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  1. 84222731. I'm down to play online but I've never been the best at TD and RA and when playing C&C it's the campaigns or against bots 99.99999999999999% of the time.
  2. Sweet. Sweeeet! I’m so excited for this. It’s what Renegade should’ve been.
  3. Any rush you lead is usually successful, and I predict that grenadier rushes will be hilarious. Let's do it! (I couldn't choose which one I liked more so here's both. )
  4. My reaction: Understand your decision? Yes. Respect Wallywood's wishes? No. He can get fucked. So many people are, or should I say were, excited for the new release of Reborn. We were all so eager to play Reborn that had the same quality or better than that of APB. So again, he can get fucked.
  5. I really like the blackbird. What is the logo on the inside of the tail (or whatever it's called)?
  6. That's a bummer but understandable. At least we're still able to play the game on time. I can wait a bit longer for all of the goodies that come with the 25AE.
  7. Great job. These look awesome. I will say that the spot where the missile/rocket for the stealth tank is looks off. Don't know why. Same here. I was in love with that vehicle. It happened again with Renegade lol, I wanted it so badly.
  8. Looks great! Now we just need a Taco truck skin for it.
  9. Kane is not pleased with your obvious bias towards GDI. Seriously though, they look cool. Nice work!
  10. It looks good. Really good actually. Nice work.
  11. Kane will not accept your failure.
  12. I am so, so, so, so excited for the 25th Anniversary edition. I love everything that is included and it makes me excited for one day getting a similar addition for the Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 remaster, if they're smart enough to do it. My collection of C&C stuffs grows. Muhahaha!
  13. I would love to add these Renegade toys to my collection but the ones currently on eBay are too pricey for me.
  14. Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.
  15. I live outside Portland, OR in Washington County. There are a few cases near me and a death or two too. I heard that a few cities and states are on lock down, I wonder when that will happen here? I can't work from home so I guess no pay for me. I don't want them to force my sick and PTO time because I already have plans for that.
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