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  1. Require multiple duplicates of a card in order to perform most actions. That'll help keep the RNG aspect under control.
  2. You know, you were far from the only player to be thrown off Category 5 you know. Although in Category 5's case, he does have a distinct Town vs. Mafia meta he follows.
  3. To be fair, I think I managed to make every role in game somewhat suspicious with the exception of FRAYDO.
  4. At this point in the game, yes. FRAYDO's role block was the only ability that could prevent him from activating the bomb. But instead he wanted to let Orange kill a player to help with scum hunting. If the role block had happened, Jeod would have wound up with the bomb and he had day BP so Orange would lose with the bomb exploding and killing no one if he could activate it in a later night.
  5. Yes, because he had to use a night action to win.
  6. I don't think anyone thought they'd have to actually scum hunt after how easily KY was caught.
  7. And Orange has to survive long enough for the device to charge up, use a night action to activate it, and hope that it lands on a player who he can actually kill with it. Also, I don't think anyone was seriously scum hunting until day three, Louis grabbed the device twice giving it an entire two phases worth of charge, no one role blocked him the night he was going to activate the device, and Sunflower was dead so she couldn't try to do anything with the bomb, and iLTS has lost his BP, Jeod didn't get passed the bomb either for his day BP. Not to mention, he wasn't day killed by Retaliation or blocked by KY before he could activate his shield to defend himself. Oh yeah, and he didn't get NK'd before he could use the proper night action either. There was a good list of things that could have gone wrong for him.
  8. Primarily, I probably would have let Sunflower take an item despite being roleblocked, but even as it was Category 5 was up for a lynch nearly every day, only losing out to a more suspicious Town player.
  9. One of the main benefits of giving vague details about abilities. Other than suggesting a ninja role, not much I could do about that.
  10. Because his one-shot would result in him killing both of you?
  11. That's also what made the ability so powerful though, and even if someone investigated him they couldn't immediately call him out for it.
  12. So in terms of balance, what sort of things did you like and dislike?
  13. It would if Killing_You performed it with his roleblock immunity. But then you also have both Mafia visiting the NK.
  14. I would have shown the items existence to a player if they stole the item during the night phase. Which Louis's webbing action was immune to it, but Sunflower would be stopped by it if she targeted Category 5 when he was also protecting himself.
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