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  1. Those colours are all apart of Silverlight's hax program. He has finally slipped up and revealed his haxxing ways.
  2. Awesome! 2018's going to be exciting.
  3. I do. The sequel to TS/FS should've evolved the atmosphere and art style, but with Tiberium Wars it feels like a reboot as the theme is like a modern rendition of Tiberian Dawn. That's just how I feel about it.
  4. Ah, Kane's Wrath. Even though I really, really, really dislike the story and art direction EA took with Nod (and the Tiberium universe in general) I still do enjoy playing this campaign. Happy Birthday.
  5. I agree. And man, I was super excited when I used to follow C&C Renevatio. A shame that it died. It would've easily been my favourite C&C mod.
  6. Nice! Here: https://www.gamefront.com/search/files?q=renalert&radiosearch=on Sadly when I try to launch it I get some crazy Component: 'MSINET.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid error.
  7. Just downloaded RenAlert (love that name). Time for some nostalgia.
  8. SAweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Yeah!
  9. War Factory looks nice! Still going for the blue screens I see. Can someone link to a Renegade tutorial on how to change the colour of the skins? I remember doing this with Photoshop over a decade ago but I don't have Photoshop anymore. Can I use GIMP or something?
  10. Already? Damn. I remember getting this when it came out and I had to go to a local internet cafe to install it, but for some reason I couldn't connect online. So I struggled for a bit to create a server for myself to explore the maps (because some setting needed to be changed so you could play with 1 player). Then my mum and dad finally purchased a computer and I played this and Tiberian Sun online on dial-up.
  11. I'm not surprised, Boi is the LAW after all.
  12. Destroy General Hassan's Elite Guard.
  13. I dunno, I've had to literally sit in one spot for 10 to 15 minutes to plant at the perfect time.
  14. Did I see a SAM truck?