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  1. NodGuy

  2. NodGuy

    Welcome everyone!
  3. NodGuy

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !
  4. Awesome! Thank you. My question is this. If I have a texture with various colours who do I make it so when I make a change it only affects a specific colour. I remember having this option with Photoshop about a decade ago and I loved it. Thanks!
  5. NodGuy

    NodGuy's question: Out of every track you've created for Command and Conquer, which is your favourite?
  6. NodGuy

    Looking really, really good. I'm excited to see her in Soviet colours.
  7. Thanks! It’s been around 10 years since I knew how to do any of this. I’m sure once I read your tutorial it’ll all come back to me.
  8. Okay. With Paint.net how do I only change one colour without it changing others. Like... red, for example? Thanks.
  9. NodGuy

    Nice! (wish I could roll my Rs like that)
  10. NodGuy

    That’s what APB is for.
  11. NodGuy

    Unit reporting!
  12. NodGuy

    When I scroll down and see FRAYDO's post, my immediate thought is: Then I realise it was his first post. Haha!
  13. NodGuy

    I really enjoy it. I giggle every time I hear the classic chronoshift sound and it's a lot of fun to ambush Soviet armour columns. Oh, and it's fun to get the drop on a Demo Truck from behind.
  14. To me, it does feel like Black Ops 3.5, but without the "advanced" movement of Black Ops 3. The maps or lame, the weapons look boring, the time-to-kill is longer, the graphics look too bright for this kind of game, and I'm not a fan of the sliding and jumping that's oh so ever prevalent in this game. I don't care for the Black Out game mode because I never cared for this Battle Royal fad. That, and how they have the audacity to call it a Black Ops game when there's no fucking campaign.