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  1. Shade939

    I'd agree with you more, if every scum member in game hadn't been correcteky targeted with a day kill...
  2. Shade939

    Actually yeah, if you undid FRAYDO's bodyguard action after he died, it would kill whoever he was going to protect instead.
  3. Shade939

    Bodyguard doesn't prevent someone from dying, it's only a redirect of the NK to the Bodyguard instead of it's intended target. You're thinking of the Doctor role, which the Time Stone could have undone to get somebody killed.
  4. Shade939

    You're role would have actually been better balanced if you took the stones out of the game entirely...
  5. Shade939

    And anyone who could hold unto the Stones without giving them away had a significant advantage.
  6. Shade939

    So, basically we just ended up at the mercy of whoever had the infinity stones instead... It's too chaotic to properly balance it out in any fashion.
  7. Shade939

    Clearly the solution is i need a stronger day kill next time.
  8. Shade939

    @iLikeToSnipe, what was that about day BP not being a Scummy ability again?
  9. Shade939

    Because you need to prove that you're Town also...
  10. Shade939

    You haven't even told us the name of your ability iLTS...
  11. Shade939

    No, I pursue them based on there suspicious behavior until they given me reason to think they're Town.
  12. Shade939

    @TheIrishman, did you get a description of what Iron Armor does?
  13. Shade939

    That's the problem, you've repeatedly said nothing this entire game...
  14. Shade939

    The interesting part, is ilTS is only now claiming the ability isn't his 15 minutes before hammer...
  15. Shade939

    Also, I've been aware that Irish was making a Gambit like that for quite some time now.
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