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  1. Although, to be fair, when I saw how many different role names our characters basically had, I thought someone might have an ability looking for names.
  2. Was there anything preventing iLTS from siding solely with Town?
  3. To be fair, Town usually doesn't have any ability reports to go on until day three. If they're going to recover, that's when it usually happens.
  4. Don't worry Orange, I'm completely certain no one will vote you up if I try to defend you.
  5. Even if we targeted him and it worked there's no proof that he was a cop if he died, and any watcher role would catch the kill. Assuming Category 5 wasn't baiting the NK in the first place. And we knew he was insane. We didn't know any other scum role would be in game for him to target. Or that he could use his daykill again.
  6. You act like the cop report didn't literally tell you who Scum was, and you didn't have a guaranteed to kill them. Or could literally have every single living player that was left be immune to the NK.. Only Orange and Category 5 had no NK protection.
  7. At best, we could have had a 50/50 with the day lynch.
  8. For balance, if you're going to give Town multiple power roles, with abilities that'll self clear them and/or investigate players, or protect them from the NK, maybe give Mafia more ways to counteract it... There's a lot of what ifs where a NK didn't happen just because you'd need to basically roleblock anyone you targeted in game to kill them, and then still have the possibility of iLTS stopping the kill...
  9. Yeah, iLTS was basically a doctor who wanted to kill a single player... That's a good kill.
  10. It doesn't really matter if a Cop is insane, regardless of what it's called he gets the same names for the same alignment. Also, I could have a passive godfather ability some nights, so that might have actually helped him out...
  11. The other problem was yet again Chopbam couldn't use his day action effectively because there was a specific counter in game for it.
  12. Of course not, who would think there's would be a TP in an eight player game, with two Mafia in it already?
  13. Also, you do realize that the TP would also be hostile to Mafia.
  14. Technically, I think you still owe me for killing the TP for you.
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