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  1. Shade939

    For some reason, I blame Nodlied...
  2. Shade939

    You know, some of us are very poor and might like some charity.
  3. Shade939

    And the third person basically gains a new ability?
  4. Shade939

    @OrangeP47, since you've basically reached your victory condition already, do you mind actually sharing with us what it is?
  5. Shade939

    He wasn't jailing you last night to actually help you, so much as help himself.
  6. Shade939

    That would only happen if Orange has a reason to jail you tonight in order to keep you alive so you could use your ability, which as he himself admitted, he needs to target a different player tonight to trigger his victory condition. He wasn't jailing you tonight to actually help you.
  7. Shade939

    I've kinda been vouching for you for a while now...
  8. Shade939

    I think there's a good chance Orange's curse killed Jeod.
  9. Shade939

    What are you implying here?
  10. Shade939

    That wasn't a no.
  11. Shade939

    Refining your medical techniques then?
  12. Shade939

    Yes, he has been trying to keep you alive since he jailed you.
  13. Shade939

    Do you really need me to answer that.
  14. Shade939

    What is your action you can't use on me?