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  1. I enjoy Discord for what it is. Simple and easy to use. It's great for chatting with Developers for your favorite games and all that jazz.
  2. Trust me, I’ve been around long enough to have heard most engine talks. The biggest issue being that you’d have to “re-invent” elsewhere. You could sit down and learn something new, or you could stay where you feel comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with either of the two. Sure the W3D engine does what we want right now, but look how long it’s taken our small community to achieve. While there’s only a handful of us here, UE4 for example, has tons of people using it and “re-inventing” new things. That’s just the way the industry works. Most games will always retain a group of people that are dedicated to sticking with what they love. At the end of the day, a lot of fans who have followed the games for years would want to see it remade with better graphics, gameplay, etc. It’s why remakes are so sought after these days. You can’t blame people for nagging about wanting the game to go somewhere that’ll draw in more attention. RenX proved that with the initial wave of people swarming to play.
  3. Pretty much this. If you’re going to change the game in that focus, you might as well switch engines!
  4. I actually got a UE4 project started up a few months ago, that's being worked on right now. Permission from EA and all that. Most people on that project are people who wanted to move engines a while back, mixed with people who still work on the projects here as well. The people who are still here working on these project have every right to do so. They've had the options to move for years, but feel comfortable here. I know it's frustrating, but that's just what they want to do. Didn't want to make it public like this, but just know that things are cooking on other engines.
  5. I know the newer one isn't exactly what was wanted, but I don't think the older one compares to it. Most naval ships don't have color to them. It's pretty spot on to what the Type 22 looks like in real life. We went for the closest ship that made sense and was available. Not too modern at the least. Anyone is free to tinker with the texture if they can do better. As I said before, this was a way to get everything updated quickly since we don't have a full time 3D Artist.
  6. We knew it was going to be an issue, but it came down to putting the Cruiser in the game now, or waiting months for the possibility of a 3D Artist joining the team again. I decided to act and get us the ship now. In the process, I also brought up getting replacements for the rest of the ships, since the Cruiser was crazy detailed compared to the Gunboat/Destroyer. We decided it was for the best to update everything for now, and always have the possibility to go back later. The team is very limited on what can be done. We don’t have the team size like we did 10+ years ago, and this was the best way I could find to get the ships to the players (especially the Cruiser).
  7. Can already do 3 teams 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. That has to be the silliest argument I’ve seen yet. Shape shifting into a dog? Turning into a female or cyborg is odd also, so I guess we should remove those also? Crossing into AR? Red Alert has a dog, so I don’t understand this argument Never thought we would cross the point of animal abuse being an arguement for not having dogs in the game. Better tell @Jerad2142to remove deer from his game while on the subject.
  9. No deployable infantry in APB. Single point bite instead of an AoE bite should work better here. As far as jumping, this happens with any infantry engagement most of the time. Seems like a poor argument to say the unit isn’t fun. If the Attack Dog gets close enough to kill someone, you can’t blame the Attack Dog. Of course players on the receiving end are going to get upset, but that goes for any single time a lower tech unit goes against a higher tech unit. Units can get into a base without base defenses and “go on a rampage” besides just the dog. If the team allows the dog to get into the base, that’s on them. Lowering the health would again probably help out.
  10. I think it’s silly to say that the dog isn’t fun because of a lack of an attack animation, or that it is t fun to someone being attacked by one. Since when has being attacked by anything been fun for the other person? Anyone who complained that the dogs weren’t fun were probably the ones getting killed constantly. I do agree they had too much health, but it was such a fun experience when you aren’t used to playing something of that style.
  11. I’ll just add that I agree with it being a glass cannon, but not sure I agree with the one-hit kill. I actually like a DoT attack. Maybe making it take around 3 seconds to fully kill something. Snipers should be more focused on doing the one-hit kill stuff. I’d also like to see it player controlled. Who doesn’t want to run around and take wandering infantry by barking at them to death? I’m thinking of that Call of Duty mission. Cheap and fast would be it’s highlight. High risk high reward. Possibly die in 2-3 shots. Makes them almost play like a Spy by wanting to sneak around. You don’t need to rush into the enemy base, but should prowl around looking for units popping out of vehicles. Helping defend from infantry rushes would also be a good point. They shouldn’t be comparable to a Flame Trooper, considering they can’t damage vehicles or buildings. This should go for the Starshina also. They’re also tougher and don’t have to worry about being taken out so easily. You aren’t going to rush a base with dogs, but with infantry/vehicles that can do all three. I wouldn’t mind the Attack Dog even being able to “ping” infantry/vehicles. Maybe have a team notice that ‘x unit was spotted’?
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