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  1. Jerad2142

    Nah, black screen started on my main PC months if not years after I'd had ECW already installed on it without problem.
  2. Jerad2142

    Yeah I have also noticed that it works fine on all fresh installs of windows for me as well, makes me suspect a bad windows update or some program that I installed.
  3. @SlikRikHoly crap long time no see, how's it been going man, what have you been up to? I'm currently working on a pretty big ECW update.
  4. Jerad2142

    Out of curiosity, if you go into dxdiag what feature levels does your computer support?
  5. @TK-421 @ComradeBonnie @Cat Just found out what I did wrong (accidently released it for testers only) download now works for everyone.
  6. You're really suppose to just supply power to the island and use the JCOSS to take the ship out, it can be destroyed other ways with enough time however lol.
  7. I saw @Killing_Youin game this weekend and all my personal computers (which I update the same way as you guys do) also have been able to connect. If you make the launcher show more details does it show what file its failing on?
  8. Jerad2142

    Awwww sweet super out of date versions of APB, ECW, and TSR
  9. Try doing a repair first, if that doesn't work try deleting the ecw folder in: C:\ProgramData\W3D Hub\Launcher\package-cache\games Sorry about the delay btw, I've been out of town and didn't get notifications that people had issues updating.
  10. [blurb]Double job payouts this weekend starting at 3/10/2018 12:00 AM CST - 3/12/2018 12:00 AM CST to celebrate the new config file system![/blurb] New Stuff: • Added some new code for the config file which will allow Weekend events to kick off without me being around. • Added some more content to the game data for something new that will be coming soon! Improvements/Tweaks: • Updated the AI door entry points file with more info as to what type of door it is (going to be used for a new thing coming soon!). • Minor AI improvements for the Giant Vengeful Spirit deer and other AI bosses that share its AI. • Minor server performance improvements. Fixes: • Fixed the health bar for the massive UFO event, should show up proper client side now. Note: This update includes all the changes from the previous server update.
  11. [blurb]A "quick" balance update for disasters before tomorrows event.[/blurb] Disaster Tweaks: Rebalanced UFO Disaster, it is now much easier to kill. Added a message to the UFO Disaster so the player now knows when they damage it enough that the power systems start to fail. Massive UFO now regains health after firing its super weapon (IE the lose condition). Sirens now stop after the UFO fire's its superweapon and begins to flee. Mutant detection code is now one function instead of a bunch. Shortened the max length of the Mutant Disaster from 25-35 minutes to 15-20 minutes. Reduced the number of abominations from the Abomination Disaster from 25 to 15 (they hit the server pretty hard). Mutant disaster now ends once all mutants have been killed instead of continuing until the time ends. The Clan Invasion mech's now properly give the player a high score record that kills them. The Clan Invasion mech's now pay $25,000 for players that kill them on foot, $12,500 in tanks, and $2,500 in aircraft with a 2.0 multiplier for players that kill them close up (within 150 meters). Minor Fixes: Improved how the Super Mutant perk works. Fixed a bug in the church code that allowed players to ask about the current crisis in states that the church had no valid responses.
  12. These two dlls used to be used in ECW back in the days of Rp2, helped some people with crashing, you can give it a try but I kind of doubt it'll do much. (Sorry about multiple posts btw, switching between devices and trying to head to bed so I'm going to be lazy not to clean up all these posts). d3dx9_42.dll d3dx9_32.dll
  13. Fake, its actually directx9. The version of scripts that ECW has runs 9 instead of 8, but I don't think you'll have nay luck getting it to run with 8.
  14. Renaming scripts2 to scripts will probably lose your ability to spawn into game/get through the tutorial (it doesn't try to hook into shaders.dll or bhs.dll without it thus uses the original dx8 that stock ren did). :\
  15. Reduced max disaster time from 5 hours to 3.