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  1. This is going to be a nice short tutorial on how to add more bones onto an existing skeleton in a way that preserves the animation (useful if you want to add additional bones to the stock male or female human skeleton and don’t want to reexport all its corresponding animations). First things first, take the existing skeleton (either import it or open it from a save) and add your new bones). As you can see here, I’ve added 7 bones to the stock male skeleton (breast bone, c L UpperStab, c L ForeStab, c L Stab, c R UpperStab, c R ForeStab, and c R Stab. Next let’s export it to its new skeleton name, in this case I did s_3_human, select the skeleton option and hit okay. Now download chunky and use it to open your file, switch to the pivots tab and lets look what’s there. As you can see, c r UpperStab, c l stab, breastbone, etc. are mixed in with the rest of the bones, unfortunately, we want them at the end of the list. Notice the last bone in the list is “BONE FOR BAG” this one is the key to how we will fix this mess. So back to the editor. So, what we need to do now is export our skeleton again, this time I’m naming it “original.” Now that that’s done select breast bone, c l UpperStab, c r UpperStab (the base of each of our new bone hierarchies). Now attach them to “BONE FOR BAG” Now once again let’s export this to our new skeleton (s_3_human) for me. Don’t save this, you might have to reopen the original depending on how complex the bones you're adding are. Now open both files, original and s_3_human in chunky (you’ll need to open two copies of chunky). As you can see now, our 7 bones are now at the end of the file, which means they won’t mess with our existing animations; however, now we need to fix their attachments because right now they're hooked to "Bone For Bag" instead of their proper pivots. This is easier to do than one might think, simply copy the BASE HIREACHY bones in original (not all of them just the bases) from original and paste them over the bones in s_3_human (in this case just beast bone, c l UpperStab, c r UpperStab). Now that that’s done, save it and let’s reimport it into our 3d editor and make sure the bones attached correctly. As you can see, something isn’t quite right, breast bone and the hierarchy for c l UpperStab are fine, but for some reason c r UpperStab’s hierarchy has ended up hooked to c r hand. My assumption is this is caused by the repositioning of so many pivots it wasn’t originally accounting for. Reopen you’re original file for the 3d model and lets play with what the bones are attached to, in this case we need to move the bone back 3 positions to get it attached to c r clavicle, this took me some guessing but in the end I figured out attaching it to c l UpperStab does the trick. Now export it over original and reopen it in chunky then copy C R UpperStab from original into your already modified s_3_human, save and reimport. And ta da, you’ve successfully merged new bones into an existing skeleton in a way that won’t affect the already existing animations!
  2. Added a note about the max distance light objects will be updated from the building controller which I noticed when working on my new map.
  3. They should really play it on my server to get the status updates.
  4. Maybe someday after I finish porting Renhalo to 4.x, although by then it might be time to move to a whole new engine, hard to say how many players would be left lol.
  5. It's still a Renegade Mod as a heads up.
  6. Roughly 5 years ago Bear Island was first released (roughly because I didn’t use an SVN back then so all I have to go on is the first commit to the scripts .git), since then many have claimed it was their favorite map; so, for its 5-year anniversary I’ve decided to do a massive number of bug fixes and major improvements! New/Improved Features: • The Armored car has been reworked into a supply vehicle (more details below). • Major improvements to the boss fight system (more details below). • Added a new objective, this is available before the midpoint of the game. • Added 96 voice files to the game! • Cougars now make an appearance in the fight! • Purchasing vehicles now marks their drop location with a signal flare. • Score system now tracks the last played time of players, this is used on the Stats Website (http://jeradsnetwork.midcoip.net:10025/StatsWebsite/BearHunter) for Bear Island. • AI Engineers will no longer repair vehicles that are empty, this will keep them from wasting time with vehicles that have been forgotten when turrets and occupied player vehicles are taking heavy damage. • The bonus objectives have been reordered to go closest to the base to furthest, in addition objectives that are hidden are now numbered as they’re discovered instead of being hard coded. • Wild deer now travel in herds and flee in herds to more accurately reflect reality. • Wild deer now have two 3d models, bucks and does. • Tiny Deer now have two death animations, so they don’t always fall over the same way. • Water now fades to black to more accurately follow the shoreline so players can easier tell where not to walk. • Made some major improvements to the vis system especially when inside the main base. Bug Fixes: • Fixed a single clump of grass near the main North East gate that had projectile collisions. • Fixed several objectives that were named wrong or referenced beta concepts. • Entering the water now correctly kills the player, not sure when this broke but its been broken a while, the score system also now correctly records water deaths. • Fixed a bug with the objectives system that caused players to be unable to see objective updates once they are out of lives. • Fixed two high scores that were updating for all players even if they didn’t play in a round of Bear Hunter. • Revised how the game determines of all players are dead during the final boss, this change was made because if the last player suicided while all the other players were dead the boss would derp and just sit there, making the game take forever to end. • Player now faces the direction the spawn points on the map were placed, don’t know how I missed that issue all these years. • One of the objectives had an “…” (Thanks