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  1. Greetings, in this way i want to announce upcoming campaign I am working on. I called it [Tiberium Resurrection] - it tells story after Nod mission Sheep's clothing (where Nod undercover as GDI mass-murdered mutants and captured Tratos), so the relationship between GDI and Mutants is really bad. It will contain 3 missions for now (maybe i will add more later), few multiplayer / skirmish maps and some changes to environment (New tiberium type, paved cliffs - thanks to Holland.) It is not complete yet, however now I can tell that map will not be very big but there will be many triggers, and so
  2. Here is something that the Reborn crowd will be familiar with, the GDI Mobile EMP: This is not textured in this image Here is a GIF showing in game screens: 3 Stage GIF I am indifferent with how this turned out.
  3. First project is an SSM redux. This is not a completely original project, rather it is a reskin of an MLRS I did a while ago, with the missiles that I did recently. Next project is a rather stocky stealth tank: I tried to add some contrast using the launcher, but I might just darken it, have not fully decided yet.
  4. You maybe believe it, but I cannot. Roland JD-990 and JV-2080 that I bought are the dream of my arsenal of sounds. After Red Alert remakes, this is probably the best of my works. If there will be possibility to remake some of Tiberian Sun tracks... who knows! P.S.: Interesting fact, and I know it from Frank himself: some names of instruments were chosen as titles for songs for Red Alert OST. As I discovered, "Terminate" is a soundscape instrument included with standard soundbank of JV-series, from which that song starts. And so on.
  5. Available for free download. Inspired by, but not too close to TIberian Sun. Did a different melody this time, a little bit emotional, soft, and bright. It has a short length, but anyway, I decided to publish it
  6. I have returned from summer cottage. With this. Absolutely new song for the fans of Tiberian Sun. Something like psychedelic ambient with groovebox drum machine effects. Vacation was totally worth it.
  7. Here is my take on Kane's pyramid, as seen in the FMV. At the point where these images were taken, I was not very pleased with how it turned out. Once I added some lights and animations, I felt is was decent. Since these images were taken, I have desaturated the brick area, and added house colour, and additive lighting. "This is a quick look at the missile launch area using a W3X viewer screen grab. Please note that you should ignore the outer pyramid areas, as it is still a work in progress. The missile silo would be partly obscured by the missile, and once the missil
  8. Hello all! So, an explanation. I've been playing around with the design of the M16 Mk. II from Tiberian Sun for probably a year now, using a program/website called Roblox(for those who know what that is, I know it's geared more toward kids, but I like how easy Studio is to use). I liked the original style, but it never felt very real to me. So I've finally come to this: a heavily modified M16A3 I previously built. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and I thought you people might be interested in it.
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