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  1. Actually Blazea58 and I were going to make an absolutely insane Renegade map where you play as animals vs the humans, unfortunately his moddling tools kicked the bucket so the terrain was never completed. The racing mechanics have actually been around for a very long time, possibly before ECW was named ECW (can't remember anymore). In the most recent update all I did was expand the system to support two race tracks. Not really sure if there is enough player desire to build an actual racing system to race two players against each other and all that good stuff.
  2. I hate bot spam so never.
  3. [blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system.[/blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system. • Added missing light emitters to the racetrack. • Added 3 more hidden teleport phone numbers for the bottle system that go to the ski hill, Santa's Workshop, and the Speedway. • Fixed a pump jack that had an incorrect ID at the speedway. • Fixed an exploit in how Oil Tycoon is unlocked. • Fixed a bug in the message in a bottle cypher system that caused numbers to be incorrect until you had the language completely unlocked (basically all the digits were off by one). • Fixed a bug in the message in a bottle system that would cause it to be completely unlocked one letter later than it should have. • Improved the message in the bottle cypher system for numbers, basically unknown numbers show up as symbols now instead of other numbers, symbols can show up as numbers, this should make it possible to decipher numbers where it previously was just numbers scrambled which made it excessively difficult. • Added 22 more new messages to the message in the bottle system. • Updated 28 messages in the message in the bottle system that had out of date info or typos. • Renamed the in menu perk name for the Hawkeye's perk from Radar Operator to Sensor Master (match the unlock text).
  4. While digging through some of Blazea58's old assets I stumbled across a 3D model for the San Casina Speedway, which I've decided to add! Additions: • Added the San Casina Speedway which has a racing system similar to the Race Track that already existed. • Added the Enhanced Pump Jack perk which doubles how long pump jacks operate before breaking down. Bug fixes/Improvements: • Pump jack payouts have been doubled and the Hard Worker Perk now applies to them. • Fixed the exploration system, you now get money for discovering Santa’s workshop as well as the San Casina Speedway • Made a performance improvement in how vehicle PTs work. Originally the PTs had kill zones that existed at all times on the map, now they only exist when a vehicle is purchased from the PT. This brings the script zone count for San Casina down from 1104 to 905, a performance improvement was noticed on my personal laptop and hopefully will carry over equally well to the server! • The wander distance around Santa’s workshop has been increased. • Added new ambient sounds and placed them on the old Race Track as well as Hell Island. • Relocated some of the hidden PTs. [blurb]While digging through some of Blazea58's old assets Jerad2142 stumbled across a 3D model for the San Casina Speedway, which he's decided to add![/blurb]
  5. I think there was a bit of a management shift over the years and the new guys don't want to sign off of new standalones on new engines.
  6. Last time I missed with Unity was 6 years ago, so its possible the netcode situation and object ownership has been resolved, I just know back then it was a mess. I have touched unreal since back when unreal tournament was still a big thing, I will say I enjoyed that more than unity lol.
  7. EA actually won't let a new C&C game happen, it'd have to be built on Renegade X.
  8. Either way I don't think an engine move is the way to go, Renegade X runs like 2x the players of original Renegade at peak times and its free, putting years of work into a new engine to get potentially double the players doesn't sound like a very good trade.
