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  1. KTFF

    Toxin Tractor

    Give me back old Toxin tractor by this weekend or I Kill Kane!
  2. Yap, I request that you please bring back toxin tractor to purchase menu. Very fun vehicle that is missed Thank you
  3. I will respond to this once and only once cause frankly even this one post is a waste of my time. #1. You have ZERO credibility here, your posts occasionally do have some bit of entertainment value though. #2. I was in game, jumped out of my stank to purchase MSAs to put around base. Within a minute of parking my stank you grabbed it and sold it. This is all too typical behavior on your part along with constantly sending vile PMs to people. Take your medication before joining game from now on.
  4. Ban MiBaDo for talking smack about the dynamite. !vote yes
  5. First of all we don't know what else JO_MAMA may have been dealing with at the time, or maybe AFK partially, did not see the PM telling him about TH going on. Who knows until we talk to him. Secondly all involved here are well known to have their "moments" in game with over the top behavior. This doesn't mean I don't like you guys ;) but you know what I'm talking about here. Point being, there are no innocent parties involved here I am quite certain. I will talk with JO_MAMA and get his perspective, not that we will remedy this situation. But hopefully next time get a handle on it before we have another thread like this. Have a good night
  6. KTFF

    Gizmo Upgrade

    Thanks for posting useful feedback like this Thor.
  7. Sorry for the confusion on that.
  8. 22 hours ago, KTFF said: Most of the mods do not have the amazingly detailed custom models this one does. Hell most rip off assets from another one, throw a new skin on it and call it their own. That's an odd definition of "most". I am referring to gaming mods in a very high level general way here, not Ren or w3d specific. Doesn't much matter really as its not the point of my post.
  9. Tomayto, Tomahto. The point was keep it primarily on the forum and out of the game.
  10. <ktffsoapbox> Seems like we are constantly fielding rants about the mod. Constructive criticism is certainly welcome, but some folks are way over the top and have nothing positive to contribute (trolls I say). Probably hardcore old sk00l Ren fans that cant seem to let go of what Ren started out to be almost 20 years ago. Ren will always have a fond place in my gaming heart, but frankly I would have walked away a long time ago from Ren had it not been for IA. A ton of work has gone into this mod, and continues. Most of the mods do not have the amazingly detailed custom models this one does. Hell most rip off assets from another one, throw a new skin on it and call it their own. Point being there is a lot of really cool stuff going on in this mod, and it keeps getting better. Maybe on occasion you can think beyond your infatuation with trying to tear something down constantly. Try and appreciate the positives. Hell go really crazy and maybe even compliment the work. NOTE - If you want to criticize, rant, complain that is fine. However, keep it to a MINIMUM in game. Post all you like here in the forums. The rest of us in game do not want to hear your constant pissing and moaning. For those with reading comprehension issues, I will reiterate. I did not say you cant complain at all in game. Just no mass rants about all the various things you want changed, think are OP, broken, etc. Write a book here on the forum if you wish. I will not sit back and let you go on and on in game. You will be muted. </ktffsoapbox>
  11. This thread is entertaining.
  12. I enjoy when people PM me for this sort of reason. Kind of like when I get phone calls from scammers. This gives me the opportunity to turn the tables and screw with them Oops did I say that out loud, never mind. Yes sure, just don't feed the trolls.
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