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  1. Retaliation

    Yeah. Doesn't even work on my phone when it's connected to that wifi. Didn't try opera with the VPN though. I already shouldn't invest as much effort into mafia as I tend to do.
  2. Retaliation

    You can't fix everything Tangerine Thunderbolt. Although wikia and xkcd are working for the first time in months here at the apartment.
  3. Retaliation

    I've been having problems connecting to w3dhub so I might be unable to play. Internet at parents house (where I live over the weekend) seems to not want to play nice with the site.
  4. Retaliation

    Have you considered jts Orktober?
  5. Retaliation

  6. Retaliation

    Don't give up skeleton!
  7. Retaliation

    You're all just afraid of the raw power my team of 6 psyducks could unleash.
  8. Retaliation

    All I'm interested in is figuring out how to buy better underlings.
  9. Retaliation

    I'm a little biased on disable, because that move trips me up way too much.
  10. Retaliation

    Eh, Jeod might be lenient on that one. In any case I'm not going to do another tonight.
  11. Retaliation

    Jeod mentioned it offhand when I asked how the leer/reflect interaction worked.
  12. Retaliation

    Probably wise to double check results. Jeod will have to judge if Magnemite takes the full damage from seismic toss. TURN 1: Alakazam used Reflect! Damage taken by team from opponent's physical attacks is halved for 5 turns! Scyther used Slash! A critical hit (automatic)! Magnemite took 7 damage (14 without reflect)(18 HP left)! Magnemite used Thunder Wave! Snorlax is Paralyzed! It may be unable to move! Snorlax is Paralyzed! It can't move (25% chance to fail)!
  13. Retaliation

    I'm going to give it a shot and resolve the first actions.