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  1. That's what we need! A 'going out of business' sign that is up at all times. We're not actually going out of business, but it will bring people in. I may or may not have gotten this idea from You Don't Mess with the Zohan.
  2. I used to listen to music when playing but then I decided I wanted to hear the intense sound of war to increase my enjoyment. These days I only listen to music when playing a game when I am grinding to make it a little bit more bearable. I am of course talking about games in general and not just Renegade.
  3. Have fun everyone who plays. Don't forget to take a lot of screenshots and videos.
  4. I agree with you. I too am excited to see how KOTG is now with Silverlight on the Allied team.
  5. For APB, tags can only be provided by Full Moderators and Admins when in-game. Next time you're playing type !m into chat and if there is one, ask him to set a tag for you.
  6. AW yeah! I'm doing my part! WHERE THE HELL ARE THOSE REINFORCEMENTS! I'm doing my part (part 2) Something's wrong with the teams. Hmm. All aboard the Kov Bus! I killed Momok with my mind. Chat was pretty interesting this game.
  7. I kind of like this idea. I wonder, would there also be a team chat alert for the Soviets? What's the distance you can hear the sound from?
  8. That's extremely disappointing. I was really looking forward to Reborn having the same quality as APB and having an active server. Sigh, the wait continues.
  9. My favourite strategy is to observe the Soviet base, specifically the War Factory, from a safe distance within my chronoshift zone. I do this in the hopes that the enemy will purchase a Demo Truck. If they do I will chronoshift into their base and destroy the trucks. If there are any defences I will try and shift to a blind spot. I was able to do this a couple of weeks ago on KOTG. The enemy was planning a demo rush and purchased two Demo Trucks. As they were leaving I shifted to the front of the War Factory so the Tesla Coil could not zap me and shot the first truck, which when detonated
  10. I bet 50+ player Hostile Waters is a lot of fun. So many targets for the subs.
  11. Ugh! So sad I wasn't able to make it. Fucking work... More screenshots and videos!
  12. What kind of upgrades would work? Faster V-2 rocket speed? Increased repair rate of Technician repair tool?
  13. It's bloody annoying. Populated US server when? I will go in for a strike and pull up but then I just lag down into the ground. At this point I have given up. I do enjoy seeing MiGs flying overhead though.
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