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  1. Kaskins


    Hi Kickmofo Merry Christmas to you too, I heard is quite hot over there. Hopefully you do not have water rationing there. Anyway as for Nod it has come to my attention not long ago and I have been working to get a fix out, hopefully by 26th I have finish finalizing and roll out the next patch to somewhat make Nod more playable, i am aware one is partly due to the Stealth Tank being nerf which affect the overall Nod gameplay style. Thanks again for the heads-up and happy new year.
  2. Hi @shoverno2 thank you for the heads up. I will take this feedback into account regarding Nod being underwhelming to use. I perhaps maybe went to far and astray of that initial starting idea that GDI is easy to play than Nod. Fret not as the upcoming build will see some tweak in Nod Arsenal, for further update and patch notes do refer to the above change logs as I will update it time to time. My apology for the late response.
  3. Kaskins


    Yeah Dblaney is not at the server so he can only temp disable it from being purchase as a temp solution. Before we apply the new patch and slowly tune from there I guess.
  4. Kaskins


    Hi Kickmofo, thank you for bringing it up. It was brought to my attention roughly about 24 hours ago and I have push to Dblaney a temp hotfix, now is matter of time before Dblaney get on and apply it. The changelog can be found in the changelog list which I will edit over the time until a new major build is out. https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/419189-interim-apex-2019-novemberwinter-build/
  5. Fixed hey thanks lol, when one is too tired and copy paste forget to make amendments.
  6. When you missed the Autumn-Halloween Build, the best is to push it out the following season, which is now. -To begin, the M113 Chassis has been revamp, for all M113 vehicles such as the M901 Tow, M579 Repair, M132 Zippo, M113 HVMS, and M113 ADATS. G6 Rhino is the revamp of the Nod famous Artillery unit. M113 Armored Personal carrier. Can be a Gun platform, a support or a utility vehicle. Vile Facility Remaster or shall we say Remake? Just like Winter Assault, Vile Facility took its original design from the old and remake from ground up to accommodate the future proof build of the upcoming units and its feature. It is 25% larger than the previous Vile Facility, which add various objects, props and structure from RA1 universe which currently is not in use but will be activated in the near future, it is by far the most detail map I ever made second to Winter Assault. I cannot say for sure but stay tune. Year 2020 ( "Wawasan" 2020 ) will be another amazing chapter. Added Construction Yard Added Communication Center Added Forgotten War Factory 90% of the buildings in this map you may enter. RA1 Advanced Power Plant, Ore Refinery and Radar Dome are in, their feature and usage are limited as their feature is not yet in. Screenshot near to Nod Power Plant Screenshot near to GDI Base by the abandon Ore Refinery ( Hint future usage ) Screenshot Water Pump house. Screenshot Fort Kick Ass, well is Container Fort. I recall OWA mentioned something about it. Changelog as listed below. Any hot fix will be edited on the change log above. Date will be included below...
  7. I do not know how does this explode out of proportion, but can't we all just take a step back and see what how far we escalate this unnecessary small issue regarding ending a vote cycle? Can't we just tolerate for a moment and be nice to each other? Yeah we made mistakes and sometimes our anger and frustration get the better of us, can't you both apologize for the current actions? Anyway I think this post sums it up and I don't think we need to further escalate it. I already talked to Roz to calm down. If you are not happy with my decision than it is unfortunate that this server maybe is not for you. Do please lock this topic.
  8. Hey guys just want to update, its been a year since when this game was 1st release on close beta and eventually early access and now is 1 year later and if you're curious of how far it has come, well now is the time to be adventurous to try out the game for yourself during the Free Weekend on Stream which will start on 30th August to 1st September For more in depth info here's the news on steam site. https://steamcommunity.com/games/505740/announcements/detail/1593633208467895475 Also reading news doesn't feel that good unless you're on the ground. So here's the link to try it out on steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/505740/Eximius_Seize_the_Frontline/ EDITED : Well this what I do in real life job as a QA.
  9. The convenience help save time, the time to put effort into something that have higher priority. Sounds like excuses but is a reality is time is not on anyone side. But is very possible to restore and rebuild Obelisk & AGT back there we multiple ways. -Obelisk & AGT can be rebuild vial being repair to an extend ( Not sure if we want this ) -Obelisk & AGT can be rebuild by purchasing a vehicle from Conyard ( hence why Conyard has a Garage door like )and drive to build them. ( Player might abuse its location ) -Pickup restore and rebuild using donations? Could work but am I heading to that direction?
  10. Is because in IA the AGT and Obelisk are base defenses using Vehicle logic instead of a building logic like Renegade. There are pro's and con's for this setup and I already considered using Vehicle logic. Pro's 1st is because you can easily relocate without redoing vis. 2nd you do not need to cut holes and weld it later. 3rd you can have multiple obelisk and agt's 4th no MCT which prevent camping afk-repair ( not really but his less protected than in building ) Con's No interior thus no spawn point + PT It ties to 1 Power Plant only, so if you have more than 1 AGT/Obelisk require multiple power plants? There were work around I think but is Research & Development again to find out. However is still quite possible to restore Obelisk/Agt one way or another but I am afraid this will make the match lean more to camping and defending. I might be wrong.
  11. Toxin Tractor is just not enable. I am going to be in future build. @aaaaaaaa thanks i fixed the vis issue. For the com center I see what I can do is going to be replace with a new one.
  12. Not sure who trigger this explosive device but before i made the changes to the dynamite the server was exploding left and right with player's pm me bout dynamite and player associated with changing their nicknames to dynamite. I do agree this new update there is some hiccups but rest assured I will try to patch it out. Which makes me wonder whoa Dynamite is a real deal. Kinda like super serious mega discussion.
  13. I need to tag @dblaney1 for assistance..
  14. I am waiting for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow for the hotfix, a few issue, the next update will have the following in Dynamite case discussion. Throwing time bomb take 1.2-1.8 seconds depending on how many sticks. 4 Sticks Dynamite throwing time is 1.2 seconds - 2.2 seconds reload ( -10% rate of fire from 1.00 is default ) - 0.8 5 Sticks Dynamites throwing time is 1.25 seconds - 2.5 seconds reload ( -25% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) - 0.75 7 Sticks Dynamites throwing time is 1.35 seconds - 2.7 seconds reload ( -35% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) -0.65 8 Sticks Dynamites throwing time is 1.4 seconds - 2.8 seconds reload ( -40% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) -0.6 10 Sticks Dynamite throwing time is 1.5 seconds - 3.0 seconds reload ( -50% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) -0.5 Dynamite beeping sound reduce from 30m to 22m, maximum hearing is at 2m. Do note I am doing this is to prevent refill spam timed bomb.
  15. Hi Limado is most likely Dblaney server is offline as he said he has electricity outage not too long ago.
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