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  1. Shade939

    To be fair, it did create a rather epic sounding ending though, where a Prince of the Empire revealed a hunting rifle at the very last moment before ending the threat of Yuri and cementing his future rule of the Empire. Still, the gun did manage to become the focus of the entire game and needed to be nerfed so it wasn't the deciding factor of who won, and the other mechanics could be more prevalent.
  2. Shade939

    Unless players don't get rewarded for winning battles, I don't think a rival system is really necessary to convince players that they should engage in actual battles though.
  3. This is still a pretty powerful Town setup, and Town should be weakened so it's not as easy to clear Town players. The only two Town players that couldn't prove their role this game were the missile subs. And even then they could still be targeted by the Sub-Pen.
  4. If it makes you feel any better the vortex didn’t disappear until it teleported another three Soviet vessels after the game ended.
  5. I would have enjoyed mocking the foolish mortals who thought that destroying a device capable of distorting time and space itself was a good idea.
  6. Shade939

    It's probably more about revealing what type of roles people could have rather than what roles they will have for certain.
  7. Shade939

    I see little point in arguing with RNG giving me a Moltres.
  8. I'm wondering what would happen if the day lynch was less powerful, and instead of killing a player it only revealed their location and they had to be killed off by shot actions. Perhaps something like replacing the Spy Plane action with the day lynch for players to vote on.
  9. I'm a bit surprised that the Allies needed coordinates for the NK since the Airstrike was a guaranteed kill by comparison.
  10. What's the starting bonus for letting the GM pick your Pokemon for you by RNG instead?
  11. Do you really think that's what's going on?
  12. Overall, my current assumption is it was too easy to clear Town players in this relatively open setup, so the Allies really needed something like a Three Tile long Submarine that could submerge and would destroy the Sub-Pen if it targeted it and prevent players from being completely cleared.
  13. Even then, I wasn't exactly going full SK mode and purposefully teleporting players to their death.
  14. You mean wrong, I was the only player you didn't want to kill in game.
  15. And Orange, no I didn't target you specifically last night, I just picked the quadrant I knew I could possibly hit two different players for my objective in.