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  1. I was wondering if anyone else felt that. I forgot we played like 5 versions of those games. Yet it's the best example of a vert game mechanic that I can remember. Also proves my point that I help scum until what I'm doing throws them off.
  2. I think I tended to lose those? Vert games also tend to rely on mechanics that come out of left field like Yuri in ausgleich.
  3. I think I've done it most of the games where we're on the same side. Should mention it generally hurts my team, but eventually causes scum to make mistakes. Games I remember going rambo. This game - both town Ausgleich - both pluralist (?) Star Wars - Can't remember July Crisis - Get caned nerd
  4. Has anyone else noticed the games where I go rambo and play by my own rules are the ones I win?
  5. Maybe? KY being outed shutdown discussion for the day. I might have figured out brig and mojo were scum earlier than the end of the day if stuff was happening. If you're going to be paralyzed by the thought of the result being wrong, the cop might as well not exist.
  6. I'll give you half points. I don't think you would have objected to lynching Louis if I told you I had a mafia result on her. Mass cop claims would have been worth it if the doc wasn't janitor'd night one imo. Still let me sneak in my innocent result on Orange without anyone realizing until it was too late.
  7. Good job figuring out the final two scum vanilla squad!
  8. Not really sure how to move forward at this point unfortunately.
  9. We only have 2 hours to hammer afterall.
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