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  1. Very sad news, sorry to hear we've lost another very creative person in the community. I hope you guys have luck finding more of his works, I know one of my biggest fears would be the loss of what I've worked on over the years.
  2. [blurb]Added new physics, added a new job, 6 new vehicles, event updates, crash fixes, bug fixes, and more.[/blurb] Giving a little taste for the patch that I plan to release on the 7th for the event. New Features/Improvements: • Thank you Seifmagdi for your skills with ASM code! Due to this the following improvements have been made: Vehicle speed gauges now correctly show the speed of what the engine thinks the vehicle is traveling, the result is that the numbers don’t jump around all random anymore. Chinook helicopters, and other vehicle transports, can now “throw” vehicles by dropping them while in motion. Crashing aircraft now carry their motion over into the crash, no more falling straight down! Random vehicle damage while traveling at high speeds shouldn’t happen anymore! • Players can now buy up to 10 perk slots! (Yes! This is very expensive, 550,000,000 in total if you’re getting them all from scratch). You can only select up to 5 perks on non-San Casina maps. • A new "House" has been added, this "home" is an ex Area 69 Outpost right along the desert highway: It features 3 weapons lockers, a mini fridge, and item safe. It has purchasable security. One vehicle parking spot. And one aircraft parking spot. • Added the Gmax Shipping Job: Players have to take an intake test to deliver packages for Gmax Shipping, this intake test requires at least a 60% to pass, failing the test makes the player wait a minute before taking it again. Once a player has passed the delivery test they can buy a Gmax Shipping Truck, once inside the truck the player is given a package and an address to deliver the package to. Upon delivering the package at the address the package will be picked up by the owner within two minutes, upon which the driver is paid. Players can set down a package at any time and get back in the truck to get a new one (old package will eventually disappear). Players can steal other players DROPED OFF packages, this will get them a random item. Players that lose more than 3 packages in a row will be fired, lose all raises, and have to retake the entry test. Sometimes packages will be a letter bomb, if you hear suspicious sounds call 911 to have all letter bombs removed from your inventory. Added 11 new delivery package items for the player inventory for the Gmax shipping Job. • Added 6 new vehicles: Fiat Tipo Honda E Mazda 6 Tesla Model Y Toyota Land Cruiser Vehicle Transport - a vehicle transporter • Dodge Viper now has 6 alt colors (Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Red, White). • Main bridge no-longer has vehicle collisions by the sidewalks that trap vehicles up on the sidewalk. • Cargo Hovercraft can now carry a vehicle (even as large as a Mad Deer). • Maxwell Cat Event Updates: Maxwell will last at least 5 minutes longer now. Maxwell the Cat now chooses spots nearby randomly more often so it doesn’t spend a quarter of its time walking back and forth between the desert and the city. Maxwell will no longer pay players that are unspawned. Maxwell Cat now has a weapon name so that it no longer gives odd kill strings. Civilian traffic should now yield for Maxwell instead of driving straight into him. Maxwell will now randomly sit at the same position for up to 30 seconds. • Made some fixes with how the building data and teleport location data is loaded. • Killing yourself with the “End Key” now displays a message of "[PLAYERNAME] used the unstuck key to flee [PLAYER INFANTRY SEX] existence in this world." • Buying new characters at the PCTS should no longer force players to exit and re-enter the zones to buy another character. • The Abomination Attack now causes the military base to lose power, now that the military base works correctly after the last patch the Abominations were unable to get out due to the base killing them first. • Reduced the sight range of housing secrurity cameras from 70 meters to 25 meters so they don't shoot a mile down the road at you. • Rearranged the code more for my own sanity 🦌 Bug Fixes:• Skoda Superb’s windows now have projectile collisions. • Gmax Shipping Truck Adjustments: LODs have been fixed. Text has been brightened. Fixed headlights and Tail lights. More suspension height. • ODRDNPA Fixes: Bounty payout is now distributed between all players. Event should no longer leave Daves Arrows laying around. No longer gives payouts if it self destructs. • Housing and Security: Bill autopay SHOULD now correctly appear when a player logs in if they’ve been charged when offline. House Security now ignores the Maser Of Disguise perk. Changed how the perk “Advanced Security” unlocks and it should unlock sooner now. Stability changes that should result in less server crashing. Turrets should no longer deploy if no one owns the house. • Cleaned up some vehicle textures and shininess masks. • Moved a random bush off the road (super exciting I know). • Transport hovercraft has its foam trails once again which was lost when it was turned to its new white skin. • AI won’t spawn with the Cupid Bow anymore. • Weapon “Organs Gun” now has costs money. • Some bug fixes with pets that should make them more stable to use in general. • PCT no heal zones now correctly work once more, no more getting full health and armor (which you should have to buy) buy simply pressing refill at the PCT. • Fixed a housing bug that was causing apartments