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  1. The innate pathfinding will be the same for all AI units since its a feature of the pathfinding code rather than anything harvester specific.
  2. They are definitely in the right format and can be analyzed.
  3. The problem with making a plugin for Blender is that we have no-one around who knows the first thing about making plugins for Blender.
  4. No way in hell EA is going to allow someone else to make money off an IP they created :)
  5. All the scripts files created by Zunnie were removed by me on 24/05/2013 in a commit titled "Remove all the useless scripts from zunnie". All of the ones that were being used were actually replaced by better scripts written by other scripts developers (including myself). The scripts codebase (including 4.x and IA) is not using any code written by Zunnie anymore (in any form)
  6. As far as I am aware all the scripts made by Zunnie are gone from our codebase.
  7. Its a crash in mss32.dll so its likely audio related. Beyond that I have no clue whats going on since I dont know anything about the internals of mss32.dll.
  8. I have looked at the crashdump and I can't figure out why it crashed unfortunately.
  9. The dump appears to be netcode related although I dont know why its failing where it is. Possibly something wrong with the network configuration? (even though its not having other players join the game, its still doing a lot of network stuff to account for the fact that its a LAN game and other players could join)
  10. One of these days I should use the fact that I know everything there is to know about the format of .lvl files, .lsd files and .ldd files and write something that is like levelredit but without all the suck...
  11. I looked at the posted crashdump and whats happening is that the level loading code is trying to load a sound object that exists in the level. This sound object then looks for a sound file named "frank_klepacki_-_no_mercy_remix.mp3" (without the quotes) and either can't find the file or is unable to load it properly.
  12. Right now what we have is a reverse engineered clone of the pathfind generation that is (at least assuming there are no bugs left) producing valid correct usable output that matches the output of the original Westwood code in all the places that matter. And we have the same thing for the vis generation but its full of bugs that we are still in the process of fixing and is 100% not usable as of right now (to the point where using it guaranteed to produce bad output assuming it doesn't crash first). Note that pathfinding in Mammoth can't be canceled in the way it can with Leveledit so you will need enough pathfind blocking objects to ensure it is able to complete without running out of memory. We haven't really made any improvements to the pathfinding or vis generation yet (well there is one improvement in that if you proxy in a ladder transition object, it will now get proper action portals and bots will use that ladder). What happens in terms of improvements to that stuff will depend on what Neijwiert (the genius who did most of the work around pathfinding) ends up implementing. As for a UI that can edit the sky colors, that's not as easy as it sounds unfortunately. Maybe in the future I will look into it but right now the priority is to get all the things done that need to be done before we can completly drop LevelEdit for good. In terms of dependencies, what you need to do is to open Mammoth (assuming the version you are using is new enough) then open your level and choose "edit-include files". Anything you add to the list in there will be included in the mix file automatically when you use "export to mix" or "run game" or whatever). The list itself is stored in the .lvl file.
  13. I just added a feature to Mammoth so it will read these per-map sky settings. The old Westwood editor is going away in the near future since Mammoth is nearly feature complete (the main remaining thing on the to-do list is fixing all the bugs in our reverse engineered clone of the vis generation algorithm) and definitely couldn't have this stuff added in any case. When you change the ini you will just need to reload the map and it will read your changed sky colors. As for the dependencies, Mammoth makes it trivial to add the ini file as a dependency of the map (that will get automatically exported into the map mix file). The dependency information is then stored in the .lvl file and travels with that.
  14. A good place to start would be to run Windows Update and install anything it offers to install. Also update your GPU drivers (this https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/18223/Intel-Graphics-Media-Accelerator-Driver-for-Windows-7-exe- looks like the latest version for your GPU as far as I can tell) Its entirely possible though that an Intel GMA 3100 GPU with only 256MB of video memory simply doesn't have the grunt to run APB (it wasn't exactly good even when it was released)
  15. What version of Windows are you using? What hardware do you have? What graphics card and what driver version?
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