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[blurb]Added new physics, added a new job, 6 new vehicles, event updates, crash fixes, bug fixes, and more.[/blurb]

Giving a little taste for the patch that I plan to release on the 7th for the event.

New Features/Improvements:

•    Thank you Seifmagdi for your skills with ASM code! Due to this the following improvements have been made:

  • Vehicle speed gauges now correctly show the speed of what the engine thinks the vehicle is traveling, the result is that the numbers don’t jump around all random anymore.
  • Chinook helicopters, and other vehicle transports, can now “throw” vehicles by dropping them while in motion.
  • Crashing aircraft now carry their motion over into the crash, no more falling straight down!
  • Random vehicle damage while traveling at high speeds shouldn’t happen anymore!

•    Players can now buy up to 10 perk slots! (Yes! This is very expensive, 550,000,000 in total if you’re getting them all from scratch). You can only select up to 5 perks on non-San Casina maps.

•    A new "House" has been added, this "home" is an ex Area 69 Outpost right along the desert highway:

  • It features 3 weapons lockers, a mini fridge, and item safe.
  • It has purchasable security.
  • One vehicle parking spot.
  • And one aircraft parking spot.


•    Added the Gmax Shipping Job:

  • Players have to take an intake test to deliver packages for Gmax Shipping, this intake test requires at least a 60% to pass, failing the test makes the player wait a minute before taking it again.
  • Once a player has passed the delivery test they can buy a Gmax Shipping Truck, once inside the truck the player is given a package and an address to deliver the package to.
  • Upon delivering the package at the address the package will be picked up by the owner within two minutes, upon which the driver is paid.
  • Players can set down a package at any time and get back in the truck to get a new one (old package will eventually disappear).
  • Players can steal other players DROPED OFF packages, this will get them a random item.
  • Players that lose more than 3 packages in a row will be fired, lose all raises, and have to retake the entry test.
  • Sometimes packages will be a letter bomb, if you hear suspicious sounds call 911 to have all letter bombs removed from your inventory.
  • Added 11 new delivery package items for the player inventory for the Gmax shipping Job.

•    Added 6 new vehicles:

  • Fiat Tipo



  • Honda E


  • Mazda 6


  • Tesla Model Y


  • Toyota Land Cruiser


  • Vehicle Transport - a vehicle transporter



•    Dodge Viper now has 6 alt colors (Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Red, White).
•    Main bridge no-longer has vehicle collisions by the sidewalks that trap vehicles up on the sidewalk.
•    Cargo Hovercraft can now carry a vehicle (even as large as a Mad Deer).

•    Maxwell Cat Event Updates:

  • Maxwell will last at least 5 minutes longer now.
  • Maxwell the Cat now chooses spots nearby randomly more often so it doesn’t spend a quarter of its time walking back and forth between the desert and the city.
  • Maxwell will no longer pay players that are unspawned.
  • Maxwell Cat now has a weapon name so that it no longer gives odd kill strings.
  • Civilian traffic should now yield for Maxwell instead of driving straight into him.
  • Maxwell will now randomly sit at the same position for up to 30 seconds.

•    Made some fixes with how the building data and teleport location data is loaded.
•    Killing yourself with the “End Key” now displays a message of "[PLAYERNAME] used the unstuck key to flee [PLAYER INFANTRY SEX] existence in this world."
•    Buying new characters at the PCTS should no longer force players to exit and re-enter the zones to buy another character.
•    The Abomination Attack now causes the military base to lose power, now that the military base works correctly after the last patch the Abominations were unable to get out due to the base killing them first.
•    Reduced the sight range of housing secrurity cameras from 70 meters to 25 meters so they don't shoot a mile down the road at you.
•    Rearranged the code more for my own sanity 🦌
Bug Fixes:•    Skoda Superb’s windows now have projectile collisions.
•    Gmax Shipping Truck Adjustments:

  • LODs have been fixed.
  • Text has been brightened.
  • Fixed headlights and Tail lights.
  • More suspension height.


•    ODRDNPA Fixes:

  • Bounty payout is now distributed between all players.
  • Event should no longer leave Daves Arrows laying around.
  • No longer gives payouts if it self destructs. 

•    Housing and Security:

  • Bill autopay SHOULD now correctly appear when a player logs in if they’ve been charged when offline.
  • House Security now ignores the Maser Of Disguise perk.
  • Changed how the perk “Advanced Security” unlocks and it should unlock sooner now.
  • Stability changes that should result in less server crashing.
  • Turrets should no longer deploy if no one owns the house.

•    Cleaned up some vehicle textures and shininess masks.
•    Moved a random bush off the road (super exciting I know).
•    Transport hovercraft has its foam trails once again which was lost when it was turned to its new white skin.
•    AI won’t spawn with the Cupid Bow anymore.
•    Weapon “Organs Gun” now has costs money.
•    Some bug fixes with pets that should make them more stable to use in general.
•    PCT no heal zones now correctly work once more, no more getting full health and armor (which you should have to buy) buy simply pressing refill at the PCT.
•    Fixed a housing bug that was causing apartments not to register security systems (turrets and doors) correctly.
•    Fixed a bug with how pins were being saved, there shouldn’t be anymore issues with this system hopefully.
•    Harrier is hopefully not a buggy pile of crap anymore.
•    Cleaned up some weapon grant and drop code, might not have fixed anything but makes me happier.
•    Fixed a housing bug that was causing the player to die in order to access their weapons cupboards after purchasing a house.
•    Fixed a bug causing houses to change the player weather to the arctic instead of indoors.
•    Fixed the weather system slowly being corrupted each time a player spawns in their home.
•    Housing security cameras will no longer attack empty vehicle or player vehicles (Thanks again to seifmagdi for getting me some ASM code that makes it easy to detect if the vehicle is AI controlled).
•   Hopefully fixed a bug that was allowing AI to randomly decide they hate you.

Crash Fixes:•    Fixed a crash caused by sitting on the (enter your perk number) screen and letting the server run for more than a minute and a half.
•    Fixed a crash caused by players that had more than 5 perks (could happen if you had the long in streak perk unlock).
•    A69’s nuke was overflowing memory, so if you did enough crime it could cause a memory overflow, this has been fixed.
•    Fixed a crash with the ECW dynamic clocks (It crashed on the testing server at least, so I’ve made the potential impossible). 
•    Fixed a crash with the code that made civilian vehicles follow roads.
•   I think I've fixed a crash that happens the first 5 minutes of gameplay and possibly randomly after that.

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