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  1. Transmission received. The barracks looks great! I really like the GDI flag.
  2. NodGuy

    [plays command&conquer.mp3] Hell yeah! Command & Conquer forever!
  3. Ah, yes. @Silverlight has also discovered this cheat code.
  4. I remember this skin from all those years ago. Good times.
  5. NodGuy

    Hello, and welcome to the W3D family.
  6. I prefer to click through the menu but I did like the Renegade menu style better. However, with the current menu it's nice to be able to see your surroundings while using it.
  7. NodGuy

    For now, I only have two questions: 1) What’s going on with Reborn? 2) Can we have it so when you right-click in the Attack Submarine it sounds like a bunch of sailors are singing the Soviet national anthem?
  8. NodGuy

    Woohoo! I would join the game night but my PC kicked the bucket last week. I haven’t decided between the laptop or another PC yet. I’ll probably go for a cheap laptop that can play W3D and C&C games. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Have fun, commanders and conquerors.
  9. NodGuy

    Congratulations to the victors.
  10. I would love to see a map or two have old abandoned or destroyed Allied or Soviet bases, like how in Tiberian Sun we saw old Tiberian Dawn bases. It’s so cool!
  11. Awesome. Awesome to the max. This is great because I have this gun in real life. 😄
  12. That looks so good! I'm almost drooling.