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  1. Last time i bought it prise was 8000. But it was long time ago in last year.
  2. Except Banshee, it's not usuall aircraft. It's enough fast to Dodge AA bullets, but not AA rockets.(battleship doesn't have AA rocket pad, just AA, wich most effective against AA then AA rocket pad, but not against Banshee) Also, Banshee are recommended against battleship and other titans vehicle (except GDI titans with railgun, instant hit vehicles with high damage is OP...)
  3. It's mean that Nod tactics is ambush also. I know only few maps where stealth will help at rush like spy. Many defences can't see stealthed units or until stealthed radius of spotting reduced. Vehicle stealth helpful only at ambushing, except those maps where it's easy to ride to the GDI base with stealth tank. Also sapper turrets can't spot stealth. But it's still impossible to plant on them C4 without be spotted.
  4. That's fine) Maybe set mines takes moderate scale of time, but still it's possible to make spy unable to enter buildings. Still there question, why Nod spy was deleted, but GDI spy still available? Why Nod doesn't have anything really conterpart spy? Something like high price anti infantry inquisition)) It's like Nod fraction doesn't smart enough to imagine something against GDI spy.
  5. You know, sometimes building is easy to ruin, to rush. Even if it mined or even gizmo dude inside. So, building restore is just addictional credits to ern))) One match i playing for Nod with one cool dude. We destroyed GDI barracks 3 time in a row. Then thay just placed alots(almost limit) proxy mines, so many raw damage. Even Mendoza (or bike XD) can't pass through. But we erned alots credits(dunno where GDI taked credits to restore) so we just make something like apocalypse. Beacons was everywhere except Nod base at the end game. But to be seriously, building restore (paid or free) is like second chance to continue. Just imagine you playing for GDI without barracks, war factory, Tiberium factory and defences. Without building restore you can't even be close to opposite team score. There only three variant to gain chance of victory. 1)create must give you something OP(like spy). But it too rare, there no hope. 2)There should be moderator to force next map. 3) or.... Yea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BUILDING RESTORE!))))) That's why it still available. Looks like OP, but still needful to continue match morale.
  6. shoverno2


    But Nod bike speed rising and rotation speed too low(( Anyway, it's best at killing mamonth 120mm railgun in duel as it's small enough to avoid shots.(even buggy can do alots of sabotage by just forcing it to fall) Also bikes is only one vehicle that can enter building. I tried it on singleplayer with melta version of bike, it was incredibly funny and effective.
  7. shoverno2


    T-62 not enough fast to flee railgun, seeking rockets or other AT stuff. Every tank have conterpart under them(i using it while walking as rocket troop XD). GDI have their OP spy(true ominous stealth). Yep, outrange will save from OP GDI damage, wile almost every outrange tank is low armored and have weakspot IN FRONT! YEP, invisibility will save from seeker vehicles. Commanche will be save against AA vehicles, right? RIGHT?! (Also it's like one AA vehicle have stealth spotting device) Nowdays GDI game style is clicker, while Nod game style is dark souls. Only teamwork will save Nod(while GDI relaxed and doesn't planing teamwork too)
  8. It's like you agree with my variant of spy by telling me that current spy is not OP but even have low potential?)) P. S. 1) dynamite spy is horrible, but rare 2) gizmo not enough effective, there big chance that he will be killed. 3) End game giving alot credits, 5500 is almost nothing. 4)You can easily find beacon to save 2000 credits 5) 2800 spy is enough to rush, even picking simple solder best variant because it's common. 6)So, for example, GDI loosing alot(destroyed war factory and construction yard (if there was CY)). But thay have chance to turn battle backward by using OP invisible to defence spy(also stealth spy is another horrible variant). Then let's imagine that instead GDI loosing battle now Nod loosing battle. And now there's NOTHING TO DO, just walking around like Eric Andre: "I don't know what I doing here". Freaking unfair ((
  9. It take long time to mine it all, and also, maybe, it will cause performance down.
  10. There big problem. Some maps enough big, have alots of sneak ways(And GDI have much more sneak ways then Nod 😑, two defence towers, etc. It's other story...). Even proxy mines can't resolve it. Spy can wear gizmo tools. It will take an eternity to set mines at every building. And spy morale is not to blow up buildings, but to sabotage, kill infantry and EMP building/vehicles (or we can call it sabotage), maybe to try search for battle information.(In logical conclusion). Almost every game when GDI loosing score there will be one just like: "Oh no, GDI loosing, it's the true honest and fair reason to build OP tanks and take OP spy with beacon." P. S. Mamonth tank railgun 120mm easy to conter with Nod dual melta bike, so he is ok (but harder to destroy if it has assistant/teamwork).
  11. GDI spy seems to be more like super OP rusher. Just little wile and ion canon beacon/nuke beacon has been planted. Ind just imagine if he gets explosives from create, omg, it's just horrible. As for me, i think it need to be not nerfed, not even deleted from game, but reworked. Firstly, this class prohibiting to pickup ANY EXPLOSIVES and weapon with high damage to building/defence. Secondly, it need to be just like one random player from opposite team. Maybe there can be even device that will provide enemy nick to choose one. Thirdly, spy have only skin and fake weapon(deal 0 damage). As true weapon he should have BETTER KNIFE(Really, knifes need buff, most importantly for spy to use silent kills) and silent pistol(it's likely to deal increased one shot damage to head). As additional maybe it need some EMP C4 to power off buildings and tech for a little wile. It's just my opinion. What is yours about it?
  12. shoverno2


    Nod already have stealth device. And maybe yep, it's need some kind of deployimg ability. But most importantly Nod need one more utility vehicle. GDI have shield generator(that OP, need something like taking damage and/or working only if aride(if stealth vehicle is working only when aride)) and bridge vehicle that give some possiblity to take more credits. And i don't know what Nod need at utility. Maybe even nothing... Also, i was thinking that Nod need something walking. Maybe avatar from modification "Tiberian essence". It's also finally add +1 instant hit vehicle to Nod(like railgun titan).
  13. shoverno2


    Everything fine with Nod. There just not enough instant laser vehicles (For example, GDI have railgun tank and many OP aiming missles vehicles). And, MOST IMPORTANT, Nod bikes TOO SLOW. It need buff at speed and rotation speed(maybe need new animation) Everything anything is fine.
  14. shoverno2


    Any way, there only one reason that why GDI OP and Nod hard to play. Almost every GDI unit is strong tank, when any Nod vehicle is perfect only at one side. Nobody know what to use, to buy.
  15. shoverno2


    One thing should be fixed is Nod bile TOW rocket, because it wasn't usually usable by Nod team, but now it completely useless, associating with GDI BMX TOW(i dont remember name XD)
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