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  1. OrangeP47

  2. OrangeP47

    Hey guys, two things. 1) The game I'm in starts Monday. It might be time for someone (not me) to create a "viewing doc" where you can all discuss the game while it's ongoing. I can't be involved with that, for obvious reasons. 2) Jeod is my backup, but is going to be rather busy during this time period. Someone else could possibly take his place, not that I anticipate needing a backup.
  3. OrangeP47

    FREE (to keep) FOR 48 HOURS! Go to gog.com and you can get Xenonauts for free. I can't recommend this game enough. It's like 1993 XCOM with updated mechanics, not completely redone like 2012 XCOM or XCOM 2. Not that those two aren't good games as well, it's just sometimes it's nice to go back to the old style, classic take on the genre. Simply log in and click on the banner on the front page for it to be added to your account. GOG is DRM Free so you can even download it and pass it around to your friends, unlike steam. https://www.gog.com/
  4. OrangeP47

    TBH a part of me wanted Ausgleich too so I can implement Search All Serbs 2.0.... or just to give my run as an Austrian a second go seeing as I did not get too far the first time :P
  5. OrangeP47

    So, by waiting, we'll harness the power of your frustration and have a plethora of extra features you'd not have thought of if we rushed it
  6. OrangeP47

    I mean, if we're being honest, the big reason I don't get 4 is because I'm always so engrossed with CK2 of all things (and Stellaris.... and my large library of non-paradox games...) Kaiserreich is definitely recommended though, simply because unlike the base game, it's different every time you play. No two runs will ever be close to one another.
  7. OrangeP47

    HOI3 was kind of the runt of the litter. To this day I still play 2 and DH over 4, though someday I might get 4. I will say though, kind of the entire point of Kasierreich is that no country is boring. Everybody has options, or at least one option, towards an interesting game. Off hand I cannot think of a single country that's inactive in the mod. You could always just play as Switzerland and give in, which would leave you alone for the rest of the game. I always do my test games as Sweden, but I think Sweden can get more involved with the drama than they do in Vanilla as well, though I'm not so sure exactly what. I know they have some election drama event, which likely leads to them being able to join factions. I know Norway frequently buddies up with the UoB via events like that, for instance, and I think Sweden is balanced to join Germany.
  8. OrangeP47

  9. OrangeP47

    You get the option to give in or resist France bullying you, but I've never seen the AI resist so I don't know what kind of events are down that road.
  10. OrangeP47

    Anywho, I guess I should explain my votes. I really want to play Presidential 1936, however I didn't vote for it. Why? Because it's the most complicated, and thus takes the most GM effort to set up. From my knowledge of Kaiserreich (I'm in the credits for the mod on HOI2 and DH btw, wrote the California Foreign Policy events), that's likely to be, at the very least, a FOUR faction setup, maybe five. That sounds pretty awesome. But, and this is a big BUT, that takes time and a lot of skill to balance. I'd prefer to play a simpler game first, allowing time for the Presidential game to be perfected as an encore, a third game down the road, if you will, allowing for extra experience and inspiration from the games that run in the meantime.
  11. OrangeP47

    These are all Kaiserreich, aren't they? :p Very excited.
  12. OrangeP47

    That your "especially when I am scum" is superfluous :P
  13. OrangeP47

    It's not if you deny it or not, it's HOW you deny it.
  14. OrangeP47

    We could always do minimum post counts too. I swear we used to have them. The 10 that MU uses might be overkill, but maybe something like 5.
  15. OrangeP47

    I should probably abstain then, which is a shame, as it looks interesting. Too likely to run past the 11th though.