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  1. Get Interim Apex on RenList and GG
  2. Much appreciated Shai I will be there. Fuck life is too short I miss him and Zman
  3. Wasabbiii my old friend I will miss our chats. RIP and my thoughts and prayers are with his wife and kids Cya in Renegade heaven one day Cookie Monster Kick
  4. The !qkick came after 3 various (!vkick, all chat, PM) messages to say please get out. I was in TS with Rohirrim and if you check the logs he questions you as well because I was supporting not only the base defences but his tanks as well. I was stealthing our remaining base defences with that tank for over 40 mins and you come in and take it away from the position I had it in You say lock the vehicle.... how about you dont take vehicles that you dont purchase or at least ask kindly to either borrow it or take it? Thast what normal "team" players do
  5. Ill try and keep this as short as possible. You got into "my" tank which you admit I !vkicked you which you admit You get back in and I tell you nicely to get out - Logs will prove all this You got in again and I qkicked you. The map ended and a new one started and for the next 5-10 mins you did not stop whining and moaning. I finally had enough after warning you time and time again and then I finally has to mute you. Which you left and come back which is a kickable offence but i let that go Threve was witness to this Lastly you become a mod and see how difficult it is. Enough said as logs will prove this.
  6. Not sure if you have played in the servers lately but Nod is now OP because of changes. Comanches owns all choppers and most tank and the Infrared is now OP to the max
  7. Now that they have changed the price on the Infrared Tank ( I hope they didn't Nerf that too) it will another one no one will use
  8. Can we also get some basic in-game rules because the mods all have different interpretations and we should be showing consistency: Some things that spring to mind What defines B2B - Show screenshots of illegal B2B Building on top of maps and firing into enemy base - Show screenshots Harassment Racism Sounds abuse - I like to spam a few times but what constitutes a few time? 5,6,7,8 times?? AFK time and time again. Can we please get a script that kicks a player that doesn't move for more the 2 mins? Team Balance - Team balance for mods to balance the team until a building is destroyed or make that automated
  9. So does the cheaper mammy your point? There is always a counter so lets stop Nerfing shit and making changes because one or two people complain You guys are nerfing Nod to a point that people are changing to GDI on purpose. The balance was fine up until the recent changes
  10. I like the hind bu it takes the AA Specialist 8 shots to kill it In that time you dead and buried. Not sure it should have that much shield?
  11. Kickmofo


    Thanks Voe! Can someone please tell me how you do a time ban? Is it !ban Razor 2 months/ !banRaqzor1months etc????
  12. The only thing I would change is that they cannot pick up a stealth suit or be stealth So easy to spot and kill and just so you know I hate them but like many other tanks and characters has its purpose
  13. Kickmofo


    I qkicked him and warned him next time he does it its a automatic 24 ban from any mods. This guy has had plenty of warnings I personally feels if he does it again its a 1 week ban then 2 weeks etc..
  14. Kickmofo


    You expect me to believe anything RC posts?
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