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  1. Hello and welcome back! Come hang out with us on our Discord server too: https://discord.gg/Jg9txakn (assuming you're not already there. )
  2. Recording of forg0ten1 after stealing his 13th Soviet vehicle in a round Glad to see proper sneaking return.
  3. This map has come a long way over the years. I like the new look.
  4. Maybe when a player is not using it the AI takes over? I think the buildable turrets in IA do it this way.
  5. The new Soviet base on that map makes me very happy.
  6. I want to see more of those crazy Tiberium lifeforms, especially the ones from Firestorm, in Reborn. That stuff is awesome! Here are some pictures, most being concept art but still close to what we got in game. It really shows that Tiberium is terraforming Earth into an alien world. The first image is the Genesis Pit. The Genesis Pit is a large valley, where Tiberium contamination has reached critical levels causing mutation and rapid evolution of various Tiberian wildlife. CABAL along with Kane use it to observe the way Tiberium transforms carbon life.
  7. What!? I wanna see that! I love Tiberium flora
  8. I absolutely love the APB changes. I never liked what I call participation score. Why should I get X points because PXD2000 blew up the Refinery? Really excited for Reborn as well.
  9. An update for Reborn? Kane will be pleased to hear this.
  10. Same here. I would remove the thing at the back that stops movement when firing because it seems unnecessary (it wouldn't be used anyway) but otherwise it is my favourite out of what we've been shown. The one chosen looks too closely to the remastered version in my eyes, and sadly they got a bunch wrong when compared with the OG units so I'm not the biggest fan of them and it does look a bit toyish. But hey, I'm happy as long as whatever we get is still good at receiving V2 rockets.
  11. Taking away the vehicle's ability to fire and repair when damaged when on the service depot would really change how rounds play out. I've seen it where a team was able to successfully defend against a rush because a vehicle on the service depot was able to repair and fire at the same time, with that team then proceeding to quickly gather and rush in return. If changing that would be a good thing I just don't know.
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