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  1. Kaskins

    Ah well they apply to all Tiberium Field's regardless of variant. They can be stack, however I do not recommend in small field as either you block off entire of your team from harvesting or when it is destroy, it causes an exploding chain reaction nearby. Finger cross Christmas is around the corner and I am glad i can make it in time.
  2. Since November 2016, Interim Apex has been seeing complete overhauls in new damage systems and visual aesthetics of the multitude of vehicles and structures! This upcoming build will deliver even more of that! The long-awaited new naval warfare is here! Captain ships from Frigates to Battleships and wrest control of the seas from the enemy. Masters of the seas who rule the tides will turn the tide of battle on land. On another note, barriers and barricades have been readjusted. Players have noted that they may have been too strong, and as such we have come up with a solution! The introduction of the Bangalore Torpedo Engineers and Sapper Class will allow players to clear obstacles with ease thanks to these units having the proper equipment for the job. Currently, there is no changelog until the second update. There's just so much stuff yet to be overhauled! However, we do have a log of some units that will be removed for the time being. BS-3 100mm Gun (WIP overhauling) ZIS-3 75mm Gun (WIP overhauling) M163 Vulcan (being phased out temporarily) And in returning units, the Nod Sa-8 Gecko stands to challenge the GDI Mim-72 Chaparral. The Gecko is an anti-aircraft unit tasked with keeping the skies clear for Nod. For maximum efficiency against GDI's air wings, the turrets are automated. While on the subject of aircraft, they too have been overhauled, both visually and in controls! The GDI Orca. The staple of the GDI air force, and an excellent support unit in any advance. The Nod Apache. While not as impressive as the GDI Orca, the Apache still boasts firepower to tackle ground threats as they approach. New Constructions Options! Introducing 2 new features. The Tiberium Field will soon be depleted and require some sort of alternative way to "Grow" Tiberium. Now both faction has introduced some sort of contraption which is to accelerate the growth of Tiberium crystals as they are now can be easily depleted when you over harvest. Above is a example of the GDI Pioneer ( Nod Pioneer has one too ) but this I show an example. SInce the introduction of barriers, barricades and obstacles, both side find it rather annoyance to deal with. Now with the introduction of Bangalore Torpedo to both GDI and Nod respectively, you can find them in the Nod/GDI Sapper or Engineer unit. They must be place relatively close to the obstacle that you want to clear, once you deploy them you must ignite the fuse by simple keep repairing it, as the fuse goes live, stand clear as it will detonate shortly. There will be 3 consecutive explosions. Last but not least, the long awaited upcoming map - Winter Assault! It has taken me a long while to optimize it, and I will continue to further optimize after initial release. One could ask, "Is that it? After two years of development?" Worry not! There is much more to be implemented yet, but until then join the server and see for yourself the massive changes in-game! See you on the battlefield! [blurb]Since November 2016, Interim Apex has been seeing complete overhauls in new damage systems and visual aesthetics of the multitude of vehicles and structures! This upcoming build will deliver even more of that![/blurb]
  3. Kaskins

    Hmm Christmas, let's see. Wargaming.net screwed up last year with World of Tanks the implementation of Recore 1.0, itwas late and was being replace with Loot Boxes for Christmas of 2017, 2018 is the 2.0 missions which you must owned a particular tank to start the mission which I find it very strange. Where are the new tank tree. 😭
  4. Hi cooldude7, it is unfortunate that you were banned for 24 hours. I will find out the situation by the moderatpr who applied the ban when his active again. I accept criticism, each time when i received a complain about "Vehicle A is overpowering Vehicle B which required to be nerf" and many other scenarios like that. Do I am aware of this overpowered stuff and are being review. I do listen to player's complain and the one who constantly bring up the issue relating about IA issue are the one who cared about the mod/game. The build you are currently playing are from 2016 build which has been completely overhaul-led. But when it comes to review how to tweaked or change that particular unit, I will have to think that what might it affect it. If you join the discord channel like what @jeod maybe perhaps we can together discuss the situation of unbalance stuff and perhaps show you a clearer picture why it was unbalance in the first place. 😶 Unbalance team is a common thing in online video games, you play a game, and all the sudden your team members left the game and you were 1 or 2 people short. Your enemy will overpower you with slightly or massively more player's, nothing can be done. If I was online I will try to balance out by sending that player to that team, starting by moving myself 1st, and second i ask who is willing to volunteer or I randomly pick a player to move to the team with least players to even out and it must be within the 1st 5 minutes when the game starts and with no structure destruction ( not including base defenses ). After that I do not balance the team, but if you, as a player are free to choose and is up to you or not want to move over to other side by using !swap. I know not everyone wants to be on the losing team and they have the right to choose, forcing someone over to another team to balance it up I find it kind of unfair. In the end is a video game and yes scenario like this does happen and across a lot of video games too.
  5. Hello Raptor29aa Hesco barrier has been overhaul, i have accidentally made a mistake in the current build and for the upcoming build it has been revamp as their health was a different armor settings. That is why is hard to kill. Infiinite Isle GDI Blue Tiberium is still there what do you mean by get a tune up? Well I did thought of ramps but if you stack ramps you can allow vehicles to get up, although they are fragile and require a lot of work to get vehicles across the map but you cannot never stop a player from his dedication to make ramps for vehicles. ( I know is kinda like Fortnite wooden ramps, 🤣 later people call me i am copying fortnite. )
  6. Kaskins

