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  1. BTW just because I'm making progress, this will still be awhile before anything is ready so don't like expect something soon. Finally got shelter in place here so most of the rest of today is going to be spent taking care of things before the order goes into effect.
  2. The only thing I hate more than shaving is having a beard. One of life's really tough choices.
  3. Honestly I just have to get over it being freeform (that's probably too much of a jump for this community anyway, we've not done any freeform games). If I just rip off that flash game I linked it's not too bad. Now I just need to figure out how to add inter-player tension. Though knowing you all, you probably don't need my help for that
  4. The thing is I do too, but it's one of those "all my existing files have to be converted to a new format" type deals which is just tedious. All my game design was previously done with the win condition being "reelection" but now the win condition is "eliminate the virus" so everything has to be changed, and it's not just a simple word swap. Things need to actually make sense and be balanced.
  5. The crux of the issue is I'll have to make spreadsheets and I really don't wanna.... but I'll get over it...
  6. TBH I could make the game happen, I just need to figure out a way to balance it without also killing myself under a pile of research. It would be mostly a cooperative style game rather than adversarial, which would be a change of pace from most games we run, but I could probably throw some curve balls to keep things interesting.
  7. But first I'm gonna play more Stellaris: Federations. I have a galaxy full of democracies so I thought it would be perfect to try out the new Federation features but my neighbors are *xenophobic* democracies.... fun times...
  8. The big problem is my nation game was designed for a format that didn't have an end. To use a very poor metaphor, it was kind of a D&D group thing, in that it would just run on and on (the actual game is nothing like D&D). I'd have to figure out a way to distill it down to one event/crisis. It's probably doable, but I'll need to think about it really hard. While I think about it, I recomend everyone play this flash game for inspiration, which is probably gonna be a goto: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/510296 This is back from before Plauge Inc was an actual game, but the format was popular on flash sites. Was notable for letting you play as the government instead of the virus.
  9. I didn't want to impose, but you're probably right and I had the same thought, but I'm kinda distracted right now, that's why I suggested something more traditional so I could still be a player. Though I SUPPOSE I've been wanting to do a nation simulation for a long time, so the idea is temping. None of the secret files I have prepared are pandemic themed though, so while I have created a nation style game before (it's not mafia, not by a long stretch), I'd basically have to start from scratch to keep up the theme.
  10. I don't think you know what that word means Jeod Also it's not the KGB anymore.
  11. I'm not interested in having the argument again, I'm just saying there would be arguments if we did it. Not just between you and me, but likely between lots of people with the GM included.
  12. Third party time travel doctor who's only treatment is amputation (serial killer).
  13. Honestly that's probably too complicated unless you just rip off one of the existing video games 1 for 1. Also given my recent conversation with Shade ended up with him declaring you can't prove he's the one spreading the virus so no court can actually convict him (if he hypothetically got the virus) I feel as if we'd meta argue too much. If you really want to do a virus game, and make it an RPG, maybe make it team virus vs team researcher where both the virus levels up with new symptoms but the researchers can level up too with new treatments. That's probably a lot easier to balance and work with really.
  14. Cyberpunk the genre or Cyberpunk the actual series? Because boy do I have some memes from when I used to play Shadowrun with my D&D group.
  15. Then I guess Jeod can host if he wants to. I still vote for a CYOR, but I'm open to most ideas.
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