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  1. Good to see that our tutorial base is helping you get back into W3D modding! Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  2. I tried to warn you of Yuri's lies.......
  3. It was 2AM when I wrote this xD
  4. [blurb]We had a game night! More to come in the future![/blurb] That's right guys! We're having a W3D Hub game night! @Voe, @Killing You and I invite you all to join us on Discord this Sunday at 7PM GMT for a few rounds of RTS classics. What could we be playing? Here's what: C&C3: Kane's Wrath Generals: Zero Hour: Shockwave Company of Heroes Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge OpenRA Age of Empires II HD Join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/jMmmRa2 Hope to see you there!
  5. I usually stick this on. It's nice and soothing.
  6. I just realised that I majorly bumped this without realising until now. Woops! xD I'm just going to go ahead and change the topic title to be less abrasive, since it's not cool to shit on people's hard work like that. Constructive criticism is always encouraged and preferred.
  7. I think that linking the ore tunnels together via a vehicle route would open up some additional gameplay options that are otherwise limited by the problems of having a single vehicle route. Obviously, this idea opens up the floodgates on much easier economy harassment and the potential to starve a single team of resources (probably Soviets due to the effectiveness of Mine Layers in enclosed spaces); but it would also allow that second option of map traversal that would help to alleviate some of the meat-grinder-esque gameplay caused by the lack of vehicle routes. It would also serve to make driving into those tunnels worthwhile and not some kind of one-way deathtrap where you can be cornered like a rat. Another option would be to open up some sort of thin, risky route around the front side of the castle on the shoreline. This would be fairly easy to do and wouldn't require development of a whole new section of the map. This route would be a lot more exposed to Artillery, but quicker than the main castle route. It also wouldn't interfere with the economy. @Raap, I always have a lot of fun when playing this map personally (because using the Mine Layer is so satisfying on the choke points and the bases are laid out in a totally unique way) so the OP is clearly very wrong (and also a massive troll, holy shit that topic title).
  8. I've fixed this issue by temporarily disabling the reputation system. It will return in the future, when the skin is compatible with it.
  9. [blurb]A few forum updates are in the works, read about them here![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_w3d.1.png[/thumb]Hi everyone! Just a few small community updates really. You may have noticed that the forum thread icons have changed slightly. Today I went through and gave them some much needed love which should hopefully make navigating the forum a lot easier on the eyes and provide a much more consistent visual experience! A couple of other things that I want to mention. Since we've moved across to IPB's 4.0 version of the forum software, we have only managed to get the Reborn skin back up and working. However, work has begun on bringing back the classic APB skin, so watch out for that one in the future! Finally, @moonsense715 and I have been working hard to bring the bug tracker back online! This will be fully integrated into the forum, so there won't be any external links for you to bookmark! Special thanks goes out to everyone who has donated to us! We really aren't able to bring big community improvements such as the download manager, bug tracker and other add-ons without you guys, so please know that you are helping shape and improve this community in an incredible way. We've got more improvements in the pipeline that we'll be sharing with you in the future, but for this is a taste of what to expect in the next few weeks. As ever if you guys have any feedback, or want to see us add something to the community that you think would benefit it, please feel free to let us know! Leave a thread in the W3D Hub Discussion forum or pm one of the admins!
  10. Secret confession time...
  11. Tiberian Dawn is pretty fun, albeit unfinished: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-dawn
  12. I still refer to the project as Rebarn: The Ultimate Barn Experience.
  13. I think that before we think about enabling Yaks and Hinds on the same maps, we should find a way to make Yak's function on a different flight ceiling and a way to separate Planes and Helicopters into separate factories. If we can achieve that it might actually make them a bit better at evading Longbows and mute the "helis land like planes" point. Easier said than done though I guess.
  14. Some help on file zipping: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/14200/windows-compress-uncompress-zip-files
  15. Congratulations man! I'm not at that level yet so I can't give you any first hand advice, but I've heard patience is a virtue.