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  1. Shade939

    Because that doens't lower stability?
  2. Shade939

    It'd be really mean to iLTS if he was by himself. Plus you remember Category 5's story about his vote being stolen.
  3. Shade939

    I'm fairly confident my theory about two syndicate members without any killing actions is correct...
  4. Shade939

    What do you mean what? It's either him or you?
  5. Shade939

    Category 5 is the last surviving syndicate member though.
  6. Shade939

    I'm assuming you want to shoot Vertigo because every time you've blocked him their hasn't been a NK?
  7. Shade939

    Let's just go with the game doesn't end until SQ or Pluralism wins, so Pluralism is taking advantage of their position to try and win the game today. And no, it's not really that fun when your objectives are set up like that.
  8. Shade939

    @Sunflower on the plus side the game should finally be over soon, so we can stop needing to stab each other in the back...
  9. Shade939

    @Retaliation, superior numbers is all we need, eliminating a single player should achieve that already.
  10. Shade939

    Sigh, at the very least this is going to make the game end sooner. ##investigate TheIrishMan
  11. Shade939

    ##investigate OrangeP47 And now that I don't have to worry about the gun...
  12. Shade939

    You know how much trouble you could have avoided by mentioning something like this yesterday?
  13. Shade939

    At this point, the problem is you're only bringing up this information after Irish is going to be eliminated...
  14. Shade939

    Hugh, that wouldn't actually work. ##vote nominate OrangeP47 I'm assuming this is probably the best option then.
  15. Shade939

    Right, might as well go all the way, so assuming Sunflower passed the gun to Irish. ##vote nominate Retaliation