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  1. I think the above picture is him from way before W3D Hub, and the below one is after rejoining W3D Hub. This place is nuts.
  2. That's it I'm done. This is the peak.
  3. Read the video description if you find this next one confusing. If you can't see it, it's because it's blocked in the US/Germany/Italy/other due to a strange copyright claim and you need a VPN to see it.
  4. Meta is still probably going through his 10+ hours of footage from the previous event... and we're already starting a new one. Poor Meta. xD
  5. 10/10 would let PXD blow up our airfield again. Can't wait! Gonna be fun!
  6. Thanks! I appreciate the input as always! Thank you kindly good sir!
  7. And here we all made sad faces thinking that nobody recorded the LST fleet! Good man! The ghost of baba Yaga was certainly with us that day!
  8. @Metaridley for doing his part in helping support lead the Vodka Squadron. @ryknow69 for the Chrono rush and combined enthusiasm in the spirit of the game night. Plus telling us to hold before takeoff like a pro. @ChopBam for spreading verbal fear as the Vodka Squadron did its glorious work for the motherland. @NodGuy for the priceless look on his face helicopter when we showed up with about 8 LSTs to counter his aerial harassment. @Killing_You for taking an LST beating like a champ. Vote for more people everyone, it's not like you only have one choice. Spread the love around a bi
  9. Rest assured that your contribution will not be forg0ten.
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