not to register security systems (turrets and doors) correctly. • Fixed a bug with how pins were being saved, there shouldn’t be anymore issues with this system hopefully. • Harrier is hopefully not a buggy pile of crap anymore. • Cleaned up some weapon grant and drop code, might not have fixed anything but makes me happier. • Fixed a housing bug that was causing the player to die in order to access their weapons cupboards after purchasing a house. • Fixed a bug causing houses to change the player weather to the arctic instead of indoors. • Fixed the weather system slowly being corrupted each time a player spawns in their home. • Housing security cameras will no longer attack empty vehicle or player vehicles (Thanks again to seifmagdi for getting me some ASM code that makes it easy to detect if the vehicle is AI controlled). • Hopefully fixed a bug that was allowing AI to randomly decide they hate you. Crash Fixes:• Fixed a crash caused by sitting on the (enter your perk number) screen and letting the server run for more than a minute and a half. • Fixed a crash caused by players that had more than 5 perks (could happen if you had the long in streak perk unlock). • A69’s nuke was overflowing memory, so if you did enough crime it could cause a memory overflow, this has been fixed. • Fixed a crash with the ECW dynamic clocks (It crashed on the testing server at least, so I’ve made the potential impossible). • Fixed a crash with the code that made civilian vehicles follow roads. • I think I've fixed a crash that happens the first 5 minutes of gameplay and possibly randomly after that.
  3. A couple of months ago, I was inspired to add scrolling marquees to ECW. While digging through the code, I was angered by how poorly so much of it was written, which spooled into a massive refactor and cleanup effort, which in turn spooled into adding some new content. Thus, I give you... Expansive Civilian Warfare - version! New Features: A new boat - the Russian Komar-class missile boat has been sighted in the waters around San Casina! This small but fast boat is armed with 2 KT-67 missile launchers and a 25mm gun. Players can now see all their high scores in game on five scrolling marquees placed around the city. In addition to announcing any disasters currently happening, these will also display the current temperature, as well as any special events that building might currently be having. Housing: Housing Security has been completely redone with the addition of new security camera models, as well as a new security option that upgrades your cameras from the base model to something more powerful. All houses (including apartments) now have security cameras. The apartments now have one free camera that respawns roughly 5 minutes after death. The Mars and Forest houses will keep their 3 free cameras to balance not having a garage. All homes now have a fridge and a weapons safe, which means all homes can now store a combination of 3-5 weapons/items. Housing security zones will now trigger from AI entering them as well. The score for intruding in a house now requires the house to have a security package that detects intruders. “House for sale” signs will now correctly re-appear instantly when the house goes back up for sale. The automatic payment system for security has been reworked; You can no longer pay it a day in advance as before, so be sure to enable auto-pay if you want to keep your security more than 5 days. If the player is in game when their housing and security is renewed, they will now get a message about it. Pets are finally smart enough to use house doors, and will no longer fight with the house defenses. The CZ-75 has been added along with a drum mag that holds 50 rounds. There are three new disasters, two of which you may have already seen some info about. They are very meme-ey, very creative and relatively complex. Fireworks have been added! (These are the same fireworks that were seen in the recent Renegade Event). The portable igloo has been added! This item acts as mini tank trap, but slowly melts when the weather is above 32F. Added 10 new civilian vehicles: Skoda Superb Chevy Volt Volkswagen Golf Subaru Legacy Dodge Viper Chevy Tahoe Honda Pilot Mustang GT Gmax Shipping Truck The M978 Tanker Truck has been added! It can be driven down to the gas station, filled with fuel, and then used as a pseudo bomb truck (mix it with the suicide bomb for extra effect). Roughly 10 new easter eggs have been added! I would expect new players to find these first, as a lot of the easter eggs are in reference to things that already existed but did nothing previously. A total of 4 new perks have been added! Two of them are related to housing. 15 new high scores have been added, mostly related to the new events! Improvements/Changes: Cop AI will now attempt to dodge vehicles as well as move to stay out of their target’s line of fire. The Church bell system has been reworked completely. In the 7 years the bell has been in game I have only heard it ring once, maybe twice, and this was due to multiple issues. One was that a player had to be within 300 meters to see the animation (sound was tied to the animation), and the other was that it only went off twice a day – once at noon and once again at midnight. Now the bell rings on the hour, every hour, one ring per count of the hour (up to 12, then it starts over). The church has been changed into a church for the Cult of Deer, and as such, any prayer/event text has been realigned accordingly. Pepper A Salt gun has been nerfed greatly and will no longer get one shot kills on humans. However, it is now ten times as effective