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  1. Nod stuff is actually pretty difficult to build, at least Tiberian Sun era. Lots of organic lines, they don't translate to basic geometric shapes as well as GDI's clean, angular stuff. That and I've always been more of a fan of GDI. I've got a couple of old TS Nod vehicles I need to update though, I'll put up a new post whenever I get around to it. I'm crazy proud of it. Thank you much! Thanks! I'm very happy with my progress. The Havoc pose was just a spur of the moment thing, but I like how it turned out.
  2. Hello hello! Your resident deep lurker here, with another round of my sporadic modeling of Command and Conquer stuff in Roblox. Bunch of stuff I haven't shown off, some I have. About 50/50 Sun and Dawn/Renegade, and some comparisons of old versus new. Hope you enjoy. First off, almost entirely brand spanking new Titan. Threw together a quick vignette based on the loading screen pose. I am INCREDIBLY happy with this thing. It's a mix of concept art, a few fan models, in-game renders and sprites, and Reborn's model(mostly for scale and angles). The guide rails for the access ladders are my own addition. So many lights on this thing! Good comparison shot of new versus old. The new is much taller, smoother, more details. The legs didn't change much, the basic design is still the same, just larger and with more details on the 2020 model. The old is from I believe 2015 or so, with the occasional small update over the years. Wolverines! The iconic(IMO) GDI power armor. Bit of fog and lighting to spruce it up. Very happy with this one too. Once again a mash up of different references. Comparison again. New is on the left, old is on the right. Slimmer, more details, just better in every way. Once again the new is from earlier this year, and the old is somewhere in 2015-2016, with updates here and there. Time for the classics. X-66 Mammoth tank. This one is largely based on the Renegade X version, with a bit of my own flare. Also one of the smoothest models I've ever built, I actually have trouble sometimes seeing it as a Roblox model, rather than something whipped up in a modelling program. No comparison on this, cuz I think the previous version got saved over at some point. Throw in a Renegade vignette for good measure. I've shown this off before, but I've done some updates, figured I'd put it in anyway. TW1-era Orca VTOL. Built off of a bunch of different references, more than any of the others. I used concept art, fan creations, in-game models and sprites, and added a bunch of my own touches to it. Updates are largely to the belly-mounted cannon, and the landing gear. Turbofans got a facelift as well, with some new meshes. Better look at the new landing gear, and cannon/mount. I used a model of a Russian MI-28 heli for inspiration on the gear. The cannon is basically an M134 minigun, with a mount of my own design that I thought made sense. Hope you all like these. I don't have much else to do with this stuff aside from the occasional vignette, so I might as well show off a little.
  3. Suggestion for your next project! A Soviet Rhino skin from RA2 for one of the T-34s( the 1942 model, or one of the 85s). The renders from the old installer make me think of the T-34, despite it being a fictional tank. Example from off of the wiki, ignore the incorrect Allied background. It definitely seems, IMO, to have some T34 inspiration. If you have the time, consider it?
  4. I just want peace on Earth. Therefore I'm automatically nice, and should be on the list.
  5. Dame you competitive community! I mean, I get it, but goddamn. there is absolutely no character to a map. it's just the same thing, every time. I went some asymmetrical, I want the map to actually look cool.
  6. I honestly agree with the previous sentiment. I played 8Bit Armies, and Forged Battalion. The first one wasn't too bad, and I don't know how much better it got, since I only played it at the start, but it felt very copy-and-paste. The buildings, as I recall, were basically the same for each faction, and the units had only a little bit of variety. These wouldn't be such a big problem, as TD and RA were similar in that way, but the skirmish maps were very symmetrical, and the campaign missions were just skirmish maps with some objectives and subtle changes. The units felt kinda floaty too, they didn't have a ton of weight behind them. Forged Battalion was very much the same. The customizable armies focus was very interesting, but all the maps were symmetrical, and the campaign was just skirmish maps with some very minor changes. I'm hopeful for this, it does look really interesting, and more Renegade-like games are very welcome. But I'm going to be skeptical about it.
  7. This teaser sent me into hype overdrive, it looks fantastic. I do agree with some of the criticisms, I think the Med and Light tanks look a bit odd, and I like the suggestions given. But as stated, this is an early build, and they're still actively taking fan feedback. I'm just gonna sit here for the next year or so feeling giddy and excited.
  8. I'm sure that''s exactly it. I've had this question before myself, but once you realize how much work it would be, you see that it's never going to be worth it, especially considering the most popular component is the multiplayer. It's why Renegade X never did anything else with Black Dawn, I imagine; too much work for no payoff. Much better to focus all your efforts into the part that you know everyone will play.
  9. I always loved Renegade, despite it's flaws, it was one of the first shooter games I ever got my hands on, and is still really unique as far as the games I've played. I never tried the multiplayer, aside from some casual LAN games with my brothers, but I still put many, many hours into it, and finishing the campaign for the first time was one of my proudest moments. Happy birthday Renegade, and thanks to the team here and the RenX people for keeping this thing alive.
  10. I wish it flew, but I have no idea how to do anything in Lua, lol. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks so much! It's the thing I'm most proud of. Bitch to build though, especially the cockpit. The black lines around the canopy were not fun to figure out how to do.
  12. Yeah the C&C content over there is lacking, I think I've probably got a pretty large chunk of it. I did however find some rather basic sets waaaaay back when, that had some pretty cool Red Alert 2 stuff. There was an Allied Barracks, a Tech Center, a ConYard, a War Factory, some walls, as well as a Prism Tower and a Pillbox. There was Soviet stuff too. Later on I found Generals models, like this really neat animated Particle Cannon. There was little if any Tiberian Sun content though(There was this one guy making some pretty cool models though, even had a Kodiak and a Philadelphia), so I ended up making my own stuff.
  13. Thank you both! Yeah, lots of hours! It's fun though, being able to recreate this stuff and do whatever I want with it(which hasn't been much, truth be told). I actually remember seeing AircraftKiller around the old Bluehell forums, but couldn't remember if he'd made the jump over here. He makes good stuff, lol. Thanks for your interest though! Means a lot.
  14. Hey all! I was told to speak up more by Mr. Einstein. I don't usually have much to say, but I thought you all might have some interest in some of my Roblox modeling work, since you showed interest back when I posted my reimagined M16 Mk. II Pulse Rifle. I still build a little for fun, and I make C&C stuff pretty often, much of which tends to be Tiberian Sun or Renegade. So, here are pictures of some of my latest work or updates to old stuff. Front view of my GDI Barracks. This is unfortunately the only outside shot I took, but I got all the external details thanks to the Reborn mod, which has been a huge help recreating this stuff. It has a full interior, but I wasn't able to show it due to upload limits. This is a quick vignette I threw together using my Riparius models, and all my wall components(Gate, Concrete Wall, Vulcan, RPG, and SAM) One of my larger vignettes depicting a scaled down scene from Renegade's first mission, The Scorpion Hunters. I took a lot of inspiration from Ren-X for a lot of the models used, mostly in the vehicles and weapons. Picture of my ORCA Maintenance Hanger. I used a pair of pictures from a guy named AircraftKiller as inspiration, but threw in my own flair. The ORCAs I've been building for years, and this is their current best state, which I think is pretty good. They're a mashup of a couple dozen reference pictures I've found over the time I've been working on them, so they're not really accurate to TD. Better view of the ORCA from the top. I hope you all like these! I've put a lot of work into this stuff, it's sort of a hobby of mine.
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