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  1. MechanicalThighs

    Fingers quadruple crossed. They've got this almost perfect, if they screw it up now, I will be so pissed off.
  2. MechanicalThighs

    Got an update post from the team! Quite a bit of info here, and I love the idea of the Community Council. There's a list of some of the names of Council members in the comments, but not everyone has put forward their names yet.
  3. MechanicalThighs

    That's his play, man. He puts you on the nice list, gets you into a false sense of security, then BAM! You wake up shackled to an assembly line and are forced to make toys for the rest of your life. You thought it was the elves who did that? Naw man, that's just what they want you to think.
  4. MechanicalThighs

    I know there's a Santa out there somewhere. He's watching, always watching. Has his own elf NSA, keeping an eye on us. I once caught a broadcast from one of his spies on my cassette player, and now I make sure to do as many good things as possible, so I don't end up an exhibit on glaciers in 10,000 years...
  5. You have me there, all of the Petroglyph games I've played afterwards weren't very good, and kept trying and failing to recapture the C&C magic(I've played 8-bit Armies and Forged Battalion, both were very dull games. FB had some interesting ideas, but it was still very one-dimensional, and the campaign felt tacked on like the devs were going down an "RTS checklist". Same thing with 8-Bit, just a skirmish map with objectives slapped on). You're correct that EaW was their first game, at least according to the Wikipedia page on them.
  6. For me I'd say it's on par with the C&C series, it's a damn good game. Forces of Corruption was great, the Zann Consortium faction had a lot of really interesting features. Although the campaign story was a bit out there and kinda tossed the canon at the time out the window, but that happened at least a bit with the campaigns from the base game, so eh. Still fun.
  7. Raap, I wouldn't say everything Petroglyph did is crap, they did quite well with Star Wars: Empire at War. It wasn't incredible, but everything was solid. Space combat was fantastic, land combat was, admittedly a bit mediocre, but decent. I think it was a great game, and I personally have a few hundred hours put into it, and it still has a dedicated fanbase that loves to mod the hell out of it.
  8. I can't really comment on game balancing, but I do think that modern elements from the newer games should be added into the remastered games. C&C 3 has some super solid systems, and I love how intuitive and easy to use the sidebar is. Although I think there should be both a "modern" sidebar, and a "classic" sidebar, because I'm still more comfortable using the older style, and it'd be a nice change-up. I'd also really like to see the multiple build queues. It made building defenses and constructing attack forces much easier, while also making recovery quicker and less stressful. As far as "sacred" things I don't want to see, I don't want to see the games blend together. Each C&C game had it's own unique feeling, it's own unique look, and I want those kept. The original two games should feel a bit more serious, more realistic in a way, than, say, RA2 or YR's very cheesy, almost cartoony style. Likewise, I want a potential TS remaster to have it's dark tones intact. As well, I don't want the music changed. I don't want Frank's tracks remixed at all, unless they bring him back to do it himself.
  9. MechanicalThighs

    Kane would be most displeased. For myself, the main thing I'm looking forward to right now is Metro: Exodus. The previous two games were absolutely top notch, and the book series was excellent(if a bit of a grueling read), so I'm very excited to play. Just hope my crappy computer can run it. Other than that, definitely Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nothing else recently announced has really struck my fancy, though Battlefield V looks neat, but I'll be waiting for a sale for that.
  10. MechanicalThighs

    It's actually a Scavenger Mammoth, from the cancelled Renegade sequel/prequel set in RA2, and that's exactly what it looks like in the test map. From the wiki: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/File:Ren2_Mammoth_Tank_Render.png
  11. MechanicalThighs

    Wait wait wait, there's a new Metro coming? I didn't see that, can I get a link?
  12. MechanicalThighs

    Hey! Glad you agree. Yeah, this is a few tries in, but this time is the closest they've gotten, and the guy leading the charge, Ajit Pai, is a former lawyer for Verizon, so he's got a stake in this. He's pulling a lot of dishonest crap, smearing activist groups, and outright lying about the impact. It's a real mess, man.
  13. MechanicalThighs

    Hi all! It's been awhile since I've posted here, I've mostly been lurking, reading updates and such. I had to log back in though, because I have to talk about something extremely important. Net Neutrality. The definition of Net Neutrality is "the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites." This means that all data flows the same way, from everywhere. If you want to watch a movie on Netflix, or stream that movie on a different website, then they will both use the same speed connection, and the connection cannot be slowed down or blocked. However, the FCC has recently voted to strike this down, and is currently in the debating state. Come August(the 8th, I believe), if nothing is done about it, Net Neutrality will be voted out, giving Internet Service Providers like Comcast free reign over your connection speed and that of others. They will be able to freely throttle or block data from any website, for any reason, and charge the owners to get the speed back, without any legal repercussions. I don't know where W3DHub is based, what your finances are like, or what ISPs would charge for uncompromised data flow, but it may very well make this website unusable, and W3DHub's games unplayable. Which is why I want to warn you. W3DHub is a fantastic place, with great members, and talented devs who are still making the most out of a game engine over a decade old, and doing a damn good job of it. Each mod has a lot of love and hard work thrown into it, with some mods still in development, and I want those mods to be able to be shared for years to come, and I'm sure you do too. Please, support Net Neutrality. Call your Representative, call or email the FCC, join a march, anything. The FCC is pushing this hard, but we can push harder.
  14. MechanicalThighs

    Loving all the little updates. Sig is beautiful, and the Tank Destroyer actually resembles itself now, instead of a TD mobile artillery piece like the RTS voxel.
  15. MechanicalThighs

    My favorite RA memories were actually the skirmishes, though the campaign was a ton of fun. I just remember the AI being insane, throwing massive assault forces at you to wear you down. I rarely won, but that made the few victories I did have even more special.