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  1. Our operatives have reported that GDI is using a nearby village as staging grounds for a top secret device, we need you to move up the canyon into the village and destroy this device before GDI completes it.
  2. You played it with that setting set.
  3. *Turn speed of soldiers is now 180 (stock Ren speed) instead of 1080. *Fixed an issue with the Normal Animals appearing to be healed by mutant attacks. *Increased radio tower defend time by 30 seconds.
  4. *Doubled boss support unit health (they were way to easy to kill originally). *Increased boss support unit repair rate by 250%.
  5. *Redid the first fight in the tunnels so it doesn't drag on any more. *Added an additional Nod attack to help make up for the changes made to the first tunnel battle. *Fixed issues with the Nod harvester (made it so it doesn't collide with stuff so it can't potentially break the end of the level).
  6. I'm pretty sure the trailer was just showing where all the previous games had taken the player, the way its worded makes it sound like it'll be a new age now. It really wouldn't make sense for them to make another game in any of the already existing eras being M$ announced they are HD remastering all 3 of the games (even 2HD).
  7. *Reduced the total number of GDI rocket soldiers that spawn at the start by 50%. *Damage screen fade opacity has been reduced by 50%. *Rocket soldier attack force is now significantly weaker when there is less than 3 players in game.
  8. *Fixed a bug that caused the workshop's health bar not to show when it was healed. *Added random locations to the mammoth tank spawners beings the player can actually get to them.
  9. *Added 25 more lives to the total life cap, this should make it easier to win in games with higher player counts. *Benches in the church now damage you if you stand on top of them, this change was made to help prevent exploiting the buggy pathfind.
  10. February 6th *Added credits to the game. February 7th *Added a switch in game to allow the player to end the map, switch can only be flipped when no games are currently running. February 12th *Added a difficulty switch; this switch controls the speed of the asteroids, probability of mines spawning, speed the UFO fires at random. Different difficulties change the scores you see and earn in game. *Player character model has been changed to something other than the stock GDI and Nod spawn character. *Fixed a bug that allowed players on teams besides 1 and 0 from being able to interact with the game. *Fixed a bug with footstep sounds. August 8th *Fixed a server side lockup caused by invincible objects (I think this is the last one).
  11. *Updated credits files to better include all people that provided content for the map. *Added more visible ladders to the train so new players would know where to climb. *Fixed a bug on the train that could leave a player climbing forever.
  12. Difficulty Tweaks *Final boss support AI repair damage has been doubled. *Final boss health increased by 11 per player. *Increased mutant per player health scalar by 6.25% *Increased mutant per player speed by 11% MISC *Add Romanov's name to credits for the armored deer. *Improved headlight and taillight effects of vehicles.
  13. *Fixed a major bug in objective 24 causing the tiny deer guardians to stop spawning and the objective to be counted as failed. *Slightly increased the health and speed scaling per player. *Fixed final boss support AI, they will now be much more dedicated to helping it. *Increased the speed of the guardian tiny deer. *Increased the final boss health scaling by 12.125 points per player.
  14. *Improved the IFV model to actually have treads. *Fixed a bug with the final boss health that would make it almost impossible to kill.
  15. *Updated the Golden Deer Statue for secret objective 24 (hidden deer statue to the West of the Cabin) to a new one. *Added Guardian Tiny Deer that will guard the substation when you bring the deer statue back to the power plant. *Fixed the substation armor type for the MCT.