against mutants. The player login streak system now grants the player an extra perk slot if they hold a streak for 10 days or more. However, daily payouts have now been reduced, and each day gives 25k, stacking up to 250k at the 10-day mark. The turrets in the military base now have indicator lights so players know when they have power, or a lack thereof. This is useful for when players cut power to the military base via the wind turbines. In addition, the BWP maintenance boat has had its respawn time increased from roughly 20 minutes up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. The Littlebird has had its exit positions tightened up. This will make it easier to use when trying to get out on top of a small object. Added another pump jack. Hint: It is in a cold area. Large planes like the Boeing 747 and C130 now have collision detection on the wings, so be cautious when flying between buildings. Additionally, they will now have a bit of tilt when they move vertically. The sun is no longer a sad, small, dim spot. I have reverted it to an upscaled version of the stock Renegade sun. There is something about trees here in my notes… not sure what changed, looks pretty much the same to me. The nuclear power plant now has an additional stack of barrels for the Cargo job. The barrels at the nuclear power plant also respawn faster, giving the player more reason to revisit it. Civilian cars now drive more aggressively. I’ve tweaked the way the road point system works so they don’t try to brake instantly when getting to the last point. This will result in more vehicles getting into wrecks, but I think the faster traffic is a massive improvement. Modern clients will now start with extras enabled by default. No more having to type “extras” at the game start to access the second page of the PT menus. The price of the following vehicles has been increased: Abrams AC130 A10 Apache APC Chinook DPV, Harrier Paladin, Hydra Nuclear ICBM Launcher Ion Cannon Satellite Leopard Dropship Mammoth Hovercraft MRLS V22 Osprey Railgun Hover Tank Scud Launcher Urban Defense Vehicle IFV War Train. *The Pirate Ship had its price decreased. Using the redial system on the phone now displays the number pulled up in HUD text like the rest of the dialing system. Made Dusk a bit brighter, also made morning brighter and use more warm colors. Many cars now have different engine torque curves to make them feel more distinct, which results in what often feels like a hesitant transmission. Bug Fixes: The Van now has a proper Multi PT option, allowing you to switch between the white and black version and no longer spawns the broken old yellow model. Vehicle drop cinematics have been tweaked so that they no longer stall during the last second of their animation. Police Littlebird was missing a death explosion when it hit the ground - this has been fixed. The mysterious Tower’s collision has been improved. Fixed a bug with the map voting system that allowed players to change the map after a vote had been completed. The forever ash bug should now hopefully be fixed. It was caused by any item that could be placed, as well as a few things people probably didn’t realize were items (handcuffs). Fixed a bug with the recon plane job that caused its objectives to appear outside the bounds of the map. Players shall no longer witness AI planes flying backwards. The code that caused it has been fixed and we are now free from that blight. AI planes now have proper forward collision detection. Fixed some weapons PT holders disappearing too early due to LOD. Added some way paths that might help the AI navigate odd parts of the map. Renamed all text that had “debit cards” being called “credit cards”. Some minor phone bugs which could leave the call going on until the player hits the clear key have been fixed. Fixed a bug with the disaster system that was not always resetting how much damage the player had done, resulting in players who did not do any damage getting payouts. Fixed a major bug with the military base defenses that would cause them to not fire at targets. This issue turns out to have been caused by the drop-in animation. The drop technically creates them way up in the air, so the defense AI would look at where they were created and then scan from that location, which caused the issue. Changed the turrets and Anti-Missile System in A69 to be of type tank instead of turret, because it turns out that the fly-in was causing their actual position to be desynced client side, which is why sometimes players could not see them shooting when in reality, they were. As a result, for the first time in what feels like 10 years, you will see the Anti-Missile Systems shooting once again! Wii score record is now tracked for the Wiis that can be destroyed. Reduced the default draw distance of the modern client to 1000, as a lot of players struggled to run at 2k with the modern client at a decent frame rate. Improved overall game stability - I doubt I fixed all the issues that caused it to crash on the next map load, but it should be better now. MA_Island should be stable now as well - The map has been re-saved and re-exported, which should fix the issues from script(s) that had missing parameters. The War Train no longer counts as a job, being it is a war vehicle. Made some additional stability fixes to the server; I am not sure if these are actually going to improve anything, but time will tell. A larger patch was planned originally, but a surprise ECW event was created one day before my birthday, so I figured we might as well make the event as big as possible with what is ready. Enjoy! [blurb][/blurb]
