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  1. Nope, still not interested.
  2. Town completed three away missions. They figured out who Mafia was and voted accordingly, game is set up to require a perfect round for town in order for it to end today, which they did.
  3. Yep, as far as this setup goes, I believe that you'll probably need to expand upon the "Away Mission" requirements if you want to add more depth without ruining game play. For example, you assign a point value to each mission, and the Away Team members must score at least that many points to complete the mission. With a difficulty 4 check, each player is worth +/- 1 point, and then role abilities could be used to change the Away Team score and watch the mission and who interacts with it. Other than that, the main area where you can add in abilities is in preventing players from going
  4. You're free to make your own variation of this setup and give it a shot though. I was mainly trying to see how well the base setup worked without any abilities in play. Which are difficult to add in also, you don't want to reveal any players role, given there's no form of player elimination.
  5. Not going to lie, that's a pretty bad ability to add in game, you completely eliminate Towns ability to win a day phase. I could have considered throwing it in this setup though, since Town basically got a free point day one.
  6. Thinking about it though, if I had prevented scum from knowing who their teammate was, this would have worked as a five player setup.
  7. It certainly broke things a bit, usually Day one would be much more important than it was. But that's probably the biggest impact it had on the game, given that it only took one wrong vote for Town to lose control of the day votes.
  8. Game Over Due to the brave actions and quick thinking of the crew of the USS Explorer, the Separatist movement upon Valden II has been crushed. With the insurgency dealt with, a full investigation into the crew of the USS Explorer was launched, quickly determining that the Saboteurs had been Mojoman and Louis. While their motives for their actions will require further investigations, you can rest easy knowing that despite the threat hiding in your own ranks you were capable of successfully completing the mission assigned to you by Star Fleet, a true testament to your own indiv
  9. Right, and that's game. That should give you enough details to figure everything out, expect the end game post to be up soonish.
  10. It's probably something simple, but I did have each cell formatted to be a specific percentage of the total table. But as you can see after I started typing in the cell, it ended up like that, and the cell formatting is still the same, it's just ignoring it....
  11. Also, on a side note I have now completely given up on formatting that table.
  12. But if no one dies is there really a mafia team?
  13. Day Three With yet another successful mission completed by the Away Team the situation upon Valden II has more or less stabilized, with key leaders of the Separatist movement agreeing to meet with a delegation of Star Fleet officers in order to discuss terms for continued membership in the Federation. If the Federation delegation can successfully complete their negotiations, it will mean an end to the Separatist movement on Valden II as the moderate members of the movement are brought back into the Federations fold and eliminating the power base of it's extremist elements and crushi
  14. Night Two After reviewing the mission parameters and the eligible candidates, you have decided that the ever loyal Townbot alongside officers OrangeP47 and Category 5 will be placed on the away team. Whether you believe that they're most suitable members for the mission, or simply the most trustworthy, or perhaps for some other nefarious purpose, these three members now hold the full fate of the mission upon their shoulders. With little more to do, the rest of you return to your duties upon the ship as the away team makes there way to Valden II to compete their current mission. As fo
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