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  1. Retaliation

    I found a picture of Brig after she got boomed.
  2. Retaliation

    It's tempting to make a MTG War of the Spark style game, but it's super crunch time for classes.
  3. Retaliation

    You said it not me
  4. Retaliation

    Orange is Torb?!
  5. Retaliation

    Brig right now
  6. Retaliation

    Smh, I can't believe you guys can't see how scummy Jeod is being this game. Have none of you noticed that every post announcing someone died was made by Jeod?!
  7. Retaliation

  8. Retaliation

    April Fools!
  9. Retaliation

    Unfortunately the last third of a school semester is not the time for mafia.
  10. Retaliation

    Brirg R U scm?!
  11. Retaliation

    If not that, then you said something that made me realize the image was an egg. We had a lot of egg nonsense halfway through the game.
  12. Retaliation

    I thought the egg was an image not found error for way too long before you hinted at it during the game
  13. Retaliation

    The egg one?
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