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  1. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 changelog Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgxqrhas3g4wg8d/TiberiumResurrection.exe/file the Prologue: https://www.mediafire.com/file/35cyl1xc65r2e3i/the_Prologue.zip/file Client 📟 (used @Rampastring TS Client and re-configured it for TR) - new options for Unlock Tech, Mutant Armory, Factory Bonus - new dropdown Special Scenarios (Showdown, TIberium Apocalypse) General 🌍 (in-game changes) - full new GDI Eva (by No Strings Prd) - red tiberium now appears red in the radar - re-shade implementation - AI enhancements Sountrack 🎧 (in-game themes) - new OST Death Game, Crushed, Trees in the Distance, Monster, Trip in the Tib - fixed song lengths from in-game menu Maps 🗺️ (dunno what to add here 🤷‍♂️) Missions: - re-implemented the Prologue - a worthy introduction to the TR story Skirmish: - new map - remastered Grassy Knoll, Sinkholes, Seismic - fixed "silos needed" option crash on some maps when it was turned off Game 🎮 (units, building, vehicles, aircraft and other) GDI: - ion cannon has a new fire animation - fully re-made outpost - ion cannon addon no longer needs tech center to be built - engineer now requires radar to be built ...and much more balance changes Nod: - fully re-made outpost - Nod tech center replaced by temple of Nod - obelisk of light has a new sounds - Nod buggy can now Q-move - engineer now requires radar to be built - enginner and radar array have a new "faction fitting" texture ...and much more balance changes Civilian/Mutants: - Mutant, Mutant Sniper, Tiberian Fiend, Mutant Hijacker now buildable via Armories - added tiberium infested buildings Other: - enhanced red tiberium tree animation - you can no longer enter civilian vehicles - remastered red tiberium values - tree strength is 100 (was 200) Check the full changelog here: https://www.diffchecker.com/21gsKf2M
  2. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - in 4 days TR has another developer - AntonV, the pixel art and animation creator Pre-release game night on Saturday from 6pm CET! Play with the devs and gain early access to the update. Join our discord on discord.gg/jwRerrV to find out more!
  3. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - 5 days remaining Another OST I see 😉
  4. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - 6 days remaining How about some atmospheric shaders? 😏
  5. The reason for the delay was a nasty issue (which is now fixed). I know I am excited, but thats because of all the features we are bringing! This is the biggest update so far in my opinion and honestly, I have not seen some of our features in any other TS mod so far. I did not reveal many of them, so this probably makes no sense at the moment, but it will once the release is near Yep, we will all have some time off after the update 3.5!
  6. Hello everyone, I have some bad news this time. The update 3.5 was supposed to be out this Friday, but we need more time to test and finish the work to deliver BIG quality update. The new date for the release is set to 28th of June... And now onto the positive stuff! The update 3.5 will feature light Re-Shade enhancements to match the TR theme even more as well as AI enhancements to make the AI a bit harder and better. More to come in the update 4.0 😉 Have a wonderful day!
  7. 6th Tiberium Resurrection OST - Monster is out!
  8. 5th Tiberium Resurrection OST - Trees in the Distance is out!
  9. 12 000 views on CnCNet, 14 700 views on ModDB, 10 500 views on PPMforums, 2 500 views on W3DHub and 2 000 views on CnCNz Thank you very much for all the support, feedback and quite growing excitement regarding the update 3.5. We are all doing our best to release as good version as we can. While we are at it, we recently released a trailer for the first campaign mission! And yes - No Strings Prd is in-fact the new GDI voice assistant 😉 640 x 360, 15 FPS, .vqa, that's all I'm saying Have a great day, see ya soon!
  10. Thank you very much, surprised you remembered
  11. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - trailer and release date Hello everyone, we have been all working on the update for quite some time now! Today I am very excited to reveal the trailer and release date for the update 3.5, so lets get to it! Firstly, this trailer will be... different than the last one. While the last one covered most of the upcoming changes and features, this one is supposed to be a nice introduction to TR story (and especially the Prologue, which will be fully featured in this update). Also, there is an amazing feature leaked in this trailer, so we will see how many of you notice 😉- 4th of June, 7pm CET - Next up, the update 3.5 is coming out shorty! I am personally excited about the upcoming remaster, so I will give ya all time to enjoy that for a while 19th of June - in 3 weeks I still have plenty stuff to tell ya about the update, so stay tuned for the future posts! Have a wonderful day
  12. Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - what to expect? Hello everyone, we are not having a break in-case you are wondering 😆. Instead, we are working on the update 3.5 to deliver it as soon as possible and with as many good changes as possible! I decided it is time to reveal some key features that will be present in TR 3.5. Lets get to it! Firstly, I am very happy to announce that the Prologue is completely re-made to make it worthy "introduction" in TR story! I have many, many exciting things to reveal about it (including its own trailer 😉), but for now I can only tell you that it is more than 2 times larger in width as well as height and share this beautiful screenshot with ya! Secondly, we hope to bring up to 4 new OST's! You can already listen to two of them here! Next up, we hope to bring up to 5 new minigames and up to 5 remastered maps! Besides, we will also introduce some juicy modifiers for all skirmish maps, but more on that later... You can look at the Grassy Knoll remaster here: We are also bringing partial Forgotten Faction in-game via Mutant Armories! We also have unique cameos for them all 😏 Last but not least, the update will include another balance changed, enhancements and fixes to the vanilla game! note, that these changes are not final and we might surpass our goals or decide to not include some features just yet Have a wonderful day and stay safe ya all 👋
  13. 11 000 views on CnCNet, 11 900 views on ModDB, 9 500 views on PPMforums, 2 200 views on W3DHub and 1 800 views on CnCNz Thank you all! ModDB is taking over tho 😂. Anyway, I feel like now is the right time to announce another upcoming feature in TR 3.5! Each map will include a few Mutant Armories. Once captured (and held) player can build 4 Forgotten units to help defeat his opponent! Mutant - Forgotten equivalent of Light Infantry! Can heal on tiberium and is easily pissed. msselect2.wav Tiberian Fiend - Their friendly doggos (kinda glowing tho)... Mutant Hijacker - cause why should Nod have all the fun? Mutant Sniper - Forgotten elite unit, which can be the best or the worst unit in-game depending on how you can handle her! Worry not though, if you are not a fan of this feature, you will be able to disable it with a new option! Lastly, Zoom3000 did a great job on beating ExtraHard AI in TR! Check out his vid here: Have a good day 😛
  14. Hello everyone! The bug in which Nod Chemical Missile caused crash once launched has been fixed! rules.zip Put this rules.ini file into TR Client -> INI directory Have fun
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