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  1. I died in the Champs game so I'm free now (game still ongoing so can't really talk about specifics though).
  2. These things are the most entertaining when none of us have any idea what we're doing.
  3. I actually figure you twerps are going to attack me no matter what I do so that bonus sounds like it won't suit me
  4. Jeeze I better submit Shrek my character choices soon before I get left in the dust.
  5. Shade if you elect me King I'll make you Right Hand or whatever it is.
  6. Shrek is the final boss of your life. (Also I might use him as my char for GoT Mafia dunno)
  7. This looks really good, I love complex games after all, even if I don't know much about GoT, but my participation in the Mafia Championships might get in the way.
  8. Well, that you were actually town, and that your agro on Irish was not a scum tell
  9. Ausgleich was pluralist but apparently "everyone dying" does not count as "reform" even though it technically wasn't civil war either.... Star War Sunflower and I won it for Jedi because I didn't want to convert to dark side.
  10. Maybe do it more often then, or at least the games you're on my team
  11. There's thing thing lately where people try really bad arguments against me when perfectly good arguments exist that nobody uses. It happened in the MU game I played too.
  12. Yeah, by the time I was fully paying attention the solution was pretty obvious. Early game, aside from the fact that I really didn't like the Louis wagon, I wasn't that invested.
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