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  1. I have it now, so if we can find a full crew we should play!
  2. 1. We are currently looking at removing them. 2. This is a lot of work and something we can't do unless more artists appear to help us. 3. The MKII must be moving towards it's target in order to crush it, so attacking it from the sides will still work. The Devil's tongue is not effective against the MKII anyway, due to flamethrowers not being very good against heavy vehicles. Ideally you should pick a Stealth Tank, Bike or Reaper to fight a MKII. The MKII won't kill a DT when it it is burrowing because it relies on collision to crush. The Confessor gun texture can be tweaked, but it's not really a priority right now. I'll make a note of it however. Cheers for you feedback!
  3. Hi everyone. @jonwil and co. have just updated the w3d tools for Max 2017 to version 1.3.0! Here are the changes: You can find the files here! Happy modding! [blurb]jonwil and co. have just updated the W3D tools for Max 2017 to version 1.3.0![/blurb]
  4. It will crush anything that is a vehicle currently. Even other MKIIs. Luckily for us though, you can't have more than one MKII on the map at once. Eventually we'd like to introduce a crush rating, similar to what C&C3 has, so that we can control what can crush what in a more considered fashion.
  5. We've still got quite a lot of work to do. If you were free to come and help us with polishing up the maps, we'd definitely appreciate it!
  6. It doesn't any more. It's been completely re-rigged to fix the mistakes of the past.
  7. Hi there @zurx. Max's skin modifier has indeed replaced Westwood's WWSkin space warp. If you're not able to view the results in W3D Viewer, here's a few things to check. Check which version of W3D Viewer you are using. The one bundled with Renegade's Public Tools, Generals and BFME does not comprehend more than one bone weight per vert. The version bundled with the 3DS MAx tools in our download DB should have the one you need. Make sure that if you're trying to load a file that requires a skeleton, that you load the skeleton into W3D Viewer first. Loading a skinned mesh whichout loading the skeleton file first can have undesired effects. Make sure that you're not exporting with more than 2 bone weights per-vert. Renegade doesn't comprehend verts that have more than 2 bone weights anyway. Let me know how you get on. What are you trying to export, out of interest?
  8. Thanks for this @Raap! This is super useful!
  9. I also did a 5 hour dev stream at the weekend where @Wallywood and I answered some burning questions whilst working on new content for the game! Catch it whilst it's still hot!
  10. OWA


    Moved this to the correct subforum. If one of the IA moderators is engaging in this sort of behaviour we should monitor the situation and act accordingly imo.
  11. I'm continuing my tradition of picking bosses from Hollow Knight. This time it's the Hive Knight!
  12. Moved to the correct sub-forum.
  13. Hi everyone! @jonwil and the team have updated the 3DS Max tools to version 1.2.0. Here is the changelog: Improvements to error handling. Fix an issue with terrain exporting incorrectlty. Any terrain meshes exported with previous versions of the Max 2017 exporter will need to be re-exported. If you're running an older version, please update here! Cheers! [blurb]jonwil and the team have updated the 3DS Max tools to version 1.2.0! Please update to this version, as it contains some bug fixes! [/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  14. OWA

    Forum Updates

    Cheers for reporting this guys! I've now fixed it. Turns out that the forum was set to category mode instead of discussion mode.
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