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  1. NodGuy

    Good ‘ol chopbot.
  2. NodGuy

    If only the Soviet Radar Dome was still operational.
  3. NodGuy

    I just wanted to say that seeing those missiles track like that gives me an erection.
  4. NodGuy

    Question: What makes a true C&C game? Answer: Tiberian Sun
  5. NodGuy

    I'm fond of the slow motion deaths myself.
  6. NodGuy

    I'll always have a memory of him, as a bush, jumping around the Soviet base on Keep Off The Grass. Rest In Peace.
  7. NodGuy

    I have always thought of this song as the theme song for Nod. 😄
  8. I have not listened to this in a very, very long time. I remember constantly listening to this song when playing TibSun and Rebarn. Good times.
  9. NodGuy

    I Think.
  10. NodGuy

    I know your pain.
  11. NodGuy

    Today was a good day in the world of APB.
  12. Ah, finally. I can only look at black and green for so long.
  13. NodGuy

    I always shoot him, even when I know for a fact that he's on my team... just to be sure.