  4. Haha thanks, don't do it as often as I used to, usually comes in short bursts nowadays.
  5. [blurb]This release adds new pets, an item, redesigns the weather/temperature screen fade system, adds discord integration to the modern client, and more![/blurb]This release adds new pets, an item, redesigns the weather/temperature screen fade system, adds discord integration to the modern client, and more! New Features Food and drinks now modify your body temperature! If your body temperature is up by a degree it takes about a minute to get back to normal. Consumable Degrees Pizza +2.0 Water Bottle -5.0 Burger +2.0 Burgershot Meal +4.0 Cluckn Bell Meal +4.0 Coffee +10.0 Fries +1.0 Popcorn +1.0 Soda Cup -10.0 Soda Can -5.0 Completely redid the weather and heat screen fading system, it is now better tied in with the damage, heat, and other systems that used to fade the screen. Now eating too much hot or cold food will fade the screen as your body temperature gets to high or low, in addition placed fires will also fade the screen visibly. Also while improving this system I came across the bug that causes your screen to throb when your injured sometimes, I’ve always liked the affect so instead it is now properly coded into the system and will happen reliably. A new item, the coffee cup has been added, it has the same attributes as the soda cup except it gives heat instead of takes it. Added two new pets to the pet system; one is the turkey, a weak but cheap pet. The other is a mystery and is definitely not totally overpowered in anyway. Modern Client Update 1.4 Discord integration has been added thanks to Unstoppable's work! VSync is no longer needed in the modern client, it will frame cap at 300 and also uses proper refresh rates (Thanks to Dblaney1). Other tweaks and fixes may apply that were in the last 4.7.2 Renegade update (and technically it has everything that was in the latest 4.7.3 release too). Tweaks/Improvements Pop can price has been reduced from $75 to $25 Pets are now smart enough to switch to a secondary weapon… not that there are any pets that have one… The old energy shield script has been improved to be able to use more than 100 shield… not that there are any units that have more than 100. Taxis are now much more forgiving if the player jumps out and resummons it right away again, they’ll let the player do this roughly 3 times before getting tired of them and just leaving. Taxis no longer try to use the map’s pathfind grid to get to their first road point, this was causing them to drive all over the place before following the road… I suspect I originally did this because there is a rare opportunity for the AI to be moved by another unit or miss their first point, in which case it would spend a bunch of time stuck before getting back on path. However, the way it was working pretty much always made it drive like a complete nut until getting to the first point. Bug Fixes Weapons crate now tells you the weapon is full instead of giving you some abstract “No ammo for this weapon” message. When drinking too much of something it used to say something along the lines of “I can’t take anymore” now it says “I can’t drink anymore.” Lighting effects in the night club now better respect damage and heat effects (it's far from perfect). Server Patches (Updated 5/17/2022) The following are issues I found post push to the server and will be rolled out for all people hosting in the next patch. Fixed a bug causing the Multi PT's arrows to be mis-positioned on the 4.x client (not sure if this was a recent bug added by 4.x updates or if I had been missing it all along). Fixed an issue causing one of the pet PT's to be invisible (id collision). More improvements to the pet AI: Pets are now on the Renegade Team. Pets now actually use line of sight to do attacks. Pets will no longer attack the vehicle the player is in. Pets can now fight other pets and ignore other pets you own. Fixed an issue with the new pet perks causing them not to load. And that's all for this release, have fun!
