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  1. I cant be 100% sure but I am fairly certain that this crash is one that has been fixed already with the fix to be in the next release when I get around to making it.
  2. Have you tried zipping up the crashdump to make it smaller? Or uploading it to a file hosting site like mega.nz?
  3. A new beta has been released that supports animation and the "optimize collision detection" checkbox. Please test it and look for bugs. w3xtools.7z
  4. I am releasing a beta version of the W3X export plugin for 3DS Max 2017 so people can test it and look for any bugs or anything that doesn't export properly or anything else I need to fix. This pack contains: W3X Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3X files from The source code to to the W3D Exporter and memorymanager.dll Read the readme.txt file for details of how to install the plugin and how to work with the DirectX Shader materials (especially take note of the the need to install the latest release of Max 2017 from the provided link and th
  5. Also if you are messing with the source code and it asks if you want to upgrade the source to the latest version of the toolset or something, hit cancel. You don't want to upgrade.
  6. The downloads page has been updated to fix an issue with duplicate entries in anticheat.ini. Any server owners will want the new anticheat.ini to prevent errors.
  7. Today (Saturday the 26th of September) marks the 25th anniversary of Command & Conquer. And in the immortal words of GDI Commando Nick "Havoc" Parker "I Got a Present For Ya". After a long wait, I am finally releasing scripts 4.7 (the latest version of the Tiberian Technologies unofficial patch for C&C Renegade) to the world. Sever owners be sure to read the information at the bottom as it is important. Also note that in this release we have dropped support for Windows XP/server 2003 and Windows Vista/Server 2008. Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 is now the minumum required version.
  8. [blurb]A beta update has been released for the an update to the 3DSMax 2017 Tools. Check it out here.[/blurb]I have released a beta testing version of the W3D Export tools to allow the new BFME2 DirectX Material feature to be tested. Unless you are modding BFME2 you probably don't need to upgrade. This pack contains: W3D Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3D files from W3D Viewer - A model viewer for W3D files W3D Dump - A tool to open W3D files and see the contents The source code to to the W3D Exporter, wdump.exe and memorymanag
  9. What version of Windows do you have?
  10. Read source.txt for details of how to compile the source code and what the license is.
  11. If anyone is having problems with missing dll files, you may need to install https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x86.exe to make it work.
  12. If anyone is having problems with missing dlls, you may need to install https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x86.exe to make it work.
  13. The innate pathfinding will be the same for all AI units since its a feature of the pathfinding code rather than anything harvester specific.
  14. They are definitely in the right format and can be analyzed.
  15. The problem with making a plugin for Blender is that we have no-one around who knows the first thing about making plugins for Blender.
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