    Hi DeFacto, I see, when you download using w3dhub launcher you do NOT require Renegade to play. There is a funny issue going on lately that certain anti virus may prevent player from joining the game/server. If possible can you disable your anti virus? It is known that Kaspersky and Norton ( I am not sure what version ) prevent player's from joining at all. On the other hand, try cut and paste the "ia-release" folder at you directory to another place, is at ?:/W3DHub/games/ia-release and try re-download it. If you still cannot, would you please contact me on discord by clicking on the Chat > Discord in this forum above just below the "header"
  7. Kaskins

    Hi DeFacto, May I know is that you are trying to connect to Interim Apex Test server? There is a possibility that you may crash as when while you are downloading and a map abruptly ends there is a chance that you may get a corrupted file or two. In addition, may I know are you using the w3dhub launcher or the Renegade by using Renlist to join?
  8. Hi Hee, Thank you for taking interest in the game and testing out the newer build which is on Interim Apex Test Server. The new build will be rolling out roughly about 3 weeks from now if all goes according to plan and hopefully, nothing disastrous happen during the transition between the current to the next build. The next build will emphasis more on naval warfare,. 8 New ships to replace the aging renegade fleet. 4 for each faction ( Excluding Forgotten ) 3 new boats ( Excluding Forgotten ) Half a dozen of new vehicles. Remodel a lot of existing vehicle to bring it up the standard visual quality of E series ( epsilon ) Remodel and add new V-TOL vehicles. Massively re-balance the unit firepower with the new formula i wrote :- HE, HESH, HEAT, HEFI-T, AP, APDS, APCR, AP-T, API-T, and etc Infinite Isle has been retouch. Winter Assault has been entirely overhaul. New forgotten war factory as a neutral vehicle production facility. Include 4 variants of vehicle. 3 new sentries. 2 Machine Gun variant and 1 anti-air ( can be control manually or ai ) Dynamic tiberium field can be depleted Forgotten, GDI and Nod has a utility to build in depleted tiberium field to accelerate the growth of tiberium ( something like C&C 3 scrin growth accelerator. ) But there are still a lot to do such :- Vehicle firepower upgrade at command center Aircraft weapon tweaking. Barriers health Bangalore torpedo to blow up barriers. Vehicle "exit" transition require a massive overhaul and currently only applied to 2 vehicles so far. Custom items and support kit ( to be plan ) Require some tweaking on the armor stats to sync properly with the damage by the new formula. After the initial release, there will be follow by a few patch, mostly hot-fix or something game breaking. By roughly end of January 2019 the patch will be complete and I will probably see when I will roll out the next build
  9. Kaskins

    Hi trunkskgb, I think perhaps you have accidentally press the button "X" to toggle off the pivot. Press X again to toggle back. If you still cannot find the red, green and blue arrows. ( Note they are called Gizmo/Pivot ). For this press click on views -> Show transform gizmo. Hope it helps.
  10. Kaskins

    Hi Motherland, I am aware of the BS-3 vehicle gun is broken as deploy is not working atm. It will be rectify soon. The vehicle in the purchase terminal in the current game what you are looking it as close to my finalize version of how I want to portray nod and gdi vehicle units are, for naval and aircraft vehicles are will be a seperate terminal for them self as Renegade has a ceiling limit of 40x2 vehicle per team. Osa rocket boat and the 6 wheeled AA which is SA-8 Gecko is in still development in IA testing server. They will be include for Nod to counter GDI Mim-72 Chaparral. EDITED : Do note that the next build is estimated at 5-7 weeks time, sometimes if i found a major issue i would delay it. Stay tune.
  11. Kaskins

    Yup and that is me, Kaskins. ImperialKaskins and ingame name is Yap. Apparently someone also had a name. I used to contribute for Scud Storm mods especially China faction buildings. For Commando Assault I told you to add crane in the Construction Yard. I clearly remembered that. TCW or Tiberium Crystal Wars was a project I did contribute, but not much. I was in a process to learning how Renegade game engine works and I started out with Renegade itself. Long story short and here I was with Interim Apex. After roughly 6 years in development and learning how to improve my 3D models and test out countless trial and error of my balancing formula which I wrote lol. EDITED : There was another C&C 3 project with collaboration with "Carnius" from "Tiberium Essence." Supposed to be called Tiberium Epoch or TE but so far I only finish GDI base interior.
  12. Kaskins