  6. Technically the physics is glitching at any framerate that's different than 60, it just gets more issues the further from 60 you get. As far as hardware goes all we have to test with is screens that do 300, I saw no increase in studders compared to having vsync on/off with the new cap (Can't test without vsync on the old version because its literally unplayable being the game is constantly running at 1000+ fps on my laptop). Heck, emitter motion inheritance breaks if you go above 30fps lol luckily nothing in stock game even makes use of the feature. Looks like screens that have refresh rates at 360Hz exist now, but my desire to shell out 500 bucks to test Renegade's performance on such hardware is kind of low lol. New players that join have tendency of bringing up their game is broken, IE: They can't jump or there is constant footstep noise, I've only had 3 or 4 people come to me about the issue the last couple years but just like any issue, if it's bad enough some people just quit instead of trying to debug it. Also, as far as servers are concerned if you can lock them at 60 that'll be best for the physics, if there is a lot of variance it will only make the physics sync up worse (movements between the frame deltas get miscalculated).
  7. [blurb]We've added a new weapon and cupid deer model for Valentines day![/blurb]Early happy Valentine’s Day! For any players that end up bored tomorrow, ECW is happy to bring you the Cupid Deer celebration! Players joining tomorrow will play as the cupid deer (Special thanks to @ Romanov ). In addition, players will as be granted the Cupid bow! A weapon that heals 25% of a soldier’s health each hit, but if the soldier is full health the bow will be an instant kill. The event will start the 14th at midnight CST and go on until midnight of the 15th CST. As a side note the launcher has been fixed so the play now button allows you to launch the modern or original client correctly! Have a good cupid day!
  8. [blurb]We're excited to kick off the new year with updates from APB, GZ, and Crazy Co-Op![/blurb]Welcome to the 26th edition of W3D Weekly! And the first of 2022! We already have a bunch of exciting progress to kick off the new year! Jerad's Crazy Co-Op @ Jerad2142 finally got around to uploading a video of the Gobbling Gorge as well as updated made it so the turkeys that fly in during the final boss can be shot down. Bear Island has been updated,@ Jerad2142 has added a bonus turkey objective to the map in an attempt to address broke players that join in the later midgame when pumpjacks have not been activated/repaired; currently, this often leaves players struggling to get that initial cash needed to get a vehicle or engineer to accomplish some of the objectives and get their own cash flow rolling. This turkey objective spawns some turkeys near the main base providing safety and a simple if not grindy method to make money. These turkeys spawn for roughly the first 28 minutes until the last 5 minutes before they flee into the wild. Players hunting them can make roughly 100 a minute if they are good at hunting them down. Crazy Co-Op/ECW Stats Website In addition to updating Bear Island @ Jerad2142 is working on a few updates for the website (http://Jerad2142.com). ALL - Adding a feature so when you go under a player's stats you can hover over each score listed and see a little popup of who has the top score. In addition, scores you currently hold a record for will show up in gold. (Renhalo is WIP). Bear Island - Addition of the turkey objective stats (killed turkeys and collected turkeys). Bear Island - Tweaking the Rank system so it takes in account of the new turkey objective, probably just making them count for 0.1 of a rank at best if you're the top of the stats. Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero @ CMDBob is at it once again! The next stage of rigging @ Synaesthesia 's structures has been completed, this time with the Hand of Nod! Just like the Airstrip, the elevator that was once there has been replaced with a ramp, which makes getting around quickly much easier. On a personal note, @ Killing_You has gone on record and stated that this is his favorite building in the entirety of W3D History! You might notice that the PTs from the Airstrip aren't present. That's because they've been replaced with a new model that will be the standard for PTs in GZ going forward. See if you can spot them in this weekly and the next before we officially show them off! Red Alert: A Path Beyond RA_Volcano is seeing some pretty major adjustments from our friend @ ryknow69 ! Overhead Map Comparison <- Before and After -> We've included a few screenshots of the rework below, including the remodeled volcano itself and all the infantry tunnels running through it. There is more planned and it's definitely not dressed up yet, so keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress. Until Next Week!Happy New Year's Guys! Stay tuned for next week's update!
  9. Just a small hotfix to address a few issues that have been spotted with the recent rollout of the 4.x client as well as some more long lasting issues. Both Full and Modern Client New secret vehicle cannot fire during certain states anymore. SCUD launcher targeting systems (missile sub included) should now show ammo correctly client side instead of always showing Added server-side code to allow for renaming players and deleting accounts (mostly for me for pruning up the data). Crime Bounty is no longer capped at $25,000,000.00; it now can proceed past that point although is drastically slower. Modern Client Weapon Ejections no longer make bounce sounds/hit effects as they were super spammy and did not make sense for some weapons (metal sounds with shotgun shells/plasma weapons/food). Max Island message sound now be fixed (Caps for the data class were increased by 4 times, so it might just crash instead, public testing adventure!). As a note we're still working on cleaning up some launcher issues, people are just busy with life for the time being, so I do apologize for the hoops that this patch will make the 3.4.4 users hop though to get it working again.
