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  1. APB Game Night 12 has concluded, and we have our winners! https://w3dhub.com/ranks/apb/#/ladderevent/2021050120210502 Our winners for this event 1st Place - Guard55 2nd Place - BattleLaf 3rd Place - 1000MammothTanks MVP - forg0ten1 Please contact @ryknow69 for your prizes unless he so happens to hound you down himself first. Very proactive guy, that one. ALSO For a secret MVP prize not previously announced, @Mojoman has provided a special prize! According to Mojo, he will put up a game of the winner's choice on Steam. With that in mind, the floor is open for MV
  2. We're excited to announce another Game Night event! This weekend, starting March 13th, join us at 3PM EST for a thrilling night of gaming with the W3D Hub community! We're hoping for an amazing turn out, and hope you'll help us make it a fun night to remember! Prizes! Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players based on the event scoreboard. Players who hav[blurb][/blurb]e the most points over the course of 6 games after we hit 40 players will win the following: 1st Place - $20 Steam Gift Card 2nd Place - $10 Steam Gift Card 3rd Place - $5 Steam Gift Card This
  3. Coolrock

    APB Game Night 10

  4. Coolrock

    APB Game Night 9

  5. Happy Sunday everyone! I've got a very exciting update for you this week, so I hope you're ready to lay your eyes on what @ChopBam has been working on! Trees!@ChopBam has been putting a lot of work into updating the trees and foliage you see on maps. He's done an amazing job, and it'll be a very nice visual upgrade to the game. He was kind enough to give us a few screenshots, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! New Willow & Pine Trees Assortment of Trees (Oak in center) & New Foliage APB Game Night!We're excited to announce another Game Night ev
  6. Game Night Approaches! To kick off the first off the month, let's have some APB fun! This weekend, starting September 5th, join in for a Game Night! 7 PM BST. Featuring the latest update, this game night is sure to be a blast! We will be collecting footage from this event to compile a new trailer to show off, so if you want to help produce this or want to simply appear in the trailer, this is the time to play! Get the Game! Make sure to get the W3D Hub Launcher and install the game so that you can play: PrizesPrizes will be awarded to the top 3 players b
  7. It's game time!Coming to an APB server near you, it is the official Game Night with prizes! We'll be giving out Steam cards to the best players of this event, and we promise it will be an amazing turnout! The event begins next Saturday (the 27th) at 7PM GMT and ends the same time on Sunday (the 28th), so you'll have 24 hours to score as many points as possible! Mark the time and date down in your calendars! If you want to know when that is in your time zone, click here. Prizes! Players who have the most points over all the games played as part of the event will w
  8. Hello-hello! @Nodlied and I are pleased to announce a special event. One with a prize so good you cannot miss out! So! Let's go to it! Hi everyone! I'm sure that everybody has been playing the recently released Remasters. Well, so have we! So what better way to celebrate the release than to hold a mapping competition? We want your maps, and we want them to represent W3D! So what does this mapping competition entail? The Command and Conquer Remastered Collection comes with its own mapping editors for Tiberian Dawn Remastered and Red Alert Remastered. Your objective is to pick one
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