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  1. But it disable vehicles at really low health, when even one rocket with HUGE RANGE(Yep, microwave tank having so low range...) can destroy that... And even now it gets nerfed for nothing Did you tested this veh nowdays?.. ... and yeah, I would like to see Comanche invisible again...
  2. Russia, Tambov, this building under stealth
  3. Less prise?!... It's literally useless... It's need more firepower or... A little bit enhanced effect... Really emp...
  4. Well... Firstly, comanchi losing stealth And microwave... bulled alot) Low range, low armor/health, low damage, slow shot per second+wait until it blasts... at all, lowes dps i think it need HUGE buff or something... with Buratino... damage so low... And not enough even for anti infantry...
  5. In Soviet Russia quarantine has been crap, because of internet) Dunno, but in Russia everything works fine.
  6. Actually, Infrared second attack mod like prism tank attack. It's long range good damage. And if there will be added something from c&c 3 to GDI, then why not to add alots of cool stuff to Nod too. Avatar will be something like Nod version of titan.
  7. "How about Infrared?" You know, having good firepower, it also having such bad debility at taking damage. Just take some aircraft or tought tank and destroy Infrared. Yes, it's able to destroy building in 20 seconds, with good chance to be destroyed in 5 seconds, losing 2850 credits to void. If this will be nerfed, then it might be like last time esec stealth tank was nerfed to trash toy. GDI's titans and mamonth, actually, having ultimately big armor and health, with health regeneration on mamonth, of course. Also, i think i shouldn't to saying anything about disruptor. Oh, such comedy, it's killing building just like Infrared, but with little bit bigger price it's having superior health/armor and bigger damage. Who needs to kill enemy infantry/vehicles, when you can just simply destroy whole base at all by rushing with it? Just remember to make sure, thet enemy will not restore disruptors and toss them toward your base XD And about mamonth and titans. Yep, them slow. But then take a look at their range and rotation speed. Them just outrange most def. But most hilariously, them able to outrange it WITH INSTANT HIT. That's matter that there no chance to dodge it. Just perfect long range high armor distroyers. Them even don't need any speed, as their path to starting attacking too small due to their RANGE. And being cool long range destroying, them truly hard to conterpart. Even if you will use Goliath, pray that there will be no any stealth spot veh, no any EMP troops and "hit and run" vehicles. Otherwise "wasted"...
  8. One time i wasn't able to do damage to buildings and defences by Ob gun.
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