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  1. It does have crossplay between mobile and PC, but no voice chat in any version. Fridays and saturdays work best for me.
  2. I saw iLTS vent from admin.
  3. Be honest FRAYDO, when was the last time you were completely screwed by RNG?
  4. @Category 5 Hurricane Who was going to be the next NK target?
  5. How dare you suggest there is anything untoward about my body snatching.
  6. I think everyone else was huffing a bit too much of that dust you were scattering around.
  7. It's very hard to not change to font to green now. Orange had a pretty lucky game where everything that could go right for him, did go right. Hey, I was saving up my scum hunting energy so that I could build that case on Cat5! It's not my fault that everyone else decided the only logical lynch was the vote manipulator who claimed to have been shot N1 with KY tracked to him!
  8. It's surprisingly hard to scum hunt when no one is dying and the final scum has a busy life. I will admit to not putting much effort into figuring out the third party gimmick because I wanted to see what would happen
  9. I think it passed through my mind briefly that the strange device might be yours. In general I have a policy against judging a player's alignment based on their role flavor though. There's no way to tell if that's ever something the GM takes into account and it ruins the game for yourself if you're right that they did.
  10. On the subject of C&C style mafia, I kind of want to try a Great Rio Insurrection themed one where we can pick and choose TS and TW units...
  11. Yeah, I think giving his roleblock a lower priority than the targeted roleblocks would have been enough.
  12. It meant his role was completely opaque and incentivized sitting back and doing nothing as town tore itself apart. It's fine (and good) if town is unable to confirm he's scum using the tools we had available. The problem is that ability breaks the expectations of what passives/actives/items do in such a way that it "confirms" him as town instead.
  13. Good point, I never considered you'd have to worry about an item thief. It probably didn't make a difference though, I was pretty keyed to interpret any double track as scum using their role action and the NK. Town got very lucky that I was disciplined enough to resist murdering Orange D1, but trigger happy enough to go with my gut when it came to you. It's kind of funny. I didn't really want to be a dayvig because I felt the hexapod is kind of weak compared to most kaiju. Yet here we are.
  14. Cat5's scatter thing didn't fit in the game. It blured the lines between item/action/passive, barely interacted with the fun item moving game Jeod and Orange had going on, and should not have been a free action like pass. Maybe he should have started with a certain amount of the dust or had to spend a phase making more. He was also a scum mason, but I don't think that phases us anymore . Otherwise I think it's the best mafia game I've played in awhile. Sure @Killing_Yougot dunked on again, but he also reacted pretty poorly to it as well. Not that anyone other than iLTS or me seemed to have noticed that lol. I'm pretty sure everyone else was taking crazy pills.
  15. Ah, I didn't think of that combo. I think that makes me like cat5's ability even less...
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