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  1. OrangeP47

    Who's up for a party at Radical Pluralism this time around?
  2. OrangeP47

    We nominated me?
  3. OrangeP47

    I've been of the opinion for sometime now that there is no more scummy people and we've just been headless chickens.
  4. OrangeP47

    Sunflower was literally asking for it
  5. OrangeP47

    Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies!
  6. OrangeP47

    Just because there's no town doesn't mean there's no scum
  7. OrangeP47

    Retal is the most closely aligned person to myself.
  8. OrangeP47

    There is no town.
  9. OrangeP47

    I also have a feel it was expected the evidence base would be used more aggressively.
  10. OrangeP47

    He's hostile though, but either way, we're above 50%, how bad could it be.
  11. OrangeP47

    We have high stability, we're probably safe. Sunflower wants to be shot, shoot her, then kane Verti. The game might actually end if we're mathematically in control.
  12. OrangeP47

    If this is factoring into any of you guys calculations, I could only double vote at night once. I've been pretending I can use the ability multiple times to make myself seem stronger, but we're at the endgame now where we just need to stomp status quo, so go all in.