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  1. Amateur, Voe is clearly operating some sort of vehicle so he made himself immune to the lynch by boarding his vehicle. Or he's about to shoot someone... Also, that is a fake action.
  2. That's too obvious, clearly they have to run it through google translate into another language first and then type it in backwards.
  3. So I am, and I'm quite amused at some of the abilities and roles I'm seeing that Retaliation has set up or players have chosen for this game. There's a couple of minor changes I've suggested that should hopefully make the game more enjoyable for everyone in it. But all of the roles are balanced against each other to the point where you could go ahead without them if you really wanted to take that chance.
  4. But he was about to set off the Alpha Warhead. No containment breaches happening this game...
  5. Good series, but it doesn't have much of an overarching plot line, so don't watch it expecting one or thinking you really need one to enjoy it.
  6. Right, here's your theme song for this game.
  7. I'm most likely staying out of this one due to time constraints. Although if anyone wants a suggestion for a role idea or help with that, feel free to send me a PM.
  8. Wii Fit Trainer is a surprisingly decent character in Smash Brothers.
  9. Wanted five day votes for Mafia by having two copies of Nodlied's ability? I feel like it effectively counted as two votes for that ability instead of one since overall you deprived that player of their vote to put it wherever you wanted to though.
  10. Some of us only tried to vote him up about every chance we had you know.
  11. Yes, but imagine how one sided the game would have been toward Mafia if you had stayed alive.
  12. @Nodlied, you've at least accomplished your victory condition then? You really haven't been anti-Town in pursuing your objective.
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