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  1. I'm not going to be available for a game until mid june.
  2. There used to be this nice YO notification whenever someone posted but now it's gone for me :(. Apparently I was utterly dependent on that. Also dealing with a lot more IRL stuff this past year like a job and preparing to move for a masters program.
  3. Part of the reason I didn't really contribute to discussion (other than forgetting the game exists...) is that going back and analyzing the traditional Shade vs Jeod fight is tiring and old hat. Ironically the only thing I really remembered was how vague cat5 was about his role because it was incredibly confusing figuring out what happened between Jeod and Irish.
  4. I didn't put any stock in Shade's talk about flavor. Cat5 could easily have been an ornithopter pilot, guild navigator, or bene gesserit and been a viable bus driver flavor.
  5. I'm doing this now ao I don't forget. ##vote cat5 Between shade and cat5 i feel like cat5 has been giving me vibes similar to godzilla mafia where he embellishes his role to sound town. I also don't trust his post about not realizing he gave something away when he's been cagey about his role all game.
  6. Yes, this is why I didn't publicly respond to the attempt to prove himself town. Also it's just a jerk move.
  7. Not everyone thinks it's engaging mafia to use their flavor as a weapon mr light infantry.
  8. I can think of 3 ways to make a bus driver work in the context of dune. Just off the top of my head.
  9. If that's the only way for him to be town, why are you so interested in his role? You think scum cat5 is going to not lie?
  10. This also assumes that he thinks it's likely we mislynch.
  11. Not if he's been dishonest about his role to screw with scum.
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