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  1. I did download a dll files from the internet for warcraft 3 as it was oddly missing 1 file to start, what I did was that I google the file and download and the game works. Before that it couldn't start stating that a "x".dll files is missing. Anyway thanks for sharing as I'll keep in mind before downloading random files, I always do some research like "X" is missing "Z" files before actually download something. With Google, today you can almost get anything by just simply googling it.
  2. Are you aware that you can just "Google" the ssleay32.dll the problem? https://www.solvusoft.com/en/files/missing-not-found-error/dll/windows/electronic-arts-inc/need-for-speed-the-run-limited-edition/ssleay32-dll/ I hope that helps but I never encounter a problem such as ssleay32.dll
  3. Have you linked it to the game.exe for your Renegade? Go to your Renlist, click on options and then settings.
  4. Hi and welcome Commander Jack, thank you for your compliment. For your question regarding about having error or cannot join the server I think there is a number of possibilities why you could not join. 1. It could be your client side had stumble a corrupted file. When you join a server your renegade will download the server plugin/map/features and many more. I would suggest that you need to delete all the files located at %appdata%/Roaming/Renegade/Client/ttfs. But be warned, as you may have to re download all the other files you had on other server if you are a regular player there. 2. I am very sorry but I have to say you are using a primitive computer to play such as Pentium 3/4 with extremely old, low end video card. I encounter a player who said he had a Pentium 3 ,64 or 128mb of RAM barely able to play my maps with over 40 different kind of vehicles at one point of the map. 3. Are you from China? I encounter many [Dragon] clan member player who had issue joining the server because they have to bypass The Great Firewall which you can learn more here. Or if your country have these installed to protect their citizen. 4. An extremely rare issue I found out many years ago, some weird reason my Norton Anti Virus is not letting me to join a server, this issue was ages ago lets say 2007-2008? But I doubt today anti virus will block you from connecting to a server, no harm disabling it and trying it out.
  5. I like the bass, I can sense the atmosphere, the suspense and the consequence of every action there is an reaction. Overall rather good, having replay over a dozen times, something must have done right.
  6. My guess is that your Renegade game with the C&C_Ridgeline_b8 has the script.dll in there while your Level Editor on another hand doesn't have the script.dll in it. Your using z_base_defenses which is a Zunnie script, but if your Level editor is the same like 5 years ago back in mpf it should work fine unless you reinstall your Level Editor than you might not have that custom script anymore. Currently I am using dp88_ai_turret and ra_base_defense_simple for base defenses. For capturable silos and repair pad I am using dblaney custom script. I do not have any capturable defenses in my map/mod. EDITED : I forget i had capturable base defenses in my map/mod totally forget about it, please refer the post below.
  7. Monsoon season is here and is raining cats and dogs for 7 hours straight. Flood incoming confirm...


  8. Hello Trunkskgb. Good to see familiar names coming back, such a small world indeed.
  9. I think his referring to an addon I created long ago. There was at least 4 maps with bots which I re-import it in, add bots, tank waypoints and export it out back. http://www.moddb.com/games/cc-renegade/addons From my experience is not so easy if you coming from no understanding how video games level editor work. However, so far I think Reborn only have 1 map with bots is the infantry map only I cannot recall what name was it but I do recall it being played in Infantry Beta.
  10. Saw it on a review tech page for some reason and they said is from the creators of (Moba) Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 3 and (not so good) Company of Heroes 2. But I remember these 2 games has pay to unlock units/armies. Dawn of War 3 and CoH was a huge disappointment for me personally.
  11. Hi there, thank you very much for this wonderful dev section for our humble mod project. We will continue to work on it as this year the focus is land and sea vehicles overhaul.
  12. I see a crate looks like from Crash Bandicoot, could it be an easter egg that the developer once played Crash Bandicoot :D
  13. Did someone said AMD VEGA? Asus rebranding of AMD VEGA mid of august? 400 Watts power consumption?

  14. Upon hearing this fine piece of art instruments, there is a sense of depth of space and suspense. But I have to say I think the bass is not that strong at "1.04". Nevertheless, is a fine piece of work. Keep it up and thank you for sharing this.