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  1. Retaliation

    We really only lost 2 stability?
  2. Retaliation

    No, because it takes up my roleblock to stop him from stealing. ##nominate Orange
  3. Retaliation

    ##shoot Vertigo ##votereform Political
  4. Retaliation

    Vert changed his vote to shade.
  5. Retaliation

    I have a feeling that it wasn't expected the only deaths would be among third parties by the end.
  6. Retaliation

    Have you taken into account the stability hit from locking up Irish?
  7. Retaliation

    The only remaining question for me is if I shoot vert before hammer. I don't want to deal with a civil war.
  8. Retaliation

    2 votes by giving up use of the evidence key. In the beginning it would just even out the votes to make it 3 v 3. Later on it's a big advantage for pluralists, but then you just start shooting them.
  9. Retaliation

    Shade, I think we should still be pushing on Irish. It occurred to me pluralists might have started with 4 players to balance out the gun and lack of voters.
  10. Retaliation

    I was trying to push for a compromise investigation on Orange while we maintained secrecy on who had the gun or medkit.
  11. Retaliation

    I was trying to negotiate a peaceful solution!
  12. Retaliation

    Well I say damn the torpedoes.
  13. Retaliation

    Well I am certainly provoked.
  14. Retaliation

    I object to a shade vote ##voteinvestigate Irish
  15. Retaliation

    If anyone is civil war they need to claim. I’m by any means, and it is bugging me that civil war is not represented on either side. This shouldn’t be held against anyone since we are well beyond attempting to push pet victory objectives. I am also willing to concede an Orange investigation if it will prevent an end of day shooting.