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  1. OrangeP47

    For the moment I think others are more interesting/need to be under pressure more than Sunflower.
  2. OrangeP47

    Don't encourage him.
  3. OrangeP47

    Yes, so sue me Given different types of people have different tastes, it would be an interesting experiment nonetheless.
  4. OrangeP47

    I'm coming down from a caffeine high, I'm not in the best state to question
  5. OrangeP47

    I want to believe this is a modicum of self awareness.
  6. OrangeP47

    The thing is, I want to call Nodlied suspicious, but he's not wrong about Shade either.
  7. OrangeP47

    I'm immune to being cursed by a different curse. IE, my curse can't be overwritten with a new one. So someone out there has the power to put some other curse on people.
  8. OrangeP47

    My curse isn't even supposed to be communicable. The only reason Jeod had it was because he copied it. If my curse was fatal, I would have died first, and that wouldn't make much sense now would it?
  9. OrangeP47

    Well, it's possible. I'm willing to entertain the thought. This does seem like the sort of game that might have one.
  10. OrangeP47

    What exactly might happen is yet to be determined. It's *possible* scum might die though. I won't reveal the mechanism though.
  11. OrangeP47

    And turned into a mummy. You're overlooking that part. My curse is defensive in nature. Whoever killed Jeod is going to have a very bad night next night.
  12. OrangeP47

    If you ask a hunter it is Though I did nothing vampiric to Jeod. The passive he got from me wasn't strictly anything to do with vampires either.
  13. OrangeP47

    There's more than one way to exsanguate someone. If it was me I certainly wouldn't make them a mummy, now would I. I protected KY, and he should be able to confirm. By Jeod's death, you should all be able to figure out that my passive that he stole was NOT bulletproof, as Jeod claimed (that was a bluff on his part I assume). However, scum next night are going to have a real bad time now. I won't say what or why, though, as that would ruin the surprise.
  14. OrangeP47

    Given how much we always scum read him, it's like an inherent ability by this point.
  15. OrangeP47

    If you'd gone down with the ship at least things would have been proven