  10. I am pleased to announce that a 4.x client has been created for ECW. Players can now connect to the ECW server with a more modern engine that outperforms the original in many ways. In addition to the new client, ECW is also getting two new vehicles and many other tweaks and updates! Modern Client Let it be known that this client is a rough alpha and does expect to see new bugs and issues. However, initial testing has shown tons of improvements, including: Proper widescreen support Aircraft no longer leave sound effects behind when taking off Mechs do not leave footprints everywhere Hovercraft hover code has been optimized and should be vastly more stable Increased stability for other sound effects, like radios. General stability improvements for the client Animations play from much further away, windmills now appear to turn from a distance! The new client beats the old 3.4.4 release in almost every way except framerate, because of that I will be maintaining both clients for the foreseeable future just in case some people with older hardware can’t handle it. Client Configuration This client is a very rough draft so it currently does not have proper launcher setting configuration, so here is a little guide to get you setup and going while the proper launcher is being finalized: To get to the basic graphical settings to go to the game’s install folder, easiest way to access this is just through the launcher Once there, open config.exe as ADMIN and it should be smooth sailing from there. Changing draw distance - To change the draw distance, go to the install folder, then go to the data folder. There you will find a file call tt.ini in it there is a field called DrawDistance, this can be any value between 300-4000. Changing Dazzle Settings – Go into the install folder’s data folder, there you will find a DazzleConfigSettings.ini, change the values you want. New Vehicles With this update ECW gets two new vehicles: Dodge Grand Caravan A new secret military vehicle that I am not going to spoil here. Originally, I had planned to add several other vehicles, however, the addition of a new client to help people getting black screens took priority. Improvements And Bug Fixes Updated the shiny effect on several vehicles to prevent weird colors in white light. Charger seat count is now accurate Fixed the alpha channels of many of the plants so they do not have obvious outlines Removed an oddity from ammunition, apparently it had several texture projectors all these years that were not visible in the 3.4.4 version, however in 4.x they were. These have been removed and hopefully improves performance in both releases “Noon” time of day now has warmer colors and is slightly brighter “Morning” time of day is more of a yellow now and brighter in the shadows. “Night” and “Dusk” shadow areas have been made brighter Known Issues There are of course several known issues with the new client, this is mostly due to the desire to release the client to the public rather than spending a couple more weeks polishing it: If the modern client doesn't launch you might have to go to the "install folder" and run config.exe as admin at least once. The new client current runs as “Rengade”. This is something that will be cleaned up in the weeks to come Some menus list keys on top of text, in the traditional 3.4.4 release of ECW we resource hacked those away, but 4.x is a bit more robust and requires more research before it can be cleaned up Currently you will have to launch the modern client through the games listing on the play now button. Have fun! [blurb]With the latest version of ECW; you get two new vehicles, a new client to join the server on, as well as many other changes![/blurb]
  11. Snowmobile fix would require some pretty heavy engine lift, maybe someday if I find 5.x suitable and they fix the physics bug it'll be fixed, basically it suffers from the same issue that the RC vehicles do. Excellent, I think I got it on sale for like 20 bucks when it was normally 50, little disappointed that I didn't notice it was one with the older tail lights but it still makes the police force look much more modern I'd say.
