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  1. Considering my flavor this game and the kaiju game, I'd be a hypocrite if I went after you for that. That gives me an idea for flavor next game...
  2. Did either of you ever tell the truth about your flavor?
  3. It's terrifying how much more coherent Shade is when he's pretending to be town compared to when he is town.
  4. This game feels a lot like that game where we were scum together. Town spends the early game with their heads cut off, but pulls through via a combo of power roles and scum losing the plot.
  5. I was probably the lynch in the case where cat5 doesn't realize that he's insane.
  6. Then you deserve to lose for being so bad at reading town and making such a terrible kill.
  7. You know all of this could have been solved by not killing iLTS.
  8. I don't even know what ability you're talking about. Lynchproof?
  9. This is just my approval for locking in the votes if I'm unclear.
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