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  1. Kaskins

    Hi Boys and Girls, I will be in charge of this topic regarding EXIMIUS, long story short. Eximius is a RTS-FPS hybrid that was heavily inspired by the cancelled "Tiberium", CoH/DoW and SC. Gameplay features The game is similar to C&C Renegade " Protect and Destroy" another winning condition are Control Point which were inspired by Company of Heroes series. A match consist of 1 Commander and 4 Officers, the Commander are the one who will be deciding what to build and manage the units, he can even join in the firefight. The officers are the backbone of the army who will lead the squad into firefight. Resources are Cash, Energy, and Ammunition. These resources are important as some of them require for purchasing structures, upgrades, units and support abilities. Here are some of the videos, you may or may not notice that I have posted in CNCNZ but not here. Well is better late than never 😛 A new gameplay mode called "Challenge" Where you are alone and pitched your skills to withstand the test of time as endless wave after wave of enemy pouring in. Moddb http://www.moddb.com/games/eximius Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=715771608 CNCNZ https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/21270-eximius-at-game-development-conference-2018-march/?tab=comments#comment-235710 The game will set to be release before the end of 2018.
  2. Kaskins

    Well as long you have the game Renegade is all good to go. That is of course if you install it and patch it up to latest TT.4.x.x. I wanted to be standalone but you know EA didn't make renegade as freeware. I got to have black and white papers from EA as permission to make it standalone. Is not that easy to get that permission. Surprise is not 😛 No but there is Will of Kane. Interim Apex took place between Tiberian Dawn ( or Late Tiberian Dawn/Renegade ) and Tiberian Sun. I am pretty sure I do not need to explain where is kane after the Temple of Nod has been destroyed by GDI via Particle Cannon or just normal bombardment. As easy to said but this I think need some work to implement it.
  3. Kaskins

    Finally! It is time for IA to be in the spotlight! It's been some time since Imperial Age joined W3D hub. Behind the very iron curtain of W3D Hub, it's being worked on constantly. Now, we from W3D Hub, invite you to come and join our DISCORD server this coming Saturday at 6pm GMT for a few rounds of Renegade Imperial Age. All are welcome! So what are you waiting for? Blow the dust off of your Renegade disc on the shelf and install it on your computer, because it is time for Renegade! December 16th, 10AM GMT-8 December 16th, 6PM GMT / December 17th, 2AM GMT+8/ or Check out the count down here! Only at ImperialAge_AOW #Pioneer server. What is Imperial Age? Imperial Age is a Renegade modification, brought to you by ImperialKaskins ( also known as Kaskins or Yap ), dblaney1, KTFF, and the rest of the IA team. Imperial Age features a massive amount of added features to the Renegade experience, introducing numerous new vehicles and tanks for both GDI and Nod, 20+ maps with unique strategies to each, rebuildable bases from the Construction Yard, and so much more! How do I play Imperial Age?
  4. Kaskins

