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  1. KTFF

    New tanks?

    Such a miblet.
  2. Far as the vehicle up there that should not be allowed. We will need to either remove !vehicle or update to send player back to base to receive their vehicle. Discussing how to handle internally now. Until server side has been updated mods will need to keep an eye on this and handle it. Building defenses on top of structures as you see in the pic is fine. But not on cliff / hills overlooking opposing base.
  3. Happy Friday. While I appreciate the open discussion, and am very grateful for everyone keeping the conversation civil, this where I say we are beating a dead horse. We have provided what we consider a very fair compromise, and are holding to that. Hope everyone has a good weekend. :)
  4. Could you elaborate a bit on what you are asking please.
  5. I am in agreement with Threve. Do we know with absolute certainty that you were cheating? Well of course not. Which is why we are leaving the door open a bit. As an alternative to recording games, and storing them. Do a live stream via Twitch or YouTube, and provide us with the link to your channel. Use this each time you play to fulfill the above proposal. If you choose to do that, and want to keep the link private just PM Threve the information.
  6. got banned by threve for killing neutral walls on mt pass

  7. I am not going to engage in a lengthy discussion, and help perpetuate this drama. My limited response is the following: I fully support kickmofo on this. WNxHeadShot - You are not a child so I am not going to speak to you like one, and dive into all the ridiculous details of your behavior. You know how to behave accordingly, and chose not to. Then exacerbate it by making a very insulting post, lie about the facts, and threaten the mod. I also understand you made this post right after the incident, and possibly let your emotions dictate your words. So I'll give you an opportunity to reconsider your position on this issue. Otherwise the ban will remain indefinitely.
  8. Glad that fixed it for you. But now I will have to kill you in ECW!
  9. Shutdown the Gforce Experience application would be the quickest, which is what I do. Simply find the app in your systray and Exit it. Then launch ECW..
  10. I think I have to shutdown that Gforce Experience app you see in the systray.
  11. I have the same issue with ECW. Unless I close my NVidia apps running in the background then it works perfectly.
  12. KTFF


    I am only responding to this thread to backup Threve. I concur with what Threve has stated to this point. The code for squads would need to have significant changes before we will consider reintroducing it to IA again.
  13. While they are not part of w3d.. have you played SLA Mutant co-op? That's single / multi campaign.
  14. I'm sure Kaskins can speak in more detail, but the short answer is this will require a lot of additional work for each map. I would rather see him spend time making new maps, updating the more popular maps with Conyards and Comm Centers.
  15. Woot! Thank you Jerad. I told you a long time ago this was by far my fav coop map, and it still is. But now A new and improved version I need to play this..
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