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  1. I guess that resolves my confusion if he attacked as a wildling.
  2. Like we were apparently able to burn Voe at some point, but we didn't have any stewards so who knows when he died.
  3. Vert games are the Super Mario Maker troll levels of forum games. Important information hidden behind hidden information because why should you be able to plan at all in your detailed RPG?
  4. If I'm reinforcing the wildlings and attempting to resolve the Shade-Orange hate fight, I want to at least keep some semblence of balance between Royalist and independent. If I don't someone might get cheeky and start playing for then endgame when winter is still here. So I want Shade rather than Orange to be given up to keep the peace.
  5. When we lose troops it's a two point swing toward the Night King. We lose a unit of force and the Night King potentially gains one. You'd have to outfight royal troops 3-1 for it to be worth considering on the merits alone.
  6. And this outweighs the addition of more forces to the army of winter by killing Orange how?
  7. More FP could help. We have 3 possible stewards so we could burn through it fast. Though what I want most is help returning shade to the wall.
  8. I'm alright with allowing more freefolk past the wall in exchange for cooperation.
  9. You guys need to stop arguing and realize that while each of us outnumbers the army of the dead alone, fighting amongst ourselves will quickly change that. There is literally a stat on the wall counting dead bodies that changed from 44 thousand to 33 thousand at some point. We need to figure out how to hurt the army of the dead during the day.
  10. So was voe telling the truth about you rubeci, or was he spinning yarns?
  11. We're going to lose this because everyone who joins Ranger turns out to be incompetent.
  12. Well it will be really easy to figure out if Orange rebels.
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