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  1. I might have to delay the game until I have a week to finish preparing and start the game as I have another test Thursday. That starts risking starting the game when Orange and Jeod will have to have a few days where they can't play though.
  2. Thank you for the well wishes everyone. I feel like a lot of the pain was lessened by her condition being gradual (symptoms began 2+ years ago, bedridden since may). I'll start working on the game again this weekend. I don't want to deprive you guys of a game where Shade is helping balance it.
  3. I'd honestly rather worry about the game, but I also have a biophysical chemistry test this week so I can't just mindlessly work on it .
  4. I was hoping to avoid this, but I'm going to have to delay the game start. My mom died yesterday and I'm not going to have the time to finish and start this week (the funeral is when I would have started the game).
  5. I'll be pretty busy the first part of the week so I probably won't be able to start the game earlier than the 11th like I had hoped. Also I'm still missing role flavors.
  6. When I've seen dead player subbing in the past, gaining access to the dead doc forfeits rights to sub in.
  7. I have a few who are still deciding on characters. I'd also like at least 2 more people.
  8. I could enforce no spoilers for dead players so they can sub in. The faster you guys make your roles, the faster we can start.
  9. Internet's been kind of spotty for me for the past day or so. Don't fret if I don't get back to you for a day or two.
  10. Before the 11th ideally. A few players already have finalized roles if they keep them.
  11. Fraydo shoots a bolt of death energy at Shade939. Shade discards and pays 1 life to cast Welp! Should have known better than to try and use magic to kill someone as single-minded as Shade.
  12. You could always go to Halloween as the most powerful costume of all. YOURSELF
  13. Hello everyone, and welcome to the second game I'll be hosting since I started playing mafia again. This is going to be a CYOR game, which for those of you who have managed to forget in the span of a few days is one where YOU! the player gets the opportunity to design your own role (within reason)! I'm not restricting characters to a theme like some other CYOR games. Everybody knows scum already go bump in the night. I'm hoping to include many of the mechanics that have become mainstay in our games, such as items, unless they make my head hurt. We're not going to be breaking causality on my watch! RNG in particular is something I think you need a good reason to include, and is a poor way to balance abilities. Since this is the first time I'll be hosting a game where I'm designing roles after the fact, I'm willing to take advice on how to treat requests for alignment, balancing, etc. SIGNUPS (11) Jeod iLikeToSnipe Mojoman Sunflower Nodlied Louis Chopbam FRAYDO KY Orange Cat5
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