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  1. I agree! And if for some crazy reason the Players start winning, I'll just start banning them!
  2. Actually, to incentivise this, perhaps there should be an award for the best montage. People submit them and the community votes on their favourite. It might bring more people in if they see high quality montages.
  3. Can't wait to see the videos from this event. We need more people to make awesome montages.
  4. It is slightly longer. I’ve noticed it too and it can be annoying.
  5. Apples and oranges. You shouldn’t compare a Shock Trooper/Volkov being OHK by, say, a Rocket Solder/Light Tank with a V2 OHK the free, basic character. Besides, I’m only half serious. The Artillery can also OHK the V2, it’s just more difficult and only a couple of players can do it consistently. I think it’s more of a problem with the War Factory exit ramp being exposed to the direction of the enemy. I’m looking at you, Pipeline.
  6. I don’t even know, except that I think shooting the rear does more damage. Are there other points? I’m in favour of just removing it, and I say remove the headshot multiplier too. If I get OHK’d when I’m a Shocky or Volkov one more time due to a lucky shot I’m going to lose it. I agree. I liked it better when the V2 could defeat rifle guys with one splash-damage shot.
  7. Yeah! I actually changed it so he says Comrade once again. Scorched Earth and the way he says it is cringe. I also took away the unique lines from the Sergeant/Starshina, Capitan/Kapitan, etc. and gave them the same generic sounds as the Rifle Infantry.
  8. I've always said that Mechanics shouldn't be allowed to drive vehicles. It's unfair to the Soviets that you can be in a tank and attacking an Allied tank but all that allied player needs to do is go behind cover for a sec to heal his tank. I do this a lot and I always feel like a piece of shit but hey, winning's winning.
  9. Make Flamethrower Great Again.
  10. That was hilarious. I have all of those encounters recorded, I need to edit a video together. Also, I played for 10 hours, 53 minutes, 5 seconds straight that day.
  11. Good job, soldiers. Kane is pleased with your success.
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