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  1. I mean to be clear, my comments were not "let's wait longer", but "let's do this now before I'm busy again", so I'm up for something sooner rather than later.
  2. The voting is in (we did it pretty fast unlike a lot of games). I got tied for 3rd, which isn't an auto advance, but probably a decent chance the jury picks me to advance, but won't know about that for like a week or two.
  3. The guy who carried the scum team basically played exactly how I do as scum, so now I know how it feels to be on the receiving end. Seriously, in the Final 5, one of the other townies made a case that the two remaining scum was me and him, with identical cases on each of us, and it caused me to reject it because "No, that's exactly how I play as town too, so I think it's fine", but it turned out the other guy actually was scum.
  4. The champs game is basically over now. There is a small chance I advance to semi finals, but I wouldn't hold my breath, as I cast the losing vote in lylo, but I'm still probably one of the top towns so we'll see how votes go post game.
  5. Yeah, sorry, it's been going awhile. I guess that's the downside of 48/24 phases, game takes awhile, and it's 15 players so larger (and thus takes longer than our games). That's all I'm really allowed to say about it.
  6. June 8th I start my champs game so I don't want to overlap with that.
  7. TBH most of that conversation was just caused by me saying "night action" instead of "action" because I was thinking about night actions.
  8. I suppose that's acceptable, if only because I wasn't really getting pressured about my role. If I was going to be the mislynch though obviously you'd have to reevaluate that cost-benefit.
  9. I could have tinfoiled FRAYDO, but only if Louis built a strong case, with judging by how the day actually went, Louis seemed unwilling to do and would rather take a reactionary stance.
  10. If you don't want to be scum read don't do scummy things, it's that simple. *looks at ILTS*
  11. Look at it this way, your playstyle has come full circle and you're now pocketing me instead of setting my radar off every game.
  12. Also some twerp in the dead doc using my color again.
  13. People barely talked about me in the scum/mason docs!
  14. Yeah, Shade really went against his Meta, and Louis has very clearly become a top tier player.
  15. Guess you might be the last man standing then, regardless of me being town :\ ##Vote Louis
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