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  1. Thanks for this @Raap! This is super useful!
  2. I also did a 5 hour dev stream at the weekend where @Wallywood and I answered some burning questions whilst working on new content for the game! Catch it whilst it's still hot!
  3. OWA


    Moved this to the correct subforum. If one of the IA moderators is engaging in this sort of behaviour we should monitor the situation and act accordingly imo.
  4. I'm continuing my tradition of picking bosses from Hollow Knight. This time it's the Hive Knight!
  5. Moved to the correct sub-forum.
  6. Hi everyone! @jonwil and the team have updated the 3DS Max tools to version 1.2.0. Here is the changelog: Improvements to error handling. Fix an issue with terrain exporting incorrectlty. Any terrain meshes exported with previous versions of the Max 2017 exporter will need to be re-exported. If you're running an older version, please update here! Cheers! [blurb]jonwil and the team have updated the 3DS Max tools to version 1.2.0! Please update to this version, as it contains some bug fixes! [/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  7. OWA

    Forum Updates

    Cheers for reporting this guys! I've now fixed it. Turns out that the forum was set to category mode instead of discussion mode.
  8. The monster that GDI fielded in TWII.
  9. OWA

    APB Saturday Skirmish

    Download the launcher to join us in-game and on Discord every Saturday for some Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Kicking off at 7PM BST, we'll be hanging out in Discord and playing some great games of APB! Get the launcher here!
  10. OWA

    Forum Updates

    Hi all! We've made a few changes to the forum. I'll list them here! Updated the forum software to the latest version with help from @IPB_Support. Cheers! Help & Support is no longer a "Questions"-style forum. We found the thread layout to be quite confusing, so we've reverted it to the classic "Discussion"-style. The server forums have been condensed a bit. Let me know what you guys think about this change, as it's trivial to put it back the way it was Topics that were in the Server Info sub-forums are now in the base level of the hierarchy. Updated the copyright message to 2019. A few internal forums have moved around. Fixed a bug where topics on the Unread Content page and in Search Results were being displayed incorrectly. Shifted a few sidebar blocks around If you have any suggestions on improving the forum, please feel free to reply! [blurb]The forum has been updated and changed a bit. Check out the changes here![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_ipb.png[/thumb]
  11. MPF have a lot of the old Beta assets on their site if you're interested in them: https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/79-renegade-beta-assets/
  12. We need to take a look at that and figure out what's wrong. Hopefully we should have it back up soon!
  13. The issue has now been fixed. We use a special plugin for our fancy thread tags and it hadn't been updated recently. :p
  14. Renegade is here!Our very own W3D Hub Launcher can now be used to play Command & Conquer Renegade in all of it's glory! From APC rushes to 500 sniper wars, there's been no better time to return to Renegade and re-live the old days! Here's how you can do that! How do I play?First you'll need to install Renegade! Where do you get Renegade from? You can buy Renegade physically from second-hand stores or online as a standalone or as part of the First Decade collection. W3D Hub recommends Amazon or Ebay! You can also buy it digitally as part of the Ultimate Collection on Origin. Anything else I need to install?Once you have Renegade installed, you need to install the latest scripts package from Tiberian Technologies. The Tiberian Technologies patch consists of an extremely extended version of the custom scripts.dll that has many bug fixes, compatibility with newer Windows versions and wide support for mods! Click here to download it. Once you have downloaded the installer, run it and install the files into your Renegade directory. This is very important if you have the Origin version of the game. So what about the launcher?To get Renegade into the W3D Hub launcher, you first need to install it. You can get it from here: Once the launcher is installed, start off by clicking The Renegade icon on the launcher: You might find that the launcher has already detected your installation of Renegade (using known registry keys) which means that you will be able to play Renegade from the launcher with no more steps! If the launcher doesn't find your install of Renegade, you will see a new button that reads "Import Game". Click it and you will be taken to this screen:  You will be prompted to browse for your Renegade executable from the installation directory. Browse for it, select Game.exe and then click "Import Application". If all goes well, you should be done! So how do I play?Once Renegade has been imported to the launcher, you will be able to join servers using the Server Browser tab! Just pick one and hit the join button! We recommend RenCorner if you want a more vanilla Renegade experience and MPF UltraAOW NewMaps if you prefer something a bit different! Come and join us!Come and join us on Discord, where we discuss all of the games on the launcher, including Renegade! Meet people who share a same passion for Renegade and it's mods as well as be in the know about game nights and events in advance! Join us by clicking connect below! Cheers for reading! [blurb]Our very own W3D Hub Launcher can now be used to play Command & Conquer Renegade in all of it's glory! From APC rushes to 500 sniper wars, there's been no better time to return to Renegade and re-live the old days![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_ren.png[/thumb]
  15. I've decided to change mine now. xD
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