    Renlist 1.0.9

    Version 1.0.9


    RenList provides the ability to retrieve server list from Gamespy and WOL. You may connect to any listed servers on display by simply selecting the server and click on Connect or by double-clocking the selected server. *Changelog 1.0.9 - 14 Jun, 2016 * Change: [General] Structure of RenList.xml has been changed and some settings are incompatible with previous versions * Change: [WOL] Password is now encrypted before saving to memory and configure file * Change: [GSA] Status bar will display "no server available" instead of "Querying..." in GSA if GSA master returns empty server list * Fix: [WOL] Server list menu disappeared * Fix: [WOL] Prompt incorrect password after password update * Fix: [GSA] Incorrect sorting behavior with customized columns * Fix: [GSA] Favorited servers sometimes don't show up * Fix: [GSA] Connect button is now in proper state when (de)selecting servers 1.0.8 - 3 Aug, 2014 * Change: Parsing GameSpy query header "[name]_t#" as server option to follow GameSpy specification (UI for this will be added in future update) * Change: Column "Favorite" can no longer be sorted * Fix: Catch connect throttle error from WOL * Fix: Sorting now works for customized GSA column order * Fix: Join button on WOL is now enabled when closing Server Information * Remove: Renegade Resurrection support 1.0.7 - 10 May, 2014 * Update: Master servers list 1.0.6 - 26 Aug, 2012 * Fix: "General" is now the default page in settings dialog * Fix: Handling of empty GSA server data * Update: WOL sign in error information 1.0.5 - 28 Aug, 2011 * Add: channel ban notification for WOL servers * Fix: Incorrect nickname to join WOL servers * Fix: WOL servers information is now parsed correctly 1.0.4 - 5th Apr, 2010 * Change: Updated wxWidgets to 2.8.10 * Fix: XWIS server IP and Port 1.0.3 - 4th Apr, 2009 * Add: Unlimited WOL buddy list * Add: Players count for GDI and Nod in WOL server info dialog * Add: Page ability for nicknames in buddy list * Add: Detection of Renegade installation from The First Decade * Add: Renegade Resurrection support (Disabled by default) * Change: RenList will ask for prompt settings dialog during first startup * Change: GameSpy is now enabled by default * Change: Reduced executable size * Fix: Crash when sorting WOL players in server information dialog * Fix: Duplicate query for favorited GameSpy servers * Fix: RenList process would continue running in background if it was closed after WOL Server Info was left open. * Fix: No longer show negative max player number for WOL servers * Fix: "Connect" button in WOL server info dialog no longer disabled in empty server * Fix: WOL Reconnect delay 1.0.2 - 19th Nov, 2008 * Add: +multi parameter support for Renegade (Default is disabled) * Fix: Can't enter characters in text boxes * Fix: Passworded WOL servers always prompt "Incorrect password" 1.0.1 - 12th Nov, 2008 * Fix: Crash when launching Renegade from selected GSA server * Fix: "Connect" and "Join" button won't change its state after Renegade is terminated if the section that own the button is not enabled 1.0.0 - 11th Nov, 2008 * Add: You can now copy IP:Port of GameSpy servers to clipboard from right-click menu and select "Copy IP:Port to clipboard" * Add: More error checking in update downloader * Add: It's now always check for Renegade executable existence before launching the game * Add: Main window position is now remembered * Add: Display GameSpy server info (player info and game config) * Add: "F5" on keyboard can now refresh servers list in selected tab * Add: Display WOL server game config * Add: Ability to use direct-connect in WOL servers and bypass direct-connect kicker * Fix: Item "Connect" in right click menu in GSA server list is now disabled if Renegade executable does not exist * Fix: Non-favorite servers no longer appear as favorites in the GSA right click menu. * Fix: Incorrect sort order for the servers below the last favorited server * Fix: Freeze while GameSpy servers list is refreshing 0.3.0 - 1st Oct, 2008 * Add: Ability to add/move/remove column (You can set by right click on server lists header or from menu "Option" -> "Column settings") * Add: Indicator for ascend/descend sort in GameSpy and WOL server listing * Add: Statusbar is now show the current status of GameSpy and WOL * Add: Button to control connection to WOL * Add: Config option for WOL reconnect delay after disconnection (5 - 30 seconds) * Add: Columns width is now remembered * Change: Adjust settings dialog checkboxes string * Change: Auto reconnect will be disabled if WOL responded with invalid password or serial * Change: Settings code has been simplified for features from the future * Change: Pressing enter in config dialog text fields is now equal to pressing "Save" button * Fix: Memory leak from WOL server player info 0.2.0 - 26th Sep, 2008 * Add: Auto updater * Add: New menu for settings and merged settings dialogs * Add: Check for Renegade executable existence * Add: Check for Renegade path on first start * Add: Ability to sort WOL server players list * Add: Time-left label in WOL server player list * Add: Refresh selected GameSpy server * Change: Moved to wxWidgets 2.8.9 * Change: Blocked columns resize (except player name) in WOL server player list * Change: The way of how it store GameSpy favorite servers. Even GameSpy master is unavailable, it will still query favorite servers and list if available * Change: GameSpy and WOL servers list is now output instantly with sort ability * Change: WOL players list is now sort by current in-game rank by default * Change: RenList.xrc is no longer needed. It is being merged with RenList.exe * Fixed: GameSpy servers list is now decrypted properly * Remove: "Settings" buttons are removed
  5. Kaskins

