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  1. Excuse me, Ms Girlfriend. Playing Renegade is not 'useless', it's a life skill. In fact, when a boy turns 17 there should be a mandatory 2-year Renegade tour. This will turn them into men and not the sissies we see today.
  2. I'm really liking these texture updates. Nice work, team! I can't wait for the next update.
  3. Kane will be pleased. Well done team.
  4. I picked mine from a game I still play to this date. The remaster for the Xbox 360 is awesome but I love playing it on the PC using an emulator. Keyboard and mouse support is extremely fun and much better than the Nintendo 64 controller.
  5. Rebarn news? Kane will be pleased.
  6. Ghost Stalker's Railgun?
  7. This is awesome! I shall now play this song to honour this event.
  8. Rest In Peace, Eric Martin. You're flying with the Orcas now.
  9. The best one, reporting it.
  10. Transmission received. The barracks looks great! I really like the GDI flag.
  11. [plays command&conquer.mp3] Hell yeah! Command & Conquer forever!
  12. Ah, yes. @Silverlight has also discovered this cheat code.
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