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  1. Shade939

    Yep, fairly good game over all. Although I'm still waiting for the Ordo Xenos to declare everyone a heretic and start formally executing them for abetting a Necron.
  2. Shade939

    I also have an ability that suggest FRAYDO has my same alignment.
  3. Shade939

    ##Shoot Category 5 Hurricane
  4. Shade939

    Sorry about that, thought you had voted up ILTS instead of KY.
  5. Shade939

    So, that makes this the third time you've changed your vote in the past hour to a completely different player?
  6. Shade939

    If anything I'm pretty certain I'm the "basic" town role for this game, so I'm not overly concerned with staying alive. Plus it takes some effort to actaully acuse a Space Marine of heresy.
  7. Shade939

    Overall though, I'm currently leaning towards a no lynch and hoping that some players night actions will provide us with some useful information tomorrow.
  8. Shade939

    At the moment, he's one of the more likely players I consider to be Scum since he's not actaully acting like a town player by targeting me for absolutely no reason this game. Or basically what KY said about this being out of his character for him also. I question if Category 5 is simply relying on his "grudge" as an excuse to push for a lynch as scum.
  9. Shade939

    Right, finally managed to actaully log in to my account so I can actually post. Even if it seems like somehow we ended up with a Necron on our team so I can't simply shoot him like any true servant of the Emperor so there goes my ability to RP my role. ##Vote NoLynch Unless we really want to risk lynching an inactive player, this is probably the best course of actions with the possibility of lynching Category 5?
  10. Shade939

    A half way fair response, since I'm actaully RPing a bit this game.
  11. Shade939

    As a loyal servant of the Emporer I can not allow this heresy to take place, I will not stand idly by as an enemy of the Emperor furthers his own goals to lay claim to some Chaos artifact for who knows what foul porpuse. ##Vote Jeod
  12. Shade939

    *"More bolter"?
  13. Shade939

    "More bolster"?
  14. Shade939

    Hugh, that really would explain his role then, and here I was thinking Irish might be a World Eater Chaplain in disguise.
  15. Shade939

    I'd probably prefer more info about Verti's role last game if anything.