  9. Unity's netcode is garbage and would need a lot of work to have a stable passenger system and proper client controls.
  10. [blurb]The San Casina Christmas update adds new terrain, weapons, items, and jobs![/blurb]Christmas has arrived in San Casina, and with it Santa’s workshop in the North Pole! This location features several new weapons scattered about for the player to find. From left to right: • Stamp Pistol – This weapon uses compressed air to launch highly adhesive stamps at high velocities. • Bells and Holly Shotgun – Used for decorating the hard to reach places, the bells and holly shot gun fires off… unsurprisingly… bells and holly! • Repair Gun – Just your normal C&C Renegade repair gun with a Christmas theme! • Confetti Cannon – The confetti cannon uses compressed air to spray tons of confetti at a location – Caution: Confetti can cause severe paper cuts if sprayed at people. • Present Bomb – Although designed as a present for Saint Nick’s theme, the present bomb is actually a high explosive used for clearing the woods around the workshop for further mining of needed resources. • Ice Jet Rifle – High pressure water that is cooled rapidly is launched at extreme distances to create a decent anti infantry sniper rifle. • Coal Grenades – Although almost a normal lump of coal, it may have been left somewhere soaking up some gasoline over the years making it a tad… volatile. • Bow Rifle – This rile is used to pin bows to packages, needless to say don’t fire at people. • Candy Cane Launcher – Although designed to be used for long range decorating, it was quickly found to launch the candy canes far too fast and thus was quickly determined useless for this practice. Oil has been discovered in San Casina! 17 pump jacks have been established across the land to mine this valuable resource! The pump jacks are simple enough to use: • Ownership is granted by pressing the action key on the control box, once owned the player gets a steady trickle of money from each one they own. • The condition of pump jacks slowly decreases over time, generally they last from 30-40 minutes and can be maintained by pressing the action key on them. • Pump jacks above the 25% health mark make up to $66,000.00 an hour and ones below 25% condition make up to $52,000.00 an hour. • Players can call 555-0017 (U.S.A. Oil) to see owner ship and health status of each pump jack. The Military has been working on a new Super Nutrient Capsule to solve world hunger. This capsule fills the user’s stomach and quenches their thirst! DISCLAIMER: Side effects may include hallucinations, viral infections, and sudden death. Bug Fixes and Improvements • All cervines now have alt death animations for falling right, so now they have left and right fall animations. • Removed initiate behavior from all animals which should keep them from twisting weird. • Removed the placeable teleporter, it added a lot of complexity to the code and was only causing crashing, being no one had discovered it until last week it was easier to just remove. • Neuro-Toxin gun no longer spams players with kill messages if the target has less than 5 health and tons of armor. • Kezlarbo kill messages now show up cleaner if you kill yourself with it. • Objects are now position synced to clients when they are created. • Reconnaissance Master Perk has been fixed and now unlocks, previously it was unlocked for everyone from the get go. • Unstuck key will now attempt to turn your collisions back on, this is an attempt to fix some players falling through the ground after exiting vehicles. • Added several hundred sound emitters to the snowy parts of San Casina. Check it out now!
  11. Woops sorry I over looked this, its pretty basic stuff, I decided to store all server data with flat files due to wanting people to be able to host things in LAN, otherwise I might have attached a small database for everything. Weapon favoriting works by holding out a weapon and pushing period, the server then adds your name and the weapon name to a file which is loaded on server load. Its pretty much the same for everything else that saves and loads. I'm lucky that ECW hasn't been super popular, if there had been more than the max player count on the server at a time I'd have to set up some shared database between the servers so all player data would persist, luckily I only needed one server.
  12. This patch fixes the M12 and also adds some more config settings to the config file and a fix to the performance tab in config.exe! • Fixed config.exe's Performance Tab, you can now change the Texture filter and Lighting Mode. • Fixed the M12 Gun Motor Carriage so it has to deploy to fire. • Player cat character now only has 25 health. • Minor AI fixes that should improve some performance losses. • Added a bunch of new configuration settings for weekend events. • Added a bunch of new config settings: JOIN_MESSAGE - If this setting is in the config file GRANT_PERK_ID - If non-zero the perk will be given to the player after 1 hour of play PLAY_WITH_PERK_ID - If non-zero all players that join the server will be given the perk on top of their other perks. • Pet AI now ignores players that have spawn kill deterrent turned on. [blurb]This patch fixes the M12 and also adds some more config settings to the config file and a fix to the performance tab in config.exe![/blurb]
  13. Most important thing is that they be easily moddable, that way we can fix it ourselves if its wrong.
  14. Don't worry, that's just the dog model I bought for ECW and Bear Island, I'm sure APB would come up with their own doggo model if they decide to have one, I'd just give them the animation set.
  15. You must remember a different model, this one was by Kavkling. Dogs should be AI pets, and you should have to be a handler and lead them around 😛
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