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  1. Kaskins

    Well glad that is fix. Kinda strange anti-virus detects a particular vehicle, It could be the name...
  2. Hi Threve. You may go into options ( Esc ) and under extended options. Look at Drop and Drop all, you can customize your custom keys. I was inform by Dblaney about this and here you go. I will still have to discuss to Dblaney about AGT and Obelisk gun ( Obelisk gun has a cool down ). Orca Fighter has been rectified in the next build. I do not have the changelog as I may have lost tract in the 2 years development but rest assured the following build after the next build will have. I'll take a look and go through each map for the 36 inch mammoth tank. For those who ask and wish to bring up comments and stuff, I thank you as you care for Interim Apex and I appreciate it. I and the W3Dhub team hopes to provide a wonderful and enjoyable experience for you all.
  3. Hi Threve, every build I made and release there WILL be and DELIBERATELY I will break 2-6 stuff in making something of an overpowered. But this thing of preventing player's from abusing it it will be patch out bi-weekly to monthly before player's adept it. Unfortunately it has come to my understanding the player base in w3dhub IA launch are different from the one I played in Renegade, In Renegade all the player's finally adept and learn all the units after playing the same build for 3 years straight, for them to finally find something overpowered and abuse it. 😶 Trust me when I said after 3 years later they finally get Phase Tank + Melta Combo, but before that always get technician and stealth tank and complain. 🤣 There is a reason I started doing this since the build of G ( Gamma series ) and continue on to E series ( Epsilon ). EDITED : Forget about orca aircraft thing, I think your refering to Orca Fighter? Yeah the aircraft battle has been overhaul in the 2018 build. I guess I'll have to find other solutions to this.😘 Most of the things that you brought up has been rectified in the 2018 build which I set to be release roughly 9 weeks from now. The T-35 super heavy tank is bugged has been rectified but I haven't made any update to here. The Pioneer repairgun I may have to take a look, it should be Mk.I Improved instead of Mk.II The obelisk and AGT gun is currently can be a random powerup pickup, it has been in for many years and I would need to bring up to dblaney and reconsider this, but is a reward for player who has proficiency to use it. Sometimes 1 man army can wipe out the entire base defenses if he/she knows how to use it. The current drop weapon can be use !drop command or press "o" or "p". The visceroid spam is something if raveshaw mutant, or harvester dies spawn a neutral visceroids, depending on how you use it. It can be a potential allies for one moment and an enemy after that. Due to how the old map was design I do not have tiberium flora for the visceroid to grow or appear so I make it spawn out of thin air, yes I know it maybe cheap in 2018 but hey is a 2001-2002 video game. On some maps, visceroid can be a nuisance to the player team after sometime if that particular team do not take out the nest. So this give choices to the player, take them out risk yourself enemy fire or let it be? Horn and Charge was removed due to many complains of how annoying it was and I think is for the best. Umm No, the reason I design the big weapon factory is for the 36 inch to be able to build from it, in E1.0 all aircrafts will NOT be able to carry anything as big as a mammoth tank, only certain vehicles can be airlifted and in a restricted way due to how abusing and game breaking they can be. Grizzly Tank is something I wanted to remove. But when I announced to remove it some player's said leave it, is a vehicle to get from point A to B, in Renegade you cannot make everyone happy. You can make the most out of it, but I will take a look at the vehicle again. I thinking of removing Grizzly and replace it with TAM tanks. Pion Nuke has a very large splash radius which causes many uproar by the players before, I decided to reduce it splash damage as many player's find it overpowered. Last but not least, please bear with me until 2018 build will set to be release roughly 9 weeks from now
  4. Hi @s1203544961 Well the timeline currently I fixed with it and have no current plans to expand further. Many video games out there has a fixed timeline, I have no plans to expand the timeline as I have no resource of doing so, do note that this is the mod/standalone game it took me years to make. I will be working on another game ( part of my job in real life ) which I will in then spend less time on Interim Apex. Until I completely overhaul all the stuff, as you may have know I have at least 15 maps to overhaul and 1 map to overhaul map took as long as 5 months depending on the scale and size but Infinite Isle took me 8 months + ( with optimization, VIS, consideration of sapper and building area, naval units implemantation, potential aircraft stuff and many more ). I am currently the only sole developer for level design, dblaney help me out with scripts and let me understand of certain stuff, sometimes he did contribute certain things. Do note it is a mountain for me to climb. 2. I eventually canceled it, due to many things i notice over moddb.com where a lot of Warhammer 40k universe mods has stopped due to Games Workshop intervention based on what I was told. Games Workshop has a strict policy of using their universe and lore unless you acquire their license which I presumed can be very expensive after conversion rate ( 1 USD = RM 4.30, an average beginner staff earn about RM2000 per month without inclusion of tax, EPF and so on ), also Renegade or my mod is not something i would make money out of it. So yeah. Another thing is that I lack the knowledge of creating custom model characters, animating for renegade characters, weapon animations, LOD ( Hate to do it ), lightmapping ( my 3dsmax will crash ) and many more, although I know generally about Renegade and how it works doesn't mean i know everything. Each game or video game engine had a limitations or a ceiling, if you have a source code you can push the ceiling higher but unfortunately we at W3DHub do NOT process the source code of W3D engine 100%..
  5. If I were EA to remaster an existing game, I would hope they have a better support for modding communities as Mods create new Game Genre, take a look at how Counter-Strike exist. If possible make it possible by updating the existing game engine with enhanced stuff like how Skyrim was Remaster as the old mods can be port over rather quite easily, this is part of how Skyrim game engine works but of course this takes time and money. If EA really really really wants to make cash, they really needs to support modding communities and make a tool for them easily to access and build what the players envision and see stuff. -ARMA2 sales has sky rocket when Dayz was announced. ( This is due to mod ) -Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition (Remaster) has a lot of sales due to Mod support again. -Do you want me to explain how Garry's Mod was so successful? I presumed EA had SAGE source codes and they are kept in archive somewhere. Probably won't be that hard with the resource and manpower they had, but again this is what I think. I could be wrong. If a fan made product can be better than a official triple A's title product, that is back by a corporate giant multi billion dollar company, than there is something wrong somewhere. I understand the whole Remaster thing about making more $$$. EA is a buisness company, not a video game developer. 😛
  6. Hi @s1203544961, as a game designer and a modder myself I wanted to strive a balance in stuff, well balance as in things that player will find it and enjoy it, there are a few principles behind in term of what game design is and above all, how do you make fun for the players?
  7. Hi @KevinLancaster, thank you for pointing out the issue regarding Calico magazine, rest assure it is fix in the next build. ( Default animation where weapons reload go down the screen due to I need to save time for something more important, as animating reload can take a very very long time ). As for the controls settings, I will get back to you as I have to ask the respective person in charge of it.
  8. Hi glad I can answered those questions. I put in spoiler here coz it might be too long for some people do not want a lot of text in their screen.
  9. Hi @s1203544961 thank you for asking these questions and taking interest in Interim Apex and W3D hub project's. Well to answer all your questions this is going to be a long one.
  10. Kaskins

