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  1. What, are you telling me this isn't how you assassinate the mob leader right outside the town center by the angry mob and local police force?
  2. Obviously, I'm going for Option 1 at this point, manpower is the best resource we could hope to obtain from the village, since most other forms of intelligence can more reliably be gathered from directly traveling to the Research Center and scouting it out for ourselves instead of relying on sketchy intelligence sources, such as Option 3. As for Option 2, honestly we could get lucky in what sort of information or devices it contains. But that means passing up on Option 1, which presents a far more likely reward.
  3. Have to go with the flow, and adapt to whatever option is actually voted upon. I still call it counterproductive, to land at the Village and not make contact with the villagers, it defeats the entire point of that option being selected and amounts to us trying to undo what we just did.
  4. Assuming we're not about to form a mob of angry villagers willing to attack the Research Center for us. Because I really doubt we're going to get any useful info from a bunch of Villagers that have infiltrated or even scouted the Nod Research Center or Base in order to plan out an assault on them.
  5. I feel like it's a bit late to plan on avoiding the villagers while having landed at the village.
  6. Right, Option 2 is the worst option at this point. Looting the village is probably going to make us an enemy of everyone in the village and we probably won't find anything valuable by randomly searching either. Option 1 is basically try and contact as many villagers as possible seeing if they can help us or Option 3 is basically contact as few of the villagers as possible. Considering that contacting any villager is dangerous in ruining the stealth aspect of the mission, contacting multiple villagers really doesn't seem like it'll exponentially increase the risk to ourselves while it will exponentially increase our odds of finding some villagers that can help us. So, I'll go with Option 1 @ Mojoman .
  7. I've only found an option to add in a poll when starting a new thread. You might be stuck doing what we usually do and having to manually keep track of the votes like in our mafia games if you don't want to start a new thread. Or linking to a poll hosted somewhere else.
  8. There is a guaranteed in what you can expect to find at location 1 compared to all of the other locations. If nothing else, you know that you can blow it up in order to provide a distraction.
  9. Increased risk that isn't offset by the increased reward mainly. The villagers might be hostile to us for all we know, and they certainly haven't contacted GDI asking for help for whatever reason before now.
  10. I would argue that our chances of running into a manned armored vehicle are actually the lowest at the Nod base which is basically a barracks with a landing strip nearby it seems. One of the last things I'd expect it's crew to be doing is sitting inside a vehicle parked right outside the barracks instead of patrolling the surrounding area such as near the village and Tiberium Field or defending the Research Center instead. Although, I'd still probably want to capture it and use it to get to the Nod base instead of walking if it is present. And if there is an armored vehicle defending the research center, then if we can visit the base without alerting everyone else, it would still represent our best opportunity to set up or find a way to counter the vehicle. Either figuring out information about it in order to try and avoid it, finding a weapon at the base to deal with it, or setting up explosives so we could try blowing up the base as a distraction later on.
  11. Right, now I feel like I have a reason to elaborate on what benefits I think the Nod base has if we can sneak into it. 1. Information, if anywhere other than the research center has information about the area and whatever experiments are going on it should be kept here. 2. Supplies, the Nod base probably has some spare weapons if not military grade vehicles lying around and who knows what else we could grab. 3. Sabotage, one of the easier ways to get past any security in the Research Center would be if we set off a remote explosive at the power plant to provide a distraction to get inside the base. And this should be the main source of reinforcements to the Research Center if we're detected. Of course, that's assuming we can stealthily move around the base, and most of it's guards are busy somewhere else.
  12. How much information you want to give is up to you. And you will need to clarify some points for a variety of reasons. Although part of the fun is in failing and the risk involved in it and guessing at what could happen. You should also get a better idea of how involved you'd need to be as the game progresses.
  13. Obviously yes, the GM kind of directly stated they did.
  14. And if a single villager alerts Nod that a heavily armed individual just walked into Town asking about the Research Center? Or any Nod personal that are visiting the closest population center see us? And what support do you think they could give? Does one of them have a key card from their janitorial job at the research center that they're allowed to take home? On top of which, I'll point out that it's still seven miles to the Research Center. So we probably need to find a vehicle to use, unless the plan is taking an hour or more to get there on foot. So we are actually betting on the locals supporting us and not betraying us, otherwise it'd be better to go somewhere else and minimize the risk.
  15. Now, the fun question is what do you expect to happen if you enter into Town?
  16. That'd work out better in a more in depth setup, that was more of a traditional RPG style games with multiple characters being used in the same party.
  17. Although, to be fair, when I saw how many different role names our characters basically had, I thought someone might have an ability looking for names.
  18. Was there anything preventing iLTS from siding solely with Town?
  19. To be fair, Town usually doesn't have any ability reports to go on until day three. If they're going to recover, that's when it usually happens.
  20. Don't worry Orange, I'm completely certain no one will vote you up if I try to defend you.
  21. Even if we targeted him and it worked there's no proof that he was a cop if he died, and any watcher role would catch the kill. Assuming Category 5 wasn't baiting the NK in the first place. And we knew he was insane. We didn't know any other scum role would be in game for him to target. Or that he could use his daykill again.
  22. You act like the cop report didn't literally tell you who Scum was, and you didn't have a guaranteed to kill them. Or could literally have every single living player that was left be immune to the NK.. Only Orange and Category 5 had no NK protection.
  23. At best, we could have had a 50/50 with the day lynch.
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