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  1. That was actually why I used it originally. I’m surprised so many people didn’t know about it.
  2. I’ll show off what @GeneralCamo has done with these at a later date, unless he wants to show it off himself?
  3. https://objection.lol/ IMG_2757.mp4
  4. Rude It was hard to compete with the other bigger mods at the time. SomeRhino did an amazing job with all things considered.
  5. Yes. It had a lot of pretty interesting game modes, and the combat was decently fun at the time. The game suffered from not having a lot of members in the community, and most of them were making their way over to APB/Reborn not long after it released.
  6. It’s weird though because it’s working fine when I originally add it to the post, and then is frozen sometimes when I reply. Editing the post and removing it/adding it again makes it work fine. Maybe it’s @OWA’s fault again
  7. Sorry, I dislike when I upload a .gif and it doesn’t animate the first time. I’ll ignore it during games from now on though (don’t want Orange to assault me again ).
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