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  1. Retaliation

    Stop making me second guess my pokemon choices ! EDIT: Crits are automatic when you have some kind of crit booster right? I keep forgetting how the battle mechanics work (and if we're still in type determines special and physical land).
  2. Retaliation

  3. Off by 1 (week) error unfortunately. Next week is the last week of classes, then finals week. Should be pretty clear after that for me. Also at some point my the internet started to behave well with W3Dhub so that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.
  4. Retaliation

    Don't give up skeleton!
  5. Retaliation

    You're all just afraid of the raw power my team of 6 psyducks could unleash.
  6. Retaliation

    All I'm interested in is figuring out how to buy better underlings.
  7. Retaliation

    I'm a little biased on disable, because that move trips me up way too much.
  8. Retaliation

    Eh, Jeod might be lenient on that one. In any case I'm not going to do another tonight.
  9. Retaliation

    Jeod mentioned it offhand when I asked how the leer/reflect interaction worked.
  10. Retaliation

    Probably wise to double check results. Jeod will have to judge if Magnemite takes the full damage from seismic toss. TURN 1: Alakazam used Reflect! Damage taken by team from opponent's physical attacks is halved for 5 turns! Scyther used Slash! A critical hit (automatic)! Magnemite took 7 damage (14 without reflect)(18 HP left)! Magnemite used Thunder Wave! Snorlax is Paralyzed! It may be unable to move! Snorlax is Paralyzed! It can't move (25% chance to fail)!
  11. Retaliation

    I'm going to give it a shot and resolve the first actions.
  12. I just realized the next several weekends are going to be awkward for me. You might have to go without a USA (which is fine because the game will be over before I get rolling :v)
  13. Retaliation

    Hey I'm on TV!