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  1. A few better internet options have actually moved in recently but I'd have to pay up quite a bit. I'm notoriously cheap... still might do it though.
  2. While I'd love to... and I'm actually checking the forums more regularly now again... I actually signed up for a pretty big time commitment that'll keep me busy probably through the end of summer (and that's not even counting the fact that starting next week I start a new role at work I accidentally promoted into). You see... almost immediately after I left being a tester here... I became a tester for an actual video game (still unpaid though :v). Completely different genre, political sim (but hey, I have a masters in polisci, so it's right up my alley). The game is being programmed and it's just one guy so that's slow going, but the rules are more or less complete so we're doing playtests basically in tabletop form to work out any bugs before we actually get to early release. If anyone wants to check it out (though the kickstarter is over): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/966309371/a-more-perfect-union-0/description
  3. Hey, we've been invited to Champs Season 9. I can't make it this year, but does anyone else want to go? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xO-gveAVUojJdZNYF9UoiELqp8cfDE2tF3y6KfOcnUA/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Please dear god save me, whenever we have a game actively progressing Shade sends me less PMs about flawed economic theory.
  5. Lol, watch them turn out to be his buddies acting as bodyguards and we're wrong.
  6. This is a tough choice, but I'm going to go with option 1, and I think I have a solid reason for doing so. Options 2 and 3 offer good payouts, but we can get those payouts later in the story, most likely. If we save Lukas from what are likely Nod agents following him, we could rally the anti-Nod segment of the population. That's basically what we came here to do, and if we don't do this, we risk potentially losing it entirely. We can unlock a slew of options for progression here that could become unavailable if we try to rush the main objective, basically.
  7. I'll sign up. Though on that last note, the last 20 minutes of work a bunch of us just goofed off by going through the shared drive folder of photos of past year's Christmas Cubicle decorating contests, and apparently a few years ago someone entered with a Die Hard entry that included placing a cardboard cutout of John McClain in the ventilation duct above their desk.
  8. Ironically this is probably one of the smartest things Shade has ever said despite the fact that I am too low-key hoping to avoid the villagers despite having pushed hard for landing at the village and now voting for option 1.
  9. I'm also thinking option 1. This is assuming we don't do something stupid to give ourselves away, but eh, we can't be making decisions based on our own competence (yet). Option 3 seems like a 50/50 of finding something useful vs just wasting time. With option 1, if we don't do anything useful, at least we're still in town.
  10. To be fair, some of those things I'm gonna need to upgrade my video card for. Which I'm gonna do, just probably after newyears because I don't want to deal with it right now.
  11. Also, the best argument: The village levels of Renegade were objectively the best levels. except for the fact that all renegade levels were the best levels
  12. In the end, this is just Shade and me bickering because Shade's gone totally off the rails on economics in PMs.
  13. See, I read that as Nod is terrorizing the townfolk and they're more likely to be friendly to us.
  14. Does it sound like Nod and the locals get along?
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