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  1. Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say [blurb]We've changed the way that the launcher displays some of our games. Find out more here![/blurb] We've gone ahead and hidden any games that have not been released yet (unless you have access to them as a Tester or Staff member), so games like Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins and Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero won't fully show up on the launcher until they are released. This change should make it easier for everyone to figure out what games are currently available to play. Just to be clear, the games
  2. Tiberian Sun: Reborn has been updated with a few extra maps that were missing from the re-launch. All of these maps were originally made by community member @Timeaua. These maps are: Omega City - A large urban map with a city in the centre. GDI and Nod both have forward bases that can be used to repair vehicles and deposit Tiberium. Dam - A large Dam separates the GDI and Nod bases, with routes that coil underneath the hills through tunnel systems. Tiber - Located near the source of Tiberium around the impact site on the Tiber River, the terrain between the GDI and N
  3. OWA

    Reborn is back!

    Added to the first post too, cheers!
  4. That's right! This is not a drill! Tiberian Sun: Reborn is back on the W3D Hub Launcher as of... right now! Open up the W3D Hub Launcher to download the latest version! In a few hours time at around 7PM GMT we'll be firing up the server, so look out for more announcements on Discord as to when the festivities are really kicking off! But for now it's back and all set for you guys to download it! Important Things to Note Because Reborn is now a fairly old game, there might be a couple of things you'll need to do to get it running. It will probably install fine most of the tim
  5. Hi everyone! 2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least. With Coronavirus really screwing with everyone's plans and locking many parts of the world down, we wanted to do something to bring us all together. We've got some bright hopes and aspirations brewing for 2021, but before then we'd like to offer up some celebration to usher the new year in properly. How do you ask? Why, with some games of Renegade, APB, IA, Reborn and other C&C titles of course! Join us on Discord from 7PM GMT on the 31st of December where we'll be hanging out, chatting and playing lots of C&C gam
  6. OWA

    New Years @ W3D Hub

    Since Coronavirus has quarantined a load of places, there's probably going to be a fair amount of us who won't be able to hold our usual new years celebrations. With that in mind, we'll be gathering in Discord to usher in the new year in style by playing some Renegade, APB, IA, Reborn, ECW and other C&C Games! Click here to join Discord So come and join us from 7PM GMT onwards for some games as we say hello to 2021! It's also going to be Reborn day as well, so it's definitely worth jumping in for some games regardless! See you all there!
  7. Hi everyone! Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for sticking with us during this tough year. Covid-19 has tested all of our collective resolve this year amongst other challenges, but we're pushing on through and looking forward to what 2021 brings! You may have noticed a certain thread popping up recently with some good news regarding Tiberian Sun: Reborn, so I just want to take a moment to address that and let you all know about what our plans are. As a special present to the fans of TSR, @Wallywood has contacted us and outlined his intentions to let any legal documentation regar
  8. Cheers for joining and welcome to the community! If you want to jump into the ongoing discussion, hit us up on Discord here: https://discord.gg/jMmmRa2 I'll have to take a look for your YouTube channel, it sounds interesting!
  9. Hi everyone, It's been over two years since we last posted any formal updates to AR, so I wanted to just post and assure you all that development is back up and running and better than it has ever been. For the past two years, we were wholly distracted by the development of Tiberian Sun: Reborn, which ultimately had to be put on pause. However, putting TSR on pause allowed us to regroup a bit and take another look at AR and where we were at with the project. Coming up with a fairly solid development plan, we started working on the game again formally in August and have been rapidly i
  10. Both the APB and Reborn skins have been given a pass to the point where they are now considered fixed! If you see any issues please be sure to point them out! Cheers!
  11. Hi everyone. We've updated our forum software to the latest version, so there are a fair amount of styling issues present with our older forum skins. Please bear with us as we correct these issues in the next few days. For now, using the default IPB skin is probably the way to go for a bug-free experience. Cheers! - OWA [blurb]The forums have been upgraded to the latest version. There will be some bugs present that we will be ironing out in the coming days, so please bear with us.[/blurb]
  12. Hi everyone! We usually keep news and information on what EA is doing on the light side of things here, but Jim Vessella and the team have just released something that does directly relate to what we do here at W3D Hub. In an news post on Reddit, Jim outlined the intention to update and clarify EA's position on the C&C modding community by creating some new modding guidelines in coordination with EA's Legal team. The way that many communities mod Command & Conquer greatly exceeds the scope of how they were being modded when they were released (including us at W3D Hub and how we mo
  13. C&C Turns 25!With the 25th anniversary of Command & Conquer happening this weekend, we’re excited to announce that the C&C Community website is hosting a C&C Anniversary Giveaway for everyone to take part in. Prizes will be given away EVERY day during the event. Anyone can win a prize regardless of their skill level! The event will start on the 24th September (6pm BST) and will end on the 27th September (6pm BST). Just Play Online!For a chance to win a random prize, play the Remastered Collection; Tiberian Dawn or Red Alert Online Multiplayer during the event. Play Ra
  14. OWA

    APB Game Night!

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