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  1. Hey guys. The Second Phase of the Competition started a few days back and we are proud to announce that we reached the TOP 100! This wouldn't be possible at all without every single one of you this year, but also the previous years, let's keep it up! But the Spice must flow, so let's hit the TOP 10 in the Upcoming Games category, I wanted to aim for #1 but Wolf said that's unfair for the others 😕 You can vote in general on as many games as you want and we would appreciate it a lot o/ 3 Days are left till the Indie of the Year Competition ends so be sure to vote for Battle
  2. November Development Update: 'Weapons of Assassins' Hey guys, it is me again and welcome back to Dev Blog #131 of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins! Last time we covered a great many things, primarily making sure you guys were all caught up on where we are now and where we're going. To continue building on that, in this update we will cover a part of the Arsenal that will be at your disposal soon/tm/. As well as touching on the upcoming Maps that are in progress, and their different variations! Lastly we have Team Death Match, a brand new Game mode coming to Battle For Dune, yes it s
  3. Unusual mix made by me and inspired by two soundtracks at the same time. I was experimenting with Dune universe, and I tried to put some Red Alert style inside. Suggested as a music for "Expanse RTS" videogame. VSTi "Synapse Audio Software DUNE I" is included, as well as classic Roland sounds. Frank Klepacki, however, is using SAS DUNE II. As he said, it is more comfortable to use, and it has more sounds. https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/insidious-night http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/dune_st/Dune_-_Insidious_Night.mp3
  4. The best orchestra and electronics mix I can offer today. I hope you enjoy it, I was composing it from scratch. I also extended it, but during the process there was some mess with rhythm, but it is okay. Also suggested this to developers of Red Sun RTS, they said it is a good soundtrack for their next videogame, Expanse RTS, and they will probably add this and other tracks from this line to their new real-time strategy game which is already on Google Play! https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/poisoned-extended http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/dune_st/Dune_-_Poisoned_Extend
  5. The second masterpiece I made from scratch after Barren World and before the remake of Red Alert Menu Theme. Just about perfect. Almost. If only I could make it more diverse... https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/the-sea-of-mighty-sand download.ccassault.com/museum/music/dune_st/Dune_-_The_Sea_of_Mighty_Sand.mp3 P. S.: Suggested for Expanse RTS devs too. They appreciate it.
  6. [blurb]From the desolate world of Arrakis comes this update on the Guild and Tleilaxu's operation in the War of Assassins. Be wary of the horrors inside![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_woa.0.png[/thumb]Hello and welcome to this April Battle for Dune: War of Assassins update! We have a terrible habit of being silent, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working!! The Guild and the Tleilaxu The current state of Arrakis: The 3 last Great House of the Landsraad have been fighting for control over Arrakis for what feels like an age, with each side looking to be on the b
  7. Battle for Dune: War of Assassins have released their latest update! This update features what the team have been up to, what's being worked on and what to expect from them next! Hey everyone, so as always it's been a super long time since we've put out any form of real update. Well here's what's been going on and what else we have planned! So if you were left feeling a little bit confused by our April update, it was indeed an April Fools joke. We aren't going to be moving over to an RTS, I'm sorry to those who were looking forward to the idea but we're still working towards a release
  8. Read all about the new development direction for Battle for Dune: War of Assassins and get a sneak peak at some of the upcoming maps! Battle for Dune April Update! Hello everyone and welcome to this April BFD update! I know that we have once again been very quiet but that is all for a great reason!! The team have been talking a lot about how long it's taken the project to release and how we can seriously cut down on work time, all in the aim to get you the best Dune game that you deserve! So, after much talk and much planning and redesigning we've finally come to a model that we all agree
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