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  1. It was interesting watching Orange basically end up in the same situations I find myself in as Town quite a few times.
  2. It's not a full proof strategy, it's just the best strategy to win so you're use it every single game without exception.
  3. I already know what the optimal strategy for Town is, which takes a bit of the fun out of the setup since you know exactly what you need to do before anythings even happened, it's too predictable so there's not really room for discussion. I could outline what the meta is, but that would take some of the fun out of the game for everyone who is playing.
  4. If the games too logic based, that basically removes the need for player input, since there's only one right move to make, so you can figure out exactly what your going to do before you've even started the game. Which works out great for a competitive 1 vs. 1 game like chess, not so much for a 4 vs. 1.
  5. A bit too simplistic for me, I've already figured out the likely optimal strategy for Town. You might want to buff Mafia a bit Jeod, make them a Roleblocker, possibly with only a one-shot block action to add in more variety based on who they hit. Or give them some way to throw in a bit more randomness to the game, so there isn't a consistent optimal strategy you should use every game.
  6. And by the time you actually get an answer from everyone to speed things up.
  7. A bit late to speed things up when hammertime is already tomorrow...
  8. The only real mystery is why iLTS wants to continue the game despite Mafia being tied with Town for control of the Vote. Or realistically, if Mafia is going to used their tied votes to force a 50% chance for a Town member to die today. And if that fails we just NK a Town member instead since without a Doctor, they should basically be sitting ducks. Only realistic way to fail at this point, is if Mafia NK one of their own members, and Town plays a perfect game at the same time.
  9. Mafia is equal to Town numbers and should be capable of contesting the day vote. That's the standard point you end these games at, because after that you're really just dragging out a Town lost.
  10. Or they can simply lynch a Town player today and we can go ahead and end the game since it's already over....
  11. It's kinda difficult to argue with my actual past actions or what I'm currently doing you know. You have to actually act in order to stop me.
  12. I guess they're just have to follow my lead and lynch a Town player today and then NK another Town player tonight then...
  13. Thar's not a role you just throw into a game without telling Mafia about it.
  14. You should resign if that's all you have left, you're just be NK'd tonight after you use it and this entire scenario repeats itself tomorrow.
  15. That should have been Orange, or maybe Mafia were nerfed in some fashion that only applies to that specific player. As it stands, I'm taking the logical course of actions available to me based on all the information I have.
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