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  1. There was actually a game on MU recently where somebody got hit with an ability where they were gimmicked into having to translate everything into Hindi and then back into English for every post, and many memes were born.
  2. Buddy, you can delay it as long as you need to. You do what you need to do.
  3. Yeah, we're not the most careful bunch. I'm not worried about anybody doing it on purpose, but I think a big size 40 header saying SPOILER FREE at the top of the dead doc might be a good idea.
  4. Just realized something I need to bring up too. Starting the 25th I will be 100% unavailable for a good long weekend. If we can get the game in before then, great, but if it runs into that then that's a problem.
  5. Count me in. I have some esoteric bullshit prepared for just such an occasion.
  6. BTW, Sunflower told me that had she stayed in the game, she was ALSO going to be Wii Fit Trainer.
  7. Eh, I may have refined my technique of argumentation a bit, but it's more or less just keeping fresh than anything. It's always been a particular skill of mine, and one I've developed in academia/my line of work. I will say I'm more witty online than in person, but that's simply because I have 15 seconds to think of a reply and post and that looks amazing whereas in person there might be an awkward silence, but I'm pretty sure that just happens to most everybody.
  8. I was literally just trying to spy on Shade like any good town would do.
  9. This is the exact moment I noticed the face on your kirby.
  10. I, too, wanted to copy somebody's ability.
  11. I could have stopped Shade, but I liked my 50/50 odds. Also I was pretty much on my own up until my death
  12. For the record the sole reason I liked that post was for the rep count (ironically ruining it I guess ) Also to take this opportunity to brag about recently hitting 200 myself
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