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  1. Keep up the great work with the remakes, it's refreshing to see your hard work finalized into a full track!
  2. Is there any way to change the desired launcher language manually instead of relying on your Windows configuration? I didn't see any selection box at first glance. Asking for people who prefer to view things only in English, or the opposite where your Windows regional is set to English but you prefer another language for the launcher itself. EDIT: Just noticed this topic is already being discussed and worked on internally, all good. Onward to localized victory!
  3. LEGO The Lord of The Rings FREE on Humble Bundle, one day left! Until the 22nd.
  4. Subnautica is free for a few days, so grab it to keep it. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/subnautica/home There is a coop mod out there too if you're curious, but I haven't tested it yet.
  5. If a new city map is in the works, then I'd pitch in an idea to add strategic verticality for flanking and sneaking. Like catwalks and ladders above the ground level to get to rooftops and such vantage points. Heck, if it's just an industrial area or a village, add vertical vantage points there if applicable too.
  6. Santa, this is all very troubling.
  7. Wouldn't my old anti-Santa missiles put me closer to the previously-naughty side? Like mid-good? xD
  8. Oh damn, I completely forgot about the Surface-to-Air missile system I placed way back on the roof. Although I've always gotten presents by some mysterious means. No idea how to explain it exactly. One theory I've heard is that Santa is red because he's affiliated with Nod, and they allow him to use stealth technology and whatnot. Perhaps the sleigh is just a decoy while SBH elves bring in presents from other angles of approach? This just got a lot more complicated. Peace through Santa!
  9. Edited the post, you replied too fast! Check it.
  10. Don't take it as criticism, it just looked strange to me in that scene where you point it intimidatingly. I'm no gun expert by any means but I figured I'd point it out for feedback; if anything someone with way more experience might chip in on that. So I just watched it with sound and damn your dialogue delivery is pretty cool to see! Very glad to see you in a more active role in comparison with Just Libby. You still tried to kill someone though. And you still died. Your alias rings true yet again! Got any info on when the next movie might be? Anything in the pipeline?
  11. Congrats KY, nice to see you in a movie yet again! Keep it up! I don't have the luxury of sound at the moment, so I'll have to re-watch it sometime later to see what it's really about. I'm no expert but pls fix xD (unless intentional to fit thematic)
  12. I'd appreciate any material you think I could find useful! Many thanks OWA! The topics being covered are not only about games either, but also everything that connects to that theme - game dev, storytelling, productivity, creativity, lifestyle... There are many possibilities here and it's a very cool area to explore. I hope to provide as much value as I can with this to anyone who feels this type of thing resonates well with them!
  13. The other videos are somewhat relevant as well, just not as directly. I do what I can to make the end value a bit universal, so whatever you're struggling with or could use a different angle for, the information beneath is available to you. What's important is that the activity or game or software is secondary. What it's really about is your personal growth and giving a person some extra tools to strategize with and feed those creative desires with inspiration and the drive that might be having some trouble staying on course at times. It's not easy to strive for something in environments where the habitual negative responses of other people bring you down instead of uplifting you further, and that's just one little part of the whole experience I do my best to shed some light on. So I'm very grateful to be able to provide anyone interested with a boost of some sort, anything that will enrich them in whatever way is most fitting to the situation at hand and assist in developing that fire inside that might have gone out or is having trouble burning brightly. That's what I intend to keep giving to the best of my current ability, so thanks for the meaningful and connected response Raap!
  14. I've been investing most of my time building up a creative project and team for the past couple of infinities, and I'm very happy and grateful to be able to share some of that if anyone is curious! I've combined my love of games and deep interest in personal development into an active project. This is Skorvion Games, where everything is focused on creativity, play and game development in connection with personal growth, health and awareness. So if someone here finds that interesting or is just curious about it, feel free to check things out for yourself! It's not for everyone, but if you find yourself enjoying this type of content then I hope what you see enriches your life in some way. There are currently three more-or-less introductory videos uploaded, and considering I'm the project lead, you can guess who's presenting the content! I'm very new to being in front of a camera at this stage (which is evident) and I'm thankfully just getting better and better with each experience! It's pretty cool, actually. There are certain more impactful (and larger in scale) things being worked on, but I can't reveal anything beyond the current assortment of videos and other similar content that is already on the way. So just expect more video content via YouTube for the time being if you're interested in following our work. Here's the currently most relevant video for this community: https://youtu.be/FOULGvAy58I The topic of the above linked video is C&C Tiberian Sun mapping in a certain sense, more aimed at enthusiasts who aren't as experienced with it than a lot of you here might be - so watch that first, it could be the most relatable entry-point for you. Just as a starting suggestion. SITE LINKS: WEBSITE: https://www.skorvion.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SkorvionGames YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-j5DOoMIdrl60EZIXNjrlw Let me know your thoughts and I hope this type of thing resonates well with some of you. You can like the Facebook page, or subscribe to the YouTube channel if you'd like to be notified of any new stuff (don't count on forum thread updates, it's secondary)! I truly appreciate your support, so have a sincere thanks and invisible cookie! Enjoy!
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