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  1. Once again, I'll point out the only players I could have possibly tried to shift attention to were Orange and Mojoman. It doesn't help when every other player in the game has a alibi that can be confirmed by at least one other player, which you've pointed out why that basically happened already.
  2. To be fair, we only had two scum players this game, since we didn't have any TP or Neutrals to work with.
  3. Or not performed a NK and hope they mislynch, since you saw how easily everyone's actions were figured out the first night.
  4. Don't forget FRAYDO blocked ChopBam, and ChopBam would have known someone blocked him so those two were also covered to an extent. And then we actually targeted Irish.
  5. Same way ChopBam prevented you from using your fake action on Orange but your real action on me. Which I'll point out had a 25% chance to kill anyone, contrary to what you claimed.
  6. Yeah, and it stopped you from paying attention to Orange who could actually NK, and prevented anyone from investigating him because you caught the Skrull who targeted you.
  7. Yeah, hold off until after you see what abilities Skrulls actually had this game before you think it was really that balanced...
  8. Irish, to point out the obvious, but do you think I didn't know from your first post what you were up to?
  9. It would have helped, but then everyone would have still been cleared except for you, me and Mojo, so biggest change would have been you dying first most likely.
  10. Trap, they managed to clear everyone on literally the first night of the game except for a single town member?
  11. Yeah, Town was pretty over powered by comparison to the Mafia this game.
  12. That depends on how many used of the ability he get's doesn't it?
  13. To be fair, I seem to have a habit of getting killed in the first couple of days regardless. Honestly the best play is probably to go ahead and have me eliminated considering that we don't have any better suspects to go on. That'll at least allow you to use your abilities in actually catching scum.
  14. Or I had a percentage based chance to kill my target, saw that none of my other effects happened, and made the obvious connection...
  15. Well, can't say I'm surprised considering what probably happened...