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  1. I feel like all of these have potential worth. I think option 1 has the most potential risk but also most potential gain. Really I feel like we should somehow do all three options.
  2. My choice is merely based on my own assumption that choices 1 & 2 essentially guarantees contact with an enemy and 3 might not. I feel like we aren't particularly well armed and I'm hoping the town presents an opportunity to somehow gather more equipment before moving on towards the objective. I know that's a lot of blind assumptions, but that's what we're all doing at this point, so....
  3. I believe you would have won the game if you killed me N2. With ChopBam's pride you would have had complete control of the vote. Game over. Granted, yes, I made it look like I had night protection. My role claim was counting on the ability for someone to do that (I was actually reading ChopBam to be a watcher and was expecting him to catch my killer. But none of that matters. What matters is that it was possible for scum to win after one NK and one mislynch.
  4. The fact that the game could have been over after N2 was a big yikes, but we managed to avoid that. I really do think that if Shade hadn't gone all-in on his scummy Day 3 play to try to get lynched then, he could've won Day 4. I never saw anything scummy from him until he flipped that switch. Unfortunately that reverse psychology didn't work. I wasn't going to be convinced that scum didn't want Shade lynched when ChopBam was double-voting for it. All it did was make Shade look scummier than Retal, and eliminated his last chance.
  5. Alright, this might be the wrong call, but I don't think I could forgive myself for going for a different gamble and getting it wrong. I'm going to take the safe bet because I don't know anything for certain about these potential items or abilities people might have, rather than potentially scaring myself out of the correct move. ##vote ChopBam
  6. Oh, god dammit, I've just realized that Shade could also have the same gift, and has had a phase to use it.
  7. That's the thing giving me pause right now. ChopBam is the one I'm sure of, where I'm not certain on Retal/Shade. The problem is that Retal might be the actual threat. I'm unsure which is the proper play.
  8. Well, actually. I guess that depends on what the gift Retaliation recieved is.
  9. Voting ChopBam can't be the trap, he tried to stop us voting for him yesterday. Which I'm pretty sure was actually a bluff, but whatever.
  10. Unlikely?! I've declared him to be mafia off the discovery that I apparently have insane cop results. That isn't enough to write off a ChopBam/Cat5 scum team? What exactly do you think the scum team is, then?
  11. It was a 2-for-1 investigation deal. Turned out to actually be a Buy 2, get 1 free.
  12. Conversely if iLTF wasn't Mafia, then KY had no possible scum mates and therefore is at least not mafia. Which leads us to where we are now.
  13. I previously already explained why I chose ChopBam back when I gave my roleclaim. I picked iLTF because he had said so little that I wasn't going to be able to figure out anything about him from just what he posted. I needed a night action to get anything else. The argument that KY was Mafia was also entirely reliant on his teammate being iLTF, because the only reason why the vote was a tie was because iLTF didn't particpate. With me thinking ChopBam was confirmed town, KY had no partner voting to help him. iLTF didn't vote. If iLTF was Mafia, I basically wrap up the case on KY at the same time.
  14. I am considering the angle that ChopBam provided on my second investigation being incorrect while the first one was correct. While I was willing early on to say that I didn't think there would be anything in play that could alter my results, I also didn't think an insane cop would be in play for the same reason. TheIrishman has betrayed my expectations by including at least one of those two things. Unfortunately it's not possible to puzzle out which scenario is true, I'd have to consider what the game state would look like if it was true and then decide which hypothetical reality fits this one. Without doing any backtracking, the thing that stands out to me already is that ChopBam only softly reacted to my claim that he's actually Mafia, claiming it only suspicious that I've turned on him. It should be a big 'ol red flag "this guy is totally guilty and nail him down right now" because if he's actually town he should be pretty certain I'm lying. Retaliation has also been talking about the insane cop idea as if it was obvious. I was blindsided by it. If he thought I was so reckless by not investigating myself N1, why wait to mention that until D3?
  15. That's the obvious answer to me, if it's true. I'm not very sure it is. I'm not spending a lot of time thinking about it, though, given that it really doesn't change anything for me. If Shade is either Neutral or Third Party makes no difference to me if we have to hit scum right now.
  16. Honestly it feels a lot like how Jeod played a certain game.
  17. It definitely feels like we don't actually know what the game state is. We meaning both town and scum. I mean, sure it's LYLO, we've been told that. But is it really 3 v 2? It really looks to me like Shade doesn't care how the game plays out from here. I've also been getting the feeling that he's actually responsible for the debt notes and has been indirectly telling us that for some time. I haven't bothered bringing it up because we have bigger fish to fry whether it's true or not.
  18. Well, technically it isn't just Irish, it's also Louis! But she hasn't looked at the PM chain for days. Result was verified, by the way. I disagree entirely. I feel like giving me an insane cop was a pretty cheap trick. I did consider targeting myself, but with the game so small and the likelyhood of me being killed early so high, I didn't think I could afford to waste a night doing something I thought would be unnecessary. So you targeted KY and got his action name and posted that to prove it. The thing about that is that being a role cop doesn't prove your alignment. It just proves you are a role cop. And why would finding out the role name confirm KY as town if you didn't expect a hider to be town? And iLTF's death makes more sense if scum had previously rolecopped him on the previous night, as scum need to make removing a Third Party a priority.
  19. I haven't gotten a response from the Chief Prosecutor yet, but I'm just going to throw out the rest I know given I'm going to be short on time here on out. The result I got on iLTF was "Not Guilty". Third Parties should appear as "Guilty" on a standard cop report. This tells me I am an insane cop and get opposite results on my investigations. This means that ChopBam is actually Mafia and I've been misled by my own role. (Pending a possible correction from the Chief Prosecutor, but I doubt it) I am leaning very heavily towards thinking that Retaliation is his partner.
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