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  1. Given my alliance with Cat 5, those things are not really obstacles usually, I'm merely hampered *tonight*, and every little bit helps. He can supply me with provisions and I can buy FP if he ever upgrades the damn religion tier again.
  2. Having scum/town meta that's too similar means the training wheels are off, regardless, in all seriousness.
  3. I was going to wait until next game to say it, but I'll say it now. The training wheels are officially off with you now.
  4. But I suppose, if that's how it really works, then he wasn't settling here.
  5. See, this is then technically a debate over semantics, and I don't consider them fully in a settlement until they've settled in
  6. Given Voe was invading me, I'm not sure that's the case.
  7. By Kingdom holdings you better mean holdings that are not me.
  8. Is hammer really today? Not that I particularly want to draw the game out either, and I know others don't want it too. ##Vote Dragonstone
  9. The last game I played on MU had a glitch where the bot appeared to have your vote saved but you were actually set to "unvote" and it cropped up 3 times and actually affected the voting importantly on one day and it was a big mess.
  10. I think most of the real work is being done in the docs.
  11. You really should be paying me for your job of arguing with Shade like you do most games.
  12. Still haven't figured out why no one trusts you I see?
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