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  1. I also pledge 2,500 of Irish's men.
  2. Against the known independent player? By default I don't think I even need to defend myself, does he even technically get an actual vote?
  3. I'm not certain your response matches up with claims of being independent with no preferred sides or goals.
  4. By the way, you're not going to reveal that there was two surprise factions in game and you're the one doing the conversions are you?
  5. Must resist temptation to get Dragons...
  6. I'm tempted to ask if that's your house ability, or related to your holding instead, but then I remembered that I couldn't actually attack you anyways if I wanted to try and take it.
  7. Maybe you can form an alliance with....
  8. I think that means you have a specific goal you're working towards more than anything. Personally, I like the goal of surviving, and not being eliminated by everyone.
  9. It's should also be in everyone's role PM.
  10. Hugh, that would certainly be an interesting way to have players rebel. That probably lead to rather massive gains in rebel forces as players saw that the rebels were gaining in strength.
  11. In all seriousness, it would be rather broken if the majority of players could actually have their alignments changed like that, especially since you don't even have to eliminate the king if you actually have a rebel majority... We'd basically end up in a cycle where the only one actually eliminating players would only be the king themselves.
  12. All of the cool kids would be doing it though.
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