    Hi Jarmo, thank you for coming over here. There was a mod called Sole Survivor for Renegade as a mod but I was not around that time, which I have no idea how was it. Its an ancient mod which I do not think is active anymore. http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=tree&th=8480& I wish you good luck in your project and I will help out with some placeholder models if you ever need.
  6. Kaskins

    I did download a dll files from the internet for warcraft 3 as it was oddly missing 1 file to start, what I did was that I google the file and download and the game works. Before that it couldn't start stating that a "x".dll files is missing. Anyway thanks for sharing as I'll keep in mind before downloading random files, I always do some research like "X" is missing "Z" files before actually download something. With Google, today you can almost get anything by just simply googling it.
  7. Kaskins

    Are you aware that you can just "Google" the ssleay32.dll the problem? https://www.solvusoft.com/en/files/missing-not-found-error/dll/windows/electronic-arts-inc/need-for-speed-the-run-limited-edition/ssleay32-dll/ I hope that helps but I never encounter a problem such as ssleay32.dll
  8. Kaskins

    Have you linked it to the game.exe for your Renegade? Go to your Renlist, click on options and then settings.
  9. Kaskins

    Hi and welcome Commander Jack, thank you for your compliment. For your question regarding about having error or cannot join the server I think there is a number of possibilities why you could not join. 1. It could be your client side had stumble a corrupted file. When you join a server your renegade will download the server plugin/map/features and many more. I would suggest that you need to delete all the files located at %appdata%/Roaming/Renegade/Client/ttfs. But be warned, as you may have to re download all the other files you had on other server if you are a regular player there. 2. I am very sorry but I have to say you are using a primitive computer to play such as Pentium 3/4 with extremely old, low end video card. I encounter a player who said he had a Pentium 3 ,64 or 128mb of RAM barely able to play my maps with over 40 different kind of vehicles at one point of the map. 3. Are you from China? I encounter many [Dragon] clan member player who had issue joining the server because they have to bypass The Great Firewall which you can learn more here. Or if your country have these installed to protect their citizen. 4. An extremely rare issue I found out many years ago, some weird reason my Norton Anti Virus is not letting me to join a server, this issue was ages ago lets say 2007-2008? But I doubt today anti virus will block you from connecting to a server, no harm disabling it and trying it out.
  10. Kaskins

    I like the bass, I can sense the atmosphere, the suspense and the consequence of every action there is an reaction. Overall rather good, having replay over a dozen times, something must have done right.
  11. Kaskins

    My guess is that your Renegade game with the C&C_Ridgeline_b8 has the script.dll in there while your Level Editor on another hand doesn't have the script.dll in it. Your using z_base_defenses which is a Zunnie script, but if your Level editor is the same like 5 years ago back in mpf it should work fine unless you reinstall your Level Editor than you might not have that custom script anymore. Currently I am using dp88_ai_turret and ra_base_defense_simple for base defenses. For capturable silos and repair pad I am using dblaney custom script. I do not have any capturable defenses in my map/mod. EDITED : I forget i had capturable base defenses in my map/mod totally forget about it, please refer the post below.
  12. Monsoon season is here and is raining cats and dogs for 7 hours straight. Flood incoming confirm...


  13. Kaskins

    Hello Trunkskgb. Good to see familiar names coming back, such a small world indeed.
  14. Kaskins

    I think his referring to an addon I created long ago. There was at least 4 maps with bots which I re-import it in, add bots, tank waypoints and export it out back. http://www.moddb.com/games/cc-renegade/addons From my experience is not so easy if you coming from no understanding how video games level editor work. However, so far I think Reborn only have 1 map with bots is the infantry map only I cannot recall what name was it but I do recall it being played in Infantry Beta.
  15. Kaskins

    Saw it on a review tech page for some reason and they said is from the creators of (Moba) Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 3 and (not so good) Company of Heroes 2. But I remember these 2 games has pay to unlock units/armies. Dawn of War 3 and CoH was a huge disappointment for me personally.