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  1. Something a bit different this time around - a bit of fun outdoor activity!
  2. Another Warhammer 40k grimdark comedy sketch, roughly about creative and technical design.
  3. Warhammer 40k grimdark comedy sketch, roughly about creative and technical design.
  4. Just had some C&C3 flashbacks due to this. I almost forgot about that voice line spam. But yeah, some tact would be great in these cases. Unfortunately, it's often not something that's prioritized. Brings me out of the experience a bunch to hear happen, but eh, such is life I guess. I'm surprised people accept it as normal so much. A massive offender here is also Emperor: Battle For Dune's group voice lines going YES? AT ONCE AT ONCE AT ONCE AT ONCE YES? AT ONCE.
  5. A discussion starter on tactful game design, with an example of a strange bit of audio feedback.
  6. What is success and how to avoid failure? Insight presented as curiously inspired by the game Crying Suns.
  7. Your parodies are always fun to watch!
  8. Do you like being paranoid and shooting everyone on the airstrip? Enjoy spamming left click on two very specific purchase terminals? Looking for excitement?! Aerial adventure?! SOVIET GLORY?! Want to become a sort-of-maybe ace pilot of the motherland?! JOIN THE BABA YAGA SQUADRON, TODAY! ENLIST NOW, and get all the rockets you can eat!
  9. A video of mine just reached over 1.000 likes on YouTube for the first time! It was the Dune 2000 Inspirational Review! So thank you! :D Oh and the honor of the 1000th like goes to @ Killing_You apparently. :P
  10. Why staying focused on your goals is so important.
  11. That unit at 0:25+ in the last video clip has a pretty sexy voice.
  12. Hey thanks for sharing your game event footage with us! Just wanted to let you know that it is very much appreciated.
  13. I think the above picture is him from way before W3D Hub, and the below one is after rejoining W3D Hub. This place is nuts.
  14. That's it I'm done. This is the peak.
  15. Read the video description if you find this next one confusing. If you can't see it, it's because it's blocked in the US/Germany/Italy/other due to a strange copyright claim and you need a VPN to see it.
  16. Thanks! I appreciate the input as always! Thank you kindly good sir!
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