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  1. It is spring of 2020 and a bit extremely late behind schedule. With the beginning of the year we can see the unfortunate events unfold such as the Covid-19 which affects many countries around the world as well as economical impact. I hope you all stay safe and not lose your career due to this unfortunate events. Now for the real reason why this post exist? Is another update to IA and we have made it into year 2020 and we are a half a year over already. That's fast am I right? M113 Vehicle further optimize by fixing detached polys, not only that there is a face lift for the M1064. M60 Patton is a new tank for GDI, planning to replace the TAM tank costing 1,000. Dilemma atm still thinking what to do with TAM tanks. FV101 Scorpion will be the new GDI tank replacing the X1A Brazilian Tank model. The top speed is at 16 m/s Nod SU-122-54 is a free upgrade! No string attach! Same price but different behavior and who knows? Is new and improved version. Screenshot of Vile Facility tweaked/adjusted locations. Now Vile Facility has Beacon, I forget about em. Also made some minor adjustments to the map. Vehicle Transition, now this has been something I been working on but I only applied to the newest unit and finally have a standardize it. Thanks to Learony for discussion with me here's the diagram of the priority location for the exiting crew. So the driver, passenger or crew will exit on number 1, follow by 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7 and lastly 8th. EDITED : At number 6 exit point has been removed due to some issues exiting where you can get at uneven terrain. Last but not least, there something I would like to show you, some might have know what is it. But this is going to be a 3rd party/individual upgrade I haven't finalize the name yet. But they will be consist of 3 main things, they are Armament, Equipment., Survivalibility. ( AES ). Therefore as Ignatio Mobius said :- "The possibilities of Tiberium... are Limitless!" The UI for the possibility to customize / upgrade individual vehicle is far from being a reality as this is just a stepping stone, might need to discuss with Dblaney on how and if is feasible or not. I was inspired and drawn to reference of Scud Storm mod since they did construction in the game, additional upgrade for vehicle like a repair drone and many more. Roadmaps? Can't promise that it will be in before end of 2020 but here's what I think is feasible to see. 1 new map and 1 remaster/remake map to be made it in before end of 2020, or more. Possibly to re-revist the train,tram and monorail unit. Perhaps that new map will see the light of day. Revamp VTOL Aircraft re balancing. Rework or give face lift to some older models that are in the game, I think about 10 vehicles. Begin working on overhauling existing infantry gun play. Finally, I will end this message with a long list of change log as listed below.
  2. There done, i haven't compile my render but it is a WIP is a working unit in the game but not officially in yet ^^. Btw stay tune for new tanks probably will replace the old vehicles, is for GDI side. I also need to prepare for the upcoming change log stuff.
  3. Back and I did a test on my end and it sees to deal damage against Nod Airstrip as well as other buildings with Explosive Disc. Btw Obelisk Gun is using Laser_noBuilding therefore they deal 0 damage to structure.
  4. Yes my apology for missing that one, have fix it and will be applying it in the next upcoming update. Thank you.
  5. Hmm strange, I am pretty sure Explosive Discs grenades should be able to destroy a building from outside and inside as well. Thanks for informing will get back to you in about 8 hours from the time this post goes up.
  6. Hi GibbletsnBits thank you for bringing this up, how does the spawn logic works currently is that I have a spawn points which will spawn a number of added preset to it. I may create a separate spawn powerups with different tiers to make them have lesser chance of spawning higher tier weapons. Do note that this will take some time to apply and I am not sure if this will solve the issue completely. I may take a look into it and toy around with its settings when I have a free time for it.
  7. Hi I see where this is going as it was brought up to my attention about 2 days ago. Been very busy with some other vehicles I am modeling it for IA and real life work related. So there is some tweaked which will be apply on the upcoming update for the Homeguard/Red Tide unit. Sticky Bombs/Grenades explosion (c4 type ) damage reduce from 128 to 114. Sticky Bombs/Grenades explosion radius reduce from 6 to 2.85. Sticky Bombs/Grenade detonation time increase from 4.1 seconds to 6.0 seconds Reload time for sticky bomb increase from 3.2 seconds to 5.7 In addition the ammo they carry will be now 3 from 5. The throwing distance was adjusted on the server side, it was originally if not mistaken intended for easier to place dynamite, and timedc4 on a vehicle. Sticky Grenade inherited the timed c4 logic and therefore is throwing range is further which I have a mix thought about it. So to destroy the building entirely an average time I calculated ( which took me to do so ) is about 33 seconds, you may try to be super micro and may get to 29 seconds the fastest in destroying the MCT. I didn't use !ammo as I tested it on lan so is not accounted for. But there is a catch, with less sticky bomb and without the !ammo call in, there is a small chance that even after you unload all the AT4 or Shmel launcher the building will stay alive. But above all Homeguard and Red Tide are only useful within the 5 minutes when the match start, after that their useful capabilities plummeted.
  8. Hi there and it is unfortunate that we meet like this where your actions causes a chain reaction and this make no excuses. We did put in the rule but i am afraid you may not get another chance as your repeated actions are more of an intention based from what I see. I would advise think properly before saying something next time.
  9. Falcod use to get RedTide infantry and Supply Truck and killed 1 AGT within the 6 minutes on Industrial Strength. That is why I make it so that it must have a passenger so which take away 1 player off temp from contribution in the base or being a Attacker unit in the field. I am aware of the Economy thing and is something hard to entirely overhaul due to how it closely based off Renegade where before ya know it you have having 10,000+ within 15 minutes.
  10. Kaskins

    No proxy C4

    Hi yeah, apology for tat was cleaning some weapons preset. The proximity mine was named "C4" instead of "Proximity_C4" and when I cleanup I forget to relink the powerup name.
  11. Hi der Paspt, thanks for reporting it. I already found the issue that it seems to be missing the model in the content file where the model failed to load upon upgrade. It will be in the changelog here.
  12. Kaskins


    Hi Kickmofo Merry Christmas to you too, I heard is quite hot over there. Hopefully you do not have water rationing there. Anyway as for Nod it has come to my attention not long ago and I have been working to get a fix out, hopefully by 26th I have finish finalizing and roll out the next patch to somewhat make Nod more playable, i am aware one is partly due to the Stealth Tank being nerf which affect the overall Nod gameplay style. Thanks again for the heads-up and happy new year.
  13. Hi @shoverno2 thank you for the heads up. I will take this feedback into account regarding Nod being underwhelming to use. I perhaps maybe went to far and astray of that initial starting idea that GDI is easy to play than Nod. Fret not as the upcoming build will see some tweak in Nod Arsenal, for further update and patch notes do refer to the above change logs as I will update it time to time. My apology for the late response.
  14. Kaskins


    Yeah Dblaney is not at the server so he can only temp disable it from being purchase as a temp solution. Before we apply the new patch and slowly tune from there I guess.
  15. Kaskins


    Hi Kickmofo, thank you for bringing it up. It was brought to my attention roughly about 24 hours ago and I have push to Dblaney a temp hotfix, now is matter of time before Dblaney get on and apply it. The changelog can be found in the changelog list which I will edit over the time until a new major build is out. https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/419189-interim-apex-2019-novemberwinter-build/
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