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  1. I dunno, I've had to literally sit in one spot for 10 to 15 minutes to plant at the perfect time.
  2. Did I see a SAM truck?
  3. All hail Lord FRAYDO. Awesome! You've come to the right place.
  4. You still have much to learn, my very young apprentice.
  5. Damn rain.
  6. Video-game music, like Perfect Dark and Command and Conquer. Music from the '80s, Yanni... Space Ambient. That kind of stuff.
  7. I stumbled across someone's Medal of Honour Warfighter profile page and noticed that there is an animated American flag behind his soldier. I figured out that that whichever country you represent that flag is shown here. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/mohw/soldier/txarngsf13/stats/890011176/ps3/ My request is can someone find the flag line when viewing the page's source? I want to save these animated flag images for use elsewhere. I tried looking myself but I'm not familiar with this stuff. Thanks.
  8. But yes, those stupid icons do look better on the default theme.
  9. I replaced the obnoxious dial-up sound with the Renegade repair sound. Unfortunately you only hear the sound for a second but at least the dial-up sound is gone and I only hear the beeping sound when the buttons are pressed.
  10. Only EA could create something so evil.
  11. Fuck Oranges.