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  1. I'm two for two in trusting Orange now! Granted the first time he also shot me in the face, but details!
  2. Rip Retaliation. Plays into suspected mafia mechanic, figures out either Orange or Jeod is scum (can't remember why), gets shot in the face.
  3. I got what I wanted out of D1 anyway.
  4. Oh no, if that's a real action I'm 100% dead.
  5. I'd be a lot more subtle about it if my objective was to be lynched. I'm playing a different game. Depends on what you mean caught up. Like did I post knowing the vig claim? Yes.
  6. I will not rest until this injustice done to me is rectified. I'd call that obstinate. Or failing that do the town thing and lynch scum! ##vote Retaliation
  7. I have yet to hear back from the Forum Mafia Complaints Department, and I will be sending a strongly worded telegram at this outrage.
  8. I would like to file a formal complaint. My role says I'm Mafia but I would much rather be Town.
  9. I'm guessing it's a murder mystery. Possibly a reenactment of And Then There Were None.
  10. I come here to play mafia and distract myself from school, and I'm all out of school.
  11. Friend codes? What is this 2006? Unsure if I'll get pokemon. I didn't even manage to finish Sun, and all the press around the game makes me doubt the game has changed too much. My sister is probably still getting it though, so I might get it by proxy.
  12. When did you figure out Orange was scum? It was very hard to tell while reading the doc between you.
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