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  1. Coolrock

    I appreciate it, and agree. Of course, I know it’s hard when only a few people are still working on the game. This is a good place to start, and then we can build on it. Have to work as a team 🙂
  2. Coolrock

    Just ignore the toxic people. You want people to see the game. Already 600 views for the trailer there.
  3. Coolrock

    At this point, just drawing awareness would be key. I agree the trailers could use updating, but I doubt that’s going to make or break someone from trying the game out. Also posted in r/games Start talking about the game, guys!
  4. Coolrock

    Hey everyone, I noticed that it's been over a year since the last time someone posted on Reddit. Crazy considering how big the platform is and could bring in a lot of new players by just talking about the game, sharing pictures, and so forth. I decided to make two quick topics on r/gaming and r/commandandconquer. It would be extremely helpful to go upvote and comment on these and get them noticed. Please take some time to do this and get some new faces on the servers!
  5. Coolrock

    Too many AW guys. Time to get <Taco> back together
  6. Coolrock

    Eggy! Glad you’re doing something you like now. I miss testing random maps with you. I think it was Paradox. Such good times ❤️ I miss all you fools
  7. Coolrock

    What happened to Cat5? :<
  8. Coolrock

    Hey sir, long time no see! I was wondering who that was on my Steam list, and now I know! Actually still being surprised by who''s around still. Also the fact that Aircraftkiller has changed his name again, haha.
  9. Coolrock

    Hey Raap! I'm actually surprised a few people I remember are still around. I feel like each time I come back, more are missing though. Miss playing with everyone. Sucks how fast time goes.
  10. Coolrock

    You’ve been saying that since I was on your team
  11. Coolrock

    I honestly wish I even had time anymore. I’m lucky to get in two hours of gaming after work, and it’s normally on backlog. Out of the ordinary is good once in a while. Keeps the blood flowing. I’ll check it out again sometime. Maybe if @OWA ever releases AR
  12. Coolrock

    I popped in and have no idea what is happening, but I like it. It’s like I never left.
  13. Coolrock

    I guess that’s what happens when all the drama leaves. Good that it’s finally calmed down. Guess it’s time to ruin that 😈 The good old days. I’ve been great Stev, how’s Ben? Miss all of you 😢
  14. Coolrock

    @OWA knows this well.
  15. Coolrock

    It's well-known that Coolrock's general methods are mocking. You get me Choppy <3