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  1. Actually never mind, looking at the dead chat here's a link they used for the description of the rule. http://mafiawiki.notesmash.org/wiki/Standard_mafia_rules Encryption For a short time on SA Mafia, it was popular to roleclaim via online encryption software, which would garble the post and make it incomprehensible. Then, after everyone has roleclaimed, everyone would reveal their "keys" which would unlock the roleclaim to the public. This typically was a breaking strategy against the mafia, since their roleclaims would either be falsified in some obvious way (a mafia getting the flavor wrong, or being counterclaimed by a townier player with the same role), or they wouldn't have a fakeclaim altogether (their claim is crude fake). Since it is so unfair to the mafia, encryption is now universally banned. Breadcrumbs can still be done, as can man-made algorithms, but to use an online encryption device is forbidden.
  2. To be fair, it's also a really vague rule description, so I might be wrong on that account, but I'd believe that I've given a good example of what it's meant to apply to. Which is about as much as I want to address it.
  3. Here's an example of the rule they're referencing to, and how it can be used to entrap players, and you can't really do anything about it as a player. If you're really a vanilla town role then what's the capitalized letter of the first word with a period after it in the role description? Welcome! You are Vezol Chalamet, a Light Infantry aligned with House Atreides! As a Light Infantry, you may only offer your input during the Day Phase. You must use your detective skills to find and eliminate the Harkonnen agents! Welcome! You are Rhys Ferguson, a Light Infantry aligned with House Atreides! As a Light Infantry, you may only offer your input during the Day Phase. You must use your detective skills to find and eliminate the Harkonnen agents! As you can see from the roles I copied over, the only way to know the correct answer is to have access to the full PM itself, and by comparing themselves like this vanilla Town can actually hard clear each other. Of course, the GM on the other hand can take steps to prevent this from occurring before the game begins in the first place, and it would only work out like this because every vanilla town player has nearly the exact same role description.
  4. At most, I was expecting that he was lieing about a bus driver, and was using it as cover for what his real ability was. Which if he was Town, he would come clean about later on. Although still, I was more expecting him to redirect or control or duplicate Louis's ability than to be another role blocker.
  5. Have you considered all of the problems with claiming to be a bus driver to start with? So the only way it could be in this game was if Killing_You had really put it in game, and given it an in flavor justification for the ability like all of the other roles in game?
  6. @ Killing_You , I want to point out that the fact that I could tell how you had the game setup and balanced is a good thing, it does actually means it makes sense how things where set up so you could look at the overall picture to figure out what the missing pieces should be.
  7. Fortunately, I wasn't Scum, so all I had to do was point out the truth and who was actually scum instead.
  8. That's why It'd be a good thing that I didn't vote at all today. The game couldn't tie unless I did vote.
  9. What would be the point? It only took one player other than Category 5 to tie the vote against me, and I'm pretty certain the game won't end until Category 5 is lynched. It's a stupid thing to tie at this point of the game, especially with a minority vote count.
  10. Let me give you a practical example of why it doesn't matter what I did today. ##Vote Shade939 I figured it was pretty pointless for me to continue arguing why Category 5 was mafia after everything I did yesterday by the way, and I'd really just be repeating myself at this point.
  11. Ok, now I know what's happening here. I'll explain it once, and this'll be my entire contribution for the rest of this game, other than voting Category 5. To point out something obvious, but since Mafia had a bus driver they knew how to get an easy day one lynch by switching out the targets with a Mafia member. Either Mafia is targeted, and the Town role doesn't know they hit the wrong target and hard accuse them, or the action is moved from a Mafia player to a Town player instead, and they have to come out and claim what happened if it was a role block, or a Cop does something like think a Mafia role is a Town role instead. This is in part, because of how players are eliminated in game, and how it can end during a night phase when mafia can perform the NK, or during a day phase when Town has control of the vote. Mafia want it to end during the night phase, when Town doesn't have control of the kill, and the maximum number of Town players will be alive to be considered for the day lynch. @ Louis , Category 5 is going to use his bus driver ability before you can role block him, that means that if he can target himself, you have minuscule odds of being capable of targeting him by targeting whoever Category 5 decides to swap his position with, this is anyone in the entire game including yourself. But he can also simply, not swap with anyone, in which case you have to target him directly. But you don't know that, so you're going to target Category5 and if you're lucky, KY didn't let Category 5 self target.
  12. I would like to hold a moment of silence for Louis, in honor of our brave Town Jailer who was a vital component of Town's success so far, but was cruelly cut down during this night phase due to an inability to role block Category 5.
  13. @ Retaliation , you're alignment didn't change and you're about to change you're vote to me are you?
  14. Also, I like how we have 5/7 players voted in a tied vote 10 minutes before hammer.
  15. Also, that might very well answer my question about what ability Category 5 is using. But not why he thinks he'd need to keep it hidden.
  16. It would be fun to be a Carryall, but I think we're limited to being humans.
  17. Certainly for a bus driver claim, how does that even work exactly?
  18. Also, requiring him to be a bus driver is probably pushing things a bit too far, but it's not that far off what he would have to be.
  19. How well do you think he can lie in this setting?
  20. The only way for Category 5 to be Town, is if he's a bus driver, so Louis didn't role blocked her intended target of Jeod and stopped the NK.
  21. Especially, after Scum Jeod already outed his ability to everyone didn't he?
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