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  1. Oh, is this like legit acting work? Sounds like you're moving on up!
  2. It's not the role, but how you use it
  3. Gloating that I've won the game is kinda my thing (Remember my debut, and a few other times), so it's acceptable when it's me.
  4. No one was biased against me claiming Striker Eureka, though I was prepared for it
  5. Also, it's true the bomb wouldn't have been ready nearly as soon if Louis hadn't repeatedly stolen it.
  6. I told you guys it was Cat 5.
  7. Cumulative Bullshit Count.
  8. Maybe the kill was unstoppable, but interacted with both BP and Sunflower's Jailkeep and could only break through one of the two?
  9. If not Cat 5, a literal cat.
  10. Yeah, but we're talking about today's vote... town have short memories.
  11. Can't spell scatter without Cat 5
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