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  1. The alternate ending with the unplugging of the hidden thingies to get to the other thing that is, well, vital to you, is also "unfortunately cool". Sorry for the off-topic though.
  2. I've acquired Among Us as well.
  3. If I'm playing any W3D game in a more focused teamwork oriented capacity, I keep the in-game audio on and take it all in properly. But if I'm just having fun and not doing anything special I will often fire up a playlist full of Sam Feldt or something similar and enjoy some super fun vibes while jumping around in my chair. I'm fun like that.
  4. I've resumed video work after a rather quiet and interesting time period. Here's the latest addition:
  5. You know you're done when this just comes at you out of nowhere: How repairing an obviously failing base feels like: Pushing an empty Cruiser back to the Naval Yard: When you make it back alive but... When you go for the best seat in the house to watch the fireworks:
  6. Honorable mention based on Kurosaki's comment: THE SERVER
  7. !vote Momok for keeping it fun by being the party game - every crash/disconnect you have to take a shot. #DRINK!
  8. You seem to be having lots of releases and more patching afterwards. Might want to consider slowing down a bit. Not just because it would allow you to create more cool content in peace, but because it's getting harder to figure out what constitutes a significant release based on your updates, as you approach everything with the same level of excitement - which is good (as your passion shows), but if everything is super exciting and new all the time your viewers/players will get desensitized and engage less with your project over time. Perhaps it would serve your project better if you were to allow yourself some downtime and quieter periods in order to avoid burning out both yourself and the people following your project with work and news.
  9. Chop this got me more than it should have. Hilarious. xD
  10. One of the most important features is that the site is run by the dedicated community that has kept C&C alive for decades already, so we can be sure it will stand the test of time. Not trying to be negative, but EA hopefully can't shut it down if when their decisions eventually mishandle the IP and community again, as proven in the past by their repeating history (which many of us haven't forgotten). That being said, I do believe that we are currently in good hands regarding the Remasters from the development side. But being self-sufficient as a modern community along with future-proofing the games as much as possible is a very worthy investment in this case, so this is a great milestone for everyone.
  11. Hey thanks a whole bunch for the kind words! I'm happy you found some value in what I've created so far. Thank you!
  12. Thanks! I've put a lot of heart into the videos, and hopefully it shows. I'll take the rest of your input as good-intended encouragement. So thanks! I really appreciate it.
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