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  1. The crash that happens comes from NT.dll, I've seen it show up in 4.x so porting it ot a newer version won't fix it and it doesn't give me any actual debugging info so its very difficult to pin down. Also thanks!
  2. [blurb]Made the AC130 bomb better and a couple bug fixes.[/blurb]So I was in game the other day and noticed a few things, this addresses those. Fixes/Improvements • AC130 bomb now falls 2x as fast as c130 vehicle drops • Pumpjacks will now play the full health animation after being stolen/repaired • Increased the verbosity of some error logs • Fixed a bug that caused the special purchase terminals to report a missing script zone error (change was originally made to reduce script zones for the server).
  3. I'd have to come up with a creative way to do it, maybe I can make it show the best score for each one with the player name when looking at a player's.
  4. In the past I used to use a custom font to get rid of that , 3.4.4 doesn't support hiding the credits text for some reason. Normally nowadays I just photoshop the text out.
  5. So its been quite a while and I figured I might as well push out a few quality life improvements as well as some bug fixes that have been live on the server for a while to the public. “New” Features · The Status Website for ECW and several of my other Renegade based games is live at http://jeradsnetwork.midcoip.net:10025/StatsWebsite/ (It has been for a while but I’m just now announcing it to the public. · Due to fixes in how the saving code works, stats for the ECW scores are now updated every ~5 minutes to the website. [blurb]Quality of life improvements as well as stats website announcement![/blurb]Improvements/Tweaks · House Auto-Renewal system now keeps renewing your home up to 30 days of inactivity instead of 14. · Save data only saves when someone has been in game or a round ends, this will reduce file writes for the server. · Updated the copyright date because I figured I might as well. Bug Fixes · “Fixed” a bug that allowed players to get 2billion+ when purchasing items, this has been live on the server for a while but I’m just pushing it to the public now. (I fixed it in a super hacky way, it just resets your money if you exceed a certain amount of money on hand). · Fixed a bug that caused phone numbers/player pin to display gibberish when backspacing (I actually fixed this long before the 2019 patch but I guess I failed to push it). As a side note this is my first update from my new laptop, so everyone can rest assured that LevelEdit and everything still works!
  6. He flew through Ogel Cat's rainbow trail.
  7. Santa is too busy making sure Nod can't deliver presents to the undeserving 3rd world countries to comment on this thread right now.
  8. As a note you might have to manually define the installPath for LE depending on what version of Renegade you have.
  9. This is going to be a nice short tutorial on how to add more bones onto an existing skeleton in a way that preserves the animation (useful if you want to add additional bones to the stock male or female human skeleton and don’t want to reexport all its corresponding animations). First things first, take the existing skeleton (either import it or open it from a save) and add your new bones). As you can see here, I’ve added 7 bones to the stock male skeleton (breast bone, c L UpperStab, c L ForeStab, c L Stab, c R UpperStab, c R ForeStab, and c R Stab. Next let’s export it to its new skeleton name, in this case I did s_3_human, select the skeleton option and hit okay. Now download chunky and use it to open your file, switch to the pivots tab and lets look what’s there. As you can see, c r UpperStab, c l stab, breastbone, etc. are mixed in with the rest of the bones, unfortunately, we want them at the end of the list. Notice the last bone in the list is “BONE FOR BAG” this one is the key to how we will fix this mess. So back to the editor. So, what we need to do now is export our skeleton again, this time I’m naming it “original.” Now that that’s done select breast bone, c l UpperStab, c r UpperStab (the base of each of our new bone hierarchies). Now attach them to “BONE FOR BAG” Now once again let’s export this to our new skeleton (s_3_human) for me. Don’t save this, you might have to reopen the original depending on how complex the bones you're adding are. Now open both files, original and s_3_human in chunky (you’ll need to open two copies of chunky). As you can see now, our 7 bones are now at the end of the file, which means they won’t mess with our existing animations; however, now we need to fix their attachments because right now they're hooked to "Bone For Bag" instead of their proper pivots. This is easier to do than one might think, simply copy the BASE HIREACHY bones in original (not all of them just the bases) from original and paste them over the bones in s_3_human (in this case just beast bone, c l UpperStab, c r UpperStab). Now that that’s done, save it and let’s reimport it into our 3d editor and make sure the bones attached correctly. As you can see, something isn’t quite right, breast bone and the hierarchy for c l UpperStab are fine, but for some reason c r UpperStab’s hierarchy has ended up hooked to c r hand. My assumption is this is caused by the repositioning of so many pivots it wasn’t originally accounting for. Reopen you’re original file for the 3d model and lets play with what the bones are attached to, in this case we need to move the bone back 3 positions to get it attached to c r clavicle, this took me some guessing but in the end I figured out attaching it to c l UpperStab does the trick. Now export it over original and reopen it in chunky then copy C R UpperStab from original into your already modified s_3_human, save and reimport. And ta da, you’ve successfully merged new bones into an existing skeleton in a way that won’t affect the already existing animations!
  10. Added a note about the max distance light objects will be updated from the building controller which I noticed when working on my new map.
  11. They should really play it on my server to get the status updates.
  12. Maybe someday after I finish porting Renhalo to 4.x, although by then it might be time to move to a whole new engine, hard to say how many players would be left lol.
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