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  1. I think his referring to an addon I created long ago. There was at least 4 maps with bots which I re-import it in, add bots, tank waypoints and export it out back. http://www.moddb.com/games/cc-renegade/addons From my experience is not so easy if you coming from no understanding how video games level editor work. However, so far I think Reborn only have 1 map with bots is the infantry map only I cannot recall what name was it but I do recall it being played in Infantry Beta.
  2. Saw it on a review tech page for some reason and they said is from the creators of (Moba) Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 3 and (not so good) Company of Heroes 2. But I remember these 2 games has pay to unlock units/armies. Dawn of War 3 and CoH was a huge disappointment for me personally.
  3. Hi there, thank you very much for this wonderful dev section for our humble mod project. We will continue to work on it as this year the focus is land and sea vehicles overhaul.
  4. I see a crate looks like from Crash Bandicoot, could it be an easter egg that the developer once played Crash Bandicoot :D
  5. Did someone said AMD VEGA? Asus rebranding of AMD VEGA mid of august? 400 Watts power consumption?

  6. Upon hearing this fine piece of art instruments, there is a sense of depth of space and suspense. But I have to say I think the bass is not that strong at "1.04". Nevertheless, is a fine piece of work. Keep it up and thank you for sharing this.
  7. Whoa so much to read, and rather particularly interesting one.
  8. Balancing, have you ever thought of dropping vehicle on top of enemy buildings?
  9. Dream Weaver they say huh? It will be one real fun trip to ride.

  10. Open up renlist and click GSA tab. Than you would find this, when you first join I think it would be best you would tab out and do something as it might take a while.
  11. Here you go, that most and majority of the Malaysian felt that Singapore is our toughest boss yet. Due to its economy strength near to USD currency and is just a tiny island capable of beating us single handed. Its unbelievable that a country that was booted out of Malaysia, is even stronger than Malaysia in terms of economy, education and security. But we were once together.
  12. Is I.A. not A.I. from Steven Spielberg.:v

  13. Hmm... Sounds like it has something to do with business. Who knows maybe EA was also planning for Red Alert VR edition and ship with the new C&C Franchise VR edition. It could make some cash for them, besides isn't it EA is a business company rather than a game company? Codemasters ( In Malaysia ) the new manager there doesn't even care about games, all he cares is something that keep the cash flowing, that is what I heard over from a friend of my who worked there before.
  14. U and I? Upin and Ipin Note technically cartoon but that is what most of the kids around here call that cartoon. I guess today generation cartoons are all computer generated.