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  1. While they are not part of w3d.. have you played SLA Mutant co-op? That's single / multi campaign.
  2. I'm sure Kaskins can speak in more detail, but the short answer is this will require a lot of additional work for each map. I would rather see him spend time making new maps, updating the more popular maps with Conyards and Comm Centers.
  3. Woot! Thank you Jerad. I told you a long time ago this was by far my fav coop map, and it still is. But now A new and improved version I need to play this..
  4. I'm not taking sides in this thread as to keep / remove the restore. I will say to keep in mind that this thread only represents a small number of folks. I don't want to see changes made because a small number of people complain. Kneejerk reactions have brought about very few positive changes IMO.
  5. KTFF


    I think for the time being the "fix" is separate channels for NOD / GDI. Or just do not give out plans in mixed company. Sorry, but I think that is about all there is to offer ATM.
  6. Hypothetically speaking - If a mod banned somebody because they were called some stupid name like that. I would certainly be defending the player, and going after the mod. Trash talk in game at a reasonable level is expected (I prefer it ) . So provided you leave things like racial comments at the door, fire away IMO.
  7. KTFF

    Toxin Tractor

    Give me back old Toxin tractor by this weekend or I Kill Kane!
  8. Yap, I request that you please bring back toxin tractor to purchase menu. Very fun vehicle that is missed Thank you
  9. Ban MiBaDo for talking smack about the dynamite. !vote yes
  10. First of all we don't know what else JO_MAMA may have been dealing with at the time, or maybe AFK partially, did not see the PM telling him about TH going on. Who knows until we talk to him. Secondly all involved here are well known to have their "moments" in game with over the top behavior. This doesn't mean I don't like you guys ;) but you know what I'm talking about here. Point being, there are no innocent parties involved here I am quite certain. I will talk with JO_MAMA and get his perspective, not that we will remedy this situation. But hopefully next time get a handle on it before we have another thread like this. Have a good night
  11. KTFF

    Gizmo Upgrade

    Thanks for posting useful feedback like this Thor.
  12. Sorry for the confusion on that.
  13. 22 hours ago, KTFF said: Most of the mods do not have the amazingly detailed custom models this one does. Hell most rip off assets from another one, throw a new skin on it and call it their own. That's an odd definition of "most". I am referring to gaming mods in a very high level general way here, not Ren or w3d specific. Doesn't much matter really as its not the point of my post.
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