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  1. Jerad2142

    Yeah its a pretty cool tool, I was surprised back in the day when it popped during a tt patch and started updating files.
  2. The server is down temporarily while I upgrade the hard drive, shouldn’t be down more than 2 hours.
  3. Yeah I do plan on adding in the terrain from "The Assault On Christmas" when it gets closer to winter. Otherwise no real plans on how to expand the map yet. As far as Renegade goes I am planning on making a map for Renegade for Halloween, plan is to start on that shortly.
  4. I'm kind of torn on replacing huge parts of the city, if Blazea58 was still around to do it (he was the graphics guy when it comes down to it) I'd be all for it being this was his baby and all. But right now without a good graphics guy with a direction in mind how to improve the city that end of development has stalled.
  5. New Features: • Northrop Grumman E-C2 Hawkeye has been added to the game, this vehicle can spot players for the driver and passenger (much like the sensor twinbow). In addition it comes with a new reconnaissance job, simply fly to the points marked on the radar and then land to collect money for your recon flight. In order for the sensor markers to show up the Hawkeye must be in the air. • Added 31 new scores to the high score system, 95% of them are for tracking job earnings and time spent in the jobs, you can now show off just how long you spent grinding at the cash register! • Added a setting to force team the players on join, say good bye to the pointless team selection screen on join. • Added 32 street signs to the industrial area and removed the static street in the nuclear power plant. Tweaks: • UFO Disaster now has 25% more health. • The delay to repair a street sign now starts after it was repaired instead of after it was damaged, this allows the player to repair it once instantly before having to wait to repair it again (better for team working the street sweeper job). • Stripper job now pays 1/4th of what it used to. • Street Sweeper job now pays 4x as much. • The mutants on MA front lines now die after 2.5 minutes of trying to hunt the player, this should resolve the game getting stuck and the player being forced to hunt them down. • The Mech’s health on MA front lines has been corrected, it well not stay invulnerable and suddenly die all at once. • Added a shiny pass to the X7-32 to make it look more futuristic. • M12 Gun Motor Carriage rounds now have way more range (shouldn’t die midair anymore). • M12 Gun Motor Carriage now needs to deploy before it can fire, this takes about 5 seconds. • The new WWII vehicles rounds don’t blow up min air if they run out of range anymore. • Objective Markers and Sensor Bow Marker now shows up through the fog. Bug Fixes: • Fixed a checking system bug that would cause you not to check in if you checked in prior to midnight and then the time rolled over to the next day. • Fixed some vehicle entry markers being rotated to the side. • Fixed a minor weapon selection bug with cops that caused them to have weak weapons when chasing people with a high wanted level. • Fixed some issues with the druggy screen effects that could cause them not to happen at all. • Fixed an issue with visiting Mars and the spawn screen fade, basically if you went to Mars and then respawned the spawn screen wouldn’t fade blue anymore. • Fixed a bug in the Nuclear Strike Disaster that allowed players to collect money in areas where no nukes could hit. • Fixed the DJ light effects board not working, players can now change the lighting in the DJ room once again. • Fixed the weather service control being also triggered by the DJ booth. • Stolen debit cards system no longer will report “0 cards returned” if you press the return card button when you have no cards. • Fixed possible crash with the DM spawn point code. • Fixed a bug that could cause some planes to be able to fly backward, this should also fix the AI flying backward on the main map  • Scud Missiles are now type flying, which might help with their network synchronization. • OGEL Cat will not die on creation anymore  • Mountain Lions Skin type has been changed to one that doesn’t take falling damage, it shouldn’t kill itself by jumping off cliffs anymore. • Leaving the Night Club will not cause the screen to fade blue for a second anymore. • Wheels on the Mobile Flak Truck now turn as it drives. • The attack of the Quadrupedal Abomination is not called “Antlers” anymore. • Canada Buggy now is created in its spawn zone. [blurb]This patch adds a new aircraft, job, records, and tons of bug fixes and tweaks![/blurb]
  6. Jerad2142

    If I had a guess I'd have to say the ECW client side scripts aren't running. But I'd think a repair should have fixed that, maybe delete the dlls and try the repair again.
  7. Jerad2142

    Nah, black screen started on my main PC months if not years after I'd had ECW already installed on it without problem.
  8. Jerad2142

    Yeah I have also noticed that it works fine on all fresh installs of windows for me as well, makes me suspect a bad windows update or some program that I installed.
  9. @SlikRikHoly crap long time no see, how's it been going man, what have you been up to? I'm currently working on a pretty big ECW update.
  10. Jerad2142

    Out of curiosity, if you go into dxdiag what feature levels does your computer support?
  11. @TK-421 @ComradeBonnie @Cat Just found out what I did wrong (accidently released it for testers only) download now works for everyone.
  12. You're really suppose to just supply power to the island and use the JCOSS to take the ship out, it can be destroyed other ways with enough time however lol.
  13. I saw @Killing_Youin game this weekend and all my personal computers (which I update the same way as you guys do) also have been able to connect. If you make the launcher show more details does it show what file its failing on?
  14. Jerad2142

    Awwww sweet super out of date versions of APB, ECW, and TSR