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  1. OrangeP47

    For what it's worth, I was in favor of keeping neutrals around as a distraction until late game, but that seems to have backfired
  2. OrangeP47

    That's just what the pig avatar made me think
  3. OrangeP47

    Does this restaurant of yours serve ham?
  4. OrangeP47

    I wish I got to actually use any of my abilities
  5. OrangeP47

    See, I could have pushed iLTS more at any time, but I wanted to keep him around as a late game mislynch... but then he sprung his surprise and everyone went along with it
  6. OrangeP47

    I told them not to....
  7. OrangeP47

    I should also point out unblockable probably doesn't matter, as I don't negate the kill, I just have a second life.
  8. OrangeP47

    That's advice I never follow, given how fun Death Note was at the end
  9. OrangeP47

    You can't lynch Shade right now, and it would be the same way with me.
  10. OrangeP47

    I should also point out that if I fake my death I can't be lynched today.
  11. OrangeP47

    Also what a mess when it's the two neutral claims discussing the fate of town Though I literally suspect everyone right now, so whatever.
  12. OrangeP47

    I mean, it's clear nobody is going to take me seriously at this point, but I also think it's pretty clear that either somebody is lying or one of these cases being made doesn't have the full info. Something's not right.
  13. OrangeP47

    What if Shade tries to kill you, he's an alignment all to his own
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