MS Word) instead of “...” which caused it not to display. • Renamed a high score that was calling AI “ai” instead of “AI” • Fixed a bug that allowed players to leave the base and not die during the final boss fight. • Mutant aiming now ignores damage animations. • Reduced payout of the painkillers objective to 100 per player. • AI now properly targets black bears instead of aiming at the feet. Armored Supply Truck Rework: • What was once a boring armored vehicle now takes the role of a resupply truck for infantry and vehicles. • The vehicle now supports vehicles and infantry within 75 meters of it while its lights are on, the driver can see the range of this effect. • Having the lights on does attract attention of the mutants (this is old functionality, but it now serves a point to have the lights on). • Units must wait 15 seconds after taking damage to receive HP, it takes 1 minute to refill the health and armor bar with one truck. • Infantry must wait 7.5 seconds to regen ammo, it takes 15 seconds to refill the gun the infantry is holding if it has 0 ammo. This effect also refills the weapon crate weapons. Boss Fight Improvements: • Improved the AI of the final boss, it will now remove C4 if it sees it as a bigger threat than its currently target, so players, make sure to hide the C4 now. • Boss AI now thinks 10 times a second instead of just 4 to better improve its target selection. • Fixed a bug in the boss AI that allowed it to attack the President of Corporate America before all players were dead. • Boss no longer plays damage animations; this reduces the chances of its shots going wild. • Spawn system now only spawns players near PTs during the boss fight. • Spawn points are only used if no enemies can see the point (although if it plays out that enemies can see all the spawn points it will choose the one furthest from all enemies, boss takes priority in weighting here). 2.0.0 is now live on the Crazy Coop Server. Note: This requires Scripts 4.6 Update 9 (released today) http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&th=41266&start=0&. MA_Bear_Island.zip [blurb]Check out the latest update to Bear Island! A co-op map for Renegade.[/blurb]
  7. Actually Blazea58 and I were going to make an absolutely insane Renegade map where you play as animals vs the humans, unfortunately his moddling tools kicked the bucket so the terrain was never completed. The racing mechanics have actually been around for a very long time, possibly before ECW was named ECW (can't remember anymore). In the most recent update all I did was expand the system to support two race tracks. Not really sure if there is enough player desire to build an actual racing system to race two players against each other and all that good stuff.
  8. I hate bot spam so never.
  9. [blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system.[/blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system. • Added missing light emitters to the racetrack. • Added 3 more hidden teleport phone numbers for the bottle system that go to the ski hill, Santa's Workshop, and the Speedway. • Fixed a pump jack that had an incorrect ID at the speedway. • Fixed an exploit in how Oil Tycoon is unlocked. • Fixed a bug in the message in a bottle cypher system that caused numbers to be incorrect until you had the language completely unlocked (basically all the digits were off by one). • Fixed a bug in the message in a bottle system that would cause it to be completely unlocked one letter later than it should have. • Improved the message in the bottle cypher system for numbers, basically unknown numbers show up as symbols now instead of other numbers, symbols can show up as numbers, this should make it possible to decipher numbers where it previously was just numbers scrambled which made it excessively difficult. • Added 22 more new messages to the message in the bottle system. • Updated 28 messages in the message in the bottle system that had out of date info or typos. • Renamed the in menu perk name for the Hawkeye's perk from Radar Operator to Sensor Master (match the unlock text).
  10. While digging through some of Blazea58's old assets I stumbled across a 3D model for the San Casina Speedway, which I've decided to add! Additions: • Added the San Casina Speedway which has a racing system similar to the Race Track that already existed. • Added the Enhanced Pump Jack perk which doubles how long pump jacks operate before breaking down. Bug fixes/Improvements: • Pump jack payouts have been doubled and the Hard Worker Perk now applies to them. • Fixed the exploration system, you now get money for discovering Santa’s workshop as well as the San Casina Speedway • Made a performance improvement in how vehicle PTs work. Originally the PTs had kill zones that existed at all times on the map, now they only exist when a vehicle is purchased from the PT. This brings the script zone count for San Casina down from 1104 to 905, a performance improvement was noticed on my personal laptop and hopefully will carry over equally well to the server! • The wander distance around Santa’s workshop has been increased. • Added new ambient sounds and placed them on the old Race Track as well as Hell Island. • Relocated some of the hidden PTs. [blurb]While digging through some of Blazea58's old assets Jerad2142 stumbled across a 3D model for the San Casina Speedway, which he's decided to add![/blurb]
  11. I think there was a bit of a management shift over the years and the new guys don't want to sign off of new standalones on new engines.
  12. Last time I missed with Unity was 6 years ago, so its possible the netcode situation and object ownership has been resolved, I just know back then it was a mess. I have touched unreal since back when unreal tournament was still a big thing, I will say I enjoyed that more than unity lol.
  13. EA actually won't let a new C&C game happen, it'd have to be built on Renegade X.
  14. Either way I don't think an engine move is the way to go, Renegade X runs like 2x the players of original Renegade at peak times and its free, putting years of work into a new engine to get potentially double the players doesn't sound like a very good trade.
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