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  1. If only I would be that merciful. How many tribbles can one being own?
  2. I'm more asking about spamming day actions. Although, I still want to know if having one of your characters be defensively focused would work for passives and protecting your other two characters.
  3. I've always been of the obvious assumption you can only use an action once for phase unless it's a defensive passive.
  4. I'll join up then. It'll be interesting controlling a team of characters, like being the Justice League instead of just Superman. Allthough giving everyone three lives might make the game take too long to complete. Make certain to have more multi-kill abilities and actions.
  5. Seems unlikely that you'd have nations voting how to use a specific nations resources to fight the epidemic. You should focus on an organization like the U.N. instead or so and have players vote on that's organizations actions using a combined resources pool drawn from it's members entirely for the day vote. Instead of let's send the U.S to investigate the U.S, because we voted for it!
  6. It depends on the virus, but without an effective mean of determining who has a virus and who doesn't, you also have to prove they knew they had the virus, they're the only person you could have run into who had the virus, and that you could only get or have gotten the virus from human contact. There's a legal process to convict someone of a crime in which an investigation to collect evidence is usually conducted first.
  7. It would basically amount to the genre regardless.
  8. Yep, I can do a more heavily theme based CYOR style game if it comes down to that. I wouldn't mind doing a Cyberpunk theme for one.
  9. Unlikely, I'm not particularly inclined to want to go out of my way to host a game right now.
  10. It's 50% off till the 20th of this month as part of the 2K developer sale on Steam.
  11. You should be good. I think Verti was half way planning for an extra player if DawnDenac was going to jump in.
  12. Rundown on what part is probably the main question? Do you want more information about standard forum based mafia games, or Verti's custom variation of it for this one game? The opening post should cover some parts of the custom game, and you can look at the other game threads if you want to get a better feel for individual players play style or personalities.
  13. I think the most illogical part was not dealing with the rebel prisoners they had just captured before pursuing the Ewoks as they attempted to run for their lives. It's not that difficult to think the Ewoks are running for their lives after they realize how many casualties they've suffered within the opening engagement with your forces. Which would be a prime opportunity to pursue your enemy as they've broken formation and attempt to kill them as they're running away and finish off the survivors so they can't threaten you in the future. Still, I'm pretty certain they should have been more focused on defending their objective instead of dealing with the local primitives attacking you.
  14. Fair enough, you can argue they're not bad shots then, since those diplomatic security guards are way worse at shooting. It might also help if they were wearing full helmets with various technological advantages such as targeting display information.
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