  12. [blurb]First patch of the new year brings several new units as well as many improvements! Hope you enjoy! [/blurb] First patch of the new year brings several new units as well as many improvements! Hope you enjoy! New Features A Dodge Charger has been added to the civilian unit roster. It is RWD, does 0-60 in about 5 seconds, with a top speed of about 200 MPH. (I wanted to do Mustangs and a few others but the license for these vehicles requires you email Ford to ask permission and I honestly couldn’t be bothered.) The San Casina Police Force has now upgraded to these Dodge Chargers as well, although they use a slightly older model than the civilian version. Their Charger is AWD, does 0-60 in a little under 5 seconds, and also has a top speed of about 200 MPH so they are almost identical in stats and performance. A new mech, the Juggernaut, has also been added to the fighting force. This mech has twin gatling guns as well as dual-particle cannons. It can overcharge its weapons as well in addition to its normal mech abilities. Fixes and Improvements Fixed a bug in the file hashing making it much slower than it had to be. Hopefully this fixes players who were stuck waiting for long periods of time (to the point of thinking they had crashed on initial load). Removed a bunch of old textures that were no longer in use. Fixed DM_MysteriousForest not ending at game over. Reduced the opacity of vehicle dazzle effects so they are less blinding at daylight times. The AI Police DeLorean no longer has super sight (for some reason it was able to see up to 1000 meters instead of 300). 15 more buildings can now catch fire. Morning and dusk times of the day are now brighter. Check-in streaks now will always work even if the server hasn’t crashed since the player had last earned one. The 3 mech PTs now are re-placed randomly at the 3 locations every time one is bought. Hotfix Quick fix for the Police Charger's LOD was snuck in, on low LOD it looked like the lights were on.
  13. Enjoy a small hotfix for the holidays! The server will also have 10x payouts for jobs Christmas day (being the 25th CST).[blurb]Enjoy a small hotfix for the holidays! The server will also have 10x payouts for jobs Christmas day (being the 25th CST).[/blurb] Bug Fixes/Improvements: Updated the credits file (It was missing some creators of 3D models). Fixed some typos Defaulted the Nuclear Power Plant dazzle setting to 0 for max client performance. Fix for the infinite ammo/money glitch when players had tons of money in the bank and bought a weapon with cheap ammo. Added some more animal animations. Tornados now ignore players that are in spawn mode. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
  14. Version 1.0.2


    Renegade Chaos Edition randomly swaps all sounds and textures in the game for a truly "original" experience.
  15. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-rat-mouse/891068
  16. Time for a late 2020 update! Added some new weapons, animals, and performance enhancements for online play! New Features: Added a new config file called DazzleConfigSettings.ini (in the data folder) which allows players to reduce or disable dazzles in game. Due to the research of Veyrdite and GeneralCamo it was discovered that the dazzles (the Nuclear Power Plant specifically) were hitting some computers extremely hard (I never noticed because when developing ECW you have to host the game, and it always runs pretty crappy in that case). The dazzles file has been added with a default setting that only has the red lights turned on the Nuclear Power Plant, which should help significantly increase player FPS, and you can turn more off by tweaking it. As a note you will have to restart the game each time you change these settings. Two new pets; the Cow and Mouse have been added! Good luck on the hunt! A new weapon has been added, the Pepper A Salt gun (same gun from Bear Island) has been added so you can annoy players with poofs of salt. A new item, the Portable Pump Jack has been added (once again, same thing as from Bear Island). This item will give the player a slow trickle of money when placed close to other pump jacks. Added 4 new high scores all relating to the Portable Pump Jack. Removed all EA branding as requested by the new community modding guidelines. Bug Fixes: Minor housing fixes so the remaining time updates when players are not on the main map. Fixes to the crap code that is responsible for preventing the random 2-billion-dollar flood that shows up once in a while. Made the Vengeance PT lower so players could access it without jumping. Light vehicle armor no longer takes melee damage. Tornados no longer pick up players in spawn (post patch server side only right now 11/14/2020) [blurb]New Pets, Weapons, and Performance Buffs![/blurb] Side Note: I have added some new file validation (did it as part of the system to change the dazzle effects). You might notice a slower load time for the game.
