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  1. Aww, man. The old profile module 'Where did you hear about us?' was removed from my profile. Cryyyyy. 

  2. That's a damn shame. I wish him eternal rest and peace. And yeah, it's creepy that this happened on Chris Cornell's birthday. I didn't become familiar with his music until I heard 'You Know My Name', the opening theme for Casino Royale. A theme and movie I enjoyed very much. I wonder if his death has anything to do with why he done this?
  3. Neither are the Captains/Kapitans, Sergeants/Starshinas, Snipers, Medics and Mechanics with guns, Technicians and the way they and Engineers repair buildings, Refill Pads (IIRC), the way the Ore Silo works, Flares, etc. etc. Besides, just because we didn't see Hinds fly in and land on an Airstrip doesn't mean it never happened in-universe. What if during battle the Helipad was out of commission and the Hind was forced to land on the Airstrip? I'm just saying, we should be fine with sacrificing a little 'RA-lism' to improve the game.
  4. I don't know much about this stuff but would it be possible to make it so the Hinds come from the War Factory? Either by rolling out like ground vehicles (Renegade) or flying to the flare location? Just throwing ideas out.
  5. Welcome back to the family, Phoenix!
  6. Awesome! Can't wait to try it out.
  7. Don't you dare think about changing Jesus infantry.
  8. Thanks hot stuff. Edit: I hope one day someone joins with 'YourNameHere' as their username. I would probably die irl.
  9. Only if the Allies are yellow.
  10. Yeah, but I'm a Tiberian Sun fanboy so the thought of TSR possibly having it is exciting.
  11. Your poll confuses and infuriates me!
  12. Damn, Pyryle. Very nice setup you have there. I would post a picture of my area buts it's shit except for a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse. Maybe when I decide to throw monies at it I will.
  13. That would be amazing.
  14. Yes. It's satisfying as it is to sink those pesky LSTs with my V2 rockets, but if they're also carrying vehicles then they would be my favourite target.
  15. It causes vehicles to move slower but not by much.