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  1. NodGuy

    The ambient sounds that played when you would open the Tiberian Sun launch thingy, where you would click to play the game, I've heard that in various TV shows over the years.
  2. NodGuy

    I like the the new ships, even though they're not 'RAlistic'. The small size of the Cruiser bugs me but it is fun to use. When I shoot at the communist pigs I get satisfaction from knowing that their screens are shaking like crazy.
  3. The games I’m most excited for, which isn’t much because I feel that gaming has gone to shit. I will say that I did smile when reading the above.
  4. NodGuy

    That’s bloody awesome! Nice work to everyone involved. I hope I have some time to play in the future to check it out.
  5. NodGuy

    No more out of place than pulling a Bruce when purchasing Tanya.
  6. NodGuy

    Yes. I want dogs (maybe Chitzkoi too). I'll leave it to you guys to figure out how they work.
  7. I fucking LOVE Empire at War, its expansion Forces of Corruption, and all of the mods from the community. I’ll actually admit that I enjoined it more than any C&C game.
  8. Question: How much "updating" is acceptable? Balance changes, usability improvements, UI improvements...? Answer: No balance changes! All this should do is provide a better paint job and make it work with modern systems. Maybe even workable on consoles. Question: Should the balance be changed or stay the same? Or should there be a "classic" mode and a "remastered" mode? Answer: Stay the same. Keep your ideas of 'better balance' in a new game. Question: Should UI elements from the new C&C games like sidebar tabs, multiple unit queuing etc. be part of a remaster? Answer: Yes. Question: Should waypoints, attack move and other modern RTS elements be incorporated in a remaster? Answer: Yes. Question: Is there anything "sacred" you would advise NOT to change in Remaster? Answer: The art style of the games. Don't make Tiberian Sun look more like C&C3 or Red Alert 1 look more like RA3. Keep it true to the theme of the game, but just with modernised graphics.
  9. NodGuy

    I'm fine with this as long as the game play is the same and they use the same voice overs and FMVs.
  10. NodGuy

  11. NodGuy

    Blow my mind baby.
  12. NodGuy