  17. With the release of scripts 4.7 it's now time for yet another Bear Island update!New Stuff: • Mice now run around the base at the start of the game. Players can kill them for a little cash and to burn time while they wait for other players to join/start the game. • The top 11 players will now start the game off as distinct deer from each W3D Mod as well as a Renegade deer and Renhalo deer. • Added 4 new weapons that are purely for bragging rights: Fire Axe – A powerful melee weapon unlocked by getting over 1,000 normal animal kills. Knife – A weak melee weapon unlocked by getting over 4,000 mutant kills. Ruger 10/22 – A weak long-range instant hit weapon unlocked by playing for over 1,000 minutes. And one last weapon I am going to keep secret; Easily unlocked once you figure out what you must do. • Added 2 new items: The Portable Pumpjack, a bonus reward for completing 100 side objectives. This item gives a very slow trickle of money. Placement affects payout. The milk bottle, an item that will slowly regenerate your health after drinking it. Unlocked by completing the cow objective. • Two new objectives: Find the lost cow – returning the lost cow to the new barn (which is outside the main base) will grant the player the milk bottle. Secret objective • Added 11 new high scores for the new objectives • Voices on bear island can no longer overlap. New voices will stop old ones • The StatsWebsite has been updated to display the new scores, also added the ability to export all scores into an excel document so users can crunch that data however they like. Tweaks and Bug Fixes:• Objective [blurb]New Animals, Objectives, Ranking, bug fixes, and more![/blurb]Fixes Fixed a bug with the cougar objective that was causing a pink star to show up on the radar at 0,0,0 Turret Truck objective no longer spams objective stars Fixed a bug that could cause the side objectives to number wrong. • Many score fixes: Fixed some scores that were being worded wrong. Fixed the cougar objective not being counted as a side objective Fixed oil rigs and weapon containers not adding to proper score tracking Fixed a bug with the turret truck’s score C4 vest score fixed • Mutant attack tweaks: Minor difficulty buffs to the mutant assault (more health). Mutants no longer die when attacking non-moving objective targets. Fixed a massive bug with how mutants attacked the President of Corporate America. At some point I broke the code and many mutants surrounding the POCA were not doing damage to him. Fixed a bug causing mutants not to properly rush the POCA in a last-ditch effort before the gates close. • Wildlife Tweaks: Wildlife AI improved to avoid the player better Wildlife now rotate much faster so they can flee quicker Wildlife now gets cleaned up at the same point the last normal bears disappear. Normally, the mutants kill all the wildlife but it was previously possible to have some manage to hide and live until the end of the round, which could only waste networking at a best-case scenario. • Miscellaneous: Fixed the billboard LOD’s so they do not disappear super early Updated billboard advertising Turrets and alarms now use the new physics type for texture projectors for lights. Cleared out 127 unused animal animations Updated the credits to include people I missed Added the landing animations for all animal weapon poses as the engine now uses Land animations besides the A0L# set. Massive VIS improvements. Fixed dazzles on the factory disappearing too soon.[blurb]New weapons, objectives, animals, bug fixes, and more![/blurb] Final Boss’ head can now be shot. It was a bug that it could not be hit previously. Friendly AI have had massive improvements to their kill system, so they get kill cash properly. Reduced the voice spam for killing 10 animals in a row. It now only plays once per game per player. Massive spawn system improvements so the player will not spawn in sight of the Final Boss. Reduced the payout of the engineer objective being they are so useful. Tweaked the safe teleport distances. Players should no longer spawn on the other side of walls if their spot was blocked. MA_Bear_Island.zip
  18. [blurb]Housing and other server side fixes, as well as new hardware for the ECW server![/blurb]Hardware updateUpgraded the ECW server (was running an i5-3570, now running an i7-4770). Initial tests show much better SFPs, lowest I ever saw during a disaster was the nuclear disaster with 10 SFPS (there was one point where the framerate dropped way down but fairly sure it was caused by bad physics). Housing Scripts updates• Fixed a bunch of issues with the housing system: I noticed recently that a couple players had homes that hadn’t been online in over 3 months, after looking at the code I discovered it was only counting time while players were in game, this has been fixed. Expect those homes to open up within the next month or so. The Bill Auto Pay message now displays correctly with the proper information. Bill Auto Pay is now cheaper in general (lowered the surcharge). Bill Auto Pay now scales depending on the rent period so players with short rent times don’t get ripped off horribly. Server Scripts updates from back in March:• Several fixes with the secret object added last patch that allowed its position to be desynced client side. • A certain secret character can’t use vehicles or be favorited anymore. • Previously mentioned character won’t be attacked by other characters of its type. • A few phone fixes, it should disconnect from the previous call for most numbers now (let me know if you find one that doesn’t). • Housing Improvements that let you know when your house can’t have security. • Added a key to quickly to quickly repurchase defenses on your home. • Made several fixes to the housing system. FPS Improvement DemoBelow is a quick video of one of the disaster events, as you can see it's holding closer to ~20 FPS, where it used to drop as low as 5-7 at times.
  19. Oh heck I probably looked at this like 5 times and didn't notice it.
  20. https://gyazo.com/95737e922bb98ce23ea7a8cd45251c3d Maybe it was a network hiccup, looks happy now.
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