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  1. What if it's a missile sub?
  2. Though bonus fact: Since it was Jack that shot at me, confirms Cruiser had a day shoot, not that it matters now.
  3. Here is where I was shot at, before Jack was lynched.
  4. Go back and check. My space WAS fired on, way before Jackoderp was revealed. The detection came simply because it was night time and my submerge wore off.
  5. You're just jealous you're not the spy plane
  6. I wasn't detected as collateral, what are you talking about?
  7. Except the fact that I've already been submerge tested too. Also, if I actually was a gunboat, hit you, and destroyed you, that would have been an incredibly stupid thing for me to do outing myself.
  8. I take it FRAYDO lied to see if an allied would shoot the spot.
  9. When Nodlied tells me to do something, I do it That and upon second thought I'd rather confirm myself than wait for people to muddle it up.
  10. If no one objects, I'll take the shot, as that would further show I can only hit naval targets.
  11. I suppose it wouldn't make sense for there to be a two-man team to fake it, so I suppose we can allow that luxury. However, I already believe FRAYDO, so it doesn't matter much to me.
  12. Chopbam is indeed the logical next place to go.
  13. You can argue with him if you want.
  14. Unfortunately, while we can't really "investigate" that he's the plane, I don't think the claim itself really opens itself up to a counter, as scum wouldn't claim something like that that could be easily countered if lying. Then we'd be down to a 50/50 lynch today and I don't think scum would gambit that at this stage.