    I am not sure what is going on, but have you try uninstall Interim Apex and reinstall?
  11. Kaskins

    Hi BulldozerRUS, may I know are you using Renegade Client or W3Dhub Interim Apex client? I had a feeling that there is a possibility of corrupted file. Is it possible for you to reinstall Interim Apex if you use W3Dhub IA client? For Renegade :- Navigate to the ttfs folder in Appdata, do that by searching in windows search bar put in "%Appdata%" Navigate to /Roaming/Renegade/Client/TTFS/Files and there you can see a list of details files for game. If you think is the vehicle on the screenshot that causes it to crash please search and delete this file bm247. It will try to redownload the missing file when you are trying to play the next time.
  12. Kaskins

    [thumb]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DoGzTtXUYAEb_a4.jpg:large[/Hey guys and girls, EXIMIUS early access will be available on steam store tomorrow. Roughly about 8 hours from the time i posted this. Updated the top information too. A new faction has joined the Battlefield.
  13. Kaskins

    I am always curious where does the sound technology is going, we see improve graphics, better monitors with higher resolution and in-game engine with almost realistic rendering. Kaskins : Where would you think of the sound technology is going in the next 10 years time? Have we reach the limits of sound technology that we can hear?
  14. 3/4 of the year is already so we got 4 more months until 2019 so yeah most of the games I wanted to play but haven't had the time. Do note that all this or most of em are released already. They are :- Valkyrie Chronicles 4 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire ( if i dive into this very scary ooo, time gone so fast ) State of Decay 2 ( Was Meh and I played it ) EXIMIUS: Seize the Frontline ( Initially I heard about this RTS-FPS game being developed locally, until I met one of the ex-lecturer from another studios called Spacepup decided to told me it was Jeremy, which is also my ex-lecturer was creating this game. So I joined the team but 1st I got to complete my semester Final Year Project ) Detroit become Human ( I wanted to know the story it was real good, too bad don't have PS4 even at university game lab do not have PS4 lol )
  15. Kaskins

    Hey @trunkskgb So you have to see when Renegade was first release it was so buggy and crashing was like a normal thing like bluehell when you 2 vehicles bump into each other + lag causes that. Now as TT progresses and issued fixes and clean up codes, some stuff starts to kick in. ID Conflict ( Relatively easy to fix but before TT 4.0 came out you can play a map with a conflicted ID ) is something like if you have a preset with the same ID with another preset. Scripts, some script might be missing from the map which dates from 2003, I do not know if the author use scripts or not at all, but if there are, it is a possibility there is a custom script. Texture, not quite sure about it as I notice one time I had a texture in it but it was not displaying in the game. I cannot recall how I fix it. I think i saved it as dds. Failed to load certain music/sound files. So basically 15 years ago, Renegade was kinda buggy and messed up. The author made this map without knowing it will be broken down the road as during that time it works. So after TT issued fixes and check for some errors or critical issue regarding the map, the game will not launch due to some critical errors with the map which may result in a server crash or client crashing. Like for example Ravine map earlier is crashing because the preset looking for the music file is missing, so the game crash and provide the errors msg. But this is only on the Renegade side, you may also have to thing about your computer hardware and software like what @Raptor29aa mentioned. Although this is very unlikely and safe to say this is a rare case scenario becauses since majority can run renegade unless you decide to go 4k or beyond that resolution, someone told me his renegade crash at 4k resolution about 5 years ago.