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  1. OWA

    So I've been thinking about this for a while now and whilst we can probably do ranks, deciding what those ranks should be would be tricky; since you can't have different ranks for different forums because that's not how IPB works. It must be global, I've been thinking of a drop down box in the profile settings that will allow you to choose a unit as your favourite and show it off to everyone. That way we can have units from all of the games without leaning a bias towards any game in particular. CNCNZ does something similar by letting you pick your favourite C&c game and displaying it on your profile, so something similar here would be pretty fun to have. We do have a lot of other stuff on our plate right now though.
  2. Nope. The regular testing team will continue to serve all groups.
  3. Hi everyone! Earlier this year we mentioned that we wanted to make some sort of Global Freelancers Initiative to empower members of the community who would like to make content for the games, but don't necessarily want to be part of the staff team. This has mutated slightly to become the W3D Hub Modder's Alliance; a new group that will be comprised of active members that make maps and mods for W3D Hub games! So what's the deal? So what does a member of the Modding Alliance get? Well, Modders get a special usergroup which grants them exclusive access to all test builds on the launcher, a special forum section to discuss the engine and a special Discord channel to chat in. This halfway house between being a regular member and a staff member is great so that we can have a place to collectively help each other out and work on exciting stuff for the community, but it also allows us to train people who are interested about producing content for the engine. How do I become a member of the Modder's Alliance?When we're looking for people to join this new group, we're looking for a number of qualities. We won't be formally accepting applications as such, but we will be paying close attention to what people are doing and making so that we can make the best informed decisions. Ultimately though, these are the basic qualities that we are looking for: Members who are interested and passionate in developing content for the W3D Engine. Members who have submitted several mods to the downloads database or have made maps for the games that are considered to be of a good standard of quality or beyond. Trustworthy members who conduct themselves well on the forum, in Discord and in-game as well as being respected by their peers. If you fulfil some of these qualities, it is very likely that we will approach you to join the Alliance. Is that everything?Well not quite! I'm pleased to announce that our first Modders that have been invited to join the Alliance are Raap, Timeaua, Threve, Zephyrus and Kicken! Congratulations guys! Aside from that, if you have any burning questions or suggestions about any of this, please feel free to PM me (@OWA) about it. Cheers! [blurb]Read all about our brand new initiative that aims to provide support for community contributors; the W3D Hub Modders Alliance![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  4. Hi everyone, just a quick notice to mention that the version of the IPB forum software that we are using was updated to the latest version 4.3.5 today! The maintenance has now been completed and services are running again as normal, just in case you were wondering about the downtime earlier. Cheers! [blurb]The Invision Power Board software has been updated to version 4.3.5![/blurb] [thumb]custom_thumb_ipb.png[/thumb]
  5. This has now been fixed on both the APB and TSR themes! Sorry for the delay!
  6. OWA

    Turfwar is it? Yes please.
  7. It's a small sacrifice to make for a better gameplay experience imo. The game will never be Battlefield, as much as it was trying so hard to be during the Gamma days.
  8. I'll give it a look! Cheers for reporting this @OrangeP47!
  9. I'm pretty happy with the fact that the RS carries a pistol too. It just seems plausible that he should and it at least offers some level of protection from other infantry classes. In my experience, hard countering really works in RTS games because units are way more expendable, but when those units are players in an FPS, you have to make some compensation and soften the counters a little in order to make the game feel fairer and more fun to play.
  10. OWA

    You can highlight people using the power of @ Let's get @Category 5 Hurricanein here. Also, good to see you around again @Kushan! 😄
  11. Today is a glorious day comrades!
  12. OWA

    Perhaps it might be an idea to play around with the Nader's RoF and give him a clip with a reload time? So he can throw, lets' say, 4 Grenades in quick succession before he needs to reach into his pouch for more. The Grenadier, Flamer and Shocky weaponry all have one major thing in common, which is the fact that they fire a single projectile and then have to wait for the next one to be ready. Shaking up the number of projectiles a bit by giving the Grenadier more Grenades to throw at once and giving the Flamer a stream-fire mode might be a good way of giving these units more of an identity past their damage types and the amount of splash they deal.
  13. OWA

    I think that we could reach more people if we got this game in the hands of some influencers/YouTube personalities. Some of those guys get a mad amount of views which could contribute to the overall playerbase.
  14. OWA

    This is the one to link everywhere: @RaapThe shorter trailer is used more because it's generally better-edited and the tight 2 minutes of action prevents people's attention spans from wandering. A new trailer for APB is very low on my priority list right now.