    Well glad that is fix. Kinda strange anti-virus detects a particular vehicle, It could be the name...
  13. Hi Threve. You may go into options ( Esc ) and under extended options. Look at Drop and Drop all, you can customize your custom keys. I was inform by Dblaney about this and here you go. I will still have to discuss to Dblaney about AGT and Obelisk gun ( Obelisk gun has a cool down ). Orca Fighter has been rectified in the next build. I do not have the changelog as I may have lost tract in the 2 years development but rest assured the following build after the next build will have. I'll take a look and go through each map for the 36 inch mammoth tank. For those who ask and wish to bring up comments and stuff, I thank you as you care for Interim Apex and I appreciate it. I and the W3Dhub team hopes to provide a wonderful and enjoyable experience for you all.
  14. Hi Threve, every build I made and release there WILL be and DELIBERATELY I will break 2-6 stuff in making something of an overpowered. But this thing of preventing player's from abusing it it will be patch out bi-weekly to monthly before player's adept it. Unfortunately it has come to my understanding the player base in w3dhub IA launch are different from the one I played in Renegade, In Renegade all the player's finally adept and learn all the units after playing the same build for 3 years straight, for them to finally find something overpowered and abuse it. 😶 Trust me when I said after 3 years later they finally get Phase Tank + Melta Combo, but before that always get technician and stealth tank and complain. 🤣 There is a reason I started doing this since the build of G ( Gamma series ) and continue on to E series ( Epsilon ). EDITED : Forget about orca aircraft thing, I think your refering to Orca Fighter? Yeah the aircraft battle has been overhaul in the 2018 build. I guess I'll have to find other solutions to this.😘 Most of the things that you brought up has been rectified in the 2018 build which I set to be release roughly 9 weeks from now. The T-35 super heavy tank is bugged has been rectified but I haven't made any update to here. The Pioneer repairgun I may have to take a look, it should be Mk.I Improved instead of Mk.II The obelisk and AGT gun is currently can be a random powerup pickup, it has been in for many years and I would need to bring up to dblaney and reconsider this, but is a reward for player who has proficiency to use it. Sometimes 1 man army can wipe out the entire base defenses if he/she knows how to use it. The current drop weapon can be use !drop command or press "o" or "p". The visceroid spam is something if raveshaw mutant, or harvester dies spawn a neutral visceroids, depending on how you use it. It can be a potential allies for one moment and an enemy after that. Due to how the old map was design I do not have tiberium flora for the visceroid to grow or appear so I make it spawn out of thin air, yes I know it maybe cheap in 2018 but hey is a 2001-2002 video game. On some maps, visceroid can be a nuisance to the player team after sometime if that particular team do not take out the nest. So this give choices to the player, take them out risk yourself enemy fire or let it be? Horn and Charge was removed due to many complains of how annoying it was and I think is for the best. Umm No, the reason I design the big weapon factory is for the 36 inch to be able to build from it, in E1.0 all aircrafts will NOT be able to carry anything as big as a mammoth tank, only certain vehicles can be airlifted and in a restricted way due to how abusing and game breaking they can be. Grizzly Tank is something I wanted to remove. But when I announced to remove it some player's said leave it, is a vehicle to get from point A to B, in Renegade you cannot make everyone happy. You can make the most out of it, but I will take a look at the vehicle again. I thinking of removing Grizzly and replace it with TAM tanks. Pion Nuke has a very large splash radius which causes many uproar by the players before, I decided to reduce it splash damage as many player's find it overpowered. Last but not least, please bear with me until 2018 build will set to be release roughly 9 weeks from now
  15. Hi @s1203544961 Well the timeline currently I fixed with it and have no current plans to expand further. Many video games out there has a fixed timeline, I have no plans to expand the timeline as I have no resource of doing so, do note that this is the mod/standalone game it took me years to make. I will be working on another game ( part of my job in real life ) which I will in then spend less time on Interim Apex. Until I completely overhaul all the stuff, as you may have know I have at least 15 maps to overhaul and 1 map to overhaul map took as long as 5 months depending on the scale and size but Infinite Isle took me 8 months + ( with optimization, VIS, consideration of sapper and building area, naval units implemantation, potential aircraft stuff and many more ). I am currently the only sole developer for level design, dblaney help me out with scripts and let me understand of certain stuff, sometimes he did contribute certain things. Do note it is a mountain for me to climb. 2. I eventually canceled it, due to many things i notice over moddb.com where a lot of Warhammer 40k universe mods has stopped due to Games Workshop intervention based on what I was told. Games Workshop has a strict policy of using their universe and lore unless you acquire their license which I presumed can be very expensive after conversion rate ( 1 USD = RM 4.30, an average beginner staff earn about RM2000 per month without inclusion of tax, EPF and so on ), also Renegade or my mod is not something i would make money out of it. So yeah. Another thing is that I lack the knowledge of creating custom model characters, animating for renegade characters, weapon animations, LOD ( Hate to do it ), lightmapping ( my 3dsmax will crash ) and many more, although I know generally about Renegade and how it works doesn't mean i know everything. Each game or video game engine had a limitations or a ceiling, if you have a source code you can push the ceiling higher but unfortunately we at W3DHub do NOT process the source code of W3D engine 100%..