that, I'm under no obligation to be here at your call. I didn't "wait all day", I was at work until close. And after coming home I wanted to relax for a while, so I didn't feel like making a status report the moment I was online. Especially given what the status is. I have absolutely no news to report. To be perfectly clear, this means I have done nothing, could do nothing, and nothing I'm aware of has happened to me.
  8. Category 5 Hurricane

    Yeah, given that there has turned out to be no confirmation of anything at all other than that you did something, I'm not sure I buy what you say you did.
  9. Category 5 Hurricane

    If VERT is lynchproof mafia, then I hate TheIrishman just as much as I hate VERT for doing the same thing.
  10. Category 5 Hurricane

    ##vote NoLynch
  11. Category 5 Hurricane

    Kinda not being given any time to think since I'm also trying to play a game at the moment.
  12. Category 5 Hurricane

    Uhhh, given this change, I think I'm on board with downing iLTS.
  13. Category 5 Hurricane

    It's actually kind of unfortunate that I determined that was likely after I had already set my avatar and had kept it for two days.
  14. Category 5 Hurricane

    Well, like how Shade seems to think iLTS is his enemy, I figure that if someone who matches my universe is also in this game, they will be specifically trying to kill me. There are pretty limited options that would fit the flavor and game requirements, and I don't think they would be friendly to me.
  15. Category 5 Hurricane

    I've asked questions whenever someone seems to know who I am or what I can do. My avatar is somewhat of a misdirect. Otherwise I don't recall making any specific hints. Well, other than thinking that nobody would like the D1 lynch result, which does have something to do with my role.
  16. Category 5 Hurricane

    What on earth are you even on about? I said someone needs to be dead. Because I have reason to think that someone is a specific counter to me, which is why I've been suspicious about the person who picked an avatar that matched my theme.
  17. Category 5 Hurricane

    I did no action. I also had nothing happen to me, that I'm aware of. That's what the NNN reported when the day started. I do have a couple actions, but no valid targets at this time. Well, one of them has valid targets but would be pointless to use. As you may be able to guess, my role sort of depends on someone being dead before I can use it. I don't really like you attacking me for not taking charge when I'm literally not around to be able to do so. I was around plenty yesterday and had a lot of questions, mostly making sure we're not accepting things as true too easily. I am absolutely sure that there are some lies being tossed around right now, and we cannot allow those lies to set in. I'm surprised it took you guys so long to question what I meant when I said nobody would be happy about the lynch results. Remember, I said that no matter who gets lynched, so it's not like I had some sort of advanced knowledge that VERT was unlynchable given that I couldn't know who was going to be lynched in the first place. It turns out I was quite wrong, what with Luke Atmey over there being quite happy about it, and what I expected to happen did not.
  18. Category 5 Hurricane

    He'll probably more likely catch someone lying about what they say they can do.
  19. Category 5 Hurricane

    Sure, and alternate cops can be non-town.
  20. Category 5 Hurricane

    It's not like I totally disagree with your conclusions, it's just the path you took to get there that confuses me.
  21. Category 5 Hurricane

    Referring to the game where I was Yuri, incase that isn't obvious.
  22. Category 5 Hurricane

    Back when FRAYDO tried to call me out by asking me to explain myself, I knew that if he actually knew what I did, he'd be pressing far harder than that, so I called his bluff. Your gambit only works if you guessed correctly and they gave the wrong answer. If you guess wrongly and they give any other answer, you don't actually learn anything.
  23. Category 5 Hurricane

    You would think that there are two killing roles when there was no death on N1?
  24. Category 5 Hurricane

    You are confusing me, Jeod. If you inherited kill proof from him, why did you need to test him?
  25. Category 5 Hurricane

    I don't recall him saying anything about the GM being vague.