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  1. You still have much to learn, my very young apprentice.
  2. Damn rain.
  3. Video-game music, like Perfect Dark and Command and Conquer. Music from the '80s, Yanni... Space Ambient. That kind of stuff.
  4. I stumbled across someone's Medal of Honour Warfighter profile page and noticed that there is an animated American flag behind his soldier. I figured out that that whichever country you represent that flag is shown here. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/mohw/soldier/txarngsf13/stats/890011176/ps3/ My request is can someone find the flag line when viewing the page's source? I want to save these animated flag images for use elsewhere. I tried looking myself but I'm not familiar with this stuff. Thanks.
  5. But yes, those stupid icons do look better on the default theme.
  6. I replaced the obnoxious dial-up sound with the Renegade repair sound. Unfortunately you only hear the sound for a second but at least the dial-up sound is gone and I only hear the beeping sound when the buttons are pressed.
  7. Only EA could create something so evil.
  8. Fuck Oranges.
  9. Oh good, you were recording during that round. Are you going to share the clip when you were a spy and your Allied teammate was next to you, shooting you thinking you were an enemy, and this caused the Flame Tower to kill you? That was hilarious!
  10. I like it! Nice work.
  11. RIP my thread. 29/07/2017 - 03/08/2017.