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  1. This would definitely be an improvement to the omgblue we have at the moment.
  2. W3D Hub Launcher



    The W3D Hub launcher is a one-stop shop for your W3D gaming needs, providing game downloads and automatic updating, an integrated server browser, centralised management of in-game options and many other features. As one of our core products we will continue to evolve this service and add new and exciting features in the future, such as a server chat lobby and buddy lists. Simply download the file, run it and follow the installation instructions. If you are unsure on how to use the launcher once it has been installed, please refer to this handy guide! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment! - OWA - W3D Hub Admin
  3. The new file system, powered by IP.Downloads, is now live! The power is now in your hands to upload your custom files, mods, audio, maps and textures for Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn! Categories Here's a quick overview of the categories that we have currently implemented. W3D Hub - Contains useful programs and tools that will assist players in playing our games! This is where you will find the W3D Hub Launcher! Only W3D Hub Staff can upload to this category. Red Alert: A Path Beyond - Contains user generated content and mods for APB! Any non-banned user may upload to this category! Tiberian Sun: Reborn - Contains user generated content and mods for TSR! Any non-banned user may upload to this category! Other C&C Files - Contains other C&C files from around the wider community! Only W3D Hub Staff may upload to this category, but please feel free to make suggestions for any files that you think should be in this category by messaging @OWA, or by using the idea box on the W3D Hub homepage! Submission Guidelines Here are some guidelines and rules for uploading files to the W3D Hub File system! Be descriptive in naming your file and in your file description. Keep the latest updates, news and known issues to the top of the description so users see it first. Keep the description updated with known issues, caveats and walk-through installation guide where possible. Feel free to ask other users and staff members for help when writing walk-throughs. Upload screenshots. Create a preview image for your file (a square 200x200 image is the size limit). We will release marketing templates of all the game's logos in .png format for your use soon™. Avoid generic names. Do not post “test” files to the public, our Moderation team won't approve these types of files. When you update your file, please post what changed in the Version Notes. Files have an upload limit of 100MB. If this is a problem for a specific file that you wish to upload, please message @OWA. After uploading a file, a member of W3D Hub's Moderation team will verify it's contents before it becomes public. Once your file is public, the forum will automatically start a public thread devoted to it in the "Community Project Releases" forum and will link to it in the description; so that you can get feedback and bugs from other users. Please note that files are subject to removal at the discretion of our Moderation team. Reasons for File Removal Examples of reasons to remove files include, but are not limited to the following: Do not upload files that include cracked/pirated software or games. Do not upload files that include copyrighted material. Do not upload files taking content from other games, mods or files unless you have permission from the creator. Do not upload files featuring nude or sexually explicit material. Do not upload files that include hate speech, malicious content, or content that slanders/harasses other members. Do not upload files that include private information. Cheers! Thanks for reading! Please enjoy using this awesome community resource once again! Also, a big special thanks to those of you who have donated to us over the last few months! This new feature is one of a few new things that were were able to get up and running with your support!
  4. I think that marketing our projects as independent games, (whilst EA said we could release them as standalones) is a risky move due to the legal implications. By saying that our projects are Renegade mods, it instantly sets it apart from your average free-to-play games that may or may not have monetisation. With a mod you always know it's going to be free, which at first glance is good at getting our message across that we are free forever. I think that the best way to describe the projects would be standalone total-conversion mods. We started with a game, Renegade, and built off of that; so I think that classification fits us well without stepping into the murky waters of indie, free-to-play and freemium games.
  5. I'd love to see these come back!
  6. Kotaku UK have featured W3D Hub in a fairly lengthy article that sheds a nice light on what Command & Conquer-related projects we are working on. A while back I met a freelance journalist who was really interested in covering the work that we do here. Over the course of a few months, I gave them some info about the community and the result was this article! A link to the article can be found right here: http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2017/05/02/the-renegades-remaking-command-conquer-as-firstperson-shooters Although it's great to get acknowledged by a major gaming publication, there are unfortunately a few inaccuracies that are mentioned in the article. I've listed the facts below to set the record straight: Renegade was a 2002 game, not a 2005 game @OWA is currently moonlighting as a Seconded Game Designer at creative Assembly, so no longer a Tester (for now) Renegade X was in development as far back as 2007, so the devs didn't all leave to make Reborn in 2011 as the article suggests @OWA didn't have much of a hand in the handing over of Reborn at all. That task was masterminded by @Wallywood, who made sure that the game was in good hands before moving it back over to what was then Bluehell Productions It's Nod, not NOD (old joke is old) MCT terminals, i.e. Master Control Terminal Terminals Reborn doesn't feature Thieves The section about 2009 graphics upgrades is uninformed. Here's the scoop straight from @saberhawk: "We slowly took over the rendering engine and rebuilt most of it a few times; the original game was D3D8 (DirectX 8), all the latest things are D3D11 (DirectX 11)" Even with these inacurracies, it's really great to see this level of attention from a major game news site (even if it's only from the UK branch of Kotaku) and get our message out there that C&C isn't quite dead yet. This shows that even though we're creating games on an older engine, it still continues to spark interest, which I think is amazing. I'm really proud of what we achieve every day here and I think we should all enjoy being in the limelight as one of the few teams still standing that is continuing to carry the banner for the Command & Conquer franchise and fans everywhere! With improvements and new site features on the way, W3D Hub is going to be a community that will be around for years to come! Stay tuned for more good stuff right here! [blurb]Kotaku UK have covered W3D Hub in an exciting news article, featuring our very own OWA![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_tsr.j.png[/thumb]
  7. View File Classic Renegade Boink for APB Exactly what the title says it is; the classic Renegade Boink sound for use in APB (and TSR... or any Renegade mod for that matter! The sound name is hard coded! ) Read the included readme for install instructions (also pasted below!) Installation Instructions: 1. Extract the archive into your Game\Data folder (So the sound file should be in "..\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\data" or similar) 2. Boot the game and kill someone! 3. ??? 4. Boink! Hope you enjoy this! - OWA Submitter OWA Submitted 05/09/2017 Category Custom Audio  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Exactly what the title says it is; the classic Renegade Boink sound for use in APB (and TSR... or any Renegade mod for that matter! The sound name is hard coded! ) Read the included readme for install instructions (also pasted below!) Installation Instructions: 1. Extract the archive into your Game\Data folder (So the sound file should be in "..\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\data" or similar) 2. Boot the game and kill someone! 3. ??? 4. Boink! Hope you enjoy this! - OWA
  9. To be honest, our problem lies with the fact that we haven't actually made a map for AR in many years. We've been focusing on the big gameplay features currently, so once those are in, we can turn our attention back to making maps once again. APB doesn't need a character artist, all the characters are done.
  10. According to google, GMT is currently 5 hours ahead of CST, so 3 "should" be right.
  11. Sign me up. I want to relive 2008 all over again. Also guys, if you want to have some of the best games of APB possible; sign up for this. It's gonna be special.
  12. TWT, NBNW, Volcano, Metro, Glacier, Fjords, Bunkers. Probably in that order.
  13. I have a few horns kicking around. I'll send them to you sometime.
  14. I KNEW you were going to include that clip of you sniping me down the ramp on Complex. Well played!
  15. You guys need reinforcement bays. But in all seriousness it's good to see that this is being taken into consideration, as it's one of the fundamental flaws with this game currently. There potentially a number of solutions to this problem and I would agree with Raap surrounding the whole "requires chat" solution. You could drop in vehicles for the losing team periodically (if they've lost their WF) via Chinook; that would stop the game from being as stalematey, but maybe the solution isn't to give the losing team things, but to debuff them so it's harder for them to defend a single building in the end. We already know that we can make buildings take more damage when others have been put offline, so an alternative solution might be to make buildings take more damage when there are less of them left. So, for example, if a team has just a Barracks left, that Barracks will take twice the damage so that the game can end quicker. It's food for thought at least.