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  1. Yeah, mine technically wasn't that bad, I already had the job, they just needed proof of one specific thing which I had to track down myself (took 3 hours after it took them 2 weeks) but it delayed getting some other critical paperwork filed that could have been worked on in the intervening time.
  2. Sounds like my past week where I basically wound up doing my own background check for this company because HR couldn't figure out how to
  3. Ah, didn't realize the plans were that firm, sounded more nebulous the first time you said it.
  4. And like, even if you're really unsure about what times specifically will be open, you can always swap games once signed up too, they allow that and generally people are pretty friendly about being accomedating.
  5. The first round runs from May 10 through early July, so there's some leeway with the dates if you want to try. After accepting you basically get linked to a big Doodle form where you list your availability and there's plenty of times to choose from so assuming your not like booked solid you could probably make it work. Game 1 starts May 10 so if you want to squeak something in fast we can rush this through and see if you can get posted to that.
  6. You could probably handle it Jeod assuming you don't have a substitute teaching assignment at the same, and be sure to read their forum rules too because they're much stricter about things like "Don't reference your role PM" etc.
  7. Multiple people have been, since I've gone a few years now in a row. Shade even was my official backup once despite his obstinance. I think Sunflower was once too but only because I promised her I wouldn't sub out.
  8. Not only did I hit the maximum, actually, but I specifically hit the maximum while claiming people hitting the maximum were scummy and doing so got me town cred.
  9. But yeah I hit the maximum a few times last year
  10. The requirement is 10 posts per phase, it's not that much, and the past 2 years they've actually had maximums too not just minimums so people don't get blown out of the water.
  11. We need to make you into a social butterfly, meeting new people will be good for you!
  12. Hey everyone, we've been invited to Season 8 of Mafia Championship! Given I'm about to start a new job and I'm gonna be super busy, I probably can't do it this time. I say we send Shade, but we can discuss possible options here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jys9pqrKSpZ3hEX17iuu4mtoG-c_7YbgHRTK0pAZCUQ/edit This doc is the invite, and has a link to this year's setup. Seems like it has a fairly balanced set of roles, some power roles and vanilla, so it's not mountainous at least.
  13. Like if you're going to accuse me of being scum... don't follow my plan...
  14. I think the problem was how they reacted to my argument of "scum wouldn't sabotage if both were sent together, let's send this combo that's exactly the scum team together and find out". They agreed with me... while accusing me of being scum, which was flat out nonsensical